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  1. cool yeah it's mine too
  2. this was actually my morning this one's too much
  3. There can be a constant redefining or recontexualizing of what it means to be in the now, how we and life is viewed, so it’s not a bad idea to explore what’s calling, to collect stories/narratives of potential personal truth, to see how things evolve and empower the individual, to not resist walking our own path, not even the absolute can hold us back, not forever Knowledge/ info = power allow it to flow through
  4. @zeroISinfinity i don't understand, you sound jelly go be a leader already (on the big stage), maybe i'll join you teasing, love you man
  5. You don’t think people know why they are there? I would or could assume most people are actually there because they want to be, as they feel it’s the best option for them but even that would be something I’d be choosing to create based off belief. Those who aren’t, they may learn something, but anyways, I want to point out the importance of knowing the kind of energy behind the words spoken, it’s spell casting
  6. Connor is so deep, he's killing it! He's a prime example of a spirit who took the fast track, and this is a great personal (egoic) sacrifice, but it was his spirit's calling. Love it. @Carl-Richard Imperfect is perfect, as you can see he's not worried about other people because he's willing to speak his truth and allow others to join him in that light or be repelled. Suffering must be known like the back of the hand to be all the wiser of the choice to no longer experience it, maybe it's silly to assume humans are what they appear to be. Perspective is everything, the external world reflects the internal, that's a lot of response-ability Maybe it is a trap to be caught in the dichotomy of absolute/relative, when there's a multidimensional nature to experience. It's a good introduction to 'what is' to come.. but there's always more room to evolve
  7. Not everyone KNOWS their consciousness is the only consciousness, and so we have descriptions like "parallel realities/timelines/universes", some are more attuned to what the 5 senses reveal, this is fine so absolutely this is a valid perspective, of a higher order than most lol. There's an ongoing expansion of consciousness and metamorphosis of the human experience, inversion/ascension collapsing in on itself. imagine some beings incarnate already aware of who and what they are, it's no longer needing discovering, it's of resonance, if you will, naturally attuned to the higher frequencies of consciousness. The metamorphosis process is unique to the individual, it relates to what's able to be perceived/interpreted/created. It's very comfortable/normal after awakening to revert back and pretend life is actually the me vs world dynamic because it's also a valid perspective, however, born of illusion, it's disconnected (ego regains control) and so we find ways to reintegrate/balance/harmonize who and what we actually are, putting the ego in it's place, rather than being controlled by it
  8. hey thanks for watching and happy Valentines Day
  9. Enjoy this two part series, whether you're knowledgeable about astrology or not, it will be quite fascinating and fun to reflect upon, love yourself this year, let go of the need to control and change the external world. The universe is inside you, both the light and the dark, so remember to feel, don't identify with whatever needs to be released. Hold strong through the mercury retrograde, lasting until the 20th. Physical pains, dark nights, are signs of personal shifts, give them due respect, trust and acceptance, breathe deep, cheers love love love
  10. Fast forward , new year discussion live stream!