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  1. Hahaha excellent! Here’s a 1 snap shot (only shot I took at the park) I took about a month ago while sitting on a bench and it completely amazed me (not to take away from yours or anything, but the bird flying in the background was moving fast and was unintended to be in the shot)
  2. Love this. Walk True brother!
  3. Holy shit how on earth did you capture that! Awesome
  4. (More of a behavior than a habit) Hmm I suppose it is “basing my actions/decisions off of what I think is expected of me and not from what’s right for me based off intuition for what promotes growth/expansion and brings me happiness/self respect” I am recognizing and allowing by... Loving myself / radical honesty / getting in touch with my feelings and observing thought-stories
  5. So fear has nothing to do with (what is) being perceived, it IS / has to do with the perceiver no perceiver no fear
  6. @zeroISinfinity so separation is what creates fear, but isn't the purpose of becoming aware of sensations to understand the sneaky labeling/false separation?
  7. Leo has a few videos on it but here’s one
  8. @Schahin you may realize you are free to choose your focus and create your thoughts (perception)...are you Aware?
  9. Rock it in the now mate. You aren’t who you think you are but what is IS YOU
  10. it’s to realize there’s no goal but to follow your highest joy, continue expansion 😇 as we are complete and free to explore ourselves through this vessel
  11. @SerpaeTetra accepting and allowing, realize there’s no right way to be, no wrong way either. Love yourself unconditionally and see what happens, don’t create expectations or intentions about how you should be (can you notice how you create your psychological limitations, just observe it, love it, let it go)
  12. Good point, it can easily become a mind game / power struggle if either party isn’t being true to themselves
  13. Hahaha it’s hilarious man, give it a try. I think it has creative value for sure
  14. Yes conscious men are truthful in their intentions @sargam there’s always some self reflection to be had on whether or not you honestly feel youre deserving of a high quality relationship. Perhaps as Nata states, you aren’t expressing your true boundaries and values, but are, instead, acting, subconsciously, unaligned with what you really desire. Like from a place of fear, expressing neediness or uncertainty about what you deserve