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  1. @Jack RiverActually brought this up to hellspeed sometime before and he wouldn't budge. maybe he doesn't see total awareness to be plausible but i can't see focusing on the breath to be very freeing when life gets in the way...
  2. just as it is easy to lose im sure. What can money bring you? Do you think that maybe your desire for money is what's preventing you from attaining it? I'd look into those beliefs
  3. yup quite the phenomeNahm
  4. @DodoUsually spiritual comes after material wealth/desire...looks like you have some seeking/work to be done yet before you can turn back to self inquiry When you can begin Truth seeking these obstacles will no longer be in the mind. If you want more material wealth/success you can investigate your beliefs surrounding these matters... How can you end and create a belief? Is it possible to embody the idea of a successful person if you still have limiting beliefs surrounding it? How are you not being completely 100% honest with yourself?
  5. Are people in general more attracted to your presence would you say? Division in the world will be necessary until it isn’t? @winterknight
  6. @Jack Riverin other words, to see that suffering is not actually a choice?
  7. @winterknightyou may have answered this but how have your relationships changed? Are you more sociable and does seeing through people’s psychological conflicts make you more popular to be around? Or even come to for help? it seems to be the human condition to create division and fragmentation from within. How do you see this changing? Assumably a gradual shift or could this happen as fast as it can happen at the individual level ?
  8. Haha possibly the best affirmation you could have is yoda I am. ❤️🙏😉
  9. Wait man get your shit figured out. Search in person...it comes to you so just TRUST 😎
  10. @winterknight@Leo Guralove you both! Amazing content here as always the human race is catching on and it’s only a matter of “time” 😉😎🎶
  11. @winterknightwhy limit yourself to enlightenment producing wealth? What other ambitions have you? @Jack Riverright dude!
  12. Also creativity should be HUGE! This means giving more weight to the thoughts that can me influenced now. So the thought of sleep now...hell yea investigate the psychological thoughts you had while high...let them be but they hold no weight