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  1. Good...good...take it in take it all in! Then realize this is just 1 perspective and there can be no coping here. Take it a step further and see how everyone and everything low-conscious is actually YOU. Absolutely none of it is separate so right here right now, this is your chance, your opportunity to take responsibility for everything wrong in this world (if there were no low consciousness, how could there be high consciousness?), show compassion, and spread the love baby life is perfect now, IT could be no other way
  2. figured I’ll share the link to this awesome piece on Love 💙
  3. Hehehe awesome. Yeah a look of nothing and at the same time everything maybe he means no projection or separation with what is
  4. @SerotoninluvTo me this means not bound by any stories of the mind. Complete acceptance and vulnerability I had a convo at the park with a stranger living out of his motor bicycle and small towed goods. We spoke of his new job and what I did, and just connected. Before I continued on he was like “god works within you” and I just smiled What do you mean you went blank?
  5. What is it, the desire for spiritual experiences or the fear of letting go of this “work”? What parts are being done purely out of enjoyment Ive definitely been in these woods of which you describe. Who’s having these “amazing experiences”? Once I did “give up” and surrender all the knowledge and ideas I had, the unraveling of the self continued on its own
  6. Good! Love yourself, you are anything, everything, and nothing the mind is a game. learn it live it love it ♥️ Then watch it disappear
  7. Bingo. What is desire without ‘experience’?
  8. @AakashYou think you can desire to be desireless? Still desire... There can be no life (no you) without desire
  9. Inquire into what is desire. Is desire even real? Where, how and why does it occur? Is desire anything more than a projection?
  10. This is great. What a wonderful process guiding us to really LOOK AT IT! (IT being that which pulls you out of the NOW)
  11. Possibly suppressed emotions you can work through...don’t overthink them too much but definitely get into the emotions, sometimes playing sad songs can really help go through the process
  12. Why so serious? Why so afraid of what others think? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Start to question some of the thoughts you have in moments of feeling judged or embarrassed Maybe you should try to break the ice from time to time with a little obvious showoff-ness for things that may seem totally ordinary/expected. There are many facets to your personality so don’t think you are defined by any one in particular
  13. Just that you seem to believe things need to be a certain way or else they are not “spiritual” or whatever. Like is there really any such thing as a “good” decision? Or is it because of a belief you hold about how things should be...this makes it really hard to accept things as they are, and in turn takes us out of being grounded
  14. hmm. yeah sounds like you have a lot of firm ideals/beliefs. Might not be a bad idea to start questioning why you hold these...also the thoughts surrounding your activities (why do i do activity A and not B, how do i think it defines me, and how doesn't it bring me pure joy? How can i satisfy my emotional desires? Practice gratitude and not self shaming so you can hold whatever mindset you feel is beneficial. These are just some things that are helping me. Also here's the video in case you are interested. I haven't done sun salutations, but i have done wim hof and bioenergetics for years (just sporadically when it feels like a good time, and to practice self love). It feels really good living from the place of groundedness (not being up in the head, getting triggered and what not)
  15. Actually sounds like you are more “left side” analytically minded in this reflection ha! If you find your mind is being too monkeyish in creating anxiety mood swings judging etc., start observing and questioning the thoughts that may be taking you out of being grounded Have you ever tried bioenergetics? Really helps in getting “grounded” and there’s a good bioenergetic warmup routine I can link if you are interested. I’ve done it in the mornings or before doing exercise etc