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  1. Supposedly coffee weakens the adrenals and liver over time. Weak adrenals promotes dependency on caffeine for mood enhancement
  2. @assx95 I’m sure it’s been mentioned but perhaps try ‘not trying’ for a change and figure this guilt trip out? Does one who suffers not, behave as such?
  3. this all sounds like silly games used to perpetuate self suffering @CreamCat @Mikael89 please stay on topic, thanks.
  4. “Mind your business” “would you mind helping me out?” Mind = body or focus?
  5. I think @CreamCat is playing into his story mode
  6. @Nickyy look at Nickyy coming down the runway all fabulous and shit “Put the bat down ma mannnn!!!!”
  7. @Lento you are too 🙏 And touché Great points 😊 The ego can be one tough cookie to crumble I like the counter intuitive approach because often it doesn’t have to do with what we know but are unwilling to accept. It’s like oh yeah here’s a new spin move you can try out in your spotlight vision
  8. 🤝 Mister trickster in person, it’s a Pleasure
  9. Practical and good to reflect on: Best way to overcome food addiction is to tell yourself you don’t have one Sounds pretty cut and dry right? Sounds like a blanket statement? Well for one “addiction” is a mindset first before it becomes active and if you feed your subconscious mind with statements like you have a problem you will continue to manifest that reality. You need to take your power back and claim your victory by telling yourself you are powerful, strong and capable of overcoming all adversity. Redirect your thoughts in a positive direction and that will be your accountability for your success. Stop entertaining your thoughts to eat that food you know you should not eat and redirect your thoughts with life is more than eating and drinking and I will find a solution for every problem. When you say I WILL AND I CAN you will manifest the ability to be in your power and you will subject your mind in its place and your flesh will not rule over you. Your spirit is your power and you have to just put your faith in that power to be victorious! You do not have a food addiction you eat food for nourishment and pleasure in its proper balance and you love yourself enough to bless it like your temple. You can find your balance and you can forgive yourself when you stumble and you can look at the stumble as an opportunity to grow and become stronger. If you flee from temptation and you don’t entertain the mind's thoughts the temptation will go away with time and effort. Never beat yourself up when you fall short but always keep telling yourself that all you have is now and the past and future are irrelevant in your current reality. The power of manifestation and the power of positive thinking and intention will create a positive frequency in the mind that will keep you strong in your power so you can act on self-love and self-respect. Most overeating and binge eating is created from emotional trauma and all “addiction” is so if you love yourself and don’t look for it other places to fill an illusionary void you will have more self-respect because you will not need a crutch to get by because you will have no “void” to fill. You want to be happy and balanced and in your power then eat high vibrational raw foods and when you vibrate higher you will find more self-love and self-respect when it comes to what you put in your mouth. I’ve been there many times and I know that it’s easy to just say f**k it and turn to junk food and overeating but the root to the problem is a lack of self-love and self-respect so I will continue to learn that there is a solution for every problem and I will eventually overcome the blockage as I learn to love myself more and get back to nature more. You don’t have an addiction you have a lack of self-love and we all do at some level and we are transitioning in a process and when you honor the process and forgive yourself that’s the first step of manifesting positive outcomes that help you overcome obstructive habits. Get back to nature my friends, get back to the diet your biologically designed to eat, tap into your intuitive nature, let your instincts guide you and I promise you my friends you will thrive! Written by Jonathon RA Stearn
  10. No. You’re wrong again by choosing to focus on him rather than her. She knows what category he is but she doesn’t see herself and that’s why she’s in her situation, it’s a necessary evil, not something she could have avoided. She can get the emotional support and motivation but it’s not what will help her cause. With the child analogy it’s about getting into the child’s shoes and supporting their best foot forward
  11. This video came to me today and I have a feeling you will find peace through it as well
  12. @Preety_India he’s not the enemy, we are our own enemy (enemy stands for him and me) give attention to who isn’t receiving it
  13. She doesn’t deserve a good partner,,,not yet (unless of course she’s left him and found another partner ) We must accept what we have been given, there is no moving on without acceptance
  14. This is a good start. Now breath and be present