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  1. Goddesss 🥳
  2. I wouldn’t say I put myself above the human experience, however, I often prefer to get a birds eye view and step outside the universal flow of things when it’s necessary, my body doesn’t always appreciate this, there’s a need to integrate and sync the energies within to produce a fully actualized hue man cell, the linking of energies is how the collective drags itself up the spiral, it’s just easy to get caught in the fear based reliance on safety distraction comparison and comfort. I’m so good that I’m so bad, detached into spirit form, happy Leo season
  3. May we all enjoy the exploration of deeper/more expanded experiences of interconnected soul self
  4. This is a very fascinating subject, personally I know myself and others who both experience and have experienced walk ins, it’s a new perspective viewing the world and exploring through the unseen as we start to embody more spirit within, it’s a bit challenging and sometimes quite confusing especially to those who cannot relate. Perhaps this will plant some seeds for those exploring the energy shifts and give clarity to those who find their relationships with themselves and those around them drastically changing and transforming. May your ascension journeys and spiritual transformations go as smoothly as can be
  5. @Hulk idk if you’re pretending to be Juan but I love the channel “that was epic”, I recognize and respect the personal growth and work ethic you put into the channel, I lived in Phoenix for a while, love all the pranksters there. There’s a game for kids in soccer, head it or catch it, where you have to do the opposite before the ball is tossed to you and it’s a good system breaker
  6. We forget we aren’t simply this physical vessel, there’s energies that need to be integrated, so simply connecting, vulnerably, not even with a physical act, can allow for the needed soul union within an energy dynamic. Energetic platonic connection between two spirits will no doubt form this union between fragments of soul self
  7. Look into your own judgement, stop ignoring the shadow, if you are so keen on chalking it up as stupidity, look at yourself in the mirror. Bigger pictures reveal the trends, the partial truths, and the big shabang, mass dna upgrade and shifts in consciousness Stop the ignorance, lighten up and find your personal truth by exploring your fear, heal thy self, it’s time to embody more light by releasing outdated patterns of human creed
  8. Max represents something very significant in your life, it may seem obvious but on a deep level, it’s your divine will, your essence, to be who you truly are, and to be appreciated for exactly that can a dog be a catalyst for spiritual transformation, why not? There will not always be closure in the way you think, choose gratitude I met a dog yesterday named Merlin and he’d been rescued from a prison, suffered from abuse and neglect, he’s triggered by most strangers especially those with more chaotic energy. The owner is on a journey (road tripping to Alaska apparently) with a dog teaching her how to create a new healthy sense of self with boundaries, pure expression/self worth. Coming face to face with bypassed fear/insecurity and trauma. No longer can she seek externally for what has been and felt lost from within, a beautiful transformation awaits, the journey ever deeper HOME The dog Merlin is a good representation of how I’ve been feeling for a while now, trapped, unappreciated, untrusting and undervalued by those who I thought loved me the most. Desperately my mind tried to fix and mend things externally, to help others and give give give, while struggling to fight and work with the energies that continued to suppress me, to keep ME hidden. A calling for big change, an acceptance to forgive and let go of people, situations and beliefs no longer in alignment, and allow new energies that will support and feed my soul growth and expression. It’s scary as fuck and requires radical faith in the unseen, to embody more truth, love and greater potential/opportunity/willingness to share myself with the world even if it doesn’t seem societally acceptable. I don’t have to share everything with everyone, I respect others (their journey and uniqueness) but will not play a role or watered down version of myself to please their world view. I am a limitless being
  9. The connection with nature is a spiritual gift, it’s one of mine as a healer, crows and birds love to support my endeavors, generally chirping/cawing clarity attention or reassurance the spirit teams use them to connect
  10. Here too, sometimes there’s more people wearing masks but it’s so nice to not wear one ever. Tried to get the vaccine, they rejected me, said I needed a mask, so I don’t worry about it. (Jokes) I didn’t get the jab (vaccine), it seems unsanitary, and like here get sick so you don’t have to worry about being/causing sickness later on I see it as (best case scenario) a psychedelic (tool) to experience an awakening, which if I may add, has its potential risks I’m hyper sensitive to energy so usually fear actually has a certain stench, this is how/where sickness manifests. So when I’m feeling sick, I’ll isolate, respect the boundaries of others and myself, meditate and hydrate to restore energy/vitality
  11. There’s a lot of talk about the inner child work and healing, sometimes people can learn to heal from actual children, other times it’s not possible or necessary. It’s hard growing up too fast because of a broken family then forced to run the hamster wheel until retirement. Children brighten the day, get people back in touch with their inner kitty, and best of all, learn unconditional love. Society/culture of course creates a system for control it’s all natural and part of the process. It will keep changing Everything is written in the stars before birth anyhow, natural desires and fears and situations unfold to harbor the human experience.