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  1. amen to that, they may need the right remedy/treatment and mindset, something allopathic medicine is notorious for not providing. Labels and adopted beliefs can be extremely limiting, thankfully people are waking up to the truth in simplicity of understanding true vitality. @Anna1 Psychs helped me see mental illness in a new light "experientially", although self realization didn't happen through taking them
  2. I gotta be upfront, speak my truth, especially if interacting with a shadow, no matter the consequences or how foolish i look/sound, because it's what i have to offer. A trigger or fear can be a hint that i have something to offer a situation, i think it could start with acknowledging the feeling to move past it Keep up the good work man, remember to breathe
  3. Love = sacrifice, pain = judgment (psychologically) 💙 wholeness, totality
  4. @tsuki I’ve been observing judgement vs discernment a lot lately. Heres story that reminded me of the drama you had with your (old?) boss Last week I met with a client for my dog sitting business who turned out to be a huge shadow of mine, this woman appeared to be very sweet and attractive yet seemed to stand for everything i do not personally support, from her personality and beliefs to her occupation. I had made the mistake of “staying professional” by not choosing to share any disagreeable thoughts that arose, I remained compliant/objective and by the end had unknowingly suppressed some emotions, I liked her. Naturally the meet and greet lasted much longer than anticipated and she didn’t seem to want me to leave, probably loved having me as a mirror. However she was my shadow and I demonstrated “true class” 🤦‍♂️ a real dick move, by leaving so very indirectly/thoughtlessly (equatable to cutting someone off in the bar imo) left her no choice but to put me below even the standard of being a friend. I guess I’m a schizo and never knew what that is. The interaction really caught me off guard, my behaviors clearly motivated by fear, generated a lot of friction in the end because I push away what I fear. I began taking care of her dog until one mistake, some misunderstandings and miscommunication then finally a disagreement, all on the first day of watching after her dog. Before I knew it I was dealing with a crazy bitch looking to rip into whatever boundaries of mine she could find. The end was bitter/sad, I lost control and made a stupid desperate attempt to control/manipulate her with mind games, karma was a bitch and her pain/suffering was my own. This was only a little funny after the fact, but definitely sad as I realize how love or loa tends to manifest itself when least expected, this woman had been right there, disguised as a shadow and I can’t help but think it sure would have been nice to have a valentine this year
  5. Where does pain fall into the equation?
  6. "it's not about you, you mathematical dick! It's about the boy..." (good will hunting lol) If you consider accusations to be part of the healing process than you're fooling yourself
  7. It wasn't directed at you... There's a great quote or phrase i heard that regarding energy, that it cannot be taken from anyone, only given. You will never be complete or healed enough to brush something off, this is perfectly okay but it's only one aspect of you, don't we have more than just what we've been programmed with? This power is infinite and encompasses all the various aspects of our potential This is a blessing to be able to feel this pain. Pain can be overlooked and judged, but it deserves it's place in healing, i just don't see pointing the finger as an effective way to utilize such energy Please note, i think the journey can never be disrespected unless power is given away. Once i reached out to Nahm and asked why he doesn't think shadow work and delving into the past to be an effective way for integration, he said something along the lines of it can complicate the simplicity of being with 'what is' because of all the unquestioned assumptions (i don't actually recall what exactly he said) As for Moo-man (im a fucking genious ), i think it's important, literally, for everyone, to stop looking at others as being some kind of Jesus. Personally i follow the knowledge, and say fuck that to the ideas of who i imagine them to be, because i know they are me; judging others is judging myself, so i always keep this in mind, there's no settling in my experience of life
  8. I met a woman similar to this last week, she was quite unstable, lost in her story, ended up being quite a shadow of mine I feel that it’s not just dating that’s ruthless, it’s life in general. The more we listen to how we feel the less tolerable and more decisive we become. The trick is not to become too attached to any storyline/belief system/external source. All the drama is guiding people back to the truth, a good laugh, a warm embrace, unity, reconnecting with themselves, expanding oneself
  9. your transformations/insights are beautiful, melting profundity, thank you for being you My dad shared both calvin and hobbes and the harry potter series with me growing up , i feel inspired to do more reading and to do less flip-flopping in my behavior/attitude toward life, cheers!
  10. @Martin123 it's sort of interesting, whenever i had my first awakening after/during my reading of the power of now some years ago, i actually just assumed all the fears and unconscious behavior could be dealt with by simply grounding myself in the present moment. Over time it became incredibly hard to do this and i found myself binge watching and rereading more eckhart tolle, taking ice baths and meditating, especially when/before doing things i'd usually be all 'up in my head' about. Eventually i found out the hard way that having a mere awakening didn't change anything related to my attachment issues with women, the deep seeded fears and beliefs that felt natural to express still found their place. After i'd learned about the attachment theory everything seemed to click, i was given answers and solutions to how "i and others" perceived various situations. This went so deep i remember crying tears of joy that "how sick i could be" was learned behavior for self protection and that digging deeper into these issues was the "how to" transform into a healthy secure individual. Forgiveness was possible it seemed but like any other tool, it only gave what i was willing to accept about the story i'd been told by my very own programming; so ultimately, finding clarity in purpose and vision is by far the path to true self transformation. Is attachment theory necessary for this? No, but it can definitely be helpful in exposing blind spots. Ironically enough it can also be just as much a distraction/hindrance to changing one's story/narrative because it puts limitations that are only really circumstantial on oneself and others I don't think Nahm was intentionally trying to exploit/attack your ass (or way), but i can see how you'd interpret his post as such based off your previous posts. Truth is subjective dawg, your interpretation of his advice is what conjugated the accusations. His advice is completely valid, step out of the story, rewrite the script. Only without the understandings in attachment, the rough patches could be more daunting/unbearable as i found to be the case
  11. @Martin123 I’m just spinning my wheels if anything man sorry about that. I just feel that the need to know is exactly what keeps people trapped in separation and unable to feel free. If there’s a greater force than understanding, it makes more sense to work directly with it, so what I meant is simply self love/ compassion
  12. If that is how you wish to see it. To me it’s the same ole patterns we work to transcend. There are no higher expectation than love. Yes we give power to the people not by holding them in contempt but by realizing our own true power, opening our arms and lending a hand.
  13. @Martin123 Are you bringing the allegations up in relation to the value in understanding attachment styles or do they really concern you? Personally I learning attachment styles in the forum, partly from you, it helped me significantly in “coming to terms” with the past, gaining some understanding and finding self forgiveness/acceptance, so I’m definitely not knocking it haha. But I do realize there may be some ramifications to accepting the self referential knowledge as truth, like perpetuating the illusion, an undesirable story or victim mindset and even overlooking the value in attaining personal wisdom, indeed necessary for taking on the pain of the world
  14. @Martin123 have you watched this one from the Moo man?