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  1. what is with the minds need to know why it is the way it is. to justify its situation and actions, and perspective. @tsukiIve been doing some more contemplation on the subject of shadow work and self reflection in relation to the observation of thought-self. With the observation of thought/self shifting to the attention of the whole, keeping alertness, this seems to be a constant learning and creating outside of the programming as the solution in of itself. Doing the self reflection and shadow work can easily drag me back into identification with thought-self divided leading to its perpetuation and inevitable pain.
  2. @Truth Addict yes he is a cool cat and like to see him come round again might even take a swing at him It’s basically taking a swing at futility 😅
  3. This is excellent to hear. Perhaps you will be inclined to take the leap of faith for your grandpa. Be aware of the mind’s tendency to put all your eggs (possibilities) into one basket. Who’s to say you can’t play music while studying an interest, while working, or even while having a family etc etc
  4. @Joseph Maynor maybe your coaching style could focus on shadow work...the course is yours!
  5. Sometimes it does but I would say you don’t know what you don’t know. Shadow self is part of the illusion of self. This means it must be understood through the self
  6. @mandyjw I bet it’s difficult as a mom to even remember half the time to make the extra effort for yourself when you automatically have your kids needs on the plate. Much respect to you for doing it. I think moms often take one extreme or the other out of fear of failing themselves or their kids. The mistake is in action from fear 🙏 change not possible w/out self love
  7. Something else I’ve realised is these things will never be as bad as they sound but not as easy as described 😅it’s so nice to get the fear out at least
  8. @tsuki thanks man 🙏 it seems as though I’ve done the shadow work up until a certain point. May be best I rattle my cage productively in the future (in action) as this video suggests however I know it is going to be hell (seems this could be a useful acceptance approach). My triggered subconscious absolutely destroys situations I fear to be uncertain I don’t see any other option than to expect pain or at least anticipate it and see how possible it is to work through it. That last part you wrote holds a lot of value thanks again, surely I’ll be back with more projections
  9. @K VIL 👍 you don’t have to be okay man. I sure as hell ain’t always...sometimes it’s okay to accept you just aren’t and go from there...give yourself permission to sit at the lowest of the low and find out “that’s okay too!” Begin wherever you like mate 💙
  10. What about leos last video man? Question everything. Have you ever really worked for anybody but yourself? No matter the boss you work for yourself! Demand respect and make a plan if you wish to be unique but what matters is finding purpose in your work, search until you find that passion and purpose you desire nothing to gain nothing to lose, great mentality
  11. @Gabriel Antonio don’t believe anything man, think for yourself. Figure out what is reality and who you are...the truth will become quite evident. Caught up on beliefs? Figure out what is a belief. Figure out what is a distinction and who you are etc i share with you my evidence and perspective which will be forever changing. Don’t be rude I didn’t wish to debate. I don’t even know who ralph smart is...I’m actuallg a fan of Krishnamurti as he goes against all religion and authority in general to push people to really “think for themselves, learn from themselves in daily life”
  12. hey man ive really enjoyed your perspective. Don't forget the focus is all that matters. The mind likes to focus on the flaws limitations and dangers but you can stay in your own light and learn from the triggers. Take a break but i really loved your last thread i read....almost felt like sharing it with people outside the community <3 No obligation but maybe ill see ya down the road here. I too will be doing more work away from the forum as i seek growth and not reflection/knowledge/perspective. Cheers mate "wanna see me comb my hair, really fast" had to look that up been too long
  13. @ivankiss omg the other week I had something similar occur. I was literally tripping completely sober. I’ve had shrooms once in my life years ago before spirituality and this SEEING was of the equivalent. At one point I had been driving a car so I Kept pulling myself out of it but any chance I had a break, went right back into the trip it was all brought on by intuitive being as well!
  14. @hariseldon74 🙏❤️ Let me mention this feels like a big ego backlash and I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar long ago so it’s strange having the sort of onrush of emotions it’s been a while since I have fed and identified with so many thought stories, it became so consuming