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  1. I shared a perspective and potentially valuable information. DO NOT threaten me, DO NOT project your issues in relativity onto me, it takes a coward to take things personally believe it or not there’s systems of belief unsupportive to how and what the immune system is/ how it “works” as allopathic medicine suggests Take what resonates, leave the rest. Don’t throw a fit, that’s Leo’s job, don’t be a dog or an abusive ruler Thank you, maybe reflect on your purpose here, I hold no attachment to this forum, usually I’m too sensitive to deal with the energies
  2. There is NO IMMUNE SYSTEM. There IS a universal Law of Infinite Immunity. This law states that no genetic piracy is allowed by living bodies. This protects the Biosphere from Collapsing at the miroscopic level due to warring microbes. check out Dr Thomas Cowans, Dawn Lester, and David Parker Videos on YouTube for more info on (what really makes you ill)
  3. @Inliytened1 we don’t subscribe to the same beliefs and understanding. I’ll share a friends post I find interesting As you know by now, entire industries are based on things that are pure fantasy. In physics (photons, electrons, neutron stars, big bang, black holes, etc) and the same is true in biology. In fact most of biology is a fabrication or partial truth. Germs are real. The virus, along with the immune system and asymptomatic carrier bull dung were invented to subvert the rational simplicity of Kochs Postulates, of which not a single ONE has ever been satisfied, while trying to prove that germs cause disease. The virus is an example of something that has never been directly observed or catalogued by any credible scienctific process. Genetics is another great example of scientific fraud. DNA is just a theoretical concept. The so-called indirect evidence of the existence and structure of DNA are just completely unsustainable interpretations. No one can prove that the bands of different sizes seen on gel electrophoresis are the expression of the existence of the hypothetical structure of what is claimed to be DNA. I would encourage anyone who believe in the idea of DNA to go back and read how it was supposedly isolated. Absolute comedy. It include actually boiling the sample. Ridiculous. There is no proof that DNA exist. There is SOMETHING going on however, of course. What we have is a parallel situation between physics and biology. When confronted with field energy scientists are compelled to draw upon the radical materialism of their training and simply invent particles they believe are responsible for composing the field. The materialistic nature of our civilization runs deep. There is a dead end for these materialist concepts once they get past a certain threshold because, at heart, the universe is made of innately intelligent electromagnetic energy that has no points or particles. DNA, virus, RNA, vitamins, chromosome, electron, proton, neutrino etc, all theoretical concepts with no direct observation to back their claims. Innately intelligent electric field energy is the glue that unites all sciences and the universe comprehensively. We must turn our attention to this as it is part of our awakening to a Natural World Order.
  4. There are no immune people, only immune states. I’m not immune I just know how to self heal, fear doesn’t get in the way
  5. Raptor i am changing the response, the secret lies in the breath- change diet, lifestyle, clear energy and release attachment, the techniques are guides like everything else, be the boss, the authority, figure out what’s in way usually there’s karma and reprogramming needed, transformations
  6. Reality is not the same for everyone. Leo has his way of seeing and experiencing it, doesn’t resonate with everyone. One man’s trash is another mans treasure. He’s not more sophisticated or evolved than others, it just seems that way when rolling with that energy it’s okay, no one perspective truth or personality is perfect, but there’s always something to learn and appreciate how hard is it for Leo to look or rewatch his videos and take all that criticism he delivers to “others” and own it himself...quite a big feat
  7. best way to reach an antivaxxer is with a mobile device or 6 ft stick...I’ve still not gotten the vaccine but I know I’ve gotten the virus many times...I’m such a good guy for takin it off people’s chest, I can sense when it’s in my system and when it’s left, it’s just energy clearing. People need to thank the energy healers greatest strength/weakness of the Taurus zodiac sign — always holds a grip even when they’re wrong — he’d have to relinquish authority over the forum and his own mind, this would seem absolutely catastrophic, like a malfunctioning keyboard There’s no willingness to hold multiple truths egotistically when it threatens the fixed structure of Taurus thinking. It’s very sturdy and masterful but there’s the flip-side or inherited weakness. My moon is in Taurus, I kinda know what it’s like, my emotional state just won’t shift based solely off someone else’s needs/intentions no matter how much they push when it’s against my will/desire. On the flip-side I hold emotional stability wherever I go unless I willingly give away my power, then there’s also detachment, thank you spirit and trauma
  8. i no longer resonate with psychedelics or recommend them to other people. I have found them to be stressing on the nervous system and energy centers, sometimes to great detriment. I pulled something out of me that was like trapped mushroom between the heart and solar plexus, blew my mind. Not to mention McKenna having died from the over abuse if I’m not mistaken. It’s possible to create these dimensional experiences through the ascension process, and purification of the physical vessel. It’s how I’ve developed my clairs and healing abilities I highly recommend checking out this review video on an energy healers experiences working with those who’ve used psychedelics
  9. Not everybody thinks like you, this is a classic fear based mentality. Do not forget your divine potential and birth right to attract who and what you are to the core. The actuality is creation, is freedom (connection), liberation from the ego, the divided self and not all paths are the same the steps between infinite source/mind and you is healing and integration, the controller is the controlled, the dimensions in ascension release the blocks of darkness, the shadows lie on the journey of oneness, let them, time to upgrade physicality Freedom doesn’t benefit those who haven’t learned to take full responsibility for themselves, it’s part of the journey. The only fool here is an ignorant savage Do not project your wounded child dogma onto the world, it’s okay to be in uncertainty and learning to trust what’s seemingly insane in the membrane, you can master the 5 senses all you want just hold some space for the 6th, the innate, it is just as practical to some
  10. Dear Leo love your inner child, happy moon in Scorpio
  11. I do not trust Leo, the doctors, propaganda, or paid scientists who are affiliated with fear based thinking. Learn from the healers, I spent much of this year wondering around collecting viruses, as a quantum energy healer learning how to cleanse the energy centers, heal through detox lifestyle changes, releasing attachment and traumas, I know not to be fooled by the appearance of things, not to blame anything outside of myself for situations and circumstances I bring into my reality. The goal here has been to bring more love inward and not be dependent on the external world to feed your light or avoid the pain, shadows and discord. This is energy cultivation, it allows one to tap into their infinite potential as a multidimensional being of light. Why feed the movements that divide, judge and condemn, it’s time to step into the light, leave the never ending cycle of karma and disillusionment. Save yourself, nobody else will, trust no one, learn from everyone, find the courage to trust yourself above all authority