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  1. @Joseph Maynorinteresting interpretation / perspective 🤔
  2. I like how you explained this with belief system dynamics
  3. This is actually a good question to sit with, but not a very good question to receive an answer for. What does it really mean to go "beyond one's mind"? Is it even possible to transcend the mind? To find out what this entails you will need to know exactly what it means to be "you" and when there is an awareness of this "you"can it create freedom to be without any of the mental boundaries distorting your reality Take this movie metaphor to a more personal level: We are actually watching this horror movie, during the movie we become engrossed in the contents of this movie right? Psychologically. We can actually feel everything the characters in the movie are experiencing other than actual physical pain (however sometimes even this seems real), at least how our minds interpret it. When we get distracted or look away for a second, maybe we are reminded, oh yeah "it's only a movie", something some of us keep in the back of our head while watching. This "knowing" (it's only a movie) in the back of our heads is what will begin to be show up as "insights" when we observe all the subtleties in the story of our life. How we create the very confusion, fear, limitations, and suffering we psychologically desire to avoid Isn't it amazing the power of our minds? It gets to the point where we just don't understand what problems it has created for us, because we become conditioned to keep returning to it in search for a way to escape
  4. This is a good point. Not only can we observe how we judge others but to see how it relates to ourselves. It’s good to explore what sort of compassion we hold for ourselves @SOULhow to go about removing all references of good and bad? Whether they are vocalized or not is beside the point. Are they not thoughts and can we control these thoughts?
  5. @isabelyou can ask yourself what makes a thing “not me” Explore how the mind could manipulate your reality. If someone tells you, “hey all is one, you are simply awareness” and you think hmm okay makes sense I’ll give it a try, And you start focusing as “being awareness” this as Jack River explains is still another mind-made movement
  6. Your journey of the deconstruction process has begun! Congratulations! Do not be too hard on yourself. All and I mean ALL of your egoic tendencies are there to help you. When you have insights from these experiences without being the one who controls (judges, resists expects or criticizes) the “bad habits” will end on their own and blissful being will return when theres confusion suffering etc let it be and be present with it as much as possible
  7. Love being perceived as simply acceptance. Does this make it unconditional? Is there a split second when all psychological conditions melt away? No more division in psychological interpretation
  8. i don't mean to taunt you my friend. Your thread brings it out naturally. why do you refuse to clarify your purpose and make so many assumptions based off a few questions? Speak your truth or forever....hold your peace
  9. @Leo Gurawell said! people so often attempt to turn the ego against themselves. It will always be there! Love it, learn from it, and eventually transcend it. Not done by choice, but through observation, insight and integration
  10. Haha nice. Ultimately there’s the surrender (with no surrenderer) of our mind made experiences. Until this happens let the ego do its thing and watch all of its urges/reactions/patterns etc the quicker we can see the extent of our identity in play, the sooner it will vanish without a trace the state of being has no controller, identifier, judger or resistor If and when the ego returns continue with the insights through experience. The mind plays a vital role in life but it is so very liberating when put in its place
  11. WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO, got to do with it..?
  12. It could also be described as an expansion of perception how the mind interprets reality creates experience, therefore it is real to the mind but limited by the interpretation
  13. Lovely content recently. Fears a driving force for change. Don’t resist! Investigate what exactly you desire. Observe all those thoughts and keep sitting with that fear
  14. @Aakashmy bad. *Are you separate from this experience?
  15. Who’s experiencing? Are you separate didn’t this experience?