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  1. I no longer follow what I preach nor preach what I follow. I say what I mean and I mean what I say (all this really mean is Trust)
  2. It’s probably obvious by now, I’ve gone completely insane, it’s quite liberating. I had this crazy idea today, to collect the various leaves/flowers I same across as if they would be connecting the dots to some untold secret of nature like newspaper clippings and a conspiracy theorist
  3. Lmao! Love it. Who said I’m afraid... All I wanted was a friend...someone who understands me To convince myself that I wasn’t crazy, that I knew it all and I wasn’t alone in this Godforesaken re-al-it-tea
  4. @Zigzag Idiot I’m a jokester, most people learn not to take me too seriously. Anyone willing to paint is far surpassing those who don’t in my eyes It came off as highly sophisticated and I was unable to grasp the complexity in its meaning but I just wanted to say hi When it comes to art and really any activity, the ability to lose yourself in it is both going to bring joy and possibly awe in the post reflection. Please do share you’re next trip experience if and whenever you may feel inspired. Good day!
  5. PRECISELY! Hope you appreciate Inifnite Humor but feel free to throw me overboard captain You can be quite overwhelming to experience my friend, I seen your knowledge here like music 🎶 spilling out of your metaphorical weener
  6. @Aakash what are you, trying to kill me? I’d probably die before I got finished reading all that! No way enlightenment could be this complex what is this, the beginning of the new earth, better yet, the Bible? Sorry brother just had to call you out as it appears you’ve “spilled the beans” (okay time to read it now )
  7. Enjoying your journal. In my last trip I also realized the voice is not outside of awareness and that it functioned best through intelligence without any ego resistance (obviously), and as you said can be tuned like an instrument I’d like to share some thoughts on the questions you brought up with awareness and localized experience. So I guess people have “experienced” outer body travel or what ever you call it, for this to happen perhaps there would need to be a redirecting of attention away from experience in all the senses especially sight. I am sort of embarrassed to admit this but on my trip at one point I felt as if I’d completely embodied a girl. Of course there was no me as an ego but I felt like a shapeshifter of sorts. Anyways I think of it like we are ants apart of the human colony, playing a role in the total realm of consciousness. Do you believe in raising vibration, cuz I think it definitely plays a role in our realms of possibility. Synchronization has that thread up about multiple dimensions / experiences / versions of life and I think he’s trying to explain the same ideas as what I’ve said about how awareness appears with/out physical form
  8. Hahaha excellent dude enjoyed reading this. As for the artwork I’m gonna have to ask you to “put down the crayon my man!” At least until tripping and you lose all sense of control i will most definitely when to do some drawing if and when I do trip again. I stopped my drawing as a young teenager, I was too critical and impatient lmao
  9. oooh wow I really love that 👍 Good video Mandy since I’ve been microdosing psilocybin, specifically on the days I do, it’s like the plants are calling to me, all sorts of beauties are catching my eye 👁 I also had the thought about the human species appearing as ants from a certain perspective. We all have our roles in society but we tend to want to make things so complicated as we lose the ability to notice our innate drivers/desires that solve all our basic needs and create fulfillment without all the mental noise of control (might be rambling into incomprehension, I apologize if that’s the case) you spoke about getting in tune with senses, really appreciating experience, and this can also go for the thought sense right? I mean I know SEEING is literally appreciating the beauty before tying any sort of meaning or label on the objects and their qualities. Have you smelled something “bad” and truly smelled it before having the reactive response “eww gross”? Anyways, I’m curious about the sense of thought, its creative potential is beyond measure, and it can go unappreciated and obviously misunderstood/misinterpreted
  10. Surrender is not an action of the mind. It is that of your innate being. It’s one of those things that just happens, like in a dream when you die there’s this letting go of all thoughts/stories/ideas (game over) when you encounter resistance, continue to allow until that too can be accepted and seen for what it is, then perhaps you will be free, like you always were but refused to see
  11. @Aakash yeah letting go is a delicate process. Anger comes out of no where, for most who experience it. For those who see it coming, they are consciously choosing to express it in a given situation.
  12. unfortunately people aren't always dealt such a great hand. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Logic/rationality will not change a personality. Interaction from the personality is surface level, but this doesn't stop the delving into silly mind games. Awareness needs to be brought upon the suffering and self understanding. Introspection is not just a beginning of life ordeal, it's reoccurring or one becomes quite ignorant (at least until true self is realized)
  13. A mini ego death is the transmutation or transcendence of a fear, belief, or any undesired conditional pattern of behavior Of course these are an illusion and part of the story (personality) that makes up daily life, but they run deep, in autopilot, until actively integrated or changed What might this look like? Ask what aspects of “who I think I am” are things I’d like to overcome or change? You can list fears,insecurities, beliefs, or unmet needs Preparation This is huge! Get in a high vibration before actively exposing the areas to improve Ways to raise frequency: start changing what can be changed what raises mood and reduces pain? A new look, haircut, type of music, book, video/movie, clean room, new habit/hobby/event, life purpose/passion or even a diet Basically things giving meaning to life... video on the subject: Working with your undesirables okay, now it’s time to actively transmute/ transcend old patterns of identification -push limits (life is what We make of it) -challenge yourself whenever the opportunity arises, be in anticipation to create your desire -admit feeling insecure (this comes with the unseen map and is unavoidable so embrace it) -ask for help from the trusted and admired but don’t take their word (reflect on what is given) -share all feelings positive/negative when it feels right, don’t hold back (there are no limitations, let go of cultural and societal norms, people can and will let them go as well) Mini ego death 💀 what is required to truly change, not to pretend but literally shift a state of being? Nothing, it is known all along, but the trickery is uncanny/unpredictable so an openness to the unknown (mystery of being/experience) is highly recommended Happy dying into your perceived heaven