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  1. best explanation i heard is that when you take a psychedelic it interrupts the regular flow of the imagination of consciousness you could use a metaphor of throwing a log into a river or a pebble making ripples in water for a while when it hits it. other than that, dunno what the fck is going on with these motherfucking visuals
  2. its all about state of consciousness dude, stop with this foolish debate around “ the real awakening” there are many ways to reach this state, the method could be different for every individual. all these gurus have no idea about the power and potential of psychedelics and so are you. admit it. if you dont like using it, than dont - nobody cares. stop thinking you are being truthful when you are just dishonest. the truth is you have no clue if this guru is right or not. you just take his word for it.
  3. because you are the one being imagining me, im that "seperate other". you imagine me in such a way that im not able to move your body, this helps you experience separation, relativity, time and space.
  4. solipsism can get more twisted than that. your logic is very simplistic. you can just as well decide as the only being that you imagine someone “else” that cant move your body - thus creating the illusion of seperation for yourself. although it is just your own imagination. do you get it?
  5. Why isnt it enough? you imbecile! Yeah people are wrong and then want to change but dont want to acknowledge their BS. that is correct. But that is their choice, why is it your problem? why do feel an urge to "fix" that? why isnt offering a thorough explanation such as yours enough? All im saying is that you're right on point with "not indulging in their crap" but be careful not to make them just overall annoyed with your behavior so they dont want to listen to your message anymore. At the end of the day you want your message to be heard, so it wont kill ya to be more compassionate towards the ignorant. you want folks to awaken, you cant force folks into it. if you try too hard it wont work. i believe that if you confront people's beliefs in a more chill way, they might open up more to your message.
  6. I dont think youre being truthful here. of course you're right about this whole humble issue. BUT Cant you just express your ideas in a way which doesnt judge the other person while still being authentic? How about instead of calling someone an imbecile you would just state what you know to be right, without judging him. you could just say "this doesnt align with my experience in any way, i challenge you to try out my path and find greater understanding". At the end of the day, you were this buddhist "rat" just a couple of years ago yourself, how would you react to someone just talking down to you and judging you as stupid for your current beliefs? i dont think this is the loving thing to do. maybe contemplate that.
  7. Narcissism is a certain set of traits which could be considered healthy, what marks the difference is DEGREE. For example: Wanting attention and validation is considered healthy for an individual but when it becomes extremely compulsive thats when you might consider it narcissism.
  8. it is absolutly fine. Ive been drinking from a distiller for more than a year and felt great. all you have to do is add a pinch of salt (himalayan pink preferably) and you're good to go. even adding the salt is just to make sure.. but essentially if your diet is good and you eat plenty of fruit and veggies you should be fine as far as minerals go, water has trace amounts of them and they dont really matter.
  9. they told me they ship internationally only in chocolate bars, said they already sent it to "many countries" without any problem.. yet if feels so risky.. im wondering what could happen if they catch it in customs.. will I be in trouble or they will just seize it and ill lose 300$... somebody with experience would like to coment? @Leo Gura
  10. its a grey area for sure.. wondring if its a good idea to place an order and try it out for myself.. did anyone ordered from their website? how risky is it for me? im not from the US
  11. dude dont listen to anybody here this works like magic but you gotta do it for a LONG TIME i did this for 2 years straight. used foam. 0 side effects. 100% full beard. and i had almost none to begin with. just a mustache. its been about 5 years since i did it last time and i never lost one hair. there is a group of men on this journey who are sharing results but i dont remember the name.. maybe look it up.. i did it a long time ago so i dont have any before/after pics but damn does this work.
  12. interesting topic! Ive been contemplating this for a while and when i just moved in with my girlfriend it was tough and i had all these thoughts of leaving cause its never gonna fit together. but as time passes we really managed to improve and live more harmoniously with our clashing needs and worldviews. we both calmed down, learned to communicate properly and learned to demand our needs in healthy and mature ways. in retrospect i do feel i made a huge progress - especially as a guy who grew up with very toxic parents who had a toxic relationship and that affected me deeply (my ways of relating to another and percieving relationships). so... i think probably if your goal is to go very deeply within yourself you would have to give up human relationships BUT reaching that state also requires alot of work prior to that, which is more about becoming mature psychologically than about awakening to your true SELF, make sure you handled those kind of needs and issues prior to going "all in" on awakening. If you feel like you still have this more basic work to do. than moving in together with a girl might benefit you more than what you percieve right now from a place of struggle. it all depands, of course, on where you are at right now. not a good analogy. you dont consume your girlfriend lol love is about respecting your need to be alone aswell - and that can certainly happen in a healthy relationship. even if you are living together. I know a couple living 50 years together, happy as can be, both spiritual teachers. both leading individual lives aswell as loving each other. its about creating a balance between I needs and WE needs.
  13. OR He's just saying what he found out in his awakenings. i mean, if he found out we are all a part of giant banana and then he goes and says that in the forum with confidence then that is because there is literally no other way to verify this shit other than to awaken. he never said you should believe that blindly but to verify these stuff in your own experience if you dare. why shouldnt a men be confident about his own experience? should i not be confident around the fact i have pants? its just my experience.
  14. meditation doesnt give you an answer. it gives you experience which then you still need to think about and integrate into your thinking life. so BOTH thinking and not thinking are important. dont place one above the other because that is BIAS. and osho like all other humans was full of bias.