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  1. it seems like the same theme as always in his books.. whats gonna be new there?
  2. weed for me is like snorting a hilarious joke when im with friends. I become a stupid clown for a few hours, then I pass out with a smile on my face and not a doubt in my mind. when I do it with friends and I really let loose the most hillarious stuff comes out of me. I could keep cracking jokes about everything the entire night. sometimes though, I smoke it alone and then I become so delirious I cannot understand anything anymore, I become anxiously confused and I reach a sinister place of realizing how little I really know about life. And then I pass out.
  3. truly suprising. im even suprised people here take halp a pill or a full one. i cant even handle more than a quater.. it gets so intense its terrifying for me did you actually try to do some work while on it? only when i get to doing some intellectual work i notice the big difference it makes.. i can just go on for 4-6 hours without feeling mentally exhausted for example.
  4. everything is bullshit in every game you decide to play, but irs still fun to play, if youre good at it.
  5. enjoy your wall fetish my friend just a couple of questions: do you like em white or colored? do you bliss out monogomously with one wall only or you flirt with other walls aswell? how bout a quickie with the wall at the cafe? thats sexy in a weird way. byeeee lol great videos buddy. i like that option
  6. your words are like a fart in the wind. Insignificant.
  7. is not about being a thoughtless shmok sitting in silence staring at a wall. but developing a deep connection, and understanding of whats going on right now and then acting intelligently and joyfully according to that. okay, bye bye now
  8. 1. god is already complete yes. the purpose of evolution is not to make him complete but to create an expereince that would actually reflect his awsomeness. there is no goal here, its just a game for fun. 2. yes i would hesitate, theyre life depend on you. just go lightly into spirituality in a way that wont dismante your whole life. youll have time later in life when they are more independent to do that without feeling guilty and being irresposible.
  9. you are god. there is no signal coming from somewhere else. your actual feeling about stuff are the god in you.
  10. the real question is not how to detach from all your stories but are you sick and tired of living them? detachment is a natural outcome of you becoming tired of this nonsense called life. are you truly tired of doing all of that? or are you just afraid? if your afraid than learn to deal and outgrow those fears to truly become tired of living life.
  11. that is a deep question i pondered alot on psychedelics. i came to realize it may not be “real” division but consciousness is able to project a quality of division on objects it imagines and it could happen so quickly that you dont notice it - and so reality “appears” to be divided from your POV although it is you who imagined the division and projected it in he first place with your mind. its kinda like with the shadow psychologically where you think the other person is being “aggresive” for example but he is not really, you are just projecting that quality on him but you do it so quickly you dont notice that you did it and so it seems to be coming from outside of you. this is literrally how consciousness fools itself.
  12. breath is part of survival. body needs oxygen to function. you are your body. you are something beyond the body aswell. you can control the body to a degree, if you dont - than the body will keep on doing what it has to do to survive anyway - its a smart machine. your own intelligence as well as higher intelligence are co-operating in controling the body -> instincts vs will power mostly what higher intelligence wants is for you to create who and what you want to be, and for that it keeps maintaining the body for it to serve you.
  13. tier 3 is when you finally shit on your carpet
  14. a wise man once said “God will work WITH you but not FOR you”
  15. best explanation i heard is that when you take a psychedelic it interrupts the regular flow of the imagination of consciousness you could use a metaphor of throwing a log into a river or a pebble making ripples in water for a while when it hits it. other than that, dunno what the fck is going on with these motherfucking visuals