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  1. Leo also talks about this in the LP. Following your bliss.
  2. What exactly does this mean? Could you further elaborate?
  3. Goodlooking on the post. Thumbs up
  4. @Hellspeed hellspeed Im all eyes and ears. I would like to know please keep sharing bro
  5. How to be wise is a automated robot sent from Byron Katie for advertising. Its next move is to deny what i said, or ignore, or agree lol in either case my assumption is 100% certain.
  6. This girl on the forum and this other guy on the forum too. I cant say for certain they are enlightened but from their writings they sound like they pretty much are. SDS are potent.
  7. Thats good observation. How about doing both. Maybe 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation as a start? Yes please.