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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope your doing fine now. How long were you doing shamanic breathing btw?
  2. Wow Leo you know this is the main reason why i come here on this forum often to look for those helpful resources. Thank you!!
  3. When doing the technique is it necessary to have your arms out like a starfish? I see that i dont have that much space to do that in the room that im in at the moment. Thanks guys
  4. Ok i get what your saying now. Maybe you should do both. Be an activist and try to save the planet while at the same time making sure your steadily keeping track of moving towards stage yellow and not just getting stuck at green/orange. Its probably best not to hit the "fuck the environment" button just cause thats plainly making things worse right or wrong? This pretty much answers your question msnobody
  5. 🙏🙏 Thanks Leo
  6. @khalifa So you havent slept in 4 days? Have you been trying naps?
  7. @eskwire Good job kid 😆👍
  8. Actualize.org is a real life cheat code 😆
  9. Can you elaborate? Sorry im not understanding.