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  1. how do you come to peace with the scariness of not knowing what will happen next in the dream?
  2. the people getting banned https://thumbs.gfycat.com/UnconsciousGoodnaturedGelding.webp
  3. leo how does Neville goddards teachings fit in the bigger picture of what your saying? i would greatly appreciate your answer.
  4. @Leo Gura does this new alien consciousness awakening negate any of your previous material?
  5. Leo, just like there are benefits to enlightenment. what are the benefits to this type of awakening that you talk about? thanks. @Leo Gura
  6. any real follower of actualize org sees thru this
  7. Oh ok. I thought i did. Do you still use onenote as your main commonplace?
  8. Leo, i dont know where i heard you say, but i heard you say you found something better than onenote. Would you mind sharing what that thing is? Would appreciate it.
  9. @Leo Gura Leo if you need help on building a high status IG let me know i can point you to some good resources
  10. @Osaid thanks for the input. thanks ill give it a try
  11. Small question. Would anyone know where depression falls under the levels of energy by frederick dodson? I would assume apathy but im not sure if they are alike. I been experiencing some depression but it definitely doesnt feel like apathy