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  1. @Rasheed Tbh bro i just watch like 2 3 videos on 2x speed everyday
  2. Hey, i am looking to hire some accountability partner. Hit me if your interested.
  3. @modmyth Sounds interesting. Would u want to be accountability partners?
  4. Accountability is a major key to success. @Nak Khid Let me know if you need some accountability. Im on to something
  5. @Pramit Thanks
  6. On the content level yeah. On the meta level we are one. Agree or disagree?
  7. So with this being said a part of us will have exited the illusion yet another part of us will still be living in the illusion? We will have a shift into another dimension?
  8. Still an open spot.
  9. Same
  10. Anyone else interested?