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  1. Your Journey is quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing all this! Hope you can one day come back to the forum again.
  2. oh ok. have any of your awakenings revealed any insight into LOA. thanks
  3. leo have you ever read reality transfuring? i would honestly be curious to hear you take on it. it really relates a lot to your content. a video specifically would be appreciate please, thanks
  4. dont kick him out to soon. this is quite interesting to get his perspective. maybe a more fair debate
  5. @Someone here seems like you lost your shit. this thread is non sense man.
  6. Leo pls dont take datura ? What if we lose you
  7. oh wasup bro lol. dont get me wrong he had good material to teach but im seeing a decline in his recent stuff. especially with endless motivation 2.0. it was like 10 10minute clips for the whole program. what are your thoughts on owen now a days?
  8. cole gordon is someone who was recommended to me as the top sales teacher.
  9. as someone who been thru many of owens content and paid programs i can agree with you guys
  10. Leo do you have any recommendations for becoming more intelligent? Thanks