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  1. @onacloudynight I seen a technique from one of the kriya yoga books that helps with this. PM for more info.
  2. I feel like LSD gives a mother figure vibe N Shrooms give a father figure vibe. Both are great
  3. @Raze Hes also been promoting "letting go" and "power vs force"
  4. WOW i use play minecraft and never bothered to read the ending when i beat the game. How amazing. Someone created a true masterpiece when they created minecraft. Its something about the transition between video game world and coming back to real reality, youll know what i mean if u ever paid close attention. I wonder if anyone ever got awakened from this
  5. @Sahil Pandit Is that leo in your pfp
  6. Why dont u just open two tabs on your computer? I dont agree with this request.
  7. Awareness is key Breathe is key
  8. I found this interesting video thats got me confused on how this guys experience relates to enlightenment. What do you guys think?
  9. @Ry4n Yeah thats an idea! Thanks for the feedback guys @Alex bAlex @pluto @SgtPepper @Fishy Something to consider thanks @Rigel