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  1. From my experience yes. Dont get me wrong tho if it gets to cold i will start to feel bother by it. My mindfulness could still do a lot of improving.
  2. Do you one day plan on creating a ashram?
  3. How does one control this power to fit their egotistical needs?
  4. @SriBhagwanYogi Thanks for sharing. I highly believe this method is EXTREMELY POTENT like the writer said. I was doing something like this last year for about 2 days straight that lead to something amazingly strange.
  5. Thats amazing. For how long have you been doing this? I would like if you could keep me updated on your progress with these two practices. I wouldnt be suprised if you make great leaps of growth. Both as a practice.
  6. How did you get here? What practices have you been doing that lead here, lead to your realizations? Was it contemplation? Meditation? Affirmations? I ask cause i too would like to experience from direct experience what it is your taking about. Thanks.