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  1. Accountability is a major key to success. @Nak Khid Let me know if you need some accountability. Im on to something
  2. @Pramit Thanks
  3. On the content level yeah. On the meta level we are one. Agree or disagree?
  4. So with this being said a part of us will have exited the illusion yet another part of us will still be living in the illusion? We will have a shift into another dimension?
  5. Still an open spot.
  6. Same
  7. Anyone else interested?
  8. Hey, im looking for someone whos interested in being accountability partners. You could private msg me if your interested.
  9. Thats how it was sort of for me in the beginning. What ill say to you tho is keep getting back up. Set back ego backlash are a part of this work eventually theyll decrease overtime. I recently also came up with a accountability system which helps with being on track let me know if u want to b a part of it.
  10. @John Paul 🙏 Delightful