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  1. @Danielle Sweet
  2. Would you ever plan on coming to New York?
  3. Hmm will try sometime.
  4. Real question, why did you copy other dudes title and why such need for this forums attention? Lmao
  5. What kind of practices have you been doing that raised your consciousness so high?
  6. Are you seeking attention?
  7. For me i guess i could say a life changing experience i have yet to share on this forum which i wish to share but dont know how to. I mean it wasnt something super special but at the same time it sort of was. Yes. They are nearly impossible cause your body just wont let you do them. It just wont hence it takes a strong determination. For me i let my mind focus on whatever.
  8. @MsNobody This is gold. Thanks for the share!
  9. @ZZZZ Tbh my mindfulness practice seems to have made me want to listen to music more. Its so enjoyable and magical*
  10. @Shin Amazing shit is capable of happening in the 4, 5, 6, 7 hour sits.