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  1. ur jus unwilling to experience emotional discomfort. this is an excuse. i can this say from personal experience. • doesnt matter how pages are left. set 30mins or whatever mins to read and do it. • highligting is fine. highlight KEY ideas that create the bigger picture. u dont need to kno everything. ask urself this. why did u pick up that book for? in what way would u like that book to help u and jus pay attention to that. • jus do it. since ur highlighting u dont have to take so many notes. just write down ur thoughts on how u can take tjis infomation and change the way u do things or how u can implement this infomation. like i said ur unwilling to feel emotional discomfort. this is the problem. push thru it. ull develop a greater tolerate. stop being a bitc*
  2. leo would you say this applies for an average looking guy or below average? or both. probably with above average the numbers ill be higher. what are your thoughts from ur experiences u seen?
  3. @Brivido wow interesting! thanks for sharing!
  4. but we couldnt be able to transcend survival IF we didnt survive is what im saying. so u see? u prove my point. not being a pussy is essential. being a abuser or wanting to dominate others is optional the less conscious one is the more theyll want to take that route but u cant transcend something that doesnt exist so u see?
  5. what u want is a guy who fits ur survival needs and is surviving (aka not a pussy). when i say pussy im not saying a macho man or alpha im just saying they arent being weak
  6. this isnt about alpha. its about SURVIVAL. a PUSSY doesnt SURVIVE and if they do they at the bottom of the barrel. let me ask u this do u want a guy that gets tooled by others? a guy who submits to others? WOULD U LIKE TO BE LEADING A GUY? EXACTLY. u FAIL to see my point
  7. Lmao. ok i wonder how ur dads dads dads dads dads dad survived. he wouldnt have survived nor even reproduce if he was a pussy. its jus all survival
  8. Omg... YOU WOULDNT BE HERE. I WOULDNT BE HERE. if men were pussies
  9. this is a joke. if a man DID NOT hunt he DID NOT EAT. that is a pussy. if women reproduce with pussies U wouldnt be HERE typing this. smh. women cant reward weak behavior. societies wouldnt have been built if men were pussies. u fail to see my point
  10. @Preety_India u urself wouldnt reward a loser or pussy so i dont get what u saying
  11. ofc and if women rewarded pussies from the beginning we wouldnt be here having "rules, laws, ethics, and courts" cmon i thought u were smarter thn this
  12. stop being a pussy. how else would we survive
  13. @Leo Gura Leo i agree with some stuff you say. But dont you think that porn is unnatural? Im not for no fap really but i do think that porn gives us way too much dopamine than that our evolutionary brains werent really meant for thus causing some imbalances in our brain. I feel like porn makes us men a bit weaker. Btw are there any books you would recommend around this topic?