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  1. It honestly does.
  2. What im tracking mainly for now is my free time, getting ready for work, travel time for work, work time, and sleep. I find this makes me more productive cause it gives me better clarity of the time i have on my hands to do the things i need to do. Also allows me to be flexible. This is like my "life schedule." Heres a better version. Also i dont follow this extremely anally. In the picture below it says sleep 1200AM-630AM but i could go to sleep at 1130PM if i would like.
  3. Thought i would share this. This is something i do. In the following picture on the side i have timestamps of the free time i get, when i got to be at work, travel time, getting ready for work etc etc. Hopefully someone can get some use from this post.
  4. This is actually what Im currently doing to. I mindfully meditate for 15 minutes in the first half of the day and then in the second half of my day I do 15 minutes of do nothing. Personally, I think we should be good. The only thing to really be aware of / watch out for is doing these practices mechanically since we'll be meditating more than once in a day. To give you a bonus you should add 2 minutes of a concentration practice right before you do any meditation technique (this is what I do). If you procrastinate on doing this cause its more time that you'll be sitting still than do this, take 2 minutes off your regular meditation practice and make those 2 minutes a concentration practice. I would also like to hear the thoughts of you other guys.
  5. Use it or lose it. Thanks for this enlightening. Same bro same bro!
  6. @pluto Thanks for a response pluto it seems like you are one of the very few that are aware and open to something like this being possible.
  7. What i saw was that he said to someone "if i posted a video of me levitating or laying on a bed full nails... something something something i cant remember"
  8. @The Don I been there bro. What it took for me was just facing my fears straight on. Start a mindfulness meditation practice, this should help a lot you might not see immediate results but trust in the long term benefits. More than likely if your severly anxious the area around your stomach is always contracted. Swallow and short breathes arent good in getting over anxiety. Expand you belly outwards when you breathe, allow yourself to relax. One thing that i found out in dealing with my anxiety is that its mainly self-created "getting anxious about being anxious making you more anxious." Hope this helps.
  9. I feel as if he does but doesnt come out and speak of them. I saw a post where he said something about levitation. Idk I could be wrong tho.
  10. Idk if this counts.
  11. With all the topics actualized.org covered such as the paranormal, consciousness, enlightenment, infinity, infinite intelligence etc etc is anybody else open to the fact of mental photography* being something that can be developed? Cultivating the ability to mentally photograph books (but not limited to) and being to retain 75%+ of the information in those books* for life, anybody open to this possibility? @Leo Gura I would appreciate your take on this. Thanks in advance. I might take down this thread soon. Idk.
  12. SDS is extremely powerful. You might find these threads interesting, check them out. https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/4845-1000-hrs-sds-in-6-months/