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  1. @InfinitePotential Ill try that too
  2. When will we be able to meet you anyways
  3. Sadhguru would say otherwise
  4. @OctagonOctopus @SgtPepper @mandyjw @Anton_Pierre @Hellspeed @Rilles @Michael569 @Salvijus @Javfly33 I had forgot all about this thread, wasnt receiving notifications. Thanks for all the input you guys! Really appreciate the tips! I guess plan on starting with pasta cause at least its better than eating pizza, or other sorts of junk food right
  5. What kind of meditation practice do they do over there?
  6. Would you agree that eating organic whole wheat pasta is a good start in at least attempting to eat better/healthier or would you say that its still as bad as eating junk food? Pastas pretty inexpensive, easy, and fast to cook. So to me it seems like a good food to start of with at least. Once i find out how to make rice more tastier i could move on to that.
  7. Is it possible to do psychoanalysis over the internet? Like in a skype session? I see this could be really convenient in terms of saving time
  8. In Boston? Does this one include the shambhavi kriya?
  9. Well there goes that option out the window. How conscious can one become after one of these anyway? Conscious enough to end suffering? Conscious enough to transcend the ability to feel pain and fear? If so then its probably worth it.
  10. @John Lula Is it really somewhere around 20k? Oh my god.
  11. Yeah its a like 70 - 80 % chance in me on really planning to go. The other 20 - 30 % in me is thinking is it worth it and could there maybe be some more powerful retreat than this that i could save my money towards.