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  1. Leo, have your understanding of Law of Attraction shifted after moving into the Turquoise stage?
  2. Maybe, in subsequent years. VR is still fresh. The way it is growing, I expect VR to penetrate mainstream media in one or two decades.
  3. I have recently bought a VR headset with the primary use of designing and exploring my models in immersive environements (I am an Architect). I have also used it for visualization - of facing the things I am scared of. I have used it to simulate a packed auditorium where I'm giving a speech, I have used it to simulate a beach when I am meditating (just for the experience) - my regular meditation practice is free of VR. In all, I am using it to expose myself to new situations in accordance with the vision of my life. This makes me feel better prepared for situations otherwise I'm dreaded of. I am aware of the ill-effects VR can have on one's psyche, especially if overused - and am careful about that. I'm curious about what other uses can Virtual Reality be used for other than visualization and training the subconscious mind, especially for Personal Development. What do you think?
  4. Hear hear. The Glitch Mob: Animus Vox
  5. Great question. Here's my answer: Freedom from suffering; To get to the point where I KNOW that "I" am not in-charge - paradoxically so Develop Systemic thinking: To think in much more holistic manner AND use my intellect to find solutions Making change/adaptability effortless That SENSE of immortality; that there is no death To know- REALLY KNOW - what all the fuss is about
  6. While saying that the oldies were great and current music is crap, we should also consider survivorship bias. The music we listen to today are the ones that have survived all these years - because these are the creamy top of ALL the art and music of that time. This means that a large volume of old art and music has died out. Similarly, 10-20% of our art and music today may just be good and the cream of that will survive after, say, 50 years. That said, the popularity of art and music is decided by the number of people who can relate to them. If anything, their popularity implies they are mirroring the society they are popular in. Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift are popular among adolescents, not sure f they are crap or good, but they know what clicks with people.
  7. Leo goes back to business and talks about the common area between personal development and business. How do you build your unique brand with your values? How do you build value and let the world know your presence? It might have been covered in the Life Purpose course. If it is, do let me know.
  8. @Siim Land Interesting. On his Wikipedia page, I found this: Greene is an avid artist who often creates self-portraits to help himself build and maintain his ideal physique. In August 2011, he exhibited some of his work to the public; at the exhibition, he stated, "As a professional bodybuilder, I'm a master sculptor. The art show made me realize that I've always been an artist: my medium the human physique. My life is what I make it, just like the art I've produced on canvas and on stage. This art show makes this statement. I'm celebrating some personal accomplishments and my own artistic expression." A heavy use of visualization, it seems!
  9. Just the way Meditation(and ultimately enlightenment) make thinking(using the mind) way easier and efficient, does disidentification from the body make it easier to work upon? Someone not wanting to work out anymore after enlightenment is an entirely another discussion. // Don't tell me you didn't saw this coming.
  10. Do you ever wonder that you'd have another Life Purpose if you had explored more career options? Or did you just intuitively knew that that's it? This is a more general question; in a '14 video about life purpose, you mention that finding your LP is like peeling an onion, every layer looks like it last until you finally find it. For an everyday person, trying a lot of different things and exploring a number of options seem like the right way to go. Please comment.
  11. Integrity as more than mere moral issues laid down by society. Personal integrity, why it is important and why going against one's integrity bring one suffering.
  12. I'm building a list of people who have gone on the hero's journey and have worked for the betterment of the world, implicitly or explicitly, and have (had) an exemplary life, in no particular order: Friedrich Nietzsche B. R. Ambedkar Gautama Buddha Arundhati Roy Howard Roark Jaggi Vasudev Alan Watts Ludwig Van Beethoven Leonardo Da Vinci Charles Darwin Larry Page Barack Obama Marcus Aurelius This list is limited to the people I've read and know about (so there is a certain bias ) and is open to debate. Let's build an inspiring list!
  13. Improvised repost of an older thread by @David1 : When looking into the imagination, I found this description on Wikipedia : "The common use of the term is for the process of forming new images in the mind that have not been previously experienced with the help of what has been seen, heard, or felt before, or at least only partially or in different combinations." Isn't this exactly what nature is doing and has been doing since the start of the universe? Combining subatomic particles into atoms, then combining different atoms into molecules, combining molecules into ever more complex organic molecules until life came into being. From that point on we call this process 'evolution'. From unicellular organisms like amoeba, multicellular functioning organisms with essentially the similar system. İn other words: forming new things, with the help of what was there before by using that in different combinations. Very similar to 'imagination' if you ask me. So we could say we're living in 'imagination'? We're imagined beings capable of exerting imagination ourselves ;D. Isn't infinity, all possibilities, everything goes, an inherent quality of the imagination? After Leo's last episode on Absolute infinity, this goes deeper than it first seems to. Is the role of human imagination much more than we consider in our everyday lives?
  14. There is a term called Polyphasic sleep; which is basically sleeping multiple times a day. You can start triphasic sleep schedule to start with. On triphasic sleep: https://www.polyphasicsociety.com/polyphasic-sleep/overviews/triphasic/ Overview of sleep schedules: https://www.polyphasicsociety.com/polyphasic-sleep/overviews/
  15. Leo, not a question, a request. Even after the full-blown Enlightenment experience, as much you'd gravitate towards silence; please stay active within the world. Your work is irreplaceable.