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  1. @plutoIncredible! However, I always find the location and scale of an artwork are incredibly important to produce the desired effect. The first painting in a 20ft height room is tingling sensations and euphoria, in a passport size, it's a cool digital drawing someone made. I find Marina Abramovic's work stemming from pain, which is effective because pain, particularly physical, is familiar to most people. Plus, empathy aka 'mirror neurons' and there's art that made chills run down your spine. Except the core/source, many lessons to learn there. I found this fascinating article by Alex Grey on his meeting with Ken Wilber: https://www.alexgrey.com/media/writing/essays/for-ken-wilber/ Here are some excerpts: .. Where is the spiritually inclined, philosophically minded artist to turn?” And Ken replied, “My advice would be to go back to the German idealists like Schopenhauer. He was the last great philosopher to deal with the transcendental function of art. Joseph Campbell wrote a wonderful book called Creative Mythology, part of his Masks of God series of books. Campbell summarizes Schopenhauer’s aesthetics pretty well, so that would be the easiest entry to his thought. If you like it you can go for the original texts.” "Ken has given me other important pieces of personal advice such as the time he cautioned me in my tendencies to look superficially at lots of spiritual paths and not choose one. He advised me to develop an in-depth practice. He quoted an Asian proverb, “Chase many rabbits, catch none.” "A spiritual art must transform the artist and the viewer. In order for art to be transformative, it has to undo you. " "They must reach beyond the present limitations of their bodymind or ego to a higher level of consciousness and being. One could look at the process as “variations on a scream.” There is a violent painful birth to much great art. The artist has labor pains. It is the worst and the best. For the art to be spiritual, the artist has to be a better person after finishing the work than when they began it." "Conventional art is an expression of the self or world as it is now. Transcendental Art expresses something that you are not yet but that you can become…" "... So artists have to ask themselves, “Is my art just a way of affirming my mediocre whiney-ass self, or am I up to the challenge of spiritual transformation, reaching for the higher self and a deeper art?” A list of Ken Wilber’s Art writings on Art: 1. In the Eye of the Artist – Art and the Perennial Philosophy 1989 Sacred Mirrors -The Visionary Art of Alex Grey and the second edition of Eye To Eye. “Bad Art Copies, Good Art Creates, Great Art Transcends.” 2. Various passages from Sex, Ecology, Spirituality 1995 and A Brief History of Everything 1996 3. How Shall We See Art? – What and Where is Art? 1996 3 a. Integral Art and Literary Theory – Part I & Part II 4. Levels Of Art 1997 5. To See A World – Art and the I of the Beholder 1997 6. Foreword to Alex Grey's book, The Mission of Art 1998
  2. Okay, I'm enjoying this, so here we go: It's important to note that tier 2 starts with the transition of an individual from pre-programming to self-programming. This is one of the epiphanies that creates the transition from Green to Yellow. That is why highly intellectual people(who have had enough knowledge to gain a glimpse of the whole game) in stage blue may show Yellow characteristics (Jordan Peterson for example). The understanding that one can consciously create oneself fully blossoms in Turquoise when the wholeness of the earth becomes an existential reality. If nothing is required, Turquoise is at rest. If it is not required, why do something? Everything is great and nature is taking care of us all. All we need is alignment with the whole. (which may sound much wiser but somewhat similar to Stage Purple 'we must please the mysterious spirits') Coral may be founded on the research development of Yellow, particularly in areas of personal development - using AI, augmenting senses for specialized, superior perception, blending natural and artificial means for enhancing one's life experience and developing mind-body mastery. Mixing intense meditation and brain machines. Mixing psychedelics with say, sense deprivation chambers. It is important to understand that if you lack a solid grounding in Turquoise: if your meditations are not industrial grade (as Leo says), Coral is just a fantasy/cheap imitation of/by Stage Orange. If you're not grounded in the nuanced/systemic thinking of yellow and existential wholeness/interdependence developed at Turquoise, the unhealthy aspects of Coral thus developed will only wreak havoc. AI is not a shortcut, it's a mighty tool and must be handled as such. Turquoise understands individual as a manifestation of the whole and vice versa. Coral may seek to bring direction to the equilibrium thus produced. When each child knows, as is told in Isha Foundation's schools: Aham Brahmasmi (I am the cosmos), there will be a desire to break out and go further. Defining power as the ability to bring desired changes within oneself and onto the world. With the Internet and free dispersion of knowledge, each one of us is way more powerful than someone two decades back. This is basically what brought Yellow to the mainstream, which 3-4 decades back would have been a small circle of academic intellectuals. With further technological growth and deep learning (the ability of machines to learn on its own through input alone), we may find more and more seamless human-machine augmentation, making an individual much more powerful than currently imaginable, which might just be what manifests Coral. Anything beyond this is too far out for me to imagine/speculate, neither do I find it a productive discussion. [Edit] Found this really interesting article: https://medium.com/@sterlingcooley/coral-meme-spiral-dynamics-level-9-3db412799198
  3. @tenta Every occurring stage has a new set of concerns. You can see yellow as making sense of the complexity of the world and Turquoise as making earth a harmonious whole. The primary difference between tier 1 and tier 2 is the freedom from fear/compulsion. Yellow (Tier 2 Stage 1) is akin to Beige (Tier 1 Stage 1) in the sense that both have fresh untainted perspective and concern the individual. For Turquoise(Tier 2 Stage 2) the tribe is earth and the mystery of life much more experiential - akin to Purple (Tier 1 Stage 1) with less mystery and more mysticism. For Coral, there might be similarities with Red. Coinciding with Mars settlements expected in the coming decades, there might be a development of assertive, courageous, decisive and action-oriented individuals who deal with the uncertainties of exploring new planets. It's a matter of life and death again, what Red was very adept at taking care of. The primary difference would be incredibly larger circle of concern. I haven't read a lot and this is just speculation on my part.
  4. It's time for some good ol' philosophy! Life is an infinite game, society a multitude of finite games. Going to school is a game, raising children another
  5. The School Of Life overall is a very green move. The conclusion of the talk borderlines Yellow thinking.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted before.
  7. This? “‘As We Are’ is a fourteen-foot, 3D universal human head made from ribbons of ultra-bright, LED screens. In the back of the neck is a photo booth capable of taking 3D pictures. Once a visitor has their picture taken, they step out of the booth and their head is displayed on the giant head. The sculpture addresses the relationship between self and representation of self, asking the subject of the portrait to reconsider presence through magnification. It is intended to provide amusement and evoke larger discussions around the phenomena of social media, diversity, and the power dynamic of public art.” http://theinspirationgrid.com/as-we-are-interactive-art-installation-by-matthew-mohr/
  8. There is a Swami Vivekananda's book called 'Karma Yoga'. You might find it useful.
  9. I'd define Turquoise Art as Artwork that commincates Turquoise values, the primary one being seeing the interconnection and interdependence of everything. Alex Grey himself strikes me as a 'Green' person as well, but his work is a good inspiration of stage-turquoise art. One of the principles, as I see it, should be the expansion of the 'sense' of this-is-me. For example - making one realize the ever-present(and never-noticed) connection between the the body and the environment--the continuous exchange of air. (Half of my lungs are out there!) - Courtesy Sadhguru Other than that, maybe a near death VR experience would be a Turquoise Art? I imagine art-rooms where one can spend designated time, say 20 minutes, and the environment subtly influence the body system - certain sounds are relaxing while some can make you emotional. Diffused warm light in a showroom is very different from a cold blue light in a dairy plant. A closed room with today's technology is a laboratory for senses. Every sensory input can be controlled - for desired effect. I'd rather not partner with the devil while working on these.
  10. @NonBeastboy fiverr is great, thanks for letting me know. I intend to move anyways because I find staying with the family too restricting. @Space Great advice. I'm working on it.
  11. Thank you @Kavv . It needs a lot of work, @Shiva I know. Alex Grey has produced some incredible works. You should look him up.
  12. +1
  13. You grew up in a blue environment and Autonomy / Financial Achievement / Individual success is THE next step to grow. If you resist it, it'll only make you miserable. You NEED a lot of money to transcend money. You NEED a lot of success to transcend success. If you find Leo while contemplating your life, kill him. You're the center of your existence, not him. If you're believing him without your own experience, you're dishonouring what he stands for anyways. I suggest - Reading healthy manifestations of stage orange - Read 'The War of Art' - Resistance is the way - Take your life back from your parents. Read Osho's commentaries on guilt and shame. Growing up in India, he has some great insights to it.
  14. I've come up with some artwork ideas which I'm willing to share. Please note that these are half baked thinking-out-loud kindof ideas and I'd appreciate any feedback. I'm working on developing visuals for 'Ways of conceptualizing the self': - subject-centered - interactive artwork - One speck of dust among 7.7 Billion - Anonymous / Lonely - Each living in their own subjective bubble - A node in a Network - A personality - one as a selective information filtering node which consumes and produces (-- What one creates is important; because it propagates through a larger network) - relevant visual - vimeo.com/24212747 - A biological entity - layers of multiple organ systems working simultaneously - An entity among the larger ecosystem - an air/organic matter processing node - our skins constantly decaying and new cells constantly developing -- - Time spent / time left - according to the average lifespan of a human in that geography - One with the Universe - Absolute dissolution - Yogic/Vedanta perspective - Alex Grey's paintings are an inspiration Relevant visuals Each one of the above can be complete work in itself. Where does thought come from? From the collective / universal mind? Mind has no physical properties,but it can be expressed in certain combination of say, light beams and smoke Numerous light beams in a cuboidal room with every square inch covered with mirror One person at a time experiences the work Smoke hides the body Light beams shoot discontinuous light 'packets' suggesting transmission Who is transmitting? There is no 'who' There is a gigantic hotch-potch of 'transmissions' "Why do I attract what I attract?" (There was a positive thought experiment, not sure how legit it was, but it demonstrated that thinking positive can turn the direction of a prong or something) The flashlights suspended from the ceiling can be made to 'follow' the head of the viewer in the room to suggest coming and going of thoughts The color of 'packets' of light may change with (I've no idea how that can be done as of now) with what the other person is thinking The core idea is to evoke an emotional response, give a memorable experience and expand the horizons of one's understanding/consciousness. I really enjoy 'decoding' images and popular media and conversely putting ideas/concepts into visual form. I'm exploring new ways to develop these kinds of works and planning to study Experimental media. I'm currently digging into perceptual psychology, findings of which I hope to integrate into my artwork. If anybody has any advice / feedback / ideas, I'd appreciate it.