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  1. Why does the earth go around the Sun?
  2. You have touched upon this in a video detailing four stages of personal development.. Victim > Fighter > Creator > Ego Transcendence Osho has mentioned this in many of his lectures as well.. One cannot transcend ego until it is strong enough to unite and sustain a personality, independent of others. A weak (or inexperienced?) ego is always fearful, greedy, or needy. Being self sufficient is a milestone in the path to being selfless. I might be missing some nuances here. I am sure most people on the path realize this, sooner or later,but being conscious of the fact definitely brings a lot of clarity.
  3. One of these books: 'Sadhguru-More than a life' or 'Mystics's musings' . Not sure which one, I read it passing by a book store. The book is in a question-answer format in which Arundhati asks something along the lines of: What is enlightenment experientially? How has it changed your day to day experience? That said, 'Sadhguru-More than a life' is a great stage-Turquoise motivation, if you will.
  4. When asked what is his everyday experience after awakening, Sadhguru mentioned that he can have upto 8 to 12 thought threads (related /unrelated) simultaneously in his mind, and yet go about his business (without getting caught up with any) That's incredible! It would be really interesting to know the changes in Leo's experience over the years, particularly after this awakening experience.
  5. Leo's latest video on scientific dualities triggered a deep sense of discomfort within me, for good. It felt like falling in an endless well. It started with panic (of having lost the pointers to map my experiences) and soon transformed into bliss (of realizing that I was the creator of those categories anyway, and I can make them as up as I want, if I want). My mind tends to be really active in symbols and symbolic imagery, and with the intention of integrating this with my everyday life, I started to wonder what the role of symbols (like the language I am using to get this across to you) is - in the whole network of reality. Have you seen a Rainbow? It doesn't just have seven colors. The distinction between what we call Violet and Indigo is not easily discernible. An example, quoted from an Environmental Psychology book 'Drunk Tank Pink' A 'thing' does not exist until it is categorized in some fashion. A category does not exist until it is 'defined' within rigid boundaries and is given a name. This seems obvious when you get it. Leo's 3 part series on Dualities is to trigger an unlearning process of the 20 years of schooling / scientific indoctrination. Analysis is crucial for intellectual work. For finding distinctions, developing a set of characteristics that define it and studying those set of characteristics to form conclusions. But the problem with this approach is that Analysis leaves out more than it covers. We keep adding new words into our dictionaries every year because new concepts are born every year. Further, different cultures have a fundamentally different concept of, for example, time. Synthesis attempts to rectify this problem by zooming out as wide as possible and noticing all the subtle and nuanced ways everything is networked together. True Holism is the integration of Analysis AND Synthesis.
  6. What is the cause behind the chaos and destruction in the World?
  7. How to absorb your awakenings experiences fully within one's body-mind-spirit and inform one's every experience! How to integrate awakening states to get to awakened stages? Specially when access to these states are gained through psychedelics. Body relaxation? Writing / Journaling?
  8. OR How to be creative? Is it just connecting things? Is a creative mind a fallacy? What is true creativity? What are the different levels of creativity? I have heard you mention the 'source self' as 'infinite creative potential'. How does one tap into this existential creativity? What is Genius? Why do all creative insights seem to come from alternating periods of intense focus and utter relaxation? What is the relationship between being a 'giver' in general and being a 'creative'?
  9. He won't talk about it in the whole video - just to fuck with our brains.
  10. Warning: Speculation ahead @iamnotahumanbeing@tenta I agree that it doesn't have anything to do with artificial intelligence and machine learning but these developments certainly will facilitate the development of the stage. Similar to how Red grew with development of weapons (enhancing one's power to exert force onto others), Blue developed with organized force and the invention of religion to keep the heretics (Red) in check. Distribution of Psychedelics (mystical experiences for everyone - "Can you pass the acid test?") had a role in the development of Green and Internet (Free distribution of information) had a role in the development of Yellow. Similarly, Artificial intelligence will certainly have a role to play, I cannot be sure what and to what extent. A better understanding would come out of comparing SD level with LOC (Level of Consciousness), there is a certain correlation.
  11. Leo, what do you do to maintain your creativity / creative output?
  12. Gay Hendricks: "You're where time comes from." Einstein: "Time and Space are relative" Enlightened masters: "Time does not exist" There is Newtonian time - scheduling, allocation etc and Einstein time - Being the source of time itself. This would make a great topic. A lot of mindfucks.
  13. I'm fairly certain what I want to do in my life. I want to be an independent New Media Artist, this is a budding field, and I have the following reasons: It allows me to combine my long-standing interests in computers/tech, psychology and Art I can make the viewers engage with the artwork on so many levels, it's incredible. A well-done piece can transform an individual forever Interactive/ user-centric generative art is a game changer. It's a whole new artform that has never been possible before It allows me to explore deep metaphysical questions, unlike any other medium It allows me to explore logic and algorithms -- giving me a way of understanding how, for example, natural patterns emerge - that fascinates me Most of the development in the field is only recent. I can be a pioneer in the field exploring the unknown, paving way for more researchers/artists. I have a natural ability to get the mood of a house, painting, music, sculpture (and people) and feel it through my bones And conversely, it's natural for me to imagine complimentary visuals when a sound is playing I can research further into archetypes, symbols, and perceptual psychology... and use them in my work, I can keep developing forever I can make people feel wonder.. again. Because existence IS anything but mundane, it's MAGICAL! Now, here are the issues: I recently quit my job as an Architect and currently have no source of income I am not skilled enough to develop even good-enough art in another 6 months at least, and As it's a budding field, there is very little market for the kind of exhibitions that I imagine As of now, I've no real cash-flow system in mind. I don't know what I'll sell and how It still feels like a pipe dream I am afraid of committing to one thing and 'feeling' that I missed on something - which despite being very unlikely to happen, is something I fear - and I hope will be tackled in the LP course While my parents are fairly supportive, living at my parents' home is stifling. I have a few ideas that can potentially support me financially while making me a better artist: Starting a YouTube channel- documenting my journey, exploring filmmaking, tinkering with electronics Long road Start to build a community which later may turn into appreciators of my work Gives me a 'voice' in the public Doesn't make any money until 1000 subs -at least 3 months of publishing quality content, SEO management, and being a wise ass strategic wizard with what I post Providing freelance 3D modeling/rendering services Doing freelance writing for Arch magazines Joining a lab/school working in this direction as an intern/entry level artist All of the above
  14. Just to add something relevant, not sure if this counts as 'Art', but looking at this has given me a lot of humility and inspiration. This is a screenshot of my desktop: This is live imagery of earth of sun setting over my current country of residence. It's like looking at myself zoomed out 1000x. The lines around Earth is a music visualizer. A reminder to the misguided sense of self-importance. This gets even more interesting when past about 10 PM when the sun gets visible. What is Art anyway?
  15. I think that the marketing strategy you use is highly dependent on what value you're providing. If it had been an impersonal product, Eben Pagan's marketing would have been way more useful. Most people do not really care about the hand-made quilts, howsoever cool you may think they are. While some may and they'll put the word out. Since you're a coach, personal recommendations are going to much more effective than an ad-I-didn't-ask-for before a YouTube video or on Facebook. Of all the personal/ business development ads I've seen on YouTube/FB, the only one I looked up is Tai Lopez because I had already heard of him from other sources - which is unlikely unless you're internet famous/notorious like him. However, the reach of personal recommendations is definitely limited in a sense. I'd say put 90% of your time and efforts in providing massive value and creating a following. For 10%, try doing effective ads and test the waters. Godin's strategy makes much more sense if your clients are internet-savvy millennials who already have a lot of choices on their fingertips. If your clients are middle-aged people, they MAY click an ad that solves their immediate problem/pain.