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  1. @Dodo I understand you brother... Offer them your love and compassion. Protecting your energy doesn't mean you are discriminating... You are just making the decisions that are right for you.. The only way to help others is by you focusing on your self, raising your energy and becoming your best version brother!!!
  2. @captainamerica I will answer your msg with more detail but I thought id reply to your comment saying, Kundalini is the way i took towards enlightenment... People aren't aware of the power that truly lies behind kundalini.....
  3. So yes.... it is forever lasting... @Blissout
  4. Lol.... I then later realized it... I should have clarified things better instead of throwing it the way i did...... My enlightenment was NOT a trip..... If it was, I would of never posted this..... This is just the results of really giving in and fully trusting the universe. the results of really wanting the experience.. After the upward journey of the life force energy, cruising up top through the sushumna channel and all the chakras... I was successful in reaching Sahasrara... the crown!!! and this union is the wealization of the absolute.. So yeah!!! not a trip... just enlightenment... So there that goes.
  5. @cirkussmile Ahhhh...... you're saying that just because a person reaches enlightenment they gotta stop self actualization? where did you get that from is what I want to know??.. even leo touched up on this maybe you are not aware of it... either way Im actually not sure if you're being serious after reading your comment again. w,e your reply will be im sure it will be good.. That everything stops after enlightenment is one of those typical false ideas that goes around.. a bit too generic to go over.
  6. Ahhhh...... ok so you're saying that just because a person reaches enlightenment they gotta stop self actualization? where did you get that from is what I want to know..
  7. Main reason why I held back from mentioning anything was the main obvious one.... Some aren't capable of stepping away from their one perspective of seeing things... Ppl will look at this as some "woohoo look at me i just got fucking enlightened" type of post.. If ppl were able to step out of their one way of seeing things and see them from one of the many perspectives that higher consciousness has to offer then you would see this post as something other than celebration first.. Neutral vantage??- unless I did made it seem like celebration but i'm sure i didn't because that is not where I come from. Another thing, when I said "all I'm doing is taking away from it." I didn't mean taking away from my direct experience... what I meant was, that due to the limitation of language, I can't quite explain how profound and beautiful the whole experience is.. So if i was to write and describe the experience, I'll be falling short no matter what. I can clearly see how a lot of people seeking the absolute are doing things that are rather making it harder on them.. And then you have others who have this idea embedded in their brain that only occasional spiritual masters from every now and then can get enlightened and that's FAR from the truth.. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting people know that they are all capable of doing it. I'm sure that lack of guidance is one of the very reasons why people get stuck trying for years... So why keep it to myself and not offer my guidance?. that doesn't even make sense.. it goes against all this... @deci belle Im always penetrating the next barrier.. The purpose of it all is to raise consciousness.. @cirkussmile Everything that goes on in my life i use it as practice. I have a hard time trying to stay out of meditative mode throughout the day and I mentioned in the post that i spent four days (meditating) raising the kundalini energy to sahasrara.. . Enlightenment doesn't change the fact that i'm always working on becoming my best... but yeah anyways @starsofclay thank you & Im sorry bro, next time.. Didn't think it was of relevance.... @Nahm @Ayilton much love!!!!!!! I hope all of you guys have a positive day
  8. Hello everyone, my name is Ivan... You guys might not know about me but I am familiar with the forums since I've been surfing these forums for months so I'm quite familiar with it. I wasn't going to post anything about my Enlightenment because I feel that when one writes about it, all I'm doing is taking away from it. But I thought Id post because I know a lot of you guys are seeking enlightenment so I feel like the right thing to do is to offer my help and my guidance to whoever wants it. after all helping those who are interested in returning to their true authentic self get there is whats important... So I want to say that I'm here for anyone who needs it... It is my pleasure to help, being of service to others it's what means most... I want to let everyone know that Reaching Enlightenment it is absolutely possible for each and every single one of you. It is not as hard as everyone thinks. See the thing is that people want to rationalize everything and that's a problem... Stop wanting an intellectual explanation for everything. Stop trying so hard to be in the moment and whether you're in it or not... stop avoiding your thoughts so hard... stop measuring your experience and simply be... A lot of thoughts arise? accept it okay I'm having a lot of thoughts... don't judge yourself or the thoughts... observe without identification & let it pass. Labels??? Drop em...I live in New York City that means a lot of people, a lot of buildings. Out of cars, a lot of trash... a lot of w,e you name it... And as I'm walking the streets, it doesn't matter what's going on around me. I see it from a neutral vantage...... What's around me?? I am one with it. It is all ONE thing... and that's BEAUTIFUL..... Somebody's being an a****** to you, somebody's disrespecting?? You be compassionate... realize that people for the most part are dealing with the illusion and all the problems that come with it and from their level of consciousness they don't know any better.... When walking by a crowd, I practice unconditional love and love every single person in that crowd whether I know them or not. Realize that everyone is beautiful with no exceptions. We are all unique... **That's one of my fav things from all this, the fact that I don't see ugly...** Pay close attention and notice that anything standing in the way of you embodying your true authentic self is a distraction. Doesn't matter what it is. People, friends who aren't supporting you and are resonating on a lower frequency vibration you have got to stay away from... Because you are who you hang around with. Be easy on yourself, the fact that you're here and that you know that there is more to all of this is your biggest accomplishment thus far... that is until you're fully embodying your true authentic self which is bigger than anything else possible.... Although they don't know it, the rest of humanity wishes they were in your level of consciousness,,, so you're doing good, you're doing fine. This is just a little advice from me nothing too in depth since all I wanted was to make myself availavable.. For any of the details or whatever you can just ask or inbox me whatever doesn't matter. As for me, now I'm slowly integrating everything.... I didn't fully become aware of it until I was walking outside and I felt my body started disappearing and the sunlight was reflecting through me as if there wasn't a body... Then I became aware that I wasn't just inside of my body but also outside of it and that Im far from being limited by it... One basically transcends the space between the spaces and now Im for the most part dwelling in that space... For the people always asking about "thought".. of course you cant fully get rid of them but you can reach a point in which they are rather a bit scarce compared to before... You find yourself in long stretches of just BEING.. then a thought arise and same way they come, same way they vanish.. almost like it never even happened.... A thought will no longer have an effect on the way one feels.. and you're back to your peaceful long stretch of pure consciousness ... Seeing it from the unconscious state, it is pretty mind-blowing but yet normal.. it feels just right.. I wasn't fully sure of the enlightenment after four days directing kundalini up Sushumna channel and the chakras all the way up to Sahasrara.. I wasn't fully sure yet wtf happened.. the universe communicate with me like it always does and guided me towards the confirmation.... So thats about it for now.... Hopefully I start posting more... The constant posts intellectualising consciousness always kept me away... Anyways..........Remember you are all capable of coming to this realization that you are boundless, Limitless, everywhere, powerful, not limited by your body... that you are filled with unconditional love, that you are Universal intelligence and the universe itself... So things to keep in mind labels, identification and acceptance!!!!!! -------- The one consciousness of the universe Sorry for any errors, I made this quick..
  9. Thats a great thing!!! it means your third eye is opening!! dont listen to ppl who tell you otherwise.... I know this because i went through the process of opening all of my chakra..
  10. Thats the type of question one does not ask.......... lol now one is trying to understand consciousness itself..... how possible is this??
  11. Going through kundalini by any chance?...
  12. Yes.... it is the best thing that can happen.... It will transform your life in ways that I cannot communicate.
  13. thank you.. that means a lot to.. being there for the oneness is the reason for my being....
  14. Bipolar is just a label and part of your ego which is dissolving.... Just accept any emotions you experience and witness them from a neutral vantage without judging.. it'll pass... your body is purging all the accumulated garbage out... so just shine that light of awareness on them and let them pass..
  15. Kundalini!!!! Been there and oh boy!!.. Undoubtely the most remarkable experience. you awakened/activated it.. now is time to raise it from your base chakra all the way to the crown chakra... all Im gonna tell you is to be careful with engaging in too much negativity.. it will let you know when you are..