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  1. @Proactive Fuck science. You are the scientist. Do it for 3 months and tell us what happened. First hand experience is your only way of knowing what is True. I can tell you that 2 years ago, i did NOFAP for 4 months. It was a crazy time in my life. A lot of energy in my body and my consciousness. I felt like i had an orb of kundalini in my chest. It felt like pure life force. I would tell people it felt like i wanted to kill someone, or fuck someone. Real visceral energy. My passion for life and my creativity was increased, and so were my relationships with women, i naturally felt attracted and comfortable to say the least. It ended because i had no real energetic practices to ground the energy and it was getting unbearable. I've never got past a month since. Hope it helped. Good luck.
  2. @Sleyker Not sure why it happens, but i wouldnt give it too much thought. A good rule of thumb for meditation is to not get attached to any states or phenomena. No attachment or aversion. Just let everything be as it is. Instead of loving it, try noticing that you love it, know what you are doing.
  3. @Leo Gura not really... had some stuff still in me. how do you empty your bowels??? i tried fasting and drinking a lot of water but i couldnt get everything out. @halo damn @Jed Vassallo im pretty sure its pure. Source seemed valid. Havent tested it
  4. Thanks. Any tips? I put the elastic band on 6ml mark, went doggy style and chilled with it in me for about 3minutes, then i lie down? 3ml water. Stir for couple minutes...
  5. @Leo GuraYa i figured. I have a cheap $30 mg scale. Would that be enough? That would suck if im imunne.
  6. Hey guys. So i tried doing 5meodmt. Booked about a day and a half in a cabin to get a breakthrough but i couldnt get it. I have oxalate form. Heres how i dosed. Day 1: 2:30 - 10mg rectally (felt nothing) 5:00 - 15mg rectally (felt nothing 7:30 - 21mg rectally (felt something, weird, body load, coldish, slight staelte change) Day 2: 11:00 - 24mg rectally (felt like i had to take a shit, stomach hurt, felt nauseous, no dramatic shift, discomfort leaves after 20 minutes, left with a weird state) 2:30 - 15mg snorted (felt discouraged with plugging, wanted to feel something...still no noticable effects, basically nothing) 5:00 - 33mg rectally (felt like the 24mg trip but more intense discomfort, couldnt imagine how it could be close to a breakthrougg, no dramatic state change) The End Not sure what happened, ive read on this forum that some people need 40-45mg to breakthrough. I could have tried that dose but i just felt sick on the 2nd day. Maybe my stuff is fluff or the 1-3mg microscoop i was using was off. To hit 33mg i did 11microscoops. Thats all i got. Thanks.
  7. Thats the point. Keep going. Dont stop. Tell me where you are in 5 years...
  8. I found a very detailed high-dose breakthrough trip report of DPT on erowid. Enjoy.
  9. @Vido It's best not to mess around with this stuff. Just stick to the core practices. Kriya Pranayama + Mahamudra + Supreme Fire
  10. "While practicing Kriya feel the inspiration of God in the spine" - Swami Yogananda
  11. @outlandish wow. Thanks a lot dude that was awesome. Taking notes lol.@Jed Vassallo ok dokey. Ill start at 10mg. @nowimhere I have the oxalate type. Its a salt.
  12. @Jed VassalloHm yes i understand. I have not been working up and ive never used the substance. My plan was to start with 1 micro scoop (around 3mg) and do max 2 sessions a day rectally. So id say i could do 4 sessions in the 3 days of being there, with 1 morning to chill. And what do you mean by ill prepared? Lack of education, surrender, and a lot of fear? I've been reading Martin Ball. Thanks.
  13. A lot of people would love to be a meditation coach. But the truth is, do you deserve to be? Anyone can tell me to focus on my breath. But how long have you sat for, how many retreats have you done, do you have insight or are you just looking for a easy job? Be honest
  14. I'm planning to have my first breakthrugh 5meo experience at the end of october. Just wondering how many days i should book, im renting a cabin. right now i have just 29th 2pm - 31st 10am. thats around 1 and a half days. Do i need more integration time? Will I want to do it again? Idk.