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  1. it funny you write this at this moment,as I kinda relate maybe with something I just wrote on my web-blog: "I personally related to "Jacques Derrida's, "Idea of looking at something,then seeing the "Opposite,or opposing aspect of it",or for example: instead of judging something by " what I don't like about it, is there something constructive or can I gain (growth), by some aspect of it. Many say Derrida's ideas are hard,difficult to understand,yet if I look at is "Works",and keep this in mind,it is most helpful, another point I always keep in mind,when studying Leo's,Plato's,Derrida's and Works of anyone,,I might not completely agree with them,yet is there something "I can Gain from them ".
  2. I was just reading about "Desensitization (psychology)" on Wikipedia this weekend,,I thought kinda on topic with Shin's "Idea" on pre-conditioning self... then as always on Wikipedia it lead to another topic,then another,,,
  3. seeing the topic of "polyamory"here. I personally have been working on a writing which I call "Terrace"..for about 4 years now..(currently the manuscript is about 1500 hand written pages).The main theme being a" polyandry" relationship, with three main characters, "Jodi" a widowed, 45 year old success-ful internationally known fine artist,whom's husband(was killed in a tragic accident as a commerial pilot,5 years prior) Jodi and her husband always wishing to have a child,yet where never able. "William" a young(35) ,handsome black E.R doctor,(heterosexual), "Michael"(myself)...35 year old carpenter/part-time Artist's model(Fem-male,berdache type)publicly heterosexual appearance(most about myself, in writing is based on truth) I found so far in writing/conceiving, how it might actually work ? many Questions presented themselves. 1. For Jodi,William and Michael to live in a F/M/M, relationship what needed to be in the recipe ?. A. very self-Actualized, thus , very highly free from "Jealously"-(EGO) B. In the writing, William and Michael have been friends since childhood,and through the years have explored among many things,their sexual selves(William is 100% heterosexual,yet very much accepts Michael as nearly 100% psychologically effeminate,sexually William often plays role as man with Michael as fem-male. C. Michael first meets Jodi ,through his nude modeling for a Life drawing study group(I actually have been a model since 1997).Jodi asks Michael to model for her personally at her home,thus they develop a non-sexual,yet very loving relationship. D. Soon Michael introduces Jodi and William...the story then begins in the context as "Polyandry" note.(if your really truly interested in this topic, are very open-minded,I would say fairly highly self actualized..I have a web blog of which I have a section devoted to writing "Terrace".... (nsfw)
  4. Seeing without "pre-conceived notions"..that 55 years of living in a society, (America,yet could be most any) has imposed on each of us..figuring what they are,and to what extent.
  5. Thanks for your opinion Nahm..Godspeed to you as well
  6. I have pondered this thought(question to myself)..."how can one think they are in a state of anonymity if they are truly spiritual?"..if one follows a belief in a seeing God? could one be in any way be in a ..state of anonymity?
  7. I been doing a lot of study on.."revealing of self",Anonymity...comes up a lot..which I do see it is easy on the internet for people to fall into the a trap of "Anonymity"..example,if one can not truly reveal true-self..a question might be.."how can one know true-self..if it remains in Anonymity?..just a a... way...maybe..a great part of Ego,lies in Anonymity? Matter of hat goes of to Leo in the mere fact of how greatly he is able to reveal his self publicly
  8. I, never have ignored a lady hitting on me,just try to be kind..and say thanks..cause don't happen often..wish..ladies where more open to doing it