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  1. Sounds like ocd?
  2. @Leo Gura this is precisely why I didnt vote Actually I was a trump supporter in the beginning LOL. I've come some ways I think
  3. These are all great questions that you can find great answers to I can start it off with the first Q: Spend maybe 1x a week with your currents friends (or reduce) and make some friends who have more positive influence on you (like from this forum, facebook groups, in person like-minded events)
  4. his latest video i deeply resonate with. i wish he had more videos but these are gold in my opinion because He's compassionate He does the work and has lots of experience with it He focus on feeling your pain Acknowledges self-deception Went through stages in his growth
  5. I want leo to make whatever he feels is best tbh
  6. A more higher conscious channel (than RSD) I found for dating https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk9SqfJYu5HP5e2dfClpr0g
  7. same. they didn't help me. i think they need to be done quite consciously for them to work
  8. @Leo Gura whoa I just got moved up to green without fuckin realizing it loll wot
  9. i don't really have any consistent practices at the moment but, my overall consciousness is higher, even on days i don't microdose (i do it 1x/week recently)
  10. yeah, but as you know, there's no cure-all. it's just a tool, like a faster car microdosing for me makes me more loving, conscious and on purpose but also uncovers shit that you need to be prepared for (even if not, which I wasn't, is an opportunity to learn how to deal with it) it's an awesome tool and i've definitely been able to use some of what i've gotten on microdosing (insights and mood), when i'm off it. i can also see a lot more potential with it. but yeah again, not a cure all by any means. but a great tool
  11. i hear you man. im in the same space as you and struggled with this for so long one thing that might help is to remember is that finding focus, things you enjoy, getting clear on your values etc. are all completely possible for you. i had a long period where i didnt believe it was possible. but getting clarity on this is a really human thing. it's a product of contemplation, reading and testing. we all have values and a purpose one thing is, to stop trying so hard and let go. trust that it will come. by pushing and worrying so much, you might actually be pushing it away. let go, set a clear intention and take baby steps it will also help to sit down and listen to your heart and intuition. it's been telling you things, but you haven't been listening i feel you with the no friends thing. man, working when you're so completely alone is hard. honestly maybe make some friends first. some questions that may help: your answers will come, even if not immediately, eventually they will come, i promise. question why you even want what you want whatever it is that you're going for. ask what do you really want? and what do you need the most right now? what's keeping me stuck? and how do i get over it?
  12. @DrewNows haha oops I meant blue and lower @Leo Gura okay sweet that's good to know
  13. I know that attraction is actually pretty complex and to me confusing But I noticed one thing I've been doing is filtering out people and girls if they are lower than blue on the spiral. Is this something I should not be doing? Should I be open-minded to all stages?
  14. Noah elkrief i really enjoy recently. i love his stuff on self-worth
  15. congrats man. i did the same thing and it worked for some time what helped 100x over was having friends who either understood & supported the journey or were also on the same path