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  1. @tsuki oops sorry meant to quote @Angelite
  2. @tsuki sure but neither you nor winterknight have tried psychedelics
  3. You are the creator of your reality. Your past, present, future was your doing Limiting beliefs are actually just beliefs, not reality Do things consciously Do things you want, not because you should
  4. your journey is your own journey dawg. you can be happy with being just exactly where you are
  5. he's also a huge fan of leo's
  6. optimize.me Book list for classic personal development
  7. Just saying but I've been to 12 therapists in my life and I've gotten as much gains from microdosing 1 month as I did from 2 years of therapy I have some social anxiety so it i think it stunted by progress with therapy half the time. I also dont think I got psychoanalytic therapy so. But some of them were quite experienced They were both useful for me, and I'm continuing both.
  8. Ya I too was like that ain't no alien LOL TFWWW
  9. Check iTunes Someone flagged the vid and it got removed
  10. @Surfingthewave maybe thats why leo promotes politics so much now
  11. I'm sorry to hear man, must be very challenging to find that out Before going with conventional medicine, I would do extensive research on whatever is recommended and exploring different options: Brian johnson has a body of work on cancer research https://www.optimize.me/plus-one/anticancer-levers/ Joe dispenza also has work on reversing cancer Theres a documentary on Netflix called Heal which talks about the new forms of healing Nutrition has an extremely profound effect in this
  12. Might sound crazy but I accidentally cured my asthma with a strong belief of it being cured I had this thought that running would cure my asthma, and so I started running I kept thinking overtime that it was getting better and better as I was running Until eventually I just believed that it was gone, and therefore it was gone I googled this and ive never read or heard of anyone doing this through running. In fact, running was my trigger for asthma but weirdly I just thought it would fix it? Recently, I then heard Joe Dispenza teaching this and then reflected and realized that's what I had accidentally done So the past couple days I've been trying it on my OCD and saying "my ocd is cured" and having a strong belief of it. So far I've been able to confront my fears much better
  13. Hmm... just wanted to put this out there https://instagram.com/sporesforsoul?igshid=7pccnd1qsp2g (Profound stories and accounts of shrooms) https://hopkinspsychedelic.org "88% of users cured of alcoholism after psychedelics" - John Hopkins https://www.reddit.com/r/microdosing (lots of stories and accounts here) Etc.
  14. https://projects.propublica.org/docdollars/ Very shocking but also not surprising