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  1. lol read every book recommended so far. how many have have you read?
  2. Leo has a great book list that you should check out
  3. He does say it though, I've heard it over 20x. I can't remember which videos though, I've watched nearly all of them Tyler had the same excuses you do now, just that he went balls deep regardless and came out victorious Post on the RSD forum, im sure they can point you to the right video
  4. I think he mentions it in this video. After this, watch his long walk to freedom Btw, It's not a question of whether a can or can't, because you can as long as you're a human being (malleable brain able to change its habits) It's about whether you will put in the work
  5. in my exp, leo isnt enough. you need to read and get many diverse sources. though leo is my favorite. best big picture, epistemology, deep insights & more
  6. can someone explain what he means by infinite intelligence? my intelligence is infinite?
  7. ah man disappointed. actually thought julien was awakening. instead he thinks enlightenment is gratitude
  8. Agree with speedscarlet. Ultimately, depression is cured with hard work. Do you read? Read a lot. It'll show you the path to happiness and it will instill hope inside you. Don't worry, I was once where you were It's been a journey but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now and every month is better than the last I heard a nice catch 22 phrase from Brian Johnson, for people who are depressed, they need to put in the work to cure their depression. But since they are depressed, it's difficult for them to put in the work. So the main challenge is figuring out how to consistently put in a little effort everyday. By the end of the year if you are consistent you'll be feeling great and confident!! Leo's Start here guide will cure you But to even implement the habits that can cure you, you need to learn: Discipline, systems, habits, focus, consistency, and picking yourself up quickly after you fall down. There are books that teach this. There are books that teach happiness, self love, discipline, literally anything you want! It's all in the book, ready to come alive if you were to just put them into action! So your goal #1 is to figure out how to get to the starting line consistently. Do you watch personal development material? Really should. Keep it focused too, don't watch random stuff, I found that as a mistake. I would watch 30 different topics, but I realized it would be a lot more efficient if I focused on just my main issue! With love <3, good luck
  9. in my experience, you just need to network. I've met lots of people into what I'm into. Though challenging to find a relationship that clicks AND is healthy. They also may not be into EVERYTHING you're into, but 50% of the stuff is good enough. Make some moves
  10. I'm curious. do we actually try to help people like this? I see it as a waste of time in my opinion. It took me 6 years to break my atheist paradigm and it only happened because of extremely specific circumstances. Nothing would have convinced me otherwise, I was in wayyy too deep. Just like this guy. he's just using circular reasoning and random arguments to defend a position. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? the fucking irony hahahahahah
  11. @Spiral @Faceless Great advice, thank you
  12. agree. it was a lot more efficient before
  13. LEO IN PERSON????????? BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! deliver soon please!!! COME TO NYC, you have 2 confirmed (me and my friend lol) im sure you can get 100 in nyc lol... your sub base is so big