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  1. @Onecirrus 1:41:00 is leo's thoughts on conspiracy theories you know... i sort of want to be open-minded to conspiracy theories... i mean there are some obvious false ones like moon landing/flat earth. but granted i don't have direct experience of either one and proving flat earth wrong experientially seems like a waste of time
  2. it was real fun you guys - this is such a unique perspective and world we have going on here. i gained valuable insights but i don't think this here is right for me anymore. i really wanted it to - but... i want to move on. love you leo and you all. good bye and good luck
  3. maybe a bit of "i'm better than others for doing this work"
  4. -not listening to my intuition and leaving earlier in my relationship. which really taught me to listen to my intuition which gave me benefits 10x because i learned what intuition was and it saved me many different pitfalls along the way - taking things personally for "fun" but then letting it become a habit to take things personally and get angry. which really taught me to not take things personally at all and it's much harder for me to get offended - falling down the road of success and nothing else route only to realize that life was not about achieving success, achievement and money, paving the way to a better life of passion, love, and deeper life experiences the way i like to see it is that these experiences give us valuable lessons that help us live better and happier lives, and for others benefit for years to come i think a learned lesson can pay dividends of 10x in the future
  5. @DaveB yeah same here
  6. @electroBeam honestly great perspectives but there are very clear limitations of excess orange, like chase for success/achievement as a form of happiness, doing business/work without being people centered or conscious of the people impacted, seeing people as a means to an end, not taking caring of the body/mind (health/nutrition), not being conscious of the environment and your contribution to it, for men - being disconnected from feelings and putting on a "macho personality", caring about GDP rather than the welfare of human beings, undying belief in science and marginalizing religion, orange marketing manipulation etc. It's actually impossible NOT to grow considering how toxic a stage could be once you become conscious of certain aspects (Orange has tons of great aspects btw just in case any1 things it's bad. And these bad are not actually bad, but just is and is part of the evolution of a human being) yeah, generally i don't think spiral dynamics makes you more happy persay.. because each stage actually comes with its own unique challenges. like if you have green values, but are not able to fulfill those values like not being empathetic, or not eating clean, or not listening to your intuition/heart it's a trap to think spiral dynamics as the road to happiness - spiral dynamics is a measure of increasing complexity spiral dynamics is one model that measures your evolution in your values system. not your evolution in happiness i don't really know what happiness means to be honest, i'm still trying to figure that out. but i agree, different tools here are required. maybe law of attraction, shadow work, inner child work, socializing, whatever! it might be relevant to you, to explore your stage thoroughly and clearly. like enjoying and embodying your stage but also staying conscious at the back of your mind of other stages. it's very difficult to jump stages. almost impossible actually in my experience... but those challenges you brought up are very real and relevant - but it doesn't debunk the model - but brings about its limitations and things to be wary of none of this stuff is the "road to happiness" tbh (which is what you're saying). be it spiral dynamics, life purpose, whatever. because seeing a model as something that gives you "your happiness", can be a trap, if you're neglecting what could actually give you happiness, or what would give you individually the most happiness. like maybe you have bigger priorities, or something you're neglecting in your life that if fixed would give you lots of fulfillment etc. but yeah on second thought i agree with everything you said. it's not a model for happiness. But I don't want to delete what I wrote cuz I wrote so much lol
  7. i'd say orange can also be a results mentality. what kind of information and benefits can i get from you on this forum? what can i gain from you/this forum? information, knowledge, help what do you think?
  8. @R-Type yeah the animation is really silly haha But the narration is spot on spirituality for beginners
  9. Psychedelics, ego death, spirituality, dynamics of happiness Yellow/turquoise show
  10. @Espaim with a strong understanding of spiral dynamics, good self-awareness and letting your intuition guide the way is my guess
  11. awesome yeah it's def a weird thing dude.. like all this time we think we are thinking it's other people, without realizing that when we point to people, 3 fingers are pointing back at ourselves regarding jealousy - eben pagan has been talking a bit extensively on that topic. it's an emotion he's had to deal within himself a good amount
  12. it's good but just careful of the trap of only using youtube teachers. there are many other phenomenal teachers for conscious parenting, relationships, success, making money etc. this why i like eben pagan, he's like leo in the sense that he gets his world view from many other people's world view and he has good information on conscious parenting, relationships, managing emotions, shadow work, success and he shares the teachers where he got this info from Edit: I would like to retract my opinion because I haven't taken any of their courses and I think they're doing good work imo
  13. But what qualifications would you need to teach personal development? Science is still early on this stuff and leos spent several 100k on PD information
  14. excited!