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  1. teal swan has a good video on it. take notes, contemplate, execute. i think its better than leo's vid on the topic
  2. sounds cool im up to try it
  3. Wait what Tell me more lol
  4. awesome. step 1 done. whats step 2 and how do you get there?
  5. I would work on the parts that you feel need to be still learnt and worked on it may be a perfectionist thing to start from the beginning
  6. yeah i notice that as well ^
  7. id say building self respect and charisma
  8. what stage do you think ken wilber is?
  9. you can sell on any market from any country Popular ones are Germany, UK, USA India is on a super upward trend Small markets have less demand (but accompanied by less competition) USA has insanely high demand, but it also has most of the competition You can win in either market. I sell in USA but I'm intruiged by other markets because e-commerce still has a lot of room to grow there in those countries. Not to say there isn't a lot of room to grow in the usa though Amazon forwards the money you earn from each sale to your bank account
  10. yeah. you can do it with less, youll just go out of stock quickly because of lack of inventory and it hurts your ranking when you are out of stock and might be a tad bit more expensive. but doable for sure if you research well
  11. livecoach.io
  12. @InfinitePotential oh my god lol... "curiosity killed the cat" I never understood that quote before but I do now hahaha
  13. I think it's wrong if you're not stable enough to have them but those people don't know any better so
  14. Much love, I know it gets better. Leo mentions neurofeedback treatment in his 40 self actualization tactics video. That treatment alone changed my life, I highly recommend it. Good luck