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  1. in my opinion guys NEED pickup in india. have you seen the average indian and their game level? the poor parenting, strict blue culture and hyper focus on studies prevents the men from gaining authentic confidence, social skills or skills with women. i also wanted to start a pickup company just like you. ive been thinking about it over the past few weeks and I really want to execute on it soon. pm me! maybe we can talk more about the idea? it also feels like my purpose, and i also really suck at it too haha. it felt like i wrote your post honestly lol
  2. will there be a video today?
  3. While reaching out to a therapist I had to answer the question: "what are your challenges?" I wrote down them all. Pretty much I wrote down all my goals lol Then I remembered Leo saying, "distill your problems to a single question" And I thought... I have so many problems and issues, how do I distill it to one question? Then I realized... who cares what my problems are? That's just life.... Why focus on solving all my problems when... I can just be okay with them? Why am I trying so hard to fix everything? Just let it be. It's cool. I'm just going to focus on creating Wow. this was the exact quote Brian Johnson said the other day. Brian Johnson was talking about how Steve Chandler does his coaching. Basically steve just listens and at the end just says "okay got it. so given that, what would you like to create?" The creation mindset is a powerful one. Be okay with life, then focus on creation
  4. @kieranperez My solution was to accept my current reality, accept who I am, accept that there are different potentials and my own potential is yet to be discovered, and to just focus on the daily 1% improvements and trust in the compound affect.
  5. Leo made a comment recently about the limits of practice in spirituality. it might be of use to you
  6. What did you use the Coaching books from Leo's book list for? For coaching others? Your fam?
  7. Here are some tips that i've learnt: - I looked at the spiral as "goals to achieve". basically from an orange perspective. so I would behave green, try do to green things, act like I'm green, think and do green things. but the problem here is that i didn't really understand what i was doing. the next stage is an increase in consciousness. make your priority to increase your consciousness to the next stage instead of just pretending to be a stage as some egoic achievement - listen to the next stage teachers, try to understand them - learn what is a healthy embodiment of a stage and listen to /hang out with those who embody that stage in a healthy manner - read that stages books
  8. I love it. It seems like an exciting process. I might do something similar
  9. yes it truly is a cancer they install soooo many limiting beliefs in you thankfully for PuA that teaches you that game is the only thing that matters, had i not found pua first, i may have been sucked in further than i would have liked
  10. This is my guess, you're overthinking it, trying to get the PERFECT answer. but rather the perfect answer doesn't exist and you must be okay with not knowing some of it and go through the exploration process to actually discover it. my guess is that you must truly commit to something, and discover through trial and error, creating a new mindset and chapter of commitment and discovery my guess is that you're being ocd about it to get the perfect answer as to prevent you from taking action, because action is scary, difficult and requires lots of change "i'm not sure what the answer is, and that's okay. i'm okay with that uncertainty" Another thing you can do is to sit down and watch leo's lastest video and ask yourself, "what is really happening here?" "what do I need to do?"
  11. keep answering the question: what is really happening here? what do i want? how do I get it?
  12. Seth Godin's AltMBA is Yellow. It's focus is on systems thinking
  13. he didn't do this, he actually was speculating she was a cult leader. leo said he doesnt know much about her i've found teal's stuff helpful though. but when she does stuff like this im like what? her body language in that video is the same language i would give to someone if i'm lying.
  14. @CreamCat hm whats so wrong with profanity? Is it a blue cultural phenomena? There are much worse things in our everyday speech than profanity that hurt our children
  15. @Serotoninluv yes i thought the same word