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  1. have fun, that sounds fun
  2. I want to see visually what it looks and also what it feels like to operate a high-level of self esteem. Their life decisions, actions, mannerisms, feelings etc.
  3. I understand. I went through this too. You need to let go and let them be. It takes 2 people for a conflict. If you don't engage, there can't be conflict They will respond best to kindness, love and empathy most likely If they don't respond even to that, they're too stuck in their own ego and it's best if you become independent and find more conscious people that you resonate with (they exist, we are plentiful :))
  4. I think people resist things that are new, unknown, sound woo woo, threatens their own life decisions, following others blindly But def millions are open minded to it
  5. Explaining things scientifically is nice but whatever science gives you - you need to verify yourself as well as be open to growing & questioning that definition
  6. I'd say this thread depicts pointers to growth
  7. Heres eben pagans take on masterminds Inspiring imo
  8. Yep contemplating it will give you your answer -- But for my own contemplation: It's not about contemplating just for the sake of contemplating, but it's about the intention you set and the changes that result from it You can figure it out on a surface level but there needs to be real depth of understanding to the point where the situation is clearly understood sparking necessity for change
  9. This is an examples thread guys! Keep the arguments in a different thread plz
  10. RSD, pain and a very open minded friend
  11. Fun exercising til you sweat A clean, light, tasty, diet Socializing with friends & building deep meaningful relationships Trauma work Doing work that you find fulfilling and meaningful Having a higher meaning and purpose for your life Deep breathing Having an inspiring, compelling vision
  12. For business, eben pagan has courses that cover all of those needs Seth godin new book on marketing is a true goldmine
  13. I disagree - liberals don't want socialism like mao zedong or stalin Liberals want socialism like the modern day nordic countries Liberals are coming from a place of empathy and love. Caring about people who have had less privilege. Those who are poor, injured/disabled, have mental health issues, minorities, immigrants A lot of those people have come from harder backgrounds and yes - success & happiness is available for everyone - but some people have more obstacles than others and aren't given the same resources/life events that helped us become successful The mindset is to give them a voice and equal opportunities Capitalism has its limits. When capitalism moves into territory where 5% of the people have a majority of the income, that raises some red flags Capitalism is great but as you know, extreme of good things can pose some negative consequences It really helps to talk to meet these people who come from marginalized communities. It helps you see from their perspective