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  1. Here's my counter perspective: On the benefits of a supportive community (skip to 13:23 and watch for 2 minutes) On love from deepak chopra's new book (turquoise) On benefits of people/relationships from eben pagan's new book (yellow)
  2. Well. in life there are always risks you can take. as leo says, take information not only from him, but from 100s of other sources. prove and test things things in your own direct experience, take what you want from leo, and cross reference from other quality sources. much of what leo has said has seriously benefited my life.
  3. Afterward, my empathy kicks in and I find that I always feel guilty. you'll be more fulfilled when you are kinder to people and not hurting them
  4. up your butt and around the corner
  5. I usually just expect it to be here sunday night so my expectations dont get broke
  6. it's a very powerful model. i really encourage people to contemplate it. you can apply it to literally anything emotional mastery, life problem, generating an insight, social skills, enlightenment etc.
  7. what helps me: exercise progressive work videos that bring me to my higher-self good conversations with people
  8. i get depressed the next day if i get too wasted you're just hungover right now, wait til sunday, you'll be back
  9. consult gyuki
  10. What's helped me: First become observant of the emotion. You have to first become aware of it Second remember that fear is an illusion Third sit the fear gradually and become okay with the consequences. do a little more everyday Fourth be patient, this is challenging stuff "but what if it does" -> "i'm okay with the consequence" and EMBRACE This fear is nothing compared to the challenges you will face later on in your enlightenment journey (gradual increase in difficulty) Approach your fear after you do 20-30 mins of cardio, you will be stronger and feeling more competent Approach in bits and gradually, note your progress overtime
  11. this cleared up a lot you dont even know
  12. @benny in my opinion, i would just go with leo's approach. leo is incredibly comprehensive with his approach the parts from that book that i would take are the skills building part. being world-class, building career capital etc. however picking your domain of interest will come from exploring your interests and building from your values. there's a process of understanding of who you are, what you want to see in the world and what you want for yourself etc. etc. basically his course.
  13. not useless! you're just learning . it's just your evolution of learning