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  1. i love that you're taking action and not being a victim about it
  2. i believe shan to an extent now Watch this Read the comments. Those comments seem pretty cult like to me. Idk. I'm open-minded to both sides
  3. changing the way you look at it. saying it's impossible, too challenging, too hard, too outside of my comfort zone, makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy Saying, I can take baby steps to accomplish this goal, I can accomplish this goal, I am competent enough to overcome this will help you move into the right direction
  4. yeah there was a thread on this last week
  5. i think it is. healthy relationship > single > unhealthy relationship
  6. I'm looking for something deep and profound to contemplate I really want to to understand the essence of life purpose
  7. cool - looking forward to it
  8. it's profound
  9. leo is at my house, we are chillin eating bacon the video should be up in an hour hes not actually at my house
  10. contemplate -> make insights -> learning = behavior change
  11. i'm having similar feelings as well. I think I'm going to try to be who I "used to be" no matter how uncomfortable and challenging it is
  12. wow much love. I think finding role models or people who have been through what you have, and have accomplished what you want to accomplish can be super inspirational. I'd recommend finding some people. I think RSDtyler is a good example, because he had extreme social autism and eventually became extremely calibrated and confident. If you haven't already, reading inspirational books and videos will help a lot, it will motivate you to take action. Because your victim mentality is thick and this will reverse some of it by giving you hope and confidence. I also recommend journaling your victim mentality and questioning it, trying to see through it and if it makes any sense. Affirmations are great too, they will help you in the moment and over the long-run I would also focus on daily baby-steps. Just do one thing a day to push you out of your comfort zone. You will fall back, as you've noticed. But failure is only part of the process. Make your goals small but challenging. And once you accomplish that, move to the next goal. Use lots of strategy & pre-mortem I really love this analogy -> When a baby is learning to walk he will fall down many many times. But he does not get depressed. Eventually, the baby learns to walk. When we get older, we learn to get the capability to become depressed after failures, and we forget that it's all part of the process. Some videos that really helped me was: Brian Johnson's +1's on hope. He teaches you how to be hopeful in situations. Leo's victim mentality, part 2
  13. @MM1988 ya that was 2 years ago tho