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  1. Could you say this hurts intimacy?
  2. Just my 2c but I wouldn't want to date a guy who is judging me in my sexuality. But I guess it depends on your priority
  3. there's a book called intuition by shakti gowain which is pretty good. covers different definitions and lots of exercises to help you hone it
  4. ?? interesting analysis. im not disagreeing with you. i am saying compassion from our side, not from theirs. not if you're smart about it. and yeah thats how the mind works, but im talking about ideally and theoretically
  5. even from these guys i expect empathy (at the highest level) the way i see it is i wouldnt want to condemn judge or misunderstand them and see where theyre coming from if theyre dangerous that is to be noted ofc, which is why i said empathy =/= stupidity
  6. I think with love is the solution like Leo mentioned. But that doesnt mean you just let people loose and dont do anything. It just means making intelligent decisions.. but from the place of compassion and understanding like if a murderer cannot be reformed you still approach the situaiton with love. you see what can do and what cannot be done. what further harm he could cause, maybe off statistics and his past data. maybe through second chances or something like that. idk depends on the situation decisions can made from empathy, but empathy =/= not stupidity or naivety
  7. God

    A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote his energy and talent to getting there. With enough effort, he may achieve it. Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end, no matter what the outcome, he will know he has been alive. - Walt Disney (from creating your best life - Caroline Adams Miller)
  8. One option is meaningful activities that replace that. When you have meaningful goals to attend to, it gives you motivation to cut out that stuff and you naturally gravitate to other more meaningful things
  9. God

    Indecisiveness is part of the downward spiral because it enhances your feeling of being out of control - Alex Korb Author "Figure out what's important to you. To help reduce irrelevant details in your life, focus on what's really important to you. Studies have found that focusing on your values reduces the brain's response to stress. So think about the times in your life when you were happiest. What were you doing then, and what factors contributed to your happiness? What activites make you feel most fulfilled? What achievements are you most proud of? what good qualities would you want coworkers or friends to use in describing in you?"
  10. Anyone know of any heathy food blogs, articles, youtube channels? I basically am looking to make some really easy healthy food as I am changing my diet around. I don't have a nutrition ideology really except for it to be non-processed
  11. God

    Solutions: 1% change daily Brainstorm 10 things, and commit to a decision Read 3 books on intuition (yikes!) and Follow your intuition Find a life coach to help you Brainstorm, what thing if accomplished would transform my life? Brainstorm, what thing if accomplished would transform my life for 2020? Follow your intuition and find self-actualization models Follow your intuition and find happiness models Follow your intuition and find emotional mastery models Follow your intuition and find relationship models There exists a book for every issue in your life - Leo Answer the question: What would fulfill you most? What makes you happy? What small habit would have significant impact on your life? Harness the power of requisite variety (I think that's what I'm doing right now) Start a friendship project - a new friend everyday Steve Pavlina challenge: Set a meaningful goal and do it for 365 days for the reference experience to show you your capabilities Set an intention to love yourself and find peace within, in your relationships, in your life and in your career Use healthygamergg and find a friend to help you solve your issues Talk to your uncle to get you a job right now (Easiest/Least fun) Become a digital marketer then get a job (Medium/Moderate fun) Start a physical products business (Medium/Medium fun) Start the business with Aj (Hard/Life transforming/Scary) Tools: Set goal -> Be decisive -> Actualize it Visualize what you want Tool: Conscious awareness of anxiety will heal the anxiety as you become conscious of it and let it go Tool: Grounding Exercise: Brings you to the present moment so you can make better decisions + have more clarity + peace of mind
  12. May I suggest an alternative- I find making those types of friends in real life much more rewarding and fulfilling. masterminds, book clubs, groups on meetup.com could be a place to start (outside of this forum) but if you're more of a forum guy, I found eckhart tolle facebook groups great with tons of nice conversation. but you will find eckhart tolle bias. as you will probably find leo bias in here
  13. the e-myth revisted was an important book for me. i learned from a ton of people but most notably from friends who were successful entrepreneurs
  14. God

    To practice self-assertiveness is to live authentically, speak and act from my innermost convictions and feelings - as a way of life, as a rule (when appropriate) I want 2020 to be about friendship, self esteem, and career . I have this urge to do it all at once. I don't know how else I can do it
  15. O fuck this is lit I been waiting for someone to do something like this