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  1. Game is just one way to develop yourself
  2. For me its observing my motivations and the reasons I do things. Yeah i might have some "self-actualzied" results, but really I'm suffering because of the negative motivation it came from. Moralizing. Not doing something because it's bad. Dont be orange. Dont pursue game, money, hedonism, fun with friends etc. Because its orange and that's "bad". Instead, just keep it as a nice pointer, do what you want and grow. Becuase suppressing yourself really makes you suffer Trying to do too many things at once. It's really challenging to focus for me. There are some needs that I need badly fulfilled and dont want to let go. But I realize that if I want results I have no choice but to let go and work on them later.
  3. Imagine he won.... That would be crazy
  4. @Serotoninluv I can attest to this Every relationship I enter now feels extremely unsatisfying unless there's mutual bond, connection, vulnerability, intimacy, honesty etc.
  5. According to Eben Pagan life coaching is highly future oriented skill and large opportunity Digital Marketing is also fucking big. It's so cutting edge right now, high in demand and will be higher in the future.
  6. I found a wealth of knowledge in her how to open heart chakra and connecting with the heart Just watch the video, test the practice and contemplate her perspective You can develop some nice insights and results from it, she really did help me open up my heart chakra
  7. Yes, here's a good combo I like: Hard exercise for 25 mins (SWEAT) The do David R hawkin's letting go technique for whatever challenging emotion that I have
  8. great for relationships and emotional mastery
  9. this if you have a goal to lose 40 lbs in a year, and lose 400 calories a day, focusing on just losing 400 calories will help you lose all your weight by the end of the year
  10. @Mikael89 is this a joke? you're good looking lmao
  11. Honestly, I used to think I would never get a girlfriend either I can seriously empathize, I thought I was so unlovable that nobody would ever want to date me So. I get it. That shit is so fucking painful. But - just getting a girlfriend is nowhere near as hard as you think it is Like Leo says, just go out and try. You're self-sabotaging yourself, try to be aware of that
  12. Bad words Sex Talking about sex Looking at sex Condoms Not following the herd Breaking up with your girlfriend Porn Putting your feet on the couch when people are around Not doing things for the family Not being obedient Carving your own path Not doing a STEM or comp sci field
  13. I have the same exact thing When I get more understanding and awareness of this I'll shoot you a PM
  14. Your body never felt a thing your entire life. All effect. All awareness. sort of had this insight recently. came up as an intuition, not words. hard to explain