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  1. Daygame by Todd is uploaded on YouTube. It's pretty nice As far as closing there is a free 3 hour course if you search on YouTube: 10 minute pull mark chino
  2. wonderful i resonate with this idea a lot!
  3. @Leo Gura maybe You're doing the same. Freud says everyone is bisexual One more thing... Do you think Devil's threesome is gay or nah? 2 guys bang 1 girl
  4. @Leo Gura The deep problem of marketing is one of my top favorite videos from you
  5. Tortoise Instructors: Travel Bum and Tony Solo Fan YoutTube channels. I would say as far as effective and affordable A.G. Hayden is great. I think he's a solid person but he's not on that nondual pickup shizz like these other guys! So if you're interested in learning the practical mechanics of GAME, someone like AG Hayden can be great and more pragmatic
  6. excited for your return. take all the time u need
  7. @lmfao Actually I prefer Adderall but thanks for the compliment
  8. its super important bro over time the distinction between normal meditation and body awareness lessens the perception of the body is mind after all so how is that different than thoughts? the sensations, feelings, etc..., is no different than a thought in a your head.
  9. @Preety_India supposedly lot of people in Washington use this stuff. Possibly Barrack also.
  10. @Flowerfaeiry not very radical lol
  11. @levani When you meditate for longer periods, you start messing with your fundamental understanding of reality. This is emotionally much more strenuous (normally) than what you get out of shorter sessions. There's also types of meditations for different things.
  12. @Leo Gura stop telling him he won’t and can’t do something... plenty of folk with potential around who are not Sadhguru. You’re no different. @AcaciaConfusa
  13. @Leo Gura I feel like you have a massive commitment bias towards psyches and it continues to develop further with every comment you make.