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  1. Awesome I get some pretty funny and interesting voices too, my name being called, etc. They are fun to listen to. Hasn't been happening lately though, I guess it has to do with sleep cycles and which cycle you wake up in
  2. Auditory hallucinations... Used to get these while falling asleep. Try to tune into them without getting scared. They should change to more pleasant things
  3. @Cortex learn to lucid dream, then teach yourself to consciously wake up from a lucid dream. Then lay there in bed without moving and recall/feel how your presence was in the dream. Each time you do it, try to extend this feeling for longer and longer. The next step is to be able to get up and do your morning routine while maintaining this presence. Technically you could probably achieve this with a good meditation /yoga practice but you asked a very specific question lol
  4. I have been lucid dreaming for a while now. Its amazing. Dreaming in general is amazing. Can teach you so many things like what do you define as reality, and identity. False memories in dreams intrigue me. On lower levels of lucidity you can still have false memories, and once you wake up it's like oh my God, I can't believe I was lucid but still thought it was normal to have pink hair or crazy random things like that. Also interesting when you realize that these vast, fully realized worlds are created in real time right before your "eyes", without any effort from "you", unless you choose to manipulate the environment on purpose. For those that believe the dreams are created in the brain, that's freaking-fucking-tastic for the brain to be able to do that. Some believe the dream world is outside of the physical realm and we project our consciousness into it. (although either way the brain seems to have some effect on the dreams story and substance ).
  5. I think you would like this article :
  6. @Mikael89 the reason I'm still attached is for the people in my life who rely on me and are still stuck in the illusion. I have a bleeding heart for them. Otherwise, it's goodbye world!
  7. @jasonjp1016 I would... I think. There's doubt I guess. But mostly I think I would
  8. @jasonjp1016 I used to fantasize about this. Depression and anxiety loves this topic. Of course, at different stages in life, you have varying degrees of what keeps you invested in the current story. There have been so many times when I have wished to start over. Or to start from a certain point in time where I felt it started to all go wrong. And I always conclude that I would want my current memories, so that I could make 'educated' (lol) choices and not end up in the same place. You are talking about waking up in a whole new life with new circumstances and family, etc, as if waking up from or beginning a new dream. However, Im not sure if it's a valid question because this person would no longer be 'you', whatever that is, and you might as well be asking : "would you be willing to die? and then oh look, someone just began a new dream let's see how he does." Personally, I could go either way. If given the choice, I might possibly take it. I have lots to love but I feel a little beat down too. Perhaps your circumstances are much different than mine, which tends to lead to more attachments. My question to you is what are you so tied to? and if they were gone or pass away, would you change your mind about sticking with this story if given a choice?
  9. @ajasatya@ yes unfortunately the dream state becomes unstable without stimulation. I think it's possible to maintain it though, with practice
  10. @Mikael89 well I think its both, but not everyone can easily surrender to the boredom and lack of stimulation
  11. I want to self inquire during lucid dreams, but usually end up talking to dream characters, which I suppose is a type of self inquiry ?
  12. @PsiloPutty I agree that when starting to meditate, any attempt up to your max time doubles as an SDS... Lol for sure!
  13. @Tony 845 @PsiloPutty from what I understand, SDS is about feeling and surrendering to boredom until you realize there is no boredom. Utilizing the monkey mind instead of observing it defeats the full potential because you are somewhat entertaining yourself, therefore not completely bored.
  14. @Mikael89@Mikael89(phone bug) @Faceless it's all good, I'm just from the south U. S., so I sometimes need things rephrased for me. I would have said no offense meant but since you don't identify with ego I figured it was not needed