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  1. What the holy hell? Magic! Edit: oh nevermind it was faked I guess but still cool
  2. @SoonHei from what I gather, you are asking if somewhere inside the ALL is a reality that is truly physical instead of being an illusionary-physical reality like this one, right? You are thinking of there are infinite possibilities and realities(dimensions), then it's possible for there to truly be a physical one. Kind of like if this were like the matrix movie, we are all in the simulation meanwhile there could be a more "real" physical reality out there. Is that what you are asking? What Leo is saying, I think, is that even if it were true and possible, it would still be contained in the ALL and therefore still only a manifestation of consciousness.
  3. I still get confused about how to do self inquiry... but maybe it's because I already conceptually know there's no way to describe what I am so its hard to do the neti neti... Like should I just make something up each time just to complete the practice or should I try a different self inquiry method? Any recommendations on books about self inquiry that isn't neti neti?
  4. You guys.... You are only getting possessed by yourself(s)... You can literally just make one up and believe it to help you with a certain thing and it will. Have fun.
  5. I like metal... Bismuth is really cool you should check it out 😋
  6. Let's say I'm a constant screw up- and can never get a grip on things, no matter how much there is desire for things to go well. This leads to an endless loop of hope and regret(failure). After learning to stop putting blame outwards, it's concluded that there is no one to blame but "myself" . This of course could have various meanings(or none at all) , but right now I'm strictly referring to this earthly persona, who may or may not be in control of its actions. The question is, who or what is doing these actions (or at least, how do they occur) , and why does it seem to happen through these eyes and hands; and who or what holds the desire for it to change?
  7. @pluto that sounds kind of depressing imo... And are you saying there's no lucid dreaming? Or perhaps lucid dreaming is no more than bringing one's daily unconsciousness into the dream, therefore, not exactly as conscious as it seems... I think im getting it
  8. @Faceless You don't miss them one bit? I love my dreams and cherish them.
  9. I'm curious how the illusion of time changes for someone in prison who have nothing but "time"... Especially for those pursuing the path. Being a fan of orange is the new black, I was asking my coworkers, who also love the show, if it's weird that it makes me kinda want to go live in prison 😋 yes they thought it was weird of course. But I dunno, it seems kind of nice, all my basic needs are taken care of : food, water, a place to sleep. As long as I keep from getting shivved or drop the soap, it seems like I could finally get the peace and quiet i need to go deep within haha.
  10. @blazed I suggest a caapi-only brew for a few weeks to let your body assimilate and purify. Then start slow with the dmt ingredient as@Arkandeus suggested. This way you get the experience of brewing and it can be microdosed daily as a mild anti depressant. Make sure you are following the cappi diet for either of these brews to prevent serotonin syndrome. Caapi-only brew is said to be very spiritually helpful by itself. The dmt then blasts you off into... (dunno I've never tried it) Of course caapi and syrian rue is interchangeable
  11. Because you as the Being invented it (made it up) to be part of the illusion. Just like they put artificial gravity in video games, otherwise every thing would just float around aimlessly and it would be very hard to progress through the environment 😉
  12. Use it to open your mind to the possibility, but don't take the story too seriously. But you're right, stories like this are good for expanding your ability to think differently.
  13. @RendHeaven I love this so much! That was awesome... Not surprised you are having these dreams, especially if you are a vivid dreamer... The couple of times I got into practicing obe/astral projection (with little results) I would start having dreams about astral projecting. As soon as I gave up in "waking" world, the dreams stopped. When I pick it up, the dreams come back. It always sucked kinda, because I was so sure I was having a real obe, and even though I felt lucid, i was not lucid to the fact that i was dreaming, having been fooled so much by thinking it was a true obe. This was every time... Dozens of dreams. But I like the experience of it because it has taught me so much about levels of lucidity, being so gullible, and the experience that reality truly is perspective.
  14. @zoey101 ive been there.... Now I'm sure you can see why self love and acceptance is such a big thing in personal development... If you were like me, before the realization(of self hate /loathing) , all the self love stuff just seemed like a bunch of woo-woo, or "that's just too easy and obvious to be the answer." Personally, I think this practice should be done before and after finding yourself, regardless of what you consider the self to be at that point. This comes with a constant forgiving of yourself, not only for the things it has done in the past, but for the constant things it will continuously do before "your" eyes, seemingly against "your" will.... And you just gotta love it. And perhaps pray that it will learn someday.