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  1. I'm sorry but this makes no sense to me. I suppose there is more than one way to do this, thank you for your replies! I think what i'll do is concern myself with the subject matter, get into that zone of questioning and wondering then maybe do the do nothing technique
  2. There is? Sucks that I dont have it, anyways thanks for your input! I would love to get other people's opinions about this, but I can feel it's about to get dry as an arabian sahara 😂
  3. It's best when you got a tough toilet session and you summon devine energy to open your anus chakra.. Man I dont know if it's okay to joke around like this in the forum 😂
  4. Yes I have started experiencing it when I did some third eye meditation, in my hands, now I do regular meditation and I experience it through all of my body in the thick of the session, and sometimes i still feel it in my feet throughout the rest of the day, I would say it's just energy flowing through your body, but im no expert 😁
  5. But I've heard that the techniques in his books are for people who've already been doing yoga before
  6. You better start levitating man, contacting SHIELD agents on yo ass!
  7. Does it feel like you're becoming doom from fantastic four?
  8. I've been thinkin about starting a yoga practice so I got the PDF of this book for free, and I must say it's one hella huge book of almost 1000 pages split in half, I haven't finished the book yet, I've actually only started reading it and it looks to me like the perfect book for a newbie who knows nothing abt yoga, but I've been wondering about what people who have read and practiced the book think about it and how does it compare to the other book that leo recommended
  9. Im gonna bump this because i still need more clarification
  10. So basically you just bring the topic of question into your awareness, get yourself a bit curious and then do whatever meditation technique you're using? Whats the appropriate technique for this? Maybe the do nothing meditation Btw awesome content anna! And idk why the reply function is screwed up, i cant answer outside the quotation box lol
  11. So it's just another way of saying contemplation
  12. It may sound like a silly question, but I keep seeing in the foum people giving advice and saying to meditate on: death, life purpose, answers... etc Is it just another way of saying to contemplate the given subjects? all I know is that there simply exists meditation techniques that help raise awareness, but what does it rly mean?
  13. I'm no expert but in my opinion I think motivation is your main problem, it's like you're doing self help just for the sake of doing self help, maybe you don't have a vision for your life, yourself and for what you can create in the long term that is compelling enough, that brings you to tears the moment you think about it and that makes you willing to do anything to achieve it without being attached to achieving it paradoxically, enjoying the process and not being so attached to the outcome, in my opinion that's what brings the most change.
  14. How's this working out @Leo Gura ?