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  1. hmm I dont want anything too specific, just to get my feet wet with the business domain
  2. Any high quality business courses recommendations?
  3. I can relate to that, I've already surpassed some goals that I had before and I feel like any goals that I set up right now will just become irrelevant in a couple years. But it also makes sense that having goals can fire you up and make your actions and attention focused on a single direction, which is a basic rule for success, and with time as you're pursuing this goal you grow enough to spot a bigger fish which is where the importance of flexibility comes... and so on and so forth. Although this can make you disconnected from enjoying the actual actions that you're taking and become too focused on results, Just speculating here, not speaking from direct experience, I am taking the course right now, so far I've only done the values and strengths assesement
  4. I dont think that's a very effective way to live life, if I just go on about my day to day life without a destination in my head then I'll just end up with whatever falls into my lap, maybe in some dry ass desert, I definitely wouldn't want that for my life
  5. Thank you for your reply Joseph, that's the number one thing im struggling with in my life right now, I feel like I got so much potential that is not being used in any effective way cause my compass is all fucked up
  6. how long did it take u to come up with that vision ? did you get it through the lp course? for three years you've been struggling with your lack of direction, that's what I've been feeling ever since I was a kid, and even more so this past year since I chose to face this problem once and for all, what made you get out of that rut ?
  7. I've been taking some action in my life, self development, reading, meditating, yoga... But I feel like my focus is so dispersed and im not gonna get anywhere with all of this, bec ultimately idk what I want of my life, I feel like a vision is what I need the most at the moment, a sense of direction, but how does one go abt creating such vision ? Does the vision come after taking lots of action or do you need a vision b4 you start taking action to make sure that your action is leading you somewhere? And how do you deal with indecisiveness ? Do you just pick a vision and stick to it, ignoring all doubts and what-ifs, or do you spend weeks and months thinking every possibility through and driving yourself crazy with all the possibilities ? Kind of a vague and unfocused topic, but that's the state of my mind whenever I think abt this issue
  8. did you have a clear vision of the path you want to undertake in your life before you started taking action on your web dev biz ?
  9. can we go back to bitching abt not having our sunday dose of leo ?
  10. I appreciate the reply man fancy words, dunno what in the world you're talkin abt tho lol
  11. The top fascinating questions episode leo has? Got ya!
  12. got any good books that talk about kundalini syndrome ? (aside from those in the booklist)
  13. What are exactly the existential issues that Leo talks abt ?