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  1. Really struggling with this too, one thing I know u can try is just stand in front of the mirror and keep weeping out "why... why..." and think of all the pain and shit you've been through in your life. tried it but didnt work on me maybe itll help you
  2. *sigh* this is the kind of times where the realization that you're living in an arabic third world country really sinks down your spine
  3. I am part of a facebook group avout shamanism, there were people talking about exorcism there, it sounded bizarre to me but to them its just an everyday normal topic. I think youll have better luck finding help there than in this forum, here's the link to the group :
  4. Can you elaborate more on how u use emdr with the subliminals? I thought the emdr was only for releasing traumas n stuff
  5. Im not sure i got the second part
  6. I have yet to find an artist like zack hemsey, each song has a lesson, each song is filled with wisdom
  7. It's funny how you described the same hurdle that I'm facing with LP course right now, when I think of my values they all seem positive but when I ask the question of "how much do I pursue this bec if I dont itll cause me pain and suffering?" It's like it automatically forces me to come up with negative reasons, because you know if you dont live true to your values you will by definition be in pain and suffering, maybe thats the underlying fear: fear of not living true to your values and to yourself. tell me what you think
  8. Beautiful and inspiring As for op, I totally feel ya man, just keep at it, tough times are what makes you grow and shed your old skin, and the process of shedding your skin is usually painful but it's also more than worth it
  9. From that reasoning you could also say that the meaning of life is to eat, the meaning of life is to sleep, the meaning of life is to shit, to pee and eventually to die. So you're not really saying much
  10. Well shamanic breathing does look like exorcism, you can be your own shaman if you want but dont take my word for it
  11. It seems to me that this tj reeves guy has his own spiral dynamics logic and model, I'm not sure that's how it works
  12. Im just curious what do these beings look like ?