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  1. I like that too... Although I am still attached to only caring about "meaningful" things therefore I find it hard to see the meaning in everything around me
  2. There is always that one guy hahaha
  3. I know im always stirring up old threads lol But if you don't mind me asking what's that ? And how long did it take you to "clean the programming" and find it ?
  4. I feel something very limiting about this distinction of subconscious vs conscious, in actuality there's no subconscious, and everything you deal with and all your power takes place in your conscious experience. I can't really put it into words or explain it but I just have an intuitive aversion to the idea of the subconscious and giving it too much power
  5. Okay but I'm still confused about the whole concept of negative emotions arising from deep within, how does it look like in actuality and what's the correct way of dealing with them so that they won't reoccur again? I mean that's the whole point of emotional purification, to get rid of this baggage laying deep within, right?
  6. It may very well be ego backlash, but how do you make the distinction ? To me whether I'm being pulled by homeostasis or having emotional shit arising out of nowhere, it just feels like another day where I'm feeling low Thanks, vision still under construction tho lol
  7. Does it tackle the problem of meaninglessness in life and being lost ?
  8. Been consistent with yoga and some shamanic breathing, now these past few days I've been going through a wave of depression and emptiness.. They say that these practices can help bring up emotional baggage to the surface so you can deal with them (or integrate them somehow?), and I think that's what's happening to me, although idk what it means to "deal" with these emotions or how to do it, I'm mostly just going with the flow binging on some low consciousness activities that bring me some comfort.
  9. I agree with what you said although that's not what I'm asking. I'm trying to see how much Actualized contributed to his growth. And which of the two does he value more: growth or work ?
  10. Hey @Leo Gura I was thinking abt this question for a while and I wanted to ask you personally. Do you think you would've had this much growth if your work hasnt been centered around personal dev and spirituality, as opposed to working in a different field that ure also passionate abt, or to not doing any work at all and just live in a buddhist monastery or some ashram? Also what would you do if you started feeling that your work is hindering your growth?
  11. This all sounds like speculation to me. Why not try to give it a try for short period of time to see if it's harmful like you claim or actually helpful ? So that even when you start feeling like it's harming you, you can just stop, and the damage wouldn't be anything you can't recover from
  12. I've also found some interesting information about how darker eyes are more protected against the rays of the sun than lighter colored eyes, because of melanin:
  13. Thanks a lot for your input man, can you tell me what this partial blindness in the centre looks like? Well you say you cant take in too much cosmic energy if you're not fully purified and grounded, yet isn't that what happens when ( some non purofied newbies for example) do psychedelics? It's true that psychedelics can be disruptive, but I think that's what the integration and grounding period that follows is for (never done psychedelics, nor sungazing b4 btw)