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  1. it doesnt have to matter, it's just a question, dont read too much into it
  2. Suddenly no one cares anymore? Hahaha
  3. I know this is getting old and repetitive, but should we expect a video this week? And are the releases gonna be random from now on? Cause the sunday thing is probably just long abandoned by now
  4. it is not a thing and it is also what's left at the absence of things aka form, correct?
  5. have you been aware of pure nothigness before ? what makes you think there's a distinction between the two?
  6. Cause you can only concentrate on something separate than yourself, like you can't "see" awareness, you can only be it when attention stops lashing out onto form, and then through that you spontaneously become aware of awareness and realize its nature, correct?
  7. Hey @Leo Gura what do you think abt this video? Ruper spira says that attention only serves as directing consciousness away from consciousness towards an object (breath, thoughts for example), in order for consciousness to be aware of consciousness attention has to stop, and that meditation techniques that require the focus of attention only serve to calm the mind and are only preliminary exercises. Doesnt this contradict what you said in your self inquiry video that one has to concentrate on pure nothingness?
  8. Can you source this ?
  9. He looks like Ethan Hawke with rhat hair, dang
  10. Im following this
  11. Why did I see this coming miles away? 😂
  12. I heard you the first time, and I agree with you, but living a conscious life also entails foguring out what you wanna do with your life and how you wanna live it, you can deny it but we’re all just egos living life, for now at least, and it’ll probably take a while before that changes
  13. I hear ya man, but if youre my age you better figure out what direction you want to take your life in and work on it before you dedicate yourself to meditation. Gotta handle the practical stuff first, right? I like that, I tend to think i can figure out everything by sitting and thinking about it, thank you
  14. hmm I dont want anything too specific, just to get my feet wet with the business domain