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  1. Can you describe how she looks like ? Did you intently visualize her looks b4 she manifested exactly like you visualized her ?
  2. I think this was shared somewhere in the forum way before, but I thought it would be fitting to repost it here, enjoy.
  3. it doesn't happen anymore since I switched to experimenting with third eye om chanting in my kp, never tried kp2 or suhumna sodhana and it didnt happen in om japa.. Although it does happen sometimes when I do mantra chanting and I can clearly feel the sushumna in my spine, and it feels damn good hahaha it's not weird at all, most def bec of nofap but drawing the energy from base to sacral chakra to all the way up just amplifies it tenfold
  4. I used to struggle with spinal breathing bec it was too intense (body shaking, on the verge of orgasming.. Things like that) and used to take a lot of focus to do it, now I just do the one with om chanting for 20mins ( I cant count and focus :/) with maha mudra, yoni mudra, and some stretching b4 all of it ( for abt 20mins)
  5. you do 110 rounds of kriya pranayama in one sit ? The ones where you draw energy up or where you chant oms in the third eye? that's kinda crazy, I would struggle with just doing 12 rounds of kp1 (drawing up energy) lol
  6. I only have two friends who regularly watch his vids, or maybe two and a half (not as close anymore lol), and they're both on this forum. All are unique and awesome in their own ways
  7. well those people r obviously overreacting, but you still held your ground, relatively speaking hahaha play it again a year later and see if u're closer to becoming a buddha not so fun if you break your laptop screen tho lmao
  8. google ennio nimis, he has a few books with very detailed (original) kriya yoga techniques
  9. If you think that's casual you guys must be hardcore zen, damn
  10. Here's a fun thing you can try, if you think you have strong levels of mental equanimity and are truly centered in the present moment, try to play this game without wanting to smash your computer screen. It would be more fun if you could record the experience and post it here Mods, if you think this post is too unproductive feel free to delete it if you want
  11. That's alright man, it might be true and it might be bullshit, just don't overthink it. I would just forget abt her and maybe start hitting on someone else until she makes the initiative to go out after her tests are over or whatever
  12. So how did it go ?
  13. You just basically summarized my entire view of islam, it's not optimal but that's what we gotta work with and even if we weren't born in a rigid muslim society we'd just have a different set of dysfunctions. Life evolves at its own pace, nothing we can do about it other than not letting it bother us too much and focusing on ourselves and what's good for us