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  1. @CreamCat @Girzo @K VIL How's that possible without an initial source of income? @Leo Gura @EternalForest That's what I was thinking too, but it does make it twice as hard rather than just committing 100%
  2. Any resources on this ?
  3. Honestly for me, after almost year a dedicated meditation I started having some really interesting experiences with it, finally starting to see what nonduals teaching r pointing to, but nothing too grand like an enlightenment experience. the long term effects r definitely there, that is you becoming a completely different person, seeing things in new mature perspectives, and so much more
  4. In @Leo Gura's video about wage slavery he said that it's very very difficult to escape wage slavery and that the best way to do it is to not even become one in the first place, but how the hell is that possible ? Dont you need to get a job first to make money that u can live off, and that you can use to break off on your own while at the same time work on your side hustle until you have enough success to become independent ? Or maybe what he meant is that you should've been working on your skills and vision before you reach the age where u need to start making your own living ? I'm saying this because I don't have a job yet but I'm gonna need one very soon, and the plan was that I keep working the job and at the same time work on my vision and my life purpose (when i discover it) until I finally have the freedom to dedicate all of my time it
  5. Right, you just have to realize it, you're already it
  6. Sounds pretty neurotic to me and that it would just make thing unnecessarily more difficult. You can get help and advice from people but you still gotta decide how to implement it and whether it's all bullshit or not
  7. From what I've read, the book called "the one thing" discusses this in detail, but overall the book is very repetitive
  8. There is some nice apps where u can connect with natives and speak with them over phone calls or texts, try hellotalk for instance, it's what I used to use to improve my french
  9. He told me he's been doing that for three years now, it still hasn't fixed the problem
  10. My friend who's in his early 20s suffers from a condition of sciatica, he went to a doctor and they told him that he had to take a surgery which is a pretty risky and a tough choice, especially in a 3rd world country. And since he was running out of options I thought maybe their could be some alternative ways to deal with the problem, like yoga maybe? Idk if it would help or make the condition even worse, any thoughts or experiences?
  11. I guess this is where affirmations and other subconscious programmkng techniques come into play? I remember hearing leo talk abt how he's gonna make a product abt subconscious programming, or mayne im wrong
  12. sooo basically youre saying I have brain damage
  13. On a chair with a back support?