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  1. From what I’ve heard you can imagine this in spirit if so have fun
  2. Because you’ve already won. You won before you won now and you won later. The most perfect, the most loving and the most amazing thing you’ve created for yourself. @Javfly33 I hope you can join a taste this. Enjoying the infinite number of beings infinitely winning forever. Also reminds me of what’s happened to Leo in the past he keeps having awakenings where they feel like the top total awakening. He won in life and there and there is no greater thing to do. yet somehow out of the infinite will of God, he wins again, and reaches the end again, and bathes in the unimaginable, glory, and joy of that. Somehow greater than before yet still the end, still the ultimate winner.
  3. @sleep how does the hate makes you feel. Throughout your body. You have this hate and if you can really get a feel for it, it can be a great way to do a practice and stick with it even when it gets difficult because you know at the end of the tunnel you will love yourself.
  4. Very true, there’s no need for someone who is true to try to convey himself in anyway. Rather just the light comes through naturally, while clear, simplistic words are spoken. 🙏
  5. Which one is more exciting in your opinion. Go with the more exciting one.
  6. @Razard86 although thank you for pointing out the fact that not everybody is going to be able to use this tool. It’s a strange consequence that the more developed becomes spiritually, the more developed to become in your capabilities to determine who is a Master or not. For example, been able to see “the light” in people Eckhart, describes this in his book. I don’t remember the exact quote, but it’s something like “light can only recognise light.” When someone is able to see the light in someone, it’s almost as like a greater verification that you can get from any logical thing that your mind can possibly come up with.
  7. I just do not agree in this at all. Really really moojiji and really really watch someone who’s established to be a scam artist. You can see so many emotions it’s amazing. this is one thing someone much further on the path said that you would be able to read someone very easily the more you develop. And I’ve noticed that as I’ve made my spiritual gains improved also.
  8. @Yimpa that may be the case, although I do want to still preference this, because some people say they are other say they’re at a certain level and it can be hard to know if you can take their word and listen to them. You can waste a lot of time listening to them when they’re really just frauds, even if they don’t say they’re enlightened. You can even apply this to people who you think are likely to be enlightened, and then listen to the more. If you feel like they act better in situations where they almost have difficulty to keep up the act if they were to keep up an act.
  9. Or maybe even no matter how deep you reach you’ll still want to get further and further in to the ultimate destination and it keeps getting better and better with every realisation becoming more more amazing with even the one prior, seeming to be the most amazing the most fundamental but yet there is greater.
  10. What actually happens when you die is if you’ve not managed to realise the ultimate destination, then you will repeat life over and over again in different ways until you realise the ultimate destination, and then you are there forever. @Someone here let’s be honest what I said you have no way of determining if it’s more correct than what Leo said. Then wouldn’t you take it up on yourself to just realise the ultimate destination while you know you can be alive. If not, at least if you go all out on that you can live such an amazing life that it will not even matter that much because you’ll be drowning in the love of God. Or should I say the love of the ultimate destination.
  11. Stumbled across this way to determine if someone is enlightened/(authentic in what they preach) or not, I would like to share. What you do is go on to a podcast or long interview with them, and watch their face as other people are talking. It’s remarkable some people who I have already think is highly probable to be a fraud. It almost a closes the case as a certainty to me. I watch their face go through a lot of emotions, peace seems to be quite distance. There really seems to be an act that they’re trying to put up, but they’re unable to do because their mind is focusing on monkey mind activities while also focusing on the person talking. So the act becomes very difficult to do and this becomes obvious in my opinion. Some people I found are extremely good at putting up a fake act. I find it more effective to go on a video where there’s three people talking. With every way to determine if someone is lightened, of course this will not absolutely determine if someone is a enlightened, or not. Maybe it is because is partially to do with the fact that it is not absolute truth that someone is enlightened. As absolute truth does not embody a relative term like this it’s simply logically impossible I guess.
  12. Chris is a good name. But for real good question, ponder that
  13. I would recommend for the average man to just take his teaching and see how well it works for you but that requires a high amount of trust you really can’t half ass his teachings.
  14. @Tech36363 seems legit. If we were to actually test if he was real we would need to set up a test. I recon the best test apart from him straight up predicting the future would be. Asking him a question that would take one minute to state and one minute for the answer. The question would be the most difficult that one could think. I thought of a few like “explain the process of protein folding as an expert under a minute” or “explain the chaneraekhar limit and all the variables with in it”. These are actually very easy questions think of the hardest you can possibly ask that you know can be worked out. From that we can set ask him and if he answers in a manner which is truely in human. We can find work with the fact he is telling the truth. Also we can be still steptickal even is he seems in-human.