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  1. You want to become enlightened fast you cannot for one second afford to be person identified. Read Eckart Tolle the power of now to understand that in depth. Also you can try Moojiji’s invitation. Just do emojis invitation over and over and over again. Non-stop until you break through. Then stay as the self until the habits of the person are completely gone.
  2. Leo said you can’t obtain the Level of consciousness from any form of meditation or yoga. So self mastery is not really gonna help you with that. from psychedelics Leo has managed to realise that the distinction between real deal and a non-real deal is actually does not exist.
  3. Na it’s taking to long to get more present ( for longer periods) need to learn what I need to to better.
  4. I’m stuck. My problem is my mind wanders unconsciously and I don’t notices until a while after. This happens mainly when I’m working. My job involves waiting for food to be ready picking up the food and delivering the food on a eBike. An excellent job to be present. My plan is to be present all the time unless necessary to use in mind. Any advice?
  5. @Potential moojiji invitation Also STD but good fucking luck with that.
  6. Arrr matey! Epistemology be the study of knowledge, how we come to know what we know, and what can be considered trustworthy and true. A pirate, ye see, is always on the search for treasure, and in a way, knowledge can be considered a treasure as well. So ye might say that a pirate's epistemology is about finding the truth and getting to the heart of what's really valuable, just like we be searching for the chest filled with gold and jewels. A pirate be always questioning and testing what they be told, just like an epistemologist be questioning and testing the sources of their knowledge. And just like a pirate needs to navigate the seas and chart their course, an epistemologist needs to navigate the world of information and ideas to chart their understanding of the world. So, in short, an epistemology according to a pirate be the pursuit of knowledge as if it were treasure, with a critical eye and a spirit of adventure! Yarr!
  7. @Swarnim yes it’s a problem he seems to be arrogant in the fact that can just go about without proving what is says is true. We have to use other means to clarify which is just watching to see if he’s a genuine person. Also he can refer back to the past lives and we can check with archaeological evidence if those depictions of the world is true. I would be demanding him to prove in that way. For example he says Atlantis exist. Atlantis has not been rediscovered so he should know the location and know some of the architecture of Atlantis. but importantly we must always be open-minded to the fact that he may be wrong no matter what evidence he has.
  8. @Loveeee if you can find leos blog he did recently this can help you. It’s the one about when he discovered that he is an alien intelligence that is somewhat like the Sid from ice age.
  9. Preach. I find it hilarious for my self now but I’m sure that will pass and go to normal madness of desire.
  10. @A_v_E remind me of what Moojiji said. “Your biggest thought is mind.”
  11. @NoSelfSelf sorry I wasn’t fully accurate. I would also like to defend the idea if I think people half an incorrect idea about what I was saying. I was wrong about this but I probably should’ve left it.
  12. @Edvardas Leo also commented on the game saying “ when you’re fully conscious this is the only thing to do“