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  1. Cool life purpose! I think you've got it exactly right. I personally feel much more empowered to pursue my life purpose now that I have had some personal and economic succes in my domain of mastery. I now feel more freedom to start pursuing my life purpose. In your case though, it does seem to make sense to do a bit of both at the same time, but you probably want to focus on your personal success in this domain now, and then slowly shift your focus more towards impacting society over the years. They are entangled though.
  2. Wow that's insane! I want to write blog articles on my website about my creative development, but don't really get around to structuring my thoughts on the topic. Definitely gonna use ChatGPT to help me write helpful blog posts.
  3. Seems like Osho's few on the matter came from a stage blue traditionalist perspective, even though he denies that in the text.
  4. Interesting, reading her Wiki page now.
  5. I found this MOOC by the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands, about AI in practice, and how to implement it in organizations. Could be interesting:
  6. I would choose a university degree that teaches you something you're genuinely interested in, whether that be software engineering, sociology, or something artsier. Then on the side, you can start your business. There are many resources online that teach you how to do that.
  7. In this thread, creators like filmmakers, 3-d artists, musicians, and artists can discuss how to use AI tools to optimize their creative potential and output. I'm also open to widening this to any line of work out there. Another purpose of this thread is to share the best AI tools you found to optimize your creativity in any area. This thread is meant as an extension of the ChatGPT thread already in the main forum, but focused on how to use AI in your career. As a composer, I started researching AI tools for music creation a while ago. After seeing Leo's blog post about AI yesterday, I decided to intensify my research and start actively using some of the tools out there. Most tools I found still seem to be very rudimentary and need a lot of tweaking to get right. Right now, I'm fooling around with . It's a bit like MidJourney and Dall-E, but for music. You can create music with it if you're not a musician as well. You can use it for free if you're not using the music commercially. It doesn't work with text input. I wonder if they can integrate this into it to make fast tweaks. My aim is to start using tools like these as idea starters, giving me basic track outlines in the style I want to create, and then tweak and personalize them in my music production software. I hope to increase my productivity this way at least by a factor 2. I'm already using some tools that can mix and master tracks based on presets and reference tracks, but they usually still need a lot of tweaking to get right. All and all, I think a human being will always be necessary to create that unique touch to music and other expressions of art, but as this technology is exponential, we will probably be surprised by what is possible within a couple of years. Recently, I had a conversation with an AI scientist who is also a musician. He was very skeptical about the possibility of AI creating any high-quality meaningful music any time soon because there is an almost infinite amount of parameters to choose from. I think, however, that the improvements will be faster than we can imagine, so better start using these tools now. Looking forward to seeing how you use AI tools, and which tools are out there in all lines of work. Let's create that edge over the competition now by utilizing AI tools in the best way possible.
  8. I read the book "Caffeine Blues". The author did a meta-analysis of all research studies about caffeine and found that no study concludes that it is healthy. He also goes into how to best cut caffeine. I'm a coffee junk at the moment. In the last couple of months I did a couple of attempts to stop, which worked. When I'm not drinking coffee, my energy level is more stable during the day, and I sleep better. I'm going to build off coffee again next year. When you do psychedelics, caffeine can have a negative effect with certain psychedelics.
  9. There has been research into calorie restriction. From my memory, mice that were fed 20% fewer calories than they would usually take, lived way longer and more healthily. In practice, this can look like intermittent fasting and eating whole foods.
  10. I like the chords, nice and quirky. The melody could assist the chords a bit more I think. Look at the chords you are using and try to find scales (or modes that fit nicely with that)
  11. Here are two female spiritual teachers I like: Are there more? I enjoy their way of communicating
  12. Nice, this has potential! A couple of pointers: You could try to record the chords again, and then panning your two chord tracks left and right, this gives a nice stereo image and gives the melody in the middle more room to tell it's story The guitar bass notes in the intro sound nice, I'm missing those in the section where the melody comes in. An extra guitar playing only bass notes could work well. The melody and pads are in the same frequency range. The pads could maybe sound a bit fuller, by adding more notes, or more layers to the pad. The track ends a bit suddenly, maybe try to add a little outro section. pm me if you want to discuss in further detail.
  13. I think I get what you mean. Conspiracy theories like Qanon and David Icke's stuff tend to demonize the elites of society, dehumanizing them by painting them as satanic blood-drinking pedophiles. If that's not demonizing, I don't know what is. So, I would say, demonizing is definitely part of many conspiracy theories. For example, a conspiracy-minded person looks at the problem of the 1% getting richer and richer, and finds a conspiracy theory that explains how an evil group of people secretly rules the world. Instead of really investigating the problem and seeing its complexity and finding systemic solutions, this person can now blame somebody, feeling a false sense of life-purpose, without really taking responsibility for the problem.
  14. That's hard to say. Maybe start following some channels that talk about how to do a YouTube channel . TikTok might also be a good idea, as it's newer, so less competition.