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  1. @testimo I hate to say this but all i can here from your story is ME ME ME . You said you are married and, saying that you have no will to live is a little selfish, you have someone that made a lifelong commitment to you . Have you talked to him about it ? Are you happy with this marriage ? I was in a dead relationship once and, could not find the courage to end it because i cared and didn't want to hurt anyone . But eventually i realized that i am not responsible for anyone's feelings so, I ended and, it hurt at first but it felt so good to be free and gave me time to turn inward and fight my demons. Maybe you are not meant to have a family and be married or maybe not ready yet. My thoughts are with you and i am sure that deep inside you will make the healthy decision because your happiness is more important than anything. Best of Luck .
  2. @PsiloPutty I was in his shoes not long ago and, as much as I would like to believe that I am different now, I experience setbacks every so often. Don't give up on him because he cannot continue in this path for long, when he reaches rock bottom, he will start listening to you.
  3. Detox Juice recipe especially after drinking or eating Junk . a bag of carrots (about 6 or 7) 1 green apple 1 raw beet cut and peeled a thumb size ginger cut an peeled throw all in the juicer and feel great :-) I'm currently at 10% body fat .
  4. Hey man! Great job! on your short term goal, even though it might not seem like much but, moving out on your own takes a lot of courage . I moved out of my parent's house when i was about your age. Here are some tips and can share: Get ready mentally it can be lonely and hard at first because you will have to do everything on your own . ( could be a good opportunity to do more self development work) I would consider moving with a roommate since you re credit isn't that great. found great roommate living situation on craigslist I would try to move close to public transportation if you don't have a car. Get a job to support yourself and not rely on your parents so much. try to get in touch with your passions, what you enjoy doing and see if you can develop a career with it. Good luck on your journey and welcome to life brother ! You got this .