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  1. The more you feel good with yourself and inside yourself, the more people will feel good around you. The insight was brought also thanks to 2cb which I really recommend for socialisation work.
  2. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me a little bit of myself as well. Looking forward to try DMT
  3. @OBEler @Federico del pueblo You can know more here if you’re curious guys. I really agree with @D2sage about the fact that it really feels that you’re having a cleansing effect. I do not feel neurotoxins effects at all. I don’t feel that it is damaging my body in any ways. If I had to drink some good amount alcohol I would feel 1000x times that I’m damaging something in my body and brain
  4. I’ve been using psychedelics for the past 4 years now but only recently I tried MDMA for the first time in my life. To be honest it was one of the most terapheutic experiences ever. Molly completely opened my hearth and throath chakra ; showed me what it means to love, to be loved, to connect and to get intimate with someone; showed me how easy and natural it is to talk to strangers and how a lot of them love it when you talk with them; helped me to discover what is feels like to be authentic, genuino and not to have shame of showing one’s energy to the world. Thanks to molly I finally felt the love and belonging that was always there but that I wasn’t able to see due to traumas. So if you’re something like me, please do yourself a favour and try molly at least once in your life. It is truly a medicine, it can’t even be called drug. Hugs ❤️
  5. Designing an affiliate program around the life purpose course. In this way 1)all of your work will spread across the globe even more, helping mankind awakening in an orgy of love and wisdom 2) You’ll make happy a lot of salesmen and wannabe-salesmen who will have an opportunity to sell such a high value and transformative product
  6. Dear Leo, I've been following you for many years now and I find your work to be of exceptional value and wisdom, a real gift to humanity. This is why I have an important proposal to make you: Would you be willing to design an affiliate program around the life-purpose course? Why Excluding the fact that the spreading of your work would help humanity to awaken and discover love I am sure that there are a lot of wannabe salesmen or professional salesmen that would be ecstatic to sell such a high-value and transformative product instead of all of the junk we see around. If I myself for example had such an opportunity I would be full of joy and passion about the idea of making money by spreading your work and helping humanity to awaken. Looking forward to hear your opinion on this
  7. Hey guys, after some contemplation I created this basic blueprint to help me navigate the world of business. I was just wondering how complete you think it is and if you have some other elements that you may add: Here's the blueprint: The business system As long as you are a Human you can not avoid being in business ( so you better master it). Business is the mean trough which you can impact the world and have money in return. It’s helpful to view your business as an abstract entity separate from you es: Nike, Rolex, Actualized etc. Money is what comes when you sell one or multiple products or services that solve a specific problem that a person or group of people have. The amount of money you have is directly related to your mastery of these 4 basic elements of the business system: Product / Service The art of creating a product or service that solves a specific problem that a specific group of people have. Marketing The Art of putting your product or service in front of the people who would benefit from it. Brand The image your customers have of your business Sales The art of converting prospects in to clients The business psychology The success of your business is dependent upon your psychology. You have to start with the end in mind and be strategic: If you fail to plan, you are planned to fail. Every battle is won before it’s fought. The first reason for a business to fail is quitting when things get hard. Long-term thinking is crucial
  8. @LordFall I’ll check this out, thanks!
  9. Welcome guys, recently I started a Youtube channel where I share resources for personal and spiritual development. I'm starting to realize that the whole thing of building a creative business is no easy job, especially in the beginning phase I guess. For this reason I thought it would be highly beneficial to keep in touch if some of you guys have a Youtube Channel or are considering starting one as a basis for a Life Purpose. If it sounds great to you just let me know down in the comments or write me a private message.
  10. As someone who has been struggling with indecisiveness and overthinking ( and still is to some degree) what I can tell you is that one day you will just get sick of always dabbling and realise the pleasure of committing to something. One day you’ll probably realise that it does not really matter what you pick b, as long as there is some heart in it and you commit to it long term. Cause in the end I think all paths are the same, they’re all hard and full of challenges and obstacles. You’ll also probably realise at some point that it’s much worse to be in this dabbly overthinking mode then just actually take and do something no matter what that is. “ The Warrior knows that there are a thousand paths, and they all lead to the same way : death . So the warrior chides the path in which there is heart because it will be the most pleasant to walk” ( something like that)
  11. Whatching Leo's videos I have the impression that he puts a strong emphasis on thinking/contemplating i.e sitting in a room and just thinking for hours about various topics. But what is thinking? Does it actually make sense to sit in a room and spend all of these hours in this activity? Will it actually bring some concrete and practical benefits to life? Will it improve your career, dating, relationships, money situation ecc.? Thanks in advance for your perspectives
  12. Yes it’s completely possible, I need had my most profound and complete god realisation on 100ug . Set, setting, previous experiences with psychedelics, meditation practice, yoga practice, philosophy ecc. had a huge role in it. Another aspect that had a huge role in it was being able to completely surrender and let go, having a friend near me helped. Good luck ☀️
  13. Ego = beliefs = thoughts = actions = survival Boredom = you stop acting = you stop and observe yourself = questioning your beliefs, thoughts and actions = you questioning your identity = you dying psychologically and putting your survival at risk So ultimately boredom can be viewed as an ego self defence mechanism that protects you from looking inwards Of course Leo put it in a much more elegant and concise manner with the shark metaphor, but still I felt that this perspective might be useful as well
  14. Does it make sense for you to take psychedelics and go in god-mode states when you haven't even managed your survival yet?
  15. Does it even make sense to pursue enlightenment before you’ve handled your career and financial situation? I’m asking that because I’m 21 years old , I haven’t yet finished my education (diploma) whereas my pears at this age are already finishing university , I live with my mother and I don’t have a penny (so my objective “real life” situation is not that great.) Recently, during an lsd trip , I had a huge enlightenment experience where I realised that I am god dreaming up the whole universe including Leo , an so on. I realised that it was all just me, it was all just GOD playing hide and seek with himself. That was actually an amazingly liberating experience because right after that, among other things, for some days I entered in this deep zen / taoits non-action like state, where I was free of any suffering because i was totally present and totally with the flow of life, every action was effortless and everything seemed to be perfect, it seemed like if I could be able to stay in that state forever every problem would automatically disappear , or at least the problems would still be there but my approach to them would be totally different But now a week passed , the ego backlash kicked in and it seems like I’m at the same point where I was before the trip: anxious, confused and penniless At this point I wonder if it even makes sense to pursue enlightenment with psychedelics , at such a young age and without having your career handled down. For those of you who are more experienced then me, what do you think about it? : Is it possible, and does it make sense to just go the hard way with psychedelics and unlock that zen / non-action taoits like state 24/7? And then from that state your career and all the other things will just happen naturally and spontaneously Or would it just be more wise if I handle down my survival first and do not use enlightenment and psychedelics as a way to escape from my everyday problems and responsibilities ? What do you think about it ? Thanks in advance <3