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  1. Hey @nick96 how is it going now ? Im asking because I’m in a similar situation too
  2. The path of least resistance by Robert Fritz It introduced me to some very unpopular systemic thinking approaches. It really improved the way I see and manage my daily problems and decisions
  3. The purpose of the question is to understand if it is possible to logically and empirically demonstrate if we are separated from reality or not. Ultimately this is me being curious if non dualism is empirically and logically demonstrable.
  4. How can I be sure / demonstrate that I am separated from reality? Can I demonstrate this or it is just impossible to do? What do you think?
  5. Hey guys, for those of you that are very productive and like to go trough the day doing a lot of tasks, what time management system do you use?
  6. Hey David, how is it going now? Are you taking notes or not? I'm asking you this because I'm having the exact same doubt
  7. Hey actualizers. After watching Leo's video about the commonplace book , I started using One Note as Leo suggested in the video. My results after using it for a while are amazing! It increases your productivity, organisation and creativity to a really pro level. So I really recommend it to you all For those of you who are already using it and want to increase their productivity even more , her's a really useful video about using One Note effectively that I found:
  8. For me reading this single quote had a tremendous impact on this matter: It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop -Lao Tzu
  9. This is what happened to me during the 5 meo peak: As I was laying down with my eyes closed and my body was dissolving, I had this really really vivid fear that was showing me that I was a sort of heroin addict that assumed this substance and that now he’s in bliss because he overdosed and he is going to die. The fear also showed me that actually I’m deluded as fuck and I’m thinking that I’m doing this spiritually but I’m just a desperate addict that was so deluded with this whole spirituality thing that he overdosed on this “spiritual” substance to the point of death. now I don’t know if I explained that properly and if you understood it, because this sensation that I have before and ego death is really hard to articulate to me. And btw it happened to me even with lsd and also something similar to this happened with weed, it’s a recurring pattern of mine Why do you think I have this fear emerging in me? Do some of you experience something similar to this ? Do you think I have this fear due to all the cultural influences that I had ? Maybe because of films like “train spotting” and “ we children of Berlin zoo” Thank you for your responses
  10. Hey actualizers little introduction I’ve been meditating for 1 year , one hour a day. A week ago I started my Kriya Yoga practice , following the instructions given from the book that Leo suggested in his video about Yoga. At the second day of practice , when I started doing the Ujjay Pranayama (ocean breathing) i had some light involuntary spasms and shaking in my feet. In the next days I started to have this spasms all over the body and with both the respiratory practices ( alternate nostril and ocean breathing). So after the second day it became an habitual thing. extraordinary results At first i was happy and very excited because I saw this spasm as the body releasing some trauma. In fact from the second day of practice I was starting to notice some huge spiritual effects ( which was very extraordinary and exciting for me because I never had some huge effects like that in a sow short period of time ): - the reality and the beliefs I had attached to reality and to myself were becoming more “fluid” like a psychedelic sort of effect but lighter and distributed all over the day - during the day i was feeling more light and my body was feeling more “energetically clean” again like a sort of psychedelic effect -i was able to feel my emotions much more as I usually do , so I was able to be more in the present - I felt generally more “unlocked” as an human being - every night I was having a lot of vivid dreams , dreams in which I was meeting my father and stuff like that , dreams that were obviously coming from my subconscious to tell me something from me or repressed emotions that were releasing themselves The problem The problem came after something like the fourth day of practice . While sleeping i had a lot of vivid nightmares , I felt a presence that entered in my room and touched my head and I had a sleep paralysis that scared the shit out of me and didn’t let me sleep . My fear at this point was that I would have this stuff going on every night and the more I were going to do the practice the intenser it would become, so I decided to check if there was something wrong with the practice Moving the energy / solution That morning I read the book again and I discovered that the point of the first practices was to open your respiratory/energetic channels and most of all to be able to put awareness on the energy moving trough your spine. At this point I tried to do the practice again but this time I became extremely aware of the energy moving trough my body. In being aware of this energy I recognised that maybe I was being to violent the first days and that I was not distributing this energy properly while performing the breathing. So I started to be extremely aware of this energy and I started to move it in a very gentle, precise and controlled manner. In doing so I was able to calm the body and avoid the shaking everything seems ok but... The next night I had no problems and the situation seem resolved, however now that I am not making my body go in spasm mode I don’t have the nightmares but I also don’t have the other beneficial effects that I listed before, it seems that I am still having them but in a very lighter version My question to you Are this spasms normal? Are they a sign of trauma release or are they a sign that you are doing something wrong ? Should I continue with the spasms and with the nightmares ecc or should I go without them and prefer those that seems to be the lighter effects? thank you for your answers and sorry for any grammatical mistakes
  11. @hyruga maybe... I already watched this video but maybe I have to watch it again , thank you .
  12. @Vittorio yes I completed his course , but it’s not the same thing. Maybe white following your heart he means intuition and maybe he already talked about that as @Osaid said
  13. Leo never talked about the topic of following ones heart ( at least I never heard something like that from him in an esaustive manner). Of learning how to use the heart as a kind of compass for life. I’m talking about a serious spiritual level skill. I write this here because I met a guy who is in stage turquoise that uses this skill. I was really impressed on how it’s useful to him , and how much results he is getting from it. I stared tu use it to , and even if I’m still a newbie on that I’m already having a lot of tangible results. What do you think about that ?
  14. So in my last lsd trip i finally experienced my first ego death , at least i think it was. ( Before you start reading .... sorry for my bad english, i'm trying to improve it , i hope you will undestand anyways) When the acid peaked in i was lying in my bed in a dark room with some meditation music playing. I relaxed myself and let go. What i've experienced on the other side of letting go is very difficult to explain in concepts. I was experiencing a sense of infinity + love + some fear due to my ego not completely dissolving i guess. I interpreted this infinity as the Christian god. I suddently felt like i understood the Genesis that i read the day before in the bible ( it was the first time i was reading the bible just for the sake of curiosity , i'm not a follower of any particular religion). So i felt like understanding the Christian god , i felt the love , the omiscence and the infinity trough wich the Christian god is described. I felt like all the description used in bible and in other spiritual traditions where nothing but methapores to describe the infinity that i felt that day. Also at a certain point of the trip i was experiencing this two energies that was comunicating toghether in this infinite field of emptiness, it seemed like it was god comunicating with itself. There was nothing but this two energies comunicating in a non verbal way. In the middle of the experence i get up excited and wrote down my insights on a piece of paper for fear of fogetting them. i wrote the following sentences: " There is like a superior force that is guiding all of us" , " It's like the human species is a unique mind with the same sufferings and the same problems" , " It's like in the most intimate parts of ourself we are all connected to eachother" " It all boils donw in how much you can incarnate that "light" that i've experienced" After the experience i felt like understanding why San Francesco and people of this kind dedicated their lives to love on to helping poor people. I felt like they had the same experience and understood that the only way for ending suffering was to manifest God trough inconditionate love on this earth. In the next days i've experienced a massive ego backlash that i'm still experiencing. So what do you think about this experience? Do you think it's a good start? Do you think i should continue with psychedelics or that now i should just do sober practice to enlightment? I ask you that because this experiences are very hard to deal with the days after due to the ego backlash . Also my fear is that I become nihilistic and I lose all the interest in the ordinary reality and that I become a sort of “non dual addict “. Thank you for all your responses
  15. @Bronsoval what do you mean by complacency ?