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  1. Yo, be careful with how you use your wordings. I think consciousness WILL be mainstreamed, craving masters of consciousness to skillfully DEAL with the projection of guilt, through the use of creativity and authentic embodiment. NEVER believe that consciousness can't be mainstreamed. You see, it limits your options of creative mastery.
  2. @Brittany Thank you, that's a beautiful response. I guess the more we identify with the ego (beliefs boundaries, etc), the more likely we are to feel negative emotions as it's unavoidable if other people around you also are identified with their ego's. I guess the only ones who can get away with feeling more of the "power", and less of the negative emotions when it comes to identifying with the ego, are the people who would be in total control over a situation which makes them perceive themselves as the most powerful around. Gosh, people can SUFFER. Thank you for adding ownership to the equation. I am jealous of other people owning cool experiences... I also wanna own cool experiences. I want to experience stuff, put stuff into memory. I don't know why I want that. I don't feel like I need it, but I want it. Who do we want to own different parts of reality?
  3. Mechanics of Jealousy (Not Jealousy as in sexuality) Preface: I Sat down to visualize, then I got calling to smoke some weed. Before I smoked the weed, I took a conscious decision to do it, meaning I went through the consequences and my intentions. I wanted to experience the difference in visualization when high on weed or not. I also had a quarter of modafinil in the morning. I started visualizing about my ex, and of the particular incidents of when I jealous of her as she told me of something I interpreted as her having achieved (she specifically told me of a spiritual experience of hers. I investigated the memory I had of what I thought about and how I felt in that moment and based on that, I went to write about my insights, and here they are. So, please add to this or correct me if I'm wrong. Jealousy is all about what the ego wants. Longing would be there if it would be a true need, but when it comes to wants, Jealousy is felt when another person has what you desperately want. If you didn't need or want what the person has, and you love the other person, you will feel either celebratory emotions or pride or both. When the ego wants something, it gets jealous if another person has it, but to have the jealousy survive, it has to be unconscious. It's made unconscious using projection. Using projection means that you'd never think you are creating your own jealousy, that your jealousy is untenable, but you will rather think that your jealousy is out there in the world Jealousy is quite limiting. If we are jealousy, we are also unconfident in our abilities and path towards what we want. We are also in a need for love, which manifests itself in egoic wants. Jealousy = Need for love & self-esteem. Jealousy survives using projection because projection makes jealousy more tenable. Self-esteem is what determines how aware you are of your true needs, if you are unaware of your true needs, it's much easier for jealousy to become tenable - because of the lack of a true reference point (of what your true needs are) to limit the self-deception potential - a lack of security which allows for more reasons for projection to pass. The more jealous, the more unaware you are of your true needs, thus the more insecure you are about fulfilling them. The more you are jealous, the less capable you are of having/getting love for yourself. Jealousy indicates to you what you want, investigate what you want, and discover what you truly need. Getting Jealous of other people's success entails that you want success as a way to fulfill an underlying need, entailing that you are unconscious of why you truly want success. You "needing" success means that you are unconfident in your own abilities to meet your own needs (?). What you truly need is always, and only, love; and its more direct forms. If you keep experiencing jealousy, it means that you have not made the jealousy go away by either: Fulfilling your wants Fulfilling your needs Being on conscious track of fulfilling your own needs Being conscious enough to see the mechanics of jealousy and its untenableness. Combinations of above You can become conscious enough to see how your own jealousy works, and see that you are fabricating your own jealousy, making yourself feel bad. This makes the jealousy untenable and so it disappears. The opposite to this is to be unconscious of how untenable jealousy is, as you project the jealousy in the successful attempt of making it credible, "out there", "solid", and valid. So, by overview, if you are feeling jealous, you have unmet needs of love which you are unconscious of having as you veil them with wants (attempting to formalizing your needs and shaping them according to your web of beliefs), this entails that you are insecure about meeting your needs & wants because you have not found a way to fulfill them yet! You are also not seeing through the jealousy to regard it as self-fabricated, so you are most probably projecting your jealousy onto others, This is one example of why consciousness = Love. And jealousy = a selfish, unconscious emotion - in the emotional spectrum of selfishness & unconsciousness vs selflessness & consciousness. For Jealousy to exist, a certain amount of self-deception has to exist as well. The emotion of longing lies in between of these, where longing occurs if you regard your wants as accurate to your true needs and, that you are confident in them being achievable for you, but you have yet to fulfill these needs, and the mechanics below triggers the emotion for you. The highest form of jealousy is pride (for another). The emotions "getting higher" the more consciousness and love is mixed into the situation triggering either of these emotions of pride and jealousy; Where the basis of a situation structurally includes: Trigger: Someone else whom you relate to, which has accomplished something you regard as positive and something to be had.
  4. Mister. One of the biggest insights for me when it comes to making my day game (hooking girls) much more fun is to just hang out with them. So, having the intention to get laid, and to give off that vibe actually limits you unless you can hide it. Best thing is to solve it so much as possible external of getting laid: sexual energy transmutation, nofap, good social life, exercise, goals, etc. It seems to be very attractive for women to have a man talk to her, giving off a vibe to her that he doesn't need her, he wants to see if he wants her, and he is chill, content, and opposite to desperate. Many men on tinder give of the vibe of being desperate. It repels many women. I don't think that quality women would spend time watching their phones and swiping through pictures of desperate men. I don't think you would prefer swiping through images of women while sitting home at your couch, over, being out there and approaching the hottest girls on the street; just having fun, just relaxing and chatting with some hotties. You even got the sun shining there! Cmon, get out there!
  5. That is some good stuff. Really good content for visualization. Holy hell. New insight I got from this: Be chill, don't give too much attention, and hang out with her. Just talk to her. I wanna do more of this, actually gives a good self-image and would be quite relaxing. Talking to girls... hot girls James is awesome, feeds that imagination.
  6. Imagine walking up to a hot woman, without fear. Your belly tell you that you should walk up to her, interrupt her as she is talking with her friend, and tell her that you think she is hot and that you would like to get to know her (). Fucking imagine being a superconductor of your divine playfulness, whitty as if you had direct access to a library of whit. The thing with matching your lack of fear, with whatever you authentically want to do, out there on the streets, with hot girls all around you, for me, is to keep listening to that inner voice that tells me what I want to do, and just to do it. Just do it. Over time, the brain rewires, and there you are, standing there with a girl, looking her deeply in her eyes, feeling her heart, making her wet. Visualize this! Actually visualizing this helps. Visualize yourself walking up to girls in scenarios which are just unacceptable, such as her sitting with her family in a restaurant, and you just walking into that restaurant, taking a chair, sitting down beside her and telling her that she is hot and that you would like to get to know her. If visualizing this makes you nervous, GOOD!! Rewire that brain.
  7. @Leo Gura @flyingwhalee Perfect timing; guys, check this one out
  8. @Clvp That filter is probably better than the Kangen ones. But I think the 2 for the Kangen machine is enough. Its enough. Plus, getting rid of the acidic water also flushes out some more bad stuff out of the water. The main thing though is not to filter the hell out of the water. The main function of Kangen Water-producing machines is to structure the water, produce molecular hydrogen (make negative ORP), and ionize the water so it becomes more alkaline. And THAT is good for the body, its antioxidant and hydrating. Could probably combine that Pristine Hydro with the Kangen water Machine, that would be some GOOD STUFF.
  9. @Mada_ What I have heard: No, the marketing system does not benefit anybody "at the top", its more like an 8 point system, every sale gives 8 points to the distributors, level 1-6 gets 1-6 points, but it goes bottom up, including indirect sales too. But 8 points distributed for every sale. 8 points being in total 2000€ of the machine that costs around 4500€, I dont know about the other ones. Rest of the money goes to producing the machines and to benefit Enagic. We can say that the pyramid is of 6 levels, but the bottom ranks are always prioritized to get their part before the higher ranks. This is the distribution system that replaces advertising. You become a distributor by buying a machine. I am a distributor, but Im not here to sell a product, just to make you aware of it. By intending to sell, I will modify my behavior in a way that I actually dont like so Not Here, Not Now. I respect you guys. But the most effective method distributors have found is through social media networking, adding friends and such, inviting them to presentations about "water" and "financial freedom", so I went to a presentation and got hooked by the idea, bought the machine myself to feel the effects, and it worked wonders! I feel that a future strategy for me to distribute these high-ticket machines is to embody the energy levels authentically and let people come to me asking me for my "secret". At least it feels better than playing dishonest games of trying to sell someone something.
  10. I still think that the water will make a big difference in energy levels for sure. Its pretty hard for the body to stay optimally hydrated in todays world and lifestyle (specifically if we drink tap-water) and so by having water that easily hydrates the body is a great technology. Turning our bodies optimally hydrated does SOO much for the bodily fonctions. Energy levels will be significantly increased. That is my simple grasp on this, and I love to keep it simple, but I cant convince a scientist... Although I have gotten considerable effects so far in terms of energy levels compared to tap water. Its like my body is hydrated. Of course, a hydrated body can suffer emotional depression and become tired in that sense, but hydration will basically raise the baseline. This is how I see it: Naturally, optimal hydration is achieved with the help of regular water (clean) if we first get completely detoxified from dirty stool in our intestines and toxins from our body through alot of water fasting, while being out in nature, close to earth and sunlight. Maintaining a diet of ripe tropical fruits. But most people wont live that way. So lets replace the sun and nature with an electrical charge in the water and make the water more hydrating and antioxidant. So, by drinking this water, we get to feel more optimal in a not so optimal enviornment.
  11. The intention of this copy is to spread awareness of Kangen Water through the Forum. I am not here to affiliate Enagic to you for me to earn money, I am just here to make you guys aware of this as a possibility for your own benefit. Title of the letter: Possible solution for your health situation (DON'T DISMISS) - Hello Leo. First, a thank you for doing all the work you do, your information has been crucial for my process for building a solid foundation in my life going forward. Now, I am also a health junkie. I know you are open-minded, I know that you will want to try anything that seems legitimate to solve your health situation. If you have not heard about this, this may be something that will REALLY help you. I am very sure that you have not heard about this because I have had this machine for 2 months and it is working WONDERS. It's almost just as important of technology (today) as Psychedelics. You just can't have heard of this yet, otherwise, I don't think you would have such health conditions. And so, I think Kangen Water is something you should start researching ASAP. Kangen water produced by a machine called Leveluk K8 (the best one), which is patented by Enagic. I have reached out to Loren Lockman, asking him to contact you and give you his advice, maybe he told you a thing or two about hydrating the body. I don't think Loren is aware of Kangen Water, and I'm reaching out to you first to make you aware of this. Please dive into it. An overview: Kangen water is produced with the help of the main machine, and optionally external water filters. The main machine contains 1 water filter, 8 titanium plates (depending on the machine model), and 1 tank for multi-use of cleaning/mineral additive/electrolyte enhancers. Basically what the machine does is it will make use of water pressure to filter the water using the two filters (in my case as I have bought the external one), then the water will run through the medically graded (in Japan!) titanium plates which will be charged up with high voltage electricity (this does all the wonders to the water), then the negatively and positively charged waters that result will be separated and we will drink the negatively charged one. This produces water that is structured, alkaline, and ALIVE!! Charged up with healthy electricity (so to speak), and structured so that the water can access the cells much easier, it also produces molecular hydrogen in the process which is very antioxidant. Brother, I have not done the depth of research to educate people about this, but if you dive into this, you will notice that Enagic's system of distributing these products is similar to MLM, but not really (I don't know the term), but it's like Direct person sales. Thing is that the people who distributed this to me were very passionate, resonated with my heart and they had a lot of energy. I bought the machine, drinking the filtered and ionized water for soon 2 months now, and MAN, IT'S FUCKING AMAZING!!! Gosh, I don't know how to describe it, but I don't get tired, my body feels good, my mind works ALOT BETTER. (I ate a lot of raw food, very clean diet before introducing this water into my life, getting these benefits on top of it all). The best thing about this machine is that it structures the water and charges it; so that your body won't have to do it. The body is supposed to be exposed to sunlight ALOT, free from wifi and radiation, eating fruits, and having the feet close to the charge of the earth. Or, we can sit at home, have a Kangen Water machine, and let the machine do the work of supplying electric charge and structured water for us, this is done JUST by exposing filtered water to high voltage. IT'S AMAZING. Compared to this water, tap water is crap, but you have mentioned that you drink spring water which has the only problem of not being structured and changed. Bottom line, this water keeps your body hydrated and alive. Leo, if your body becomes fully hydrated and alive, I know how much this will do for humanity. Please Leo, Please Please consider this, research this, I want you to become energetic, and keep changing the world. with purest of love /Jean-Igor
  12. Dude, it wont destory you body if you do it right. You can break your arm by if you have improper technuiqe in Karate. The fear of hurting your body shouldnt be a concern for you, just feel for the proper technique.