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  1. Postmortem* What do you think about the title? Knowing what for example kind of wasted most of ones life away, from many; can surely be incredibly insightful for society at large.
  2. @Leo Gura I understand! And I love the mastery of relating to others. And when I do so, I know and clearly distinguish that which is my thoughts of other people's subjective experiences and my actual subjective experience of them. I think that it is important to draw this distinction in order to more clearly define for oneself what is directly true from what is indirectly so (true). With kind regards!
  3. @Leo Gura I honestly think you are "diluting yourself" (so to speak), about this. I do not know of the subjective reality of others unless I subjectively am them. I only know of my own subjective experience of others, which sometimes is presenting that which other people express through or in use of their own subjective experience. Do you understand what I mean so far, or do you perhaps want me to give you more examples about this notion? With kind regards.
  4. BUY TIME! BUY TIME!! BUY TIME!!! Live as cheaply as possible while being as healthy as possible (figure it out, if you wish); and MASTER LIFE. Invest all your time in following your soul's purpose or FOLLOW YOUR HIGHEST: EXCITEMENT, PASSION, AND JOY (if that is what you wish to do); at all times, to the best of your ability, taking it as far as you can until you can take it no further, with zero expectations as to what the outcome ought to be:
  5. @Leo Gura I agree, so may I summarize the idea here that I think you are expressing; that one may preferably take into account what one-self knows about what are the clear signs that appear in one's own reality; of what certainly may be the experience of other people's reactions. In this way, I may, so to say: be scientific using my own subjective experience (my truth) directly; rather than what I think other people's thoughts are (which I am sure would be more of an illusion or "indirect[ion]"; although with truth in it: in my subjective experience). Yet that would in such a case have my energy be spent on creating such thoughts or illusions, rather than focusing on expressing myself fully; if that is what I wish to do. I think many people believe that they have to think of what other people are "certainly" (so to say); thinking of them, yet perhaps this requires "too much effort" (so to speak), and by that I mean that it may limit one's own self-expression to invest or divest energy on doing so.
  6. @Leo Gura Hello. You seem to imply an error here that in normal conversations with others, one ought to take responsibility for what other people's reactions are; while it is usually the case that I do not even know the reasons to why they appear for the other person unless I fully am them. If you wish; please remember that in social interactions, one might place one's focus on what is being expressed by oneself and only that. Because we can feel for ourselves if something is coherent with our truth or not, and even if the truth in question was accurately described or not. I only take responsibility of that which I express; where I focus mostly on expressing my truth clearly, rather than diluting my focus with what might me speculations about what other people thoughts are of me.
  7. Hello @Leo Gura. Be careful there.
  8. Hello @Leo Gura! I regard the information you share as being highly valuable for society. I am very grateful for what I have so far reviewed (most of it); of what I know is your work. Here are some of the problems or optimal transformations to make; that I see for Actualized.org and the forum it concerns: In the forum, there are; thousands of posts and only 14 categories to fit them all. This results in making it hard for me to find certain posts in the “ocean” of posts that are in one general category. It is hard for me to determine the quality of the posts due to the quality of the thumbnail for the posts being quite uninformative; where the thumbnail can be more than just this: A title, the name of the thread creator and the date on which the thread was created, when the last post was made and by whom, how many replies and views a thread has, and the optional tags of; “Hot, Featured, Locked, Pinned”. Instead, there can in my opinion be: A custom descriptive picture that the creator of the thread chooses for the thread. Certain types of tags (from 1-10) rating the quality of the thread in different ways such as; the general “quality requirement”, and the “general quality” of the thread itself; where this can give people an expectation of what is allowed to post in a thread (according to the “quality requirement”), and also if it is worth reading (according to the “general quality”). Here are some more ideas for tags that can be visible (even only as symbols) as inclusions for thumbnails for threads; Comprehensiveness (being the rating of the quality or efficacy of the words being written). Information density (being the rating of the “richness” or “density” of the information that is in the thread). Poeticness (how artful or beautiful the sum of the content of the thread is). Thread length (being the amount of content that a thread has within it). There can perhaps be more tags that can also display (or stand for) the sub-topics that the main 14 categories themselves can be split into; such as having the thousands of threads that are currently existing; be more optimally divided into at least 100 categories (or tags). There can also be differences in the colors and even the size of the letters forming the titles of the threads in order to categorize them, where one idea that came to my mind when writing this is to in this way perhaps clarify the different stages of the spiral (from spiral dynamics) to which the thread relates to. In these ways of categorizing the information, it will certainly be easier for users to find the posts or threads that they prefer to read, and also identify the posts or threads which they don’t prefer to read. This will over time filter away “shitposts” due to people becoming more proficient at ignoring them due to the clarity of categorization (such as the tags above) being put in place for certain threads or posts to be found. There is more: I have noticed that the search function for the forum is roughly in my rating; 2/10 compared to the 10/10 that would be what Google offers with their search functionality (where the search function for the forum does seem to require the spelling to be exact, rather than approximate, and that the results are not sorted by certain kinds of relevance, with more to be said about that). I have noticed that the logo for the forum (as seen below) can be improved to be more representative of the meaning of the forum. Especially the font for “Self-Improvement” can be more stylish where the letters themselves can be more aligned and colorful. Also, instead of having a black background as implied on the top 1/6th of the frontpage for the forum as seen through my monitor, there can in my opinion be a more colorful background of even a symbolic image such as one from your “The Gallery Of Absolute Infinity” video (https://youtu.be/m7t75E2gCg8): And also, your “free email updates” has not arrived to me for about three years as far as I know. Also; there are radical differences between the meaning of all of these categories (buttons), yet they look very similar to each other in terms of the colors, shapes and fonts (as seen in the images below). My suggestion here is to make each individual “gateway” (or button) to be customized in its design to what kind of “world” (or webpage) it leads to. The same goes for this: Another request I have is for this text (as seen below) to instead contain the logo for the forum (now describing “Self-Improvement FORUM”) to be that, instead of “Actualized.org Forum” in order to make it more recognizable. Also, this part of the main page takes up so much space (which is seen below), where the space under the search box can for example be reserved for suggestions for browsing; such as a list of the categories your videos belong to, perhaps even with something similar to that which is the organized structure of the “playlists” page that is found on your Youtube channel page. And, the “log in” button can look to be more exciting or colorful (so to speak): And I also see it as appropriate that the same suggestion as above goes for the “create” button for the forum: Also, the design of this heading is “relatively primitive” in my opinion; because it uses the same fonts that describe the title of the discussion area to create a categorization for it; where some other kind of design can be what creates the categorization instead: And also, these logos can be replaced with representative images. Another suggestion I have is that you can in my opinion describe this text more professionally or appropriately using one of the words; “Subjects, topics, resources, etc” rather than the word “Stuff”. Also, there are many words describing one kind of “categorization”, where I see 11 words that are synonyms to describe one “field” or “area” (as seen in the picture below). Yet, there can instead perhaps be there one word describing the area itself, and 10 words describing the sub-categories within that area, which can somehow be accessible; perhaps through a bullet list below the general description of the area itself, or by having a “toggle heading” function just like in the app Notion, as shown here; " https://www.notion.vip/unwrapping-notions-newest-features/ ". Now. I have a grand idea for actualized.org and even the forum, which is to use the app or software called Notion to embrace (but perhaps not replace); all of the information that concerns actualized.org. I have tempered with building a commonplace book or such a database for all of my information ever since Leo released his video about it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wNk25KEBpw). I have diligently used Microsoft One Note (2011) for a couple of years, but then one day when I saw what Notion is, I realized quickly that the future of my commonplace book is to be used through Notion as it seemed to be a very promising app with features that One Note generally was lacking in. This made me start a construction project to have a ready-made system for all of my notes to reside in, where this database within Notion would embrace any kind of information that I can use in my life which is also digital. After having worked on the project for over 250 hours of focused deep work in total spanning over 18 months, I finally completed what I call the “Cortex” which is the structure of my notion systems today. I have not yet found anybody on the internet who has evolved database systems for Notion in similar ways where the information is much more interconnected; available (to be found), visible (in many ways); within categories that can embrace endless amounts of information (deepening to sub-categories of; sub-categories of main areas, and possibly beyond that). I know that Notion can function as a forum for many people to discover and unfold information in many new or innovative ways. A book has some sort of information categorization to it; being the title of the book, then the chapters, then the headings within them, and more. A commonplace book can in similar ways have its information be categorized and then read like a book, similar to how Wikipedia works, although it can also have a structure to resemble or be conducive to; how the mind most easily categorizes information, so that the structure can be mastered or “gotten used to”. In this way, a commonplace book can become a very powerful tool or extension of the mind. I intuitively know the power of the independently developed database systems I have created within Notion, where I see that It’s more efficient for the time being for me to develop myself spiritually before starting to use this tool because it can otherwise limit me if I use it improperly or without the information required to use it as efficiently as possible. As said, I see that my systems can be used in a way that efficiently “extends the mind”; and I see it as amazing that this can be done collectively within Notion, so as to say that the same systems that can extend the mind of the individual, can extend the minds of many or several individuals together in order to form a kind of collective commonplace book which can be structured as optimally as possible to fulfill the purpose of most efficiently making available to the collective the information that individuals need to find; perhaps through making the information very easy to find or browse with the use of tags in systemic ways, topic-categorizations, efficient visibility, sophisticated search functions, interconnectedness or interlinkages in various ways, and more! Leo, I am inviting you to share a zoom call or communications with me in similar ways so that we can together review these systems that I am talking about, and this will perhaps inspire you to use these systems for personal use, or perhaps for the forum in general if you wish. I will send you a private message with a link to this post, and also my private contact information so that we can communicate more easily going forward. I also wish to point out that I see myself as a highly developed human being. In this way, I see it as efficient for me to deliver information appropriately so that it efficiently facilitates or inspires change or aid for as many people as possible (towards joy)! For example, I think that Leo works more efficiently when a topic he talks about is heard by thousands of people in total, rather than just one individual off the streets (so to speak). And so for example when I take my time to write something of quality (of course) on perhaps a forum like this, then it is quite fulfilling for me to know that many people will review the information rather than “maybe the one individual that has created the thread”; and for my text later to be “hard to find” in the “ocean of topics”. Or (as a joke): it’s like instead of Leo filming a video like he usually does, he then translates the words spoken in the video into text format and then only posts the text to the forum, to then let the 2/10 search function do its part in fulfilling the task of presenting the information efficiently to as many members of the human race as possible. The reason why I’m taking my time to write this specific post is because I know it is highly efficient for the greatest good of all of life for me to do so. PS: You may know that you can add vision-logic to your use of words, such as how a painting can be described with a thousand words; you can use the aid of pictures or videos (that perhaps are AI-generated) to more accurately or efficiently represent the insights that you deliver within your videos. Thank you for everything, I am grateful for what is God.
  9. What about being intellectualization? Are not the masters aware of their own thoughts? May they also be aware that they themselves are the thoughts? How is "intellectualization" a negative correlative of consciousness? What is "intellectualization?"; is it the same as the thoughts which appear when we are creating art, or when we dance? Do those thoughts also negatively correlate? Is there a degree-spectrum to which certain thoughts are effective at negatively correlating consciousness? - What are the most conscious thoughts relative to the most unconscious thoughts? Check out this diagram mainly created by Dr. David R Hawkins (attached photo)
  10. Yes! Thank you for bringing up the trauma part where I do agree that self-doubt could stem from the fear of re-experiencing past trauma. Yet, I found a solution to the self-doubt + her turnoff spiral which you described, which is for the man in this case to be honest about his feelings of fear to her. If it was about walking up to her, he can walk up to her and at least say that he felt afraid of walking up to her and start talking about that. How turned on would she be if he honestly expressed his emotions all the way, all the time with her? Even the fear? What if the fear disappears after two minutes; as maybe she could've taken his hand, looked into his eyes and said "there is nothing to be afraid of, I won't hurt you". Why wouldn't she react that way? It's certainly possible. How would he know that he would get hurt? Is it truly logical? At least he can be logical with his fears, at least logical enough to be emotionally honest with her rather than emotionally repressed. If he is repressing his fear with her, then that might be more creepy for her than if he is emotionally honest, which could even be seen as attractive. In that way, he can be afraid (maybe from a trauma), and that's okay for her; if he is truly honest about it.
  11. @Leo Gura I interpret masculine desire here partially as what feels right to do in terms of a decision. An example in words: It feels right for me to walk up to this woman and tell her: 'it felt right for me to walk up to you'. Yet when we doubt our own apparent feeling of "intuitive sense" / "what feels right", it requires self-deception to convince ourselves to act otherwise than what feels correct for our being. When she sees you hesitate, she might assume that what you express in your hesitation actually feels right for you. Otherwise, why hesitate? Why is it appropriate for you to show hesitation? - So, the mystery for her, behind the reasons why you might hesitate can make her feel creeped out, because we naturally doubt something that feels wrong, such as when something seems suspicious/unclear. So, by the law of state-transference (a term used in "pickup"), if a man doubts himself for some reason, then a woman might "get the state-transference" and start doubting you/her 'for some reason', otherwise why would a man doubt himself? Self-doubt means self-conflict. Self-conflict is an inefficient state of being, whereas efficiency is attractive in any eyes. Efficiency is an attractive quality in many ways as depicted through the laws of physics and evolution. Being inefficient (in self-conflict) is non-existent in nature (except for humans), because every being is evolved through having had effective ancestors.
  12. Here is Chris Bache's official playlist https://chrisbache.com/FAQ-1
  13. I got a piece of very practical advice for you. Research Enagic (the Japanese company); which manufactures water ionizers. They have a marketing system which enables you to earn money doing teamwork to sell these machines to people close by. Water ionizers (filtering included), enable the body to be fully hydrated. Spread that, if you find purpose in that. Having a purpose is all about doing what feels right for you. Ask yourself this simple question: Dear divine, tell me what I need to know.
  14. @Intraplanetary If frequent DMT use can be "balanced" (integrated into lifestyle), then why not use it as such? Maybe not every day, from an economical standpoint. Although with the ability to spike habits such as meditation and visualization with DMT; I think we can present frequent opportunities to intuitively learn how reality works. I'm sure that Intuition maintains the balance.
  15. Nowadays for the past 2 months, I have been vaping DMT around every other morning before visualization. Just low doses after doing breathing exercises. It can definitely be integrated into daily lifestyle, if the lifestyle is kept supportive of such frequencies, and kept clean for such frequencies to flow. An example of such a supportive lifestyle is: Keeping the home clean and harmonious; the body too, our different areas of health, such as our financial health & more. If we can live in harmony with daily awareness, then vaping DMT every morning would be like brushing teeth. Just like how an enlightened master would not be thrown out of balance by anything; not even frequent DMT use. And so the tolerable frequency of using this lies within how happy we keep our lifestyle. A good calibration would be the difference between Hedonism & Eudaimonia. The hedonist would be less prepared to support daily use of nn-dmt/5-meo, than the one in Eudaimonia. Jesus Christ would definitely be able to handle dmt frequently. Just tell me, why wouldn't he? DMT is Love. How could frequent Love hurt; only for the ones who live their patterns in limited/destructive ways.