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  1. What about being intellectualization? Are not the masters aware of their own thoughts? May they also be aware that they themselves are the thoughts? How is "intellectualization" a negative correlative of consciousness? What is "intellectualization?"; is it the same as the thoughts which appear when we are creating art, or when we dance? Do those thoughts also negatively correlate? Is there a degree-spectrum to which certain thoughts are effective at negatively correlating consciousness? - What are the most conscious thoughts relative to the most unconscious thoughts? Check out this diagram mainly created by Dr. David R Hawkins (attached photo)
  2. Yes! Thank you for bringing up the trauma part where I do agree that self-doubt could stem from the fear of re-experiencing past trauma. Yet, I found a solution to the self-doubt + her turnoff spiral which you described, which is for the man in this case to be honest about his feelings of fear to her. If it was about walking up to her, he can walk up to her and at least say that he felt afraid of walking up to her and start talking about that. How turned on would she be if he honestly expressed his emotions all the way, all the time with her? Even the fear? What if the fear disappears after two minutes; as maybe she could've taken his hand, looked into his eyes and said "there is nothing to be afraid of, I won't hurt you". Why wouldn't she react that way? It's certainly possible. How would he know that he would get hurt? Is it truly logical? At least he can be logical with his fears, at least logical enough to be emotionally honest with her rather than emotionally repressed. If he is repressing his fear with her, then that might be more creepy for her than if he is emotionally honest, which could even be seen as attractive. In that way, he can be afraid (maybe from a trauma), and that's okay for her; if he is truly honest about it.
  3. @Leo Gura I interpret masculine desire here partially as what feels right to do in terms of a decision. An example in words: It feels right for me to walk up to this woman and tell her: 'it felt right for me to walk up to you'. Yet when we doubt our own apparent feeling of "intuitive sense" / "what feels right", it requires self-deception to convince ourselves to act otherwise than what feels correct for our being. When she sees you hesitate, she might assume that what you express in your hesitation actually feels right for you. Otherwise, why hesitate? Why is it appropriate for you to show hesitation? - So, the mystery for her, behind the reasons why you might hesitate can make her feel creeped out, because we naturally doubt something that feels wrong, such as when something seems suspicious/unclear. So, by the law of state-transference (a term used in "pickup"), if a man doubts himself for some reason, then a woman might "get the state-transference" and start doubting you/her 'for some reason', otherwise why would a man doubt himself? Self-doubt means self-conflict. Self-conflict is an inefficient state of being, whereas efficiency is attractive in any eyes. Efficiency is an attractive quality in many ways as depicted through the laws of physics and evolution. Being inefficient (in self-conflict) is non-existent in nature (except for humans), because every being is evolved through having had effective ancestors.
  4. There are different kinds of sugar. White Sugar / Honey / Starch I don't see sugar in of itself as harmful, only if the sugar is natural. That means honey or fruits. As soon as the sugar is heated up, there is created a substance called Acrylamide. Acrylamide is a toxin. Please do eat as many fruits as you want. The cells live on sugar. Make sure that you eat enough fiber with the sugar to balance out the insulin response.
  5. Here is Chris Bache's official playlist https://chrisbache.com/FAQ-1
  6. I got a piece of very practical advice for you. Research Enagic (the Japanese company); which manufactures water ionizers. They have a marketing system which enables you to earn money doing teamwork to sell these machines to people close by. Water ionizers (filtering included), enable the body to be fully hydrated. Spread that, if you find purpose in that. Having a purpose is all about doing what feels right for you. Ask yourself this simple question: Dear divine, tell me what I need to know.
  7. @Intraplanetary If frequent DMT use can be "balanced" (integrated into lifestyle), then why not use it as such? Maybe not every day, from an economical standpoint. Although with the ability to spike habits such as meditation and visualization with DMT; I think we can present frequent opportunities to intuitively learn how reality works. I'm sure that Intuition maintains the balance.
  8. Nowadays for the past 2 months, I have been vaping DMT around every other morning before visualization. Just low doses after doing breathing exercises. It can definitely be integrated into daily lifestyle, if the lifestyle is kept supportive of such frequencies, and kept clean for such frequencies to flow. An example of such a supportive lifestyle is: Keeping the home clean and harmonious; the body too, our different areas of health, such as our financial health & more. If we can live in harmony with daily awareness, then vaping DMT every morning would be like brushing teeth. Just like how an enlightened master would not be thrown out of balance by anything; not even frequent DMT use. And so the tolerable frequency of using this lies within how happy we keep our lifestyle. A good calibration would be the difference between Hedonism & Eudaimonia. The hedonist would be less prepared to support daily use of nn-dmt/5-meo, than the one in Eudaimonia. Jesus Christ would definitely be able to handle dmt frequently. Just tell me, why wouldn't he? DMT is Love. How could frequent Love hurt; only for the ones who live their patterns in limited/destructive ways.
  9. @JosephKnecht Defining substance is like for a ball point pen to describe ink on a piece of paper. The ink in of itself is substance, then if you write with the ink "ink <--", that's a representation of ink, but not "more" accurate than just directly seeing substance. Substance is already as close as can be. It's nothing other than you. Although substance tries hard to describe itself, an efficient antidote would be to stop describing, but just be what represents. Be the substance of representation. Find yourself being, substance itself.
  10. We can create anything. Anything. We have free choice to do so. Free choice is loving design (we can get anything we wish) . Intelligence would always do the most loving choice. The most intelligent choice is love. Infinite intelligence = infinite substance = infinite love. We have free choice to do anything we wish. It's lovingly imbued in our intelligent design. And what are we doing now? Truly?
  11. Let's forget our beliefs for a moment, especially the belief that "God can't be spoken". What I will do here is refer to your own direct experience to describe infinity, in this way, you can anchor infinity yourself, and see it in direct experience. Forget what God is, forget what anyone told you, just for a moment; you open your mind for this thought experiment. Thought Experiment: Substance You are conscious. Right? Let's agree on that. You are conscious of "reality". Let's agree on that. Reality is here. As whatever is "reality" it's made out of a substance. And you are conscious that there is a substance here. Let's agree on that. If there is a substance, let's define substance. What is the substance that can take all of these shapes and forms? "The substance of reality" can take on many forms. Sometimes it appears as a computer screen, or other humans, etc. It's even possible for us humans to construct/invent almost infinite amounts of the form (such as in sculpting), so what do you think would limit the substance from being any form? Why would the substance be limited in any way of taking "particular forms" but "not other particular forms". What forms can't substance take, and why? How do we know? Can we agree that substance has unlimited potential in what forms it takes? The solution here is that we can't think up a form that doesn't exist because there would appear a thought of that form, and that would be a representation of that form's existence. When we think of an object that "can't exist" (therefore substance can't take all forms), it would be a lie. Because that object actually appears to be taking a form, as a representation, a thought. The solution is that we can't think up a form that doesn't exist, therefore, reality has no reason to be limited. For there is no mechanism that can limit it, other than illusions such as "thought representing 'something that doesn't exist' while not seeing that the representation exists in of itself". So let's agree that Substance is unlimited in it's potential to take on any form. If Substance is unlimited, then substance will unify with its potential. Potential means "the possible forms that substance can take". But if substance has infinite potential of shaping itself into any form, then substance will inevitably be all these forms. Because nothing limits substance from achieving it's potential. Because if substance can take on any shape, that by definition means that substance is unlimited in it's freedom to do so, which means that it will eventually happen. Let's agree on that substance can take on any form, and is already doing so. This is where time comes into the picture. Time is here for substance to experience itself. As substance already exists in it's infinite and unhindered potential, then substance will be just in the shape that reality is for you right now. In your reality there are a bunch of colors, sounds, feelings, sensory stimulation, time, thoughts, maybe more. This is because substance can take on any form, and is already doing so, therefore your experience must exist just as it is right now, as there is nothing hindering substance from existing just this way for you. And that included the experience of "time". What time is, is just a thought in your experience. The concept of "Time" doesn't exist if you don't think about it, because concepts require thinking to be held within substance. So, what is time when you are not holding a concept about it? Well, it's movement. It's change. Change is the way where substance can experience itself changing. For substance to take all forms (as it already does), it has to also experience every form, because every form that is possible must happen (as the substance of form is unlimited), and so the "experience" of "substance" "just like this" is possible, thus exists, and it's morphing, because substance is every possibility, and it can be limited to this experience, while also being everything all at once by maintaining limited but constant movement, where experience will morph to be everything. Let's agree that time is constant movement. Constant movement of substance, is a feature of the substance's unlimitedness, because constant movement (without end) guarantees that substance takes all forms "eventually". But it also garantuees that substance will be experienced as what it is. Let's agree that substance limits itself with endless movement of limited frames, so that it can experience itself as limited. This completes unlimitedness, because if total freedom cannot limit itself, then it's truly not totally free. Substance is by definition totally self-accepting. This is because substance cannot not be itself. Then it would not be substance. Substance must be itself, therefore, it's also self-accepting. Complete self-acceptance is inbued within every single one of substance's form. Yet with substance being unlimited in it's creative capacity, it can limit itself in it's unification with itself, but not totally. There will always be total self-accaptance within substance, yet it's potential to create, can create limited forms, that are inherently self-accepting, but may not appear as such. Substance does this by creating your sensory experience, with a lot of thoughts and beliefs, creating the illution of "being human", etc. All of this to limit itself, which is a feature of total freedom. Substance is always in existence. For there to be a substance here, it means all of these things stated above. Substance must be this way per definition; unlimited, timeless, totally free, totally self-accepting. Substance is immortal. Yet, substance can believe in death. Death is merely a feature of movement. As one frame passes, another one replaces. The first frame thus disappears (dies) to make life to the next frame (life). Death and life is thus the same thing. It's movement. As substance is eternally moving, substance is immortal. As it always dies by being alive, it trancends death. Death is life. Death is substance. Substance is beautiful. Death is ecstasy. Substance is beautiful, because intelligence is a feature of unlimited freedom of in shapeshifting potential. Intelligence must exist in infinite potential, because why would infinite potential be limited to not include intelligence? That cannot be, because substance would not limit itself to exclude any potential form, thus intelligence must exist as a feature of substance. Let's agree that any form that substance takes, is inbued with intelligent design. Every object has in fact infinite beauty, because every object has an infinite context, because it's made of an infinite substance, which interconnects itself through a singular shapeshifting timeline, which is eternal, thus "in the end" embodies every possible shape. And so, it's as if a part of the substance has an infinite history, and infinite "connectedness" to substance. Let's agree that the substance loves being human. Because substance would limit itself to being human, instead of infinite. Yet substance is infinite in it's limitation to human, but there is still a sacrifice made in "being human" rather than "infinite", and that is because substance loves being human, as the human experience is a divine experience. It's eternal - self-accepting - infinite potential - all experiencing - infinitely intelligent - one with itself. Substance is one with itself, because there is no reason for any part of substance to be limited. This is because the substance that grounds all of reality cannot be limited, and what actually limits, is the illusion that substance creates for itself which compartmentalizes certain parts of substance to be "split" into "sections". This is using infinite intelligence for substance to actually succeed at limiting itself, while it remains unlimited at the same time. For substance to be playing this beautiful game, in infinite self-acceptance, immortality, and infinite intelligence, limited & unlimited. Otherwise, substance couldn't be defined as substance, thus wouldn't exist. For substance to exist, it has to have features of Love. The substance is God. God is infinite; self-acceptance, intelligence, life; Love. God is love everybody! There is nothing to fear.
  12. @Natasha Amazing Boquet. It will last you a lifetime! Here is a poem I write called "To Maria" The rest of the time, I was not still, but when suddenly moved to a halt.. By the rest of the Love that I share, within the stillness of time, unmoved. In stillness, I saw my beautiful mind. Being still, in midst of winds. The long-forgotten stillness upon me, as insights form a beautiful mind. Now I know that Loving is still. For from stillness comes the relevant response. For stillness knows beauty Like the eye knows the bird; The Falcon knows the fish; only In stillness of the wind. In stillness, I saw you; Keep my mind, Flowering with Awe.
  13. I just want to knee-jerk react to this before having read the rest of your journal. Pardon if you need to repeat yourself if this is already answered (explicitly or implicitly), but your text begs the question: "Isn't 'I can't fall in love with her, or else...'" a limiting belief? Why would you to try to limit your natural inclination to fall in love and stay in love? For me at this moment, it's a defining question too. Yet, what if "falling in love" is a feeling that takes into account your circumstances, goes meta on rationality, and thus is actually the best for you, but maybe fear is doing the rationalization. How do you know this? Could you be missing out by limiting natural inclination? Maybe you have answered this. Also, when I read, I kept saying "thank you", because this is VALUE. Your descriptions are Gold for those who seek inspiration.
  14. @Insightful27 I'm 19. I have tripped and such since about 15. I'm currently slightly addicted to weed, where I have had certain awakenings using weed, which is one of my excuses fueling the addiction. I won't label this behavior "right" or "wrong" thus, because in the end, awareness is curative. Use your awareness too young man, use your intuition here. By having even asked for other's advice, you are opening up for other's authority to affect you, but althewhile, stay connected to your intuition. If it feels right to try, because you have actually sit down and pondered your situation, and considered the potential risks, and it still feel right, then go! That is your intuition knowing everything will be fine. So, the resource I will give you which you might want to consider to fuel your intuition is: If you are in a situation where your survival patterns hinges upon suppression of emotions, such as guilt, anger, grief, or if you eat a toxic diet, have an improper posture: All of these things will affect how the psychedelic will open your mind. See the psychedelic as a blood pressure; the more the pressure, the more blood to all veins, then the more clogs will be *hit upon* with more awareness. The danger is for you to suddenly be aware of many of your deceptions. So, being prepared to let go is a wonderful tool for any trip. Consider all your tools and potential risks, see if tripping feels right. Also, tripping means of course what dose you take, and you can of course start small.
  15. Guide for men: Grab a fleshlight, an anal vibrator or crystal dildo. Get naked. Attach the fleshlight to a large mirror. Or if you want privacy; on the bathroom wall with the shower water gently running down (blending the sounds). Take your preferred psychedelic aphrodisiac (mine is Weed). You can also aid with aphrodisiac scents Put on your speaker with your favourite sex music Begin foreplay: Touching body Taking that shower Looking into that mirror Gazing at the fleshlight Playing with the anal toy Fantasizing Now that you are horny, begin the sexual act with the fleshlight and/or the anal dildo. Make sure that you start slow. Avoid premature ejaculation. Aim for 1 hour. Incorporate Taoist/tantric breathing techniques; actively transmute the sexual energy using your conscious intent and breath. You can also moan (sounding). If you are using the mirror, make sure that you look at your body and muster full self-acceptance of your body and sexuality; feeling your sexiness. If you are using the shower, make sure that you are looking at your body from available angles; feeling your sexiness. Now when the breathing is semi-automatic: Let your fantasies run wild! I have done some sessions: While raising the sexual energy to my third eye -feeling gratitude- while manifesting my dreams of financial freedom. As if I fucked my visions; Pleasurable. Fantasizing sex with a potential partner (I'm single). Imagining myself fucking myself as if I were "The girl in the mirror". Imagining a perfect intimate partner to which I loved to give amazing levels of pleasure to. Vividly imagining (with the help of sexual energy) having sex with a beautiful partner (as if it were real because the mind can't tell the difference). Dominating her with my endless sexual energy, looking her deep into her eyes while dancing-thrusting to the music Alternative climaxes: Regular ejaculatory orgasm, enhanced when looking yourself into the eyes (in the mirror), or when vividly visualizing your dreams. Also enhanced by the vivid imagination of having simultaneous orgasms with your imaginary sexual partner. Energetic orgasm using breathing and tantric/Taoist techniques. No orgasms, just a closing gesture when you feel satisfied. If ejaculation: Sit with yourself for 15 minutes after the orgasm, to turn the post-orgasm boding moment inward for self-acceptance & self-love. //// This practice is likely to increase self-esteem: Through radical self-acceptance. Through psycho cybernetics of attracting a partner through visualization. Practising imaginary sex is no different from practising real sex - for the mind. Through mastering sexual transmutation thus building confidence in being able to last a long time in bed. Confidence in your ability to pleasure her. Through being able to radically fulfil your sexual desires solo, thus not needing a partner. Through potentially transforming PMO addiction into something more desirable and healthy. Through practising semen retention due to mastering sexual energy transmutation and weening yourself off from less pleasurable forms of masturbation such as PMO. Through connecting more with your feminine side, embracing it with love. = = = = = I once had such a powerful ejaculatory orgasm with the fleshlight attached to the mirror after 10 days of nofap, looking myself deeply into the eyes, in pure awe of the climax, while high in weed. Radical Love. A radical level of self-acceptance that significantly altered daily life.