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  1. Cute is a big compliment. BTW friendship is also a big compliment, and not at all an insult.
  2. In Non-violent communication, we would teach not to use blaming language, but to confidently speak your emotional experience. "When you leave wrappers laying around, and when you leave dishes in the sink, I am overcome with anxiety and annoyance. I need a clean living environment in order to feel at ease, happy, and respected. Can you please help me come up with a solution so that resentment doesn't build over this?" Try your hardest to avoid calling him a leech, but do tell him what behaviors are creating you so much distress.
  3. Sounds like a toxic person for you. I would be resentful too. Now you know. I hope you are able to find more compatible roommates or a studio next go around. I like having my studio, and have become really quite happy about literally having 100% responsibility about how it looks. I've seen cohabitations that are very tidy and peaceful, but I think this takes a lot of work and requires people to have already matured and stabilized significantly.
  4. @Moon Cute! So true too, my ears are super sensitive
  5. Hoping someone somewhere will benefit from learning "cooler" forms of sexual expression like sensate focus or tantric meditation.
  6. I agree with morning hours being the most productive hours, and should be used for the most important "hard" work. Other than that, if someone offers me good money for an appointment, and my bank account needs it, darn straight I will prioritize that! However, if I notice a pattern of certain types of appointments or certain times of day that don't work for me and cause me such anxiety that I start making mistakes and lose track of my healthy habits and the quality of my work goes down, then was it really worth the amount of money I gained? Sometimes it is, more often it isn't.
  7. At first, I thought, teach middle school or high school. When I am mentoring young people, I find it helps that I know what psychedelics are all about, but it also helps being able to gently steer the kiddos back to reality and grounded healthy habits like showing up to class on time, sleeping right, healthy relationships, etc. But then you mentioned you actually want to do more WITH psychedelics What about learning EFT? You can get certified to teach many different healing modalities. I am learning how to teach/practice Ayurveda at the moment. I've also taken the listener training at 7cups.com, which was super helpful to me as a massage therapist. The listener training was free.... There are many others you can pay for and not pay for too. Just throwing out ideas that might help!
  8. You sound like you have a great attitude! Kris Godinez on youtube helped me a lot. A really good therapist also helped me accept that I had to find another way and build up courage to make that happen. Talking to people on online forums and on 7cups.com helped. It's important to find places where you can keep your own nervous system calm and collected so you can think clearly about what you want and find your way without retaliating. For me those safe spaces were nature or my car mostly.
  9. He cooked me diner and started a puzzle with me beforehand, which I'm sure helped. Who says respect isn't sexy? I want to heal my CPTSD, and it scares me that men unconsciously believe that lying and cheating and hurting actually work. So I am coming out. No more shadow. No more self esteem stuff around sexuality. I know what I like, and really what I like is respect and slowness.
  10. I swear to god I have had intense orgasms with a guy touching every part of my skin that was not erogenous, even refusing to go too fast. I call it a respect-gasm. So much safety and trust! So much build up. Girls, have you ever experienced this or wish to? Guys, would you ever try this?
  11. This is such a complicated question. The obvious answers are: Contribute in a way that is already needed and you are already qualified. Have confidence that good work in this job will help you grow and feel good about yourself. Build skills a little bit at a time based on what seems most relevent and impactful over both the short and long term.
  12. @Carl-Richard dang
  13. What do you think this is? Hehe, sounds crazy... at least the microwave worked!
  14. Yes, thank you. Tiny action. I need to read that book "One Thing" and choose the one thing I can do literally right now that would make everything else a little bit easier.