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  1. In duality, for the apparent person, it's all quite interesting/fascinating, gives the apparent person experiences to chew on, while chasing there tail, maybe for a lifetime or lifetimes But, if you want to go beyond flashy, worldly experiences, then its Self-knowledge (to remove ignorance) of your true nature that's needed, imo. Vedanta teachings is one such way to remove ignorance.
  2. I don't think so, not that he named kundalini at least. I've read three of his books, listened to many YT videos over the years and cant remember him saying anything about experiencing kundalini. Also, I was on a E. Tolle forum for many, many years and don't recall anyone saying that E.T. mentioned any kundalini stuff happening with him. But, I could be wrong..?
  3. Thread title: "Is it actually possible to escape the wheel of death and rebirth?" The escape is the realization you were never born in the first place, therefore can not die and certainly can't be reborn. It's not some sort of soul emancipation from the wheel of samsara.
  4. Yup, very good! Good video also. "I am here", translation- " "I"- Awareness/consciousness, "am" exists, "here" everywhere" and we are that! 😊
  5. Does that make you feel better? Boost your ego just a bit? This forum doesn't allow name calling.
  6. Ah, nice to read this, after what u wrote and because he's such a truly nice person. I'm sure he will forgive you.
  7. 😂 So, you just want to use her.... so you can get off. If that's the case, be a decent person and ask if she's interested in a FWB situation, otherwise she may think u have intentions of making her ur GF when u dont.
  8. Um, is she not GF material? You just want friends with benefits?
  9. This is just a phase or stage, it will pass. "First there were mountains, then no mountains, then mountains again". You're at the no mountain stage. Or "Wisdom is knowing I am no-thing, love is knowing I am every-thing, in between my life moves " You need to realize that you are also every-thing and move between wisdom and love. Btw, several yrs ago, on another forum, I wrote a similar post (or similar intention) and I had titled it, "Tired of the play".... very similar to your thread title and I was having the same issue.