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  1. I've never taken a psychedelic, they aren't necessary, imho. As far as hell realms...oh my goodness, please chill out.
  2. I hate to be so blunt, but there's plenty of overweight, unattractive, zero-personality women out in the world. If all you want is a woman, I'm sure one, in one of these categories, would be thrilled! ...and if not, well, stop complaining about the women being picky and not wanting you for various reasons, because you are also being picky.
  3. @Emerald Finally, the voice of reason! I think these guys are having perhaps too high of expectations? I don't know, but the self pity is getting tiring. Join a meet-up group, date on-line, join a church function, something for crying out loud. Every month one of these threads pop up with the same ppl wallowing away.
  4. A sattvic diet can quiet the mind by balancing the guna energies within the body/mind allowing some a steady enough mind for Self-realization. For others, a specific diet it's not needed at all.
  5. Couldnt help myself
  6. Hi, I'm not a teacher. Actually, I'm even bad at explaining this stuff. But, I'll try. If I'm off, I assume Preetom will correct me.😂 Brahman is aware, but not of objects, as it's perspective (although it doesnt truly have one) is that there is nothing but it. However, Brahman plus mind is Jiva (apparent person), then is capable of knowing, perceiving, etc. Ego questions- yes, ego is reflected awareness, but so is all manifestation both subtle and gross. It's the mind that is aware of ego, not the ego aware of mind (ie, many ppl say, "my ego..."). Think of it this way, ego is the "I" thought within the mind. Also, it's mind aware of the bodily senses. Ego "can" realize its real nature is Brahman/awareness, once Self-Realization or enlightenment happens. It can process the information gained from the experience into Self-knowledge. If it could not there wouldn't be books written, YT videos, etc. of enlightened ppl teaching. It takes a certain amount of ego to perform such activities. Purpose of Self-inquiry: discrimination between whats real and what's reflected awareness and become Self-realized, know your true nature as Brahman.
  7. If you read my other post I was basically saying that once you are Self-realized you "don't" need the teachings anymore (shit what you've eaten). It's only worthwhile to discuss if helping someone else become Self-realized...or to understand the cosmos and how things work according to Advaita Vedanta.
  8. Um, lol, that was my opinion, not a guessing. My opinion is that- "I DON'T THINK I'M OVER THINKING" 😂
  9. @Truth Addict I assumed since I was recently posting that it was inferred. Yes, sure, go the no teaching route. Good luck with that...
  10. I don't think I'm over thinking. It seems that way to you and probably others, because they don't know the teaching. I'm not here to convince you to go the Advaita Vedanta route, the teaching is there for anyone not satisfied with their current teachings. It's thousands of years old and doesn't need a sales pitch.
  11. Thing is, once you know who you are, not just in thought. You can let it all go for your own purposes, but that doesn't really help someone else make the same Self-realization. Neo-Advaita only gets you so far in my humble opinion.
  12. Guess I'm one of the "you people", so I'll comment. The world appearance is a superimposition upon Brahman. Like the snake and the rope. Names and forms appear to be something other than Brahman itself. You discriminate in Vedanta, to distinguish between whats real and what's apparently real (or a reflection). However, Isvara (God) being also an appearance, therefore a superimposition, does presume the role of creator, sustainer, destroyer of the universe according to Advaita Vedanta. ...Isvara appears as it's own creation. So, whatever you see is an aspect of God "manifested"...but fundamentally the creation is really formless, attributeless, limitless Brahman. Just as the wave and the ocean are fundamentally water, but Brahman itself is forever untouched by any of it, such is why it can be called an illusion or dream.
  13. Advaita Vedanta is Self-knowledge. It teaches discrimination, between the real (You/awareness) and what is "apparently" real (your reflection). So you can know your true nature. The spitting of hairs regarding the creation of the cosmos is laid out perfectly in the teachings and taught methodically (by a method), so one has the full picture. Talking about it here is certainly not ideal if one wasn't taught Advaita Vedanta by a skilled teacher, because I find it creates confusion, even if it's ultimately the truth.