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  1. Also, my best advice, don't be a shallow Hal douche bag. You might get some sex, but you won't find someone to love. Work on some personal development stuff, get some new clothes and hair cut. Approach women you like, that you would like a date with and be genuine when you talk to them. Good vibes go a long way.
  2. I think its bullshit tbh. I looked for guys that I found cute and that had something about their personality that I liked. Good chemistry doesn't hurt either. None of that had to do with "alpha" vs beta. Also, if a guy treated me like shit or talked to me like they were Gods gift, they got kicked to the curb.
  3. @Annoynymous I never heard of red pill until this forum. I may be mistaken, but most seem angry towards women. They say a lot of angry things. Guess they can't get a women, so they are mad. I think they think an alpha male is aggressive, which isn't necessarily the case and can be a big turn off.
  4. Look, they have been married 25 years, she's getting 1/2 the assets, how is that divorce rape? That's the law when a marriage dissolves. Also, he has another woman waiting in the wings that, per the article, he will marry when his and her (she's married too) divorce's are final. He isn't some kind of victim of his wife's actions, if that's where you were going with this. Not according to the article you posted at least.
  5. They push the issue, to an uncomfortable level, of trying to be completely alone with you, prior to any real date of any kind or after one date. Big red flag (ie, let's just go back to my place or your place, etc). Also, they don't want to spend any money on you. They don't take you out to meet their friends. If you do take the bait and are alone with them, then be careful how far you go, if you don't want to get used. Not to mention, its incredibly dangerous for a woman to be completely alone with a man they don't know at all, if you know what I mean. Making them wait a month, at least, was my moto. If they won't wait, then they aren't looking for a serious girlfriend, they are looking for a hook-up.
  6. What is she, a dog? A little respect for other human beings please.
  7. Oh for crying out loud! 🙄 Obviously, it's not love, but infatuation. However you could at least have good intentions, like wanting a date or get coffee to get to know her. Since you just want to use her for a fuck hopefully she will see through your BS There are call-girls and websites to hook-up for sex, for that sorta thing, ya know. And guys wonder why good/quality girls are picky and give them a hard time (or the smart ones at least). Its because of exactly what you said, "you just want to fuck her", then drop her like a hot potato I'm sure. I doubt that's appealing to the normal woman.
  8. @Meditationdude Are you the senses? No Are you the eyes that see? No Are you the mind in which things are seen? No Or can you see the mind? (Ie, thoughts) Are you the the witness to these things? Yes, you are the witness. So, who is "I"?
  9. You have 2 threads discussing your medications, so I locked this one.
  10. I hope there's a psychiatric hospital close to where you live? 🙄 The number 1 reason for psychiatric re-admissions is medication non-compliance.
  11. @Zigzag Idiot Yeah, I just don't agree with you or Terrace or your therapist. Paxil and drugs like it are for depression, I'm talking about something different. I'm a nurse and worked in-patient psych before, as well as I have had my own issues and my family as well. Enough to say, I come from a different perspective. What some don't realize is that psychotic episodes, mania, hallucinations, or delusions can all be very scary, if not terrifying and the medication can reduce or eliminate this and bring some normalcy to ones life. Many patients beg for some medicinal relief! To stop the insanity. But, to each their own opinion.
  12. @Zigzag Idiot Unnecessary? What about bipolar disorder? Or Psychotic disorder, schizoaffective disorder, etc all these can also be put on a antipsychotic like Abilify too.
  13. @Zigzag Idiot He isn't talking about an antidepressant. Guess he has 2 medication threads going, but he is talking about Abilify.