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  1. @Joseph Maynor It seems what I said triggered or disturbed you. I mean, talk about monkey mind, wow! Sorry about that. Have a good night.
  2. You apprehend what you are, by seeing what you're not (Neti-neti). In seeing what your not, you see its unreality/falseness, then you can "BE" what you are. Beliefs need not apply.
  3. Why do you say it's a belief? ....
  4. Imo, Enlightenment is the recognition that the "apparent" you, isn't "you", never was.
  5. It's the ego (I-thought), that is a special kind of thought, because it thinks it's real, that is the one afraid of death. In reality the body/mind is constantly changing (Inner- new thoughts/feelings, outer- cellular changes, wrinkles, etc), it could be said it's continuously dying and being reborn. Every night in deep sleep the ego and body, completely disappear. When you reawaken it's like being reborn. Extend that to afterlife realms, other life forms, reincarnation, ect. It all happens (if it exists) within awareness itself, the background, which permeates everything. Btw, what you really are can not be negated in Self inquiry, therefore it's the background/substratum and can't be negated with the death of the body/mind. Hope this helps a tad.
  6. You currently are associated with the body/mind/sense organism. So, you think that it is you. This illusion is what needs to be seen through. Its the mind that is asking the questions above, as it wants to understand (that's reasonable), but when it starts asking should I just lay down and die. Be cautious. Ego can get a bit depressed when hearing some insights people say that it doesn't quite understand yet. Why is enlightenment a matter of urgency for you? Are you suffering? Are you suicidal? It's awakening "from" the body/mind, seeing it "ultimately" is an illusion (Mithya). Illusion feels very real, it has an "apparent" existence. When most believe its absolutely real, they are "asleep". The opposite term "awakening" is used for when one has insights/apprehends the great illusion is ultimately false. This understanding, clear seeing or whatever you want to call it, may only last a few secs to minutes in the beginning, then hours to days, etc. thats why it's called an awakening. It happens over time generally speaking do to the mind's mental tendencies to fall back into its routine patterns. It's spiritual, because it fits no other known category.
  7. @Leo Gura @Azrael Thanks for the info. No, I could never do it personally. First, I have medical/medication reasons and second, I could lose my nursing license.
  8. Really? ..and what are those countries? ...In the US, LSD is a schedule class I drug...right up there with heroin. If you get busted, it's the same penalty. He (Leo) does just have his own little posse here, doesn't he. It's absolutely amazing to me. State your opinion on a post and often times someone here will try to say either, "it's a concept!" Or "watch leo's videos"... you fell into the latter, very typical response from peeps on this forum. Even if they give a specific video, it never has what minute where to start the vid, relating to their, they expect you to watch 60-90 min of, who knows what, to make their point. So, you might as well have said, I don't know what to think, unless its coming from a Leo video. I also can't tell you what they say enough to make any meaningful conversation, so I'll just tell you to watch them... lol. I'll tell you what I've said numerous times. I don't watch Leo videos. Not that I have anything against him personally. I didn't come here originally thinking I would or wouldn't watch his videos, but I don't care for the brainwashed effect many people here, imo, seem to have... If it has anything do to with Leo's "vids", then I'll just keep sayin', no thanks.
  9. I remembered Tolle discussing that he had taken LSD once. I forgot about this. So, I looked for the clip. Here's what he says about it at 4:35.
  10. This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I have read in awhile. A drug "retreat".... Now you need a retreat to do drugs...bahaha How do they advertise for a retreat with illegal substances?? Do they screen recipients for mental illness or past episodes of psychosis? Is there a physician on-site if it, goes "bad"? Who get's the illegal drug charges if the retreat gets raided? ...just curious. I'm sure you've already asked they questions, so you're fully informed. Also, what's "very interesting" about someone becoming addicted to psychedelics? It's a drug, therefore can be abused. Sad really. Apprehension of one's true nature although mind blowing at first, does not require use of psychedelic's, at all. I'm sooo glad I didn't even hear of it as a serious method, until "this" forum. Therefore, I did not have to wonder if it was necessary, as I know it's not. It may be helpful for those that don't want to go the natural route. I wouldn't know, but needing to do it monthly, why? Did you not understand the trip the first time? Are you addicted to the "experience" of tripping? ...
  11. Buy a crock pot! You can make tons of tasty meals easily. Examples- Pot roast and baby potatoes, baby carrots, 1/4 cup water and sprinkle a packet of dried french onion soup mix. Pork roast, rice, can of broth/water (amount depends on what rice needs in crock pot). Chicken breast, cut potatoes or rice, mix in a can of cream of chicken soup. (Add water if using rice) Etc.... Sloppy Joes are easy too. Hamburger, add dried mix and water. Ps, I don't know if you're a vegetarian if so, sorry!
  12. He's probably not suffering much or its tolerable to him. Another words, there's no motivation to do the work. Lets face it, it's an enormous commitment, takes effort and some just aren't interested. He's no different then most of population.
  13. @Arkandeus This seems like discrimination between you, awareness and the mind illusions (thought). I agree with using discrimination! You meet every experience with discrimination to break the hold of Self-ignorance, which is hard wired! Self knowledge though is not the arch enemy. It compliments by resolving doubts/questions, thereby calming and stilling the mind, so one can more effectively discriminate, imo.
  14. Yes, let's burn the books, shut our mouths, never speak of any of this ever again, even if you're trying to help someone else. Ramana and Nisargadatta talked the rest of their lives about it, what we're they thinking? Once you've realized, just let others be confused. Just tell them to meditate for 50 years and if their real lucky maybe they'll have an epiphany or Self realize. Good plan.
  15. This is a very simplistic view, imo. It seems like neo-advaita. If that's your thing and works for you, great. Others may need/want a bit more and there's nothing wrong with that either, imo. What does shut's the mind down mean to you? Is your mind shut down?