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  1. Don't be opinionated and judgemental yourself and the opinions and judgements of others wont bother you so much.
  2. I go to a chiropractor. He works miracles!
  3. Um, yes. Which is very possible. Are you aware "anti"-psychotics are often prescribed for both Bipolar 1 and 2 to control hypomania and mania? Are you also aware that patients with Bipolar 2 can become Bipolar 1?
  4. @Serotoninluv Nice post!
  5. Affirmation can work, but in conjunction with other positive behaviors, such as trying to make others happy. This works best in-person so you get feedback right away. Like smiling at ppl, holding the door for someone, small things like that...or volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Ppl will show their gratitude and hence this may boost your self esteem.
  6. That is soooo true! I don't have social anxiety, actually the opposite. Im outgoing and can talk to just about anyone, including the one with social anxiety that prays I just shut up, stop drawing attention to them and leave them alone
  7. My career requires my brain to stay intact, not fried to a crisp. My awakening happened all natural.
  8. This explains why you sound like your brain is fried.😂 I call bullshit. Some of what you say is plausible, but 50% is just BS. But, many youngins here in this forum will Oooo and ahhhh over what you say taking it at face value.
  9. Ignorance is in the mind, intellect to be specific, of the "apparent" person. This ignorance is what causes one to think they are a separate, volitional entity to begin with.
  10. @Mikael89 there wasnt some deep meaning...essentially, you're going to cling to wanting these "perfect" legs and set yourself up to suffer when/if you don't ever get them at all...or you get them and they leave you or get fat. Just like if a girl wants a guy with 6 pack ABS desperately, it's a recipe for suffering when they never get it , etc, etc.
  11. @Scholar Do you know Mikael's background/history? My point was that his standards are too high for someone that supposedly wants a partner as much as he does, but whatever.
  12. It was directed at him, but apparently it went over his head. No biggie.
  13. In that case, maybe you are confused and should hold off from doing anything for a few days? I know in your other thread you said you've seen her before irl. I assume you liked how she looked, you said she was cute. Maybe the recent pic you saw was just a bad picture?