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  1. Hi there, Yes, there is an infinite amount of possible experiences, of course! No, everything that CAN happen, doesn't have to occur. Facing the unfaceable. ..well, for me that is my child moving away and unfortunately that is exactly what I'm facing at the moment. So, Id say that is individual and you'd have to answer that your self. The potential for suffering is limitless, imo, but...if you see you are not that which can suffer, then you are free. So, this action figure has cried and had emotion moving through it about "my" son moving, but that is just phenomena, witnessed by awareness.
  2. @Saumaya I was writing a post basically saying much of the same as you. No need now so, (ie, no levels of consciousness, no levels of enlightenment)
  3. Yes, you are simply awareness and awareness is what is. You are not the ego. You've identified with phenomena and thoughts of past and future, this made it appear as if you were an ego. The ego can not survive without past and future thinking. In the present moment it disappears, showing its unreality. It's an illusion. Imo, its the intellect, an aspect of mind, that discriminates, deliberates and makes final decisions when needed.. but this still is just happening, an appearance Yep! You see the dream for what it is and recognize you are awareness, aware of it all. Here is an important question... is the knowledge that you "are" awareness/being/presence hard and fast? (The info would be readily available, at all times, if needed). It's simple, as in not complicated, however easier said then done. Actually, you can't "do" it, it just happens and your job is to let go and keep letting go (of identifications, attachments, etc.), but also to allow phenomena like emotions/feelings to move through you without resisting or grabbing hold of them.
  4. Not a problem! Communicating on forums is difficult, imo. Anyways, I would say the phenomenal world is "apparently" real. That's why I would get some dream water, for my dream house fire
  5. @B_Naz Actually, it doesn't matter if someone gets water for the house fire or toasts marshmellows. The point was that although this is "ultimately" a dream/illusion there are still physical laws and cause/effect "seemingly" at play.
  6. Although the question has seemingly appeared within conciousness and then has been written down, communicated by the body/mind. There is no-self doing it, there is no doer. There is apparent identification happening with an appearance (phenomena) and that creates a belief that the dream is real and happening to an illusory "me".
  7. It's not "ultimately" real. However, if your dream house catches on dream fire, you definitely want to go get some dream water!
  8. I'm quoting my own post to clarify what I mean, hopefully, lol Everything is illusion/dreaming, except what you really are, awareness/presence. To recognize what you are, you need to negate (neti-neti) or see through, what you've thought was real (phenomena), then you realize you've always been it, awareness. But, the dreaming/illusion/phenomena, although seen through, "persists", meaning, thoughts/feelings/sensations/sucky situations/illness, etc ....continue to be experienced (by In that sense, there is no getting out of the dream/illusion, although you know it's not real. Peace.
  9. Everything you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, think and feel is an illusion. Negate it all. You can only truly know what you are, by knowing what your not. You can only be it, that's it, but you will not get out of the illusion. Trying to get out is madness.
  10. Exactly! You "are" what you're looking for.... the wave IS the ocean believing it's a wave. There's an imaginary "me" that believes what you see, smell, hear, taste, feel and think, is you. It's not you, it's just happening, within awareness/presence/being. Which is truly what you are. Yes. Except, ego doesn't actually exist, it just seems to. There "seems" to be a person inside us that we call "I" or "me", but that's only because of identification with the thought/feeling system and the body is used as a point of reference. Daily habits either happen or they dont, but ask, who is the one doing them? Or does the doing just happen...or not? If you feel you should be meditating, ask, who is the meditator?
  11. All Anyone Needs To Know Is that What's looking, is what You're Looking for. Simple. The wave can study the ocean, meditate on the ocean, read books about the ocean, pray to the ocean, etc, ad nauseum. But, until it realizes, "Hey, I AM the ocean!". I AM what I'm looking for, then it's just chasing it's imaginary tail.
  12. @Faceless Sorry, I don't have time for your tit for tat writing style, but u take care.
  13. @Outer @Faceless Perhaps agreeing to disagree at this point then... Let's hope for happy thoughts... since we don't control them and we aren't the thinker of