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  1. @Shanmugam lol, thats funny! That's right, it was reputation points, forgot that. A simple "like" button would be nice though, like on facebook, but oh well. I spent a lot of my time posting mindless funny memes on FB. Once you know who you are, theres nothing better then having a good laugh!
  2. Good thanks, you? I had taken a nice long break from forums. What happened to the "like" button or what ever it was called?
  3. @Mad Max Although crude and cave man-ish, what you said is pretty funny, if I'm being honest. @Max_V Of course he's kidding!
  4. This may be harsh, but grow some balls and do it yourself. ...kill it or transfer it.
  5. For some reason (?) I seem to have a lot of people complain to me "about" people. What shut's them up is I say, "yeah, people are assholes!" I give that as the reason they have "issue" with people and it totally stops them in their tracks. I don't argue with I used it twice today!... After a bit they just look dumbfounded and wonder off...hahaha Gets em' out of my hair...
  6. Uh, got alittle bored, so thought I'd see what topics this forum subtype had and wow, suprise!!! Lol. Anyways, @5driedgrams and @Principium Nexus hits the nail on the head for me.
  7. ...and what in the world are you doing downtown at 6 am? Isn't that early even for downtown, yawn.