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  1. @Nahm You did? Aww. Man, I really don't follow what's going on here anymore.
  2. 😂 I can't tell you the countless times my husband has said right after sex, "uh, think I'll go to bed now" "but hun, it's only 8pm?"
  3. @Recursoinominado "Is it just me or online spiritual communities are full of mental cases?" Yes, I do think this is a fair statement. However, one often comes to spirituality after a good deal of suffering, that can/does often lead to depression, anxiety, addictions and other neurosis, so you're really suprised? Even Eckhart Tolle was deeply depressed and suicidal.
  4. @Jack River sorry, I got busy today and really haven't been able to participate anymore.
  5. To me the opposite movement to clinging/attachment is aversion (ie, someone or something that arouses strong feelings of dislike.) We usually are either clinging onto this or that, or pushing something away.
  6. Isn't that the remedy, not opposite, of attachment?
  7. @Victor Mgazi Aversion
  8. There are not spirituality meaningful or an error, they just ARE....they are an appearance like anything else.
  9. I really don't have anything constructive to say, at the moment, but had to pipe in and say your user name is hilarious! Lol 😂😂😂 Oh, PS, nice post!😉
  10. @Feel Good Some people think they are enlightened who arent, that was my point with the example. That's why I said, "that isn't in-line with true seeing or awakening. " Anyway, enlightenment is seeing there is no one to be enlightened anyway.
  11. Depends on what's being developed and why. If the body is over weight, I think its fine to go on a diet and exercise . If your broke, its fine to get a job. Etc. However, if you desire multiple sex partners every weekend, therefore decide to perfect your "pick up" technique, then that is coming from a deep egoic craving, that imo isn't in-line with true seeing or awakening. So, motives would need to be looked at, what and why do you want to improve whatever it is.
  12. I see. I don't watch Leo's videos, so good to know.
  13. How does the wave realize it's the ocean? By seeing it's not a wave. Seeing that it's the ocean, is "being" the ocean. It takes no "time" to realize this, because the wave is not different from the ocean. However, the wave doesn't go anywhere. The ocean will continue to "seemingly" appear as a wave.