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  1. @Mad Max Although crude and cave man-ish, what you said is pretty funny, if I'm being honest. @Max_V Of course he's kidding!
  2. This may be harsh, but grow some balls and do it yourself. ...kill it or transfer it.
  3. For some reason (?) I seem to have a lot of people complain to me "about" people. What shut's them up is I say, "yeah, people are assholes!" I give that as the reason they have "issue" with people and it totally stops them in their tracks. I don't argue with I used it twice today!... After a bit they just look dumbfounded and wonder off...hahaha Gets em' out of my hair...
  4. Uh, got alittle bored, so thought I'd see what topics this forum subtype had and wow, suprise!!! Lol. Anyways, @5driedgrams and @Principium Nexus hits the nail on the head for me.
  5. ...and what in the world are you doing downtown at 6 am? Isn't that early even for downtown, yawn.
  6. There is no solution to this, imo, because it's subjective. If you find it boring, then no one can convince you otherwise. So how to survive- Just grin and bear it and/or accept that communication is part of life.
  7. @Ragib Ashraf You are correct, I wasn't trying and it just happened while watching this video. Something she said just clicked for me and especially when she said ,"it's me also".
  8. Glad you liked it. She has an uncanny ability to bring direct recognition/seeing to others. Here's another great one-
  9. I was watching this 15 min video in 2011, when it happened. Not that it will work for others, but you never know.
  10. I wouldn't call my experience at the 2 year mark a permanent shift. Rather a direct Self recognition, an apprehension of what I really am, however this knowing/realization would come and go for years. It would flicker on/off. There is still somewhat of a capacity to "borderline" suffer, under certain conditions, then something is seen through in that moment, a remembering that it's a dream/illusion/mithya. I started with Tolle also...then Adyashanti, mooji, nisargadatta, ect, ect for the past year and half traditional Vedanta. Not sure what post (s) you're referring to exactly, but I know I used the hologram analogy on here at least twice. But, yeah, one cant linger out only in "I'm awareness" land forever. You have to go back in, see that "it's all" awareness. So, you play your role, while simultaneously knowing the bigger ultimate truth. Imo, part of playing your role is getting a bit messy and sometimes bordering on the verge of suffering, allowing yourself to feel into situations fully. Perhaps one day it wont be that way for me, but for now it is... Oh, almost forgot "coming full circle" is not an original idea. Either I picked it up from Vedanta or somewhere else I'm sure. What I wrote in regards to it may have been mine (?), but not the idea itself. It's like the before enlightenment chop wood, carry water...after enlightenment chop wood carry water or at first there were mountains, then no mountains, then mountains again (both describe coming full circle).
  11. @Leo Gura Yep, that was 6 years ago. There is/was much more that was revealed.
  12. I have not taken a psychedelic, but I'm with ya ... I've been at for 8 years though...
  13. Huge belly laugh! ...I knew that!! 2 yrs to realize my true nature. ...naturally. No, I didn't spend all day in meditation. I had tried suicide prior, do to extreme suffering...the OD wasn't strong enough, after 5 days in a coma and on life support... I survived. To my suprise. So, I was highly motivated for a change!