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  1. Get professional help, before you do something stupid. I don't care if you've tried it before, try it again. Posting here isn't going to solve your problems, it's not. You need a doctor, probably medication and therapy.
  2. Then, maybe you should just work on that!
  3. Sorry to add this late in the thread, but just got around to it. Anyways, Ramana means (imo), that when you see yourself (the mind/body apparatus) and the world as "not" separate from each other, then there is no world apart from you. As it only "seems" separate, because of the ego. In this sense, there is no longer a world, but in every sense there is no "real" world, as it's only an "apparent" world anyway. But, this apparent world will still be available to transact your "apparent" worldly business.😉 doesn't go up in a puff of smoke. Ok, carry on... 😊
  4. The door has already been cracked open. Try as you might to close it with many distractions, may even be for a long time, but you will always come back to it, because you can not close the door now. If someone only reads a book or two and say, ah forget this, that's one thing, but after 2 years and many insights, nah, you're in it for the long haul. Like I said, maybe on and off, but you will come back to it. You'll see.
  5. 5min, 15 sec The end of suffering Eckhart Tolle
  6. Omg, hahaha😂 And, If you start a thread by saying, "I am enlightened, ....." There's usually a problem (like ur not) or your trying to sell something (books, teaching courses, etc). There's usually a link to their website in the signature area of their posts.
  7. Totally fine 😊 I'm glad Leo and others helped clear it up for you😉
  8. Frankly, I don't know enough about Buddhism to speak logically about the issue. Perhaps, their Nirvana is equal to Brahman, in a sense, although they describe it differently. Brahman is "no-thing" and what, Nirvana is "nothing"? *shrugs shoulders*
  9. Do they? Hm, didn't know that, but I'm not a Buddhist. I've studied Advaita Vedanta, not Buddhism. It'll be interesting to see where this thread goes....
  10. short answer: yes it's not permanent even though it happens over and over endlessly and differently. This!
  11. Awakenings are glimpses of your true nature, usually not yet assimilated into ones daily life. Meaning, the tendencies to continue to identify as the mind/body are still strong. Therefore, you are still as bound as ever. Enlightenment or liberation (freedom), imho, is when one no longer "identifies" with the mind/body as "I", but identifies "I" with their true nature, which is awareness (or the Self). Once this happens, one still is "associated" with the body/mind, until the death of the body.