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  1. - Does God exists? - Not yet!
  2. To me you are one of the most straight forward persons at this forum, it's like the "direct path" is too long for you! Like you really get it somehow! But that is still intellectual in some way, isn't it? Like you know that any direction or any movement towards truth, is away from truth, since you are already what you searching for. Have you had any non-dual experience that confirm your attitude, which I believe is right?
  3. I posted this in a thread before, but it deserve to be posted again! What can be more enlightened then to give or receive "crazy love" !? What can be more pleasurable then to have Bob and Phil singing about it!? What can be more beautiful then Acropolis, Greece in the background!? Where are all the other people in this thread? At least @Annetta post here on regular basis! Come on! Share some great music!
  4. In other words, is it ONLY infinite consciousness that is not maya? As we know... consciousness has NO objective qualities! Maybe, this question is better.. Is there ANY objective quality that has truth to it in a capital T sense of truth? /Snick
  5. @Fidelio Here's for you! You like this cat-video?
  6. Self actualize like a mad person, go all in! Conceptualize, intellectualize, questioning, do all the practices, read all books, over-prepare! Then trough it all away, unlearn everything, and let your inner nature be your only guide and help in life, you need no more!
  7. @Nichols Harvey @Annetta @Fidelio I would never criticize anyone since I know we're all ONE!
  8. This was my point in another thread! We kind of saying the same thing I guess. We are very critical about the ego! But other dualistic phenomenon such as colors or gravity we tend to respect more! Imagine green grass meditate on their true nature as the color of non-dual white light Or a cornflower meditate over the fact that its blue nature is just illusory, and that its true color is white! That's absurd! My conclusion here was that we should be less hard with our ego. It will always appear as an ego just as much as the grass appear to be green. Also this thread was about that, even though I was trolling, but my point was that no one believe me if I telling them I levitate, but they still believe they are going to transcend the ego/separate self in some distant future!
  9. The best comment I have ever read on Actualized.ord. Hands down.