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  1. @tedens It was not fake, my friend. This was real. I feel dying, but I always resist.
  2. If I don't awaken in this life time. I can't wait for my next reincarnation as an English man, supporting Chelsea.
  3. @Rilles I am not ready yet ; ) It's fine. I don't eat more than I can chew.
  4. @tedens I had a strong severe sense of dying, but it went away. It's Ok, guys! ; )
  5. I called Allah. I got scared and resisted it.
  6. I am having a death experience. What should I do?
  7. @effy01 Hi, my Moroccan fellow citizen. I know how to it feels to be born in Muslim countries!! especially if you are poor, which is the case of our country. Let me reassure you. You have nothing to worry about at all. My WHOLE life was full of sorrow and suffering, but thanks to acutalized.org, I changed a lot. I no longer feel depressed as used to. I was suicidal, depressed, and lost. Now, after 3 years of following actualized.org. I FEEL ALIVED! Alhamdullilah. Search in mysticism. Try to practice everday, and it will change your life
  8. @Iiris Stay strong. PUSH TROUGH. You are amazing. You will do well.
  9. Thank you all, guys for your advice.
  10. Hi, guys! I have been working on myself for over 3 years now, but I still suck socially!! What is the solution?
  11. Love...Oh dear friends! is a secret to those who reads it Those who didn't taste do not know the taste of Love And those who don't cry are not generous,..those who don't cry were never lost The heart dances.... All is because of Love Listen to me Listen only to God Love is the reason for your existence
  12. Hi, guys! I am starting a kriya yoga practice in the next two months. I want to ask you about the benefits of Kriya Yoga. It would be great if somebody who has already tried and gained something from it reply. Thanks in advance!