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  1. @DrewNows Time is an illusion
  2. @now is forever This kind of mentality applies only when you are born in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc. It does not apply to people who live in sick societies. If you were born in a poor familly in Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, you would not think that way.
  3. Yes, do it. I have been practicing Ramadan since I was 17. Muslims do it just traditionally. If you want to fast in this Ramadan. I advice you to do it as a retreat. Fast and meditate all day long. You will get a lot pf growth out of it.
  4. @Wasem Forget about acheiving big goals in big dreams my friend. Focus only on spirituality! And don't care about anyone at all ; )
  5. Not good at all, but it is Ok : ) I won't hesitate to leave my country if I had the opportunity.
  6. @Wasem I also live in a Muslim country. It is not the same as Iraq, but I know what you are talking about. Be careful about talking non-duality stuff in Iraq. Just keep it for yourself, and carry on with your life.
  7. @tedens It was not fake, my friend. This was real. I feel dying, but I always resist.
  8. If I don't awaken in this life time. I can't wait for my next reincarnation as an English man, supporting Chelsea.
  9. @Rilles I am not ready yet ; ) It's fine. I don't eat more than I can chew.
  10. @tedens I had a strong severe sense of dying, but it went away. It's Ok, guys! ; )
  11. I called Allah. I got scared and resisted it.