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  1. Moderna- First shot, sore arm and fatigue. Second shot, sick as a dog!🤮 Sore arm, fever, chills, body aches, sweating, GI symptoms, almost puking, near fainting twice. Lasted 32 hours, then gone. I'd do it again and plan to get the booster, if needed.
  2. A couple of months ago I completely gave up alcohol. My mother was an alcoholic and I started seeing signs of a tendency to binge when I would drink, if stressed out I would start getting cravings to drink. I wondered if it would be too hard and I'd cave, but I was invited out with friends to a dinner two weeks ago. They drank, I didn't and last weekend I was invited on a Bachelorette party bus. I went, although the only one not drinking. During the night one girl was so trashed she fell on her face and was gushing blood from a wound on her nose. She had to get stitches. Another girl was going around at a winery kissing everyone (she's married and it's covid times), she was asked to leave by the manager... I thought, Thank God I'm sober! It reminds me of when I quit smoking several years ago. When you abstain the cravings go away. It's just no longer an option.
  3. @The0Self All in good fun, no offense. Okay, he definitely could be your big brother 😘
  4. @The0Self @asifarahim Holy cow, yeah, totally🤣 I did a little side by side photo, lol.
  5. I want to point out that the phrases in bold suggest this was a codependent relationship. Just something you may want to reflect on, because if ppl have a tendency to get into codependent relationships this pattern seems to repeat over and over.
  6. @flowboy Blackhawk said the quote you used, not Preety. I think she just used the quote in her post.
  7. This problem or issue with actually dating someone that is suicidal is that the relationship can become one-sided very quickly. Suicidal ppl can become soul suckers. Constantly moaning and groaning how miserable they are, complaining endlessly to their partner, because they lack awareness that its often "all about them" and they don't have the skills to cope with supporting another person's wants and needs in a relationship. They only see their own. If someone is already in a long term relationship then this is usually not a deal breaker if their partner has recognized a change and the person is seeking help. However, if it's a new relationship, ugh, I'd say the suicidal person should get some real help, then come back to the relationship in 6 months, because right now they are not well.
  8. @Preety_India Thank you💕 Right back at ya!
  9. That's a great tip. 👍
  10. was super scary. I was shaking like a leaf when it was over. Thanks 😊
  11. I haven't ever heard of this diagnosis until today when I was diagnosed with it. I guess people that have ptsd first had this diagnosis. I'm hoping my symptoms are temporary. I was in a bad 3 car accident this past Saturday that seemed deliberate and I've been haunted with flashbacks, anxiety and worse insomnia then normal. I couldn't sleep until 430am Monday. The driver that caused the accident starts coming into my lane. I blow the horn, he moves over, then accelerated and slams into the back of the car in front of him, then he rams my car repeatedly, side swiping/denting the entire right side of my car and almost pushing my car off the freeway! Not to mention the lady he rams from behind lost control of her vehicle, goes sideways and hits me to. I hope my car isn't totaled, but it was towed away and I left in an ambulance (I'm okay). 🤦‍♀️
  12. The insurance adjuster called and said my car would be a total loss with over $5,000 in damage 😳. After some convincing, reiterating the accident wasn't my fault and that I would be willing to have them use aftermarket or used, but like new parts, if needed. He said he'd call his manager to discuss. He called back and said they'd repair it instead. Woooohoooooo😃
  13. Lol. I wasn't able to deal with the stress of hospital bedside nursing. I mostly did home health subacute care, I also had been a nurse coordinator and a clinical manager. I've been a nurse since 2007. Anyway, I no longer want to do home health, so I'm looking for either an odd ball type of nursing that I can tolerate or a different career. Happy now?😂
  14. @Blackhawk Just to clarify, I was just participating, but I don't believe 33 means anything. @Windappreciator Nursing is stressful.
  15. Water 😊 You could say it's vodka!
  16. @mememe Thanks for the sweet message💕 Yesterday was the first day in a week that I did much of anything, other then all the accident stuff. I did feel a bit better. I will do therapy if after a couple weeks I'm still having problems, but right now It would make it worse.
  17. Thank you 💗 The police report was still not signed off on, so I haven't read it yet, but when the police took my statement in the ambulance the cop told me after. Good thing you remember, because the other 2 say they have no idea what happened. Maybe she doesn't remember because she got slammed from behind, but I'm convinced he remembers, but didn't want to incriminate himself. Since I left the scene in an ambulance, I don't know if he was made to do a breathalyzer or blood test for drugs, but he should have been!
  18. Thank you🥰
  19. This is what I'm doing also. I also have not been forcing myself to do my "normal" routine, because it just seemed like too much, but today I'm slowly getting some things done. Thanks for the reply it's very helpful.💗
  20. Thank you. I looked the diagnosis up... If you still have severe symptoms after a month the diagnosis changes to ptsd.
  21. @Inliytened1 Thank you! ❤