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  1. @cetus56 how am I to let go of this fear?
  2. I keep experiencing these great waves of terror caused by the realisation that I really don’t know what’s going on, I’ve started having a real palpable sense that I do not know at all who are I am, and more importantly where the fuck I am. I have been open to this possibility intellectually for quite some time now, but as of now this possibility seems very real to me. Looking for some advice at this time, because I’ve never been so lost, and quite frankly I’m rather terrified. Thank you.
  3. The guy thinks you can go inside of Leo’s brain and tell wether consciousness is on or off, that should already tell you enough. He’s making the mistake of mistaking things inside of consciousness for consciousness itself.
  4. Its not hard to see for yourself the answer to this question, of course there is no free will unless your operating from a specific context that is.
  5. So because you have a feeling of something you equate that with it being you? Are you the felt or the feeler? poke is an idea, and crying is an idea, its just interacting, thats it. Your projecting these ideas on to what you see, they dont actually exist independent of the mind.
  6. @non_nothing "said God to himself"
  7. @Good-boy Don't you see how the body is just an idea? There is no body, there is just form interacting with other form inside your consciousness. Where would you even begin to draw the lines between body and not body. @Good-boy
  8. How can you not be your consciousness when your body appears inside of your consciousness? Why assume you are your body just because it appears inside of it. The sky also consistently appears in consciousness, why do you not assume yourself to be the sky?
  9. @tentacion @SoonHei Nothing is taking form as the rock you speak of, the body you believe you are and the thoughts you experience, that's all.
  10. To put it simply, You cannot be what you are aware of, how could you? Notice that the mind that these experiences are stored in, and the feelings you have, and the appearance of the coffee table all exist inside of this awareness, because it comes much prior to all of these things. There has never been anything that existed outside of this. What you call "the self" is just an idea, its just another piece of content that exists inside of this awareness (no awareness = no body). Any ideas you have inside of this awareness are just ideas and nothing more. Notice what comes first before everything. You have confused the witness with what is being witnessed.
  11. You should think of God as more the grounding of everything, and in turn is everything. Because God does not have form, God can be whatever form it wants, such as a rock. Its not limited at all, it can create whatever it wants. @tentacion @tentacion @tentacion
  12. Thank you, I already found it though.
  13. @Joseph Maynor much appreciated! Ill give it a look.
  14. The bible and other religious books make next to no sense and have fairly consistent contradictory statements throughout when read by the materialist. The materialist fails to see that the paradigm that he/ she has been operating under is nothing more than a belief system that he/ she likes to hold as ultimate truth. To a materialist the lack of evidence for something is equated with non-existence. However, when you step outside this paradigm you can ask yourself the question of: where is the evidence that something can only be true if there is evidence? Why can it not be that some things are only verifiable through intuition and awareness of the thing itself, through a direct understanding of the matter, not necessarily an intellectual one. The idea that something can only be true if comprehensible with the human mind and can be explained using what you call logic and reason, is an idea is that you merely assumed. We need to start questioning our own views before we start attacking these religious books, and by questioning I don't mean questioning through our own paradigm but instead begin to question these things epistemologically. A lot of the confusion surrounding these religious texts only exists because most readers are completely unaware of the grip that their current belief system has on them. Greater study into these books is required before we start attacking them. A shift in paradigm is needed. You can do all the research you want but if you are unable to step outside of your own belief system and look at these things from a new perspective, without any preconceived notions of what makes a thing true and what doesn't make a thing true and actually study these systems themselves its pretty much as good as useless. Paradigms themselves need to be studied before the content inside the paradigm is argued against. Who are we to question others beliefs if we fail to look far enough into the belief systems that surround them. This is not a problem of what is true or false, but more a question of what makes something true or false and why this is the case. Then and only then can we begin to answer such questions. How can we ever expect to agree on so called "objective truths" if we never ask these deeply epistemological questions such as: what actually makes an objective truth true? It seems whenever such a question arises it's met with: "because my belief system says so" and it says this without actually explaining its belief system and without explaining the validity of the paradigm itself.
  15. Any one know of any good books on what it actually means to know a thing? The nature of reason, what logic is and the flaws of materialism?