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  1. If the person with schizophrenia is on antipsychotics, then those medications already fill the serotonin receptors that psychedelics need to fill to produce their hallucinating effects or that's how I understand it. Therefore, someone taking antipsychotics would have to stop or reduce their medications and/or take a much larger (perhaps not safe?) dosage of psychedelics. I think it would be stupid, unless medically supervised.
  2. Here's some education on 2 major mental health disorders from the National Institute of Mental Health. Bipolar- Schizophrenia-
  3. @Chrisscholar123 You need a doctor, not psychedelics, imo. I also have extreme insomnia diagnosed over 12 years ago. I take prescription medication every night and sometimes, like tonight, I have to get back up and take Melatonin too. If you want to try Melatonin first, it's over the counter and the highest safe dose is 10 mg. It's generally sold in 3, 5 and 10 mg tabs.
  4. @Someone here I quit my job and I refuse to work unless it's a remote job from home. Very tired of dealing with co-workers and patients. I have an interview for a remote job Monday.🤞
  5. I've had both 1 &2 moderna vaccines. I got very ill with the second dose, but it lasted just a day.
  6. Unfortunately, this seems to be the truth from the posts of this user name you use and the last you used. So, not sure why you continue to post about it. Until you decide you need to change and actually implement those changes in your life, things probably won't change for you. It's just a vicious circle.
  7. It's becoming well known that the second Covid 19 vaccine (regardless of the brand name) may cause more severe side effects then the first vaccine, but what wasn't known was that the older you are, the less likely they are to be severe. I actually figured this out myself recently prior to researching it today, because as a home health nurse I talk to many ppl of various ages daily and a pattern has developed that ppl over the age of 65 were not reporting serious side effects like I had myself...and I'm 50!! Not sure why this is, but it seems to be the norm. I haven't talked to one person over 65 that has had a serious side effect to the vaccine as of yet.
  8. Sorry, I'm a nurse, I don't "hide" negative "potential" side effects of medications or vaccines. I educate people. Is the vaccine worth taking although it "may" make you sick for a day? Of course. We need at least 70% of ppl to get the vaccine to start getting this pandemic under control. I'm an advocate of the vaccine.
  9. From what Dr Poland, director of the Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group had to say about the second dose. "The second dose of the two COVID-19 vaccines has gained a reputation -- initially from clinical trial data and now from the personal experience of millions -- that it tends to cause harsher side effects than the first dose." .................................. Ppl should know to have Tylenol on hand and make the day after 2nd injection a sick day...just in case. Anyways, after your vaccines this site (below) texts you daily after you register to get "clinical data" about any side effects or lack of side effects that goes to the CDC. This says already complete because I completed mine today already.
  10. I'm sure. It's not just me (just clarifying), multiple ppl just now getting the second vaccine are reporting the same on FB and all my coworkers with me all got very ill...but it only lasts 24-36 hours. I think it's worth it, but that's me.
  11. I've had the Covid vaccine 1 and 2 simply to prevent the spread. I work with sick ppl every day now that I'm back doing patient care and it was the responsible thing to do. I'm gowning up for about every 3rd pt d/t patient being Covid positive or signs/ symptoms of Covid. Ain't gonna lie though Moderna vaccine #2 will kick your ass for a full 24-36 hours, but then you'll be fine. They say the side effects are the immune system showing the vaccine worked.