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  1. I may be a day late and a dollar short to the convo, but I think the best place to find out what Jed is or isn't doing is by what his publisher announces.
  2. @QandC He talks about it again. If your interested. 4min, 7sec
  3. Meditation is for calming and quieting the mind. Preparing it for Self-inquiry. That you've become more quiet isn't shocking to me. Maybe its time to switch to some focused Self-inquiry at this point?
  4. He's using "space" as an analogy of how consciousness can be thought of as "spacious", as it's every where, permeating and illuminating every-thing (nondual). When used in an analogy of a room that is occupied by furniture and decorations (ie, thoughts, feelings, etc) when those things are removed there is only the "space" in which those items occupied. That the essence of the room was not the content, but actually, the space in the room. That when thoughts, feelings and emotions stop in the mind, even if briefly, one can realize what is left is (you) consciousness. Spacious awareness which is the essence of who you really are and not the content that usually occupies the mind.
  5. Perfect 😁❀
  6. Okay, good luck with that...I'm getting back in the pool.
  8. No, its not. No wonder you misunderstand my posts so badly. Sounds like it's time to chuck what you think you know and start over. Good luck
  9. Perhaps he has had second thoughts on what he said on those vids.
  10. Wait, wait, waaahhh..... You "get" the cosmic joke! 😁
  11. @AlwaysJoggin My brother in law has been battling with a gambling addiction for many years. He recently lost his house and now he (48 yo) and my neice are living with my mother in law. Talk about having to start over, yikes. Learn the lesson now. Good luck to youπŸ’•