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  1. No way this is going away soon, imo. This was just published for my state: "In the last 24 hours, 41,455 COVID cases, 472 hospitalizations, 36 intensive care unit admissions and 487 deaths were reported to the state health department. " ...and that's the positive cases they can confirm. Tons of ppl are testing at home with home test kits and quarentining without notifying anyone. From the CDC: "Influenza (flu) and COVID-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, but they are caused by different viruses. COVID-19 is caused by infection with a coronavirus first identified in 2019, and flu is caused by infection with influenza viruses."
  2. I know mostly about Moderna, which I got. The first two doses are just called vaccine doses. If you get the third, then that dose is the booster, because it took the first 2 doses to achieve original vaccinated status. Then, the booster is normally a 1/2 dose of the regular original vaccine, unless you have immunosuppression, then you get a full dose again. I have this and they gave me another full dose. The booster is the same as the original vaccine and hasn't changed for the variants.
  3. @ZenSwift Hello, essentially anything that is impermanent and changes, comes and goes, is only "apparently" real (aka illusion) It seems to be real to the person that is also a changing, experiencing entity....but who is the permanent, changeless knower of all of the changing objects, both subtle (thoughts, feeling, etc) and gross (material)? That is your true Self.
  4. This is a zero sum reality. You win some, you lose some and just when you think you're up, then you're back down and vice versa.
  5. ...a person not resisting their addictive vasanas and/or they have shitty karma that needs played out. You suffer if you identify with it.
  6. Well, there was Jesus? 🤷‍♀️ Most are just too damn fixated on their own selfish wants and needs, not the needs of others, usually.
  7. @SQAAD Soooo, the great cosmic joke has been revealed! 😂 A Jnani is only free for this current life. Meaning, the cycle of birth and death doesn't really end, because it's awareness (with attributes/God) that keeps pumping out jivas and so long as that continues there will be "identification" with the mind/ego that is slated for the next body as it grows and develops after birth. It all does seem alittle pointless (Moksha), freedom from experience, if that knowledge is just for this lifetime. Then again, all we are dealing with right now is this lifetime...
  8. In Vedanta the Self is attributeless and Isvara (God) is the Self with attributes. So, above I was saying the attributeless Self (awareness) has no perspective per se. When the Self comes under the power of Maya (ignorance), such as when identified as being a human, then it most definitely has a perspective, lol. As it plays hide and seek with itself.
  9. Ahhh, you got me! 👏 From the perspective of the jiva(person/ego), moksha applies only to the present incarnation. From the perspective of the self (though actually the self has no perspective due to its impersonality), moksha is its nature and, thus the whole issue is a moot point. The reason Vedanta says that self-knowledge ends the cycle of birth and death is because through self-inquiry, the truth of one’s eternal nature is revealed. And the virtue of gaining such knowledge is that it ends the jiva’s suffering within the context of the present incarnation. Cheers
  10. If you think of yourself as a Me, mine, ego-self, then consciousness is identified as a finite, individual with a karma and then rebirth will eventually happen to continue on with experience. If liberated, then consciousness doesn't identify with the body/mind finite self at death and has awakened and is no longer identified with the body/mind. It no longer needs to be reborn to experience and karma/vasanas for that individual dissolves.
  11. Long and informative explanation (Advaita Vedanta).
  12. I'm simplifying.... actually, samskaras and vasanas are tendencies/desires/fears and are stored in something called the "causal body" a store house from all the individuals past lives. Not all of them together are choosen for the next life. Also, remember, memory is not a part of this, true memory is wiped out. Ie. Someone may have a deep fear of something, but not know why (samskara) or a propensity to over-eat, smoke or drink (vasanas).
  13. Grooves = Samskaras (mental impressions/psychological imprints) and vasanas = Desires which influence behaviour of a person. These create our individual characters and strongly influences our thoughts and actions.
  14. No, if liberation hasn't happened, then once the gross body dies, then the subtle body (and mental impressions/mind) goes on to another loka (plane or realm of existence). In Advaita Vedanta there is reincarnation for those that aren't Self-realized and identify with the mind/ego/body. When the person is reborn, the new physical body is accompanied by the old mind with the impressions or “grooves” from previous lives, but stripped of actual past life memories. My two cents.