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  1. @strategy_master I had my 2nd dose of Moderna Feb 5th and I'm fine.
  2. @Bob Seeker My son had scoliosis and was close to needing a back brace when diagnosed at 14. Chiropractic care straightened his back and now he's 28. He hasn't been to the Chiropractor now in years and has no major issues. I guess it would depend on what your diagnosis is?
  3. Haha!! Your very welcome, brotha!
  4. @eaaaeaeae You and mods can "not" delete or hide your account page, but you can hide posts yourself or within 48 hours you can delete them. However, forum members can still PM you and you will still get notified of thread responses, unless you disable that function on each thread you are commenting on.
  5. Yes, you can manually hide your posts. Yes, if banned, you will not be able to access your account, but its still there. And, yes, maybe Leo would be able to hide or delete an account, but it wouldn't be done often and none of the mods could do it. At least not when I was a mod.
  6. Sorry, but you can't close your account. The only thing you can do is stop coming to the forum.
  7. I don't hate you at all. I see I'm not helping, so I'll bow out. ✌
  8. You brought up torture, not me. Figured you were referring to yourself. I haven't blamed you for anything. Just pointing to the fact that one should make changes or accept their situation, because just complaining does nothing. Anyways, I'm in a shitty situation in an area of my life, so I'm now making a change, otherwise I will stay exactly where I currently am. That's the way it works. Just sayin'.
  9. You aren't being tortured by anyone, except yourself. So, that doesn't apply here, imo. Your lack of communication skills and social anxiety may be due to an underlying disorder that may be helped by specialized therapy, but you've said before you tried therapy however long ago and you aren't willing to try again, but I think it's your best chance, but who knows.
  10. Okay, then if you are happy with the amount of time and effort you've put in to change, in this area, and you are unwilling to make further changes, then the only thing left is acceptance.
  11. @Blackhawk Sigh... You aren't getting my point. What you want may not be impossible, but you'd have to try to help yourself, which in the past you've been unwilling to do. Therefore, here you are in the same situation as before. Anyways, like I said, good luck.
  12. This was my point regarding your attitude. In past posts of yours that were the same as this one you were given an array of different things to try to improve your situation and you didn't respond well to any of them, which leaves you in the same situation time after time, but "wanting" a different result, even if not expecting it. Good luck.
  13. We all know you don't respond well to advice, so this quote is just meant as a little reminder that you may want to make a change 😉.