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  1. You are part of the divide and therefore part of the problem. Instead of wondering how it will effect people in general, you point out how it will effect the Democrats? I'm just getting really tired of this polital crap. Just sayin'
  2. @SOUL Okay, you keep saying I haven't talked to you. Even though you repeatedly said if I didn't like what you were saying, then I should ignore you? Well, then, let's get started. ? From your first post where I said you sounded crazy. The definition of theocracy: A government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided (definition was copy/pasted from webster). Well, what?? You got that idea from what? Dictators dictate over governments where ppl aren't free. Where they have no rights and no freedom of speech. That's not the case in the US. So, how can you say Republicans "love" dictators? Oh, say because Republicans HATE freedom contrary to what they say. ? What? Come on now. You're a mind reader of the Republican Party? You know what they think regardless of what is said? Then there's this little gem ? I hate to remind you but there was no war like this when Trump was President, but you want to take the leap to say he'd be dropping nukes on Ukraine because he wants that to be part of his legacy. If that was the case, then it would've happened, right? In your view he would've made sure of it. If it was his legacy. But, it didn't happen. Biden is the president and this nightmare is happening under his watch.
  3. Will do. There's no talking to some ppl. So, I won't try. You've made up your mind and I have better things to do. And, no I didn't see myself in what you said. ???
  4. You're post about all Republicans was awful and sounded crazy! The fact that you stand behind it as truth for all Republicans is ridiculous and I'm not even a Republican. As I said I'm no political party.
  5. By the way, I never said I was a Republican or a Democrat for ppl on this thread who assumed because I think Biden shouldn't be president that I put myself in a political party box. I don't. I don't align myself with any political party. I look at the best person to hold office and I look at issues that I think should pass or not. It's really a shame that there are political parties at all. It only divides the country. Just look how @soul looks at 1/2 the country that are Republican. It's sad, but oh well.
  6. Dude, we are talking about time change, it's not the end of the world either way. Relax and maybe take a chill pill, seriously. You're gonna give yourself a heart attack if you keep getting worked up like this over every issue you feel is political.
  7. Your welcome ? ? True! The other reality was full of suffering that I was no longer willing to accept! ?
  8. So, since I wasn't taking the injections anymore, or talking about it or letting really anyone else talk about it. I made the conscious decision to get off disability insurance at all cost and go to college for nursing no matter what anyone said about it and trust me they said a lot. Lol I even went to class a few times with an IV catheter in my hand (days of high dose steriods), walking with ataxia and having slurred speech (basically I looked drunk), but that was early on and never happened again once I started the nursing program, as I got adjusted to my new life. Focus and attention stayed on my new huge goal, I never looked back and 4 years later I was an RN. I've never needed high dose steriods again. ? ?? Ps, I only share this, occasionally, because maybe someone reading this that needs to hear it.
  9. I hope it passes the house and is signed into law. I never liked having to change time. I mean I have like 8 watches alone. Not to mention a clock in every room, etc. Plus, I NEVER remember when it's time to jump forward or fall back. We should at least get to try it out for a 2 year trial.?
  10. I think that would rightfully be called "taking the bait" while in the lions den.
  11. Um, I don't agree. Maybe Im misunderstanding you? The immune system does mistakenly attack the the myelin sheath in the brain and spinal cord in M.S. when it's active. When I had my first attack they tested my spinal fluid and it had a very high white cell count (T-cells). Which is one of the diagnostic tests for M.S. sclerosis (MS) is an,the brain and spinal cord. I agree, truly ?
  12. Hm, interesting, I never heard of him. So, I had tried to manage the disease by doing what the doctors had said, mainly by taking painful intramuscular inj several times a week back then and they were very expensive and made me sick. My insurance didn't pay the whole cost. My monthly cost was as if I had a pricy car payment. Anyways, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Got really sick of ppl always asking me about it. Sending me self help books on it. Lecturing me to change my diet. Lecturing me period. Tired of the yearly brain MRI's, tired of it all. So, one day I decided I was no longer going to take medication for it, talk about it, think about it or let anyone around me talk about it. So, that's my story and yes, it's crazy that it worked.
  13. I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting M.S. at 21 that continued to progress with at least 2-3 exacerbations per year that lasts weeks at a time before remission. I had to go on long term disability for 10 years. The M.S. has reversed and it's in long term remission (they say it can't be cured) by refusing to acknowledge it exists and stopping all my disease modifying injections/medications. I have starved it of attention and only discuss it if giving a medical history or writing the occasional post. I literally don't discuss it otherwise. For me, I feel my M.S. was triggered by some deep childhood emotional suffering that continued into my 20's AND a viral illness I had at 16 y.o. that made me very ill for about 6 weeks. See with M.S. they know the symptoms usually don't appear until at least some damage (demylination/lesions) have formed in the brain. They think about 5-10 years prior to the first symptom. Anyways, after I decided to starve it of attention it slowly, but steadily improved, dramatically over time. I eventually rarely saw the neurologist. However, i went if I needed some low dose steriods or thought I was having an occasional issue. She talked me into getting a comparison brain MRI, since I hadn't had one in about 6 years. The outcome was shocking. She said lesions had noticeably shrunken through my brain and although there was a little bit of scattered demylination, it wasn't much, especially since 6 years had gone by. She said she never sees lesions shrinking in M.S. patients, ever. That was about 8 years ago now, I think. I can't remember, but I haven't gone back to the neurologist since and never had another brain MRI and I haven't had anything but extremely minor, not long lasting symptoms ever since. I can't explain it. I don't really recommend other ppl to do what I did, but I just knew that's what "I" had to do. It also wasn't diet related at all. My diet was crap then and basically still is. So, it's 30 years past my diagnosis and although I was told when diagnosed my life expectancy was 25 years with the rate of progression I had with the M.S. Here I am alive, well and able bodied. Go figure. ? ?