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  1. Just don't do it, even if you get results, you'll never be satisfied.
  2. Ocaña, Colombia
  3. "Forcing growth" You hit the nail on the head man. Thank you!!
  4. I have a tendency to save the best for last, and this happens to me with the self-actualization work. Like for example I watch Leo's old videos (that I don't really find interesting) because I want to save the really good ones for later and the most profound ones for when I am more intelectually advanced or something. Many of the things I do I treat them this way, If I discover a great source of information, I have to go and watch/read it all from the beginning. I can't just jump right into the topics I find compelling. I know this is super silly and I'm embarrassed to post this but I'm curious if this happens to any of you guys. Thanks in advance.
  5. What is the highest goal a human being can achieve? And is this possible for everybody?
  6. Check this out mate, you might find it useful
  7. I live in Colombia, I moved here several months ago and so far I love it!! Probably because I used to live in Venezuela and as you might know that country is just a mess right now. That's why Colombia looks like a paradise to me right now , even though many people do complain about the situation here. Of course I'd love to live in the US in the future but right now I'm pretty happy here and soon I'll start college.
  8. It sounds like you want to do the right thing but at the same time you want to keep hooking up with her. Think about it in a long-term, you're probably gonna get tired of fucking her, you'll look back and regret not putting an end to it in the first place. Take responsability of the damage you would cause her.
  9. I don't think they agreed to it, but it's possible, I hadn't thought of that. My biggest fear in the situation is the shame that I would make her feel and how our relationship would change. Just found out yesterday so my feelings are strong now, maybe I'll take some time to think about it. Thanks again Natasha, you're all over the place in this forum adding value!
  10. Hey guys, I'm in a little bit of a tight spot here. I just found out my mom's cheating on my step-father. I'm really disappointed and don't know what to do. How am I supposed to act? Should I talk to her? Should I act as if nothing happened? Sorry I have to ask for help, it's something I could figure out by myself but I'd love to read your points of view. Thanks!
  11. Do some research about the topic, porn addiction is a real thing. It affects not only your sexual life but your social life as well. Your confidence, motivation, creativity are all going to drop if you're a heavy porn user.
  12. @Natasha Hey Natasha, thank you for those tips, I'm definitely going to put them into practice. That and also the mindsets that Leo talks about in the video are what I'm going to focus on from now on. Thanks!
  13. I just watched Leo's video about "How to have amazing sex" and I was blown away by the things he said, I never thought about sex that way. Probably because porn sets a shitty example. And then I thought the notion "the first time for women is always painful and not very pleasurable" completely demonstrates how terrible we are in bed. So what do you think? Do you think it's possible for a woman to have amazing sex in her first time?
  14. How do I know it's the right time for me to take the course? I'm in college and I'm not sure whether I'll have the time to fully commit to the course and take action. Should I wait until I graduate to take it? If so, is it a good idea to buy it now that I have the money and keep the course in my account for when I can take it? I'm from Colombia and I fear not having the money in the future cause' as you can imagine, the course is more expensive in my currency.
  15. @daniel695 Thank you for the advice Daniel!