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  1. Nevermind, somebody else posted it already.
  2. @Nak Khid Wow, thank you for sharing this. It's good to see another perspective on Leo's experience. You should even post it as a main topic.
  3. There's another comedian who was a PUA and also talks about being God and awakening. His YT channel is Sasha Daygame's Infinate Man. But I doubt his teachings since he also talks a lot about conspiracy theories.
  4. You changed my life in ways I can't even explain man. You're a hero to me Leo. Love you. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
  5. My pleasure guys
  6. Why is that? What's your take on alcohol? To me... Maybe one or two drinks per night seem harmless.
  7. @Space I know, but hey... We're on different stages of our paths so, it might be useful to somebody. Indeed!
  8. @Seth Me neither, I stumbled upon it
  9. @Nabd Why can't you do pick up in your country? There's no people on the streets?
  10. Greetings from Colombia actualizers!... Although this pic was taken in Germany.
  11. Bro, I highly suggest that you do pick up, it'll be challenging as fuck and will grow you so much. Don't consume too much theory though. Don't get too caught up in pick up lines and all the methods that are out there. Just a little bit of that is enough. Just go out and start talking to girls. You'll learn in the process.
  12. I would say he's just hurt. But don't mind him, you are you, do whatever you want, time will heal.
  13. I usually say hi to random people on the street before approaching girls, it gets me in the mood of being social. I would suggest you try that.