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  1. I support what @JonasVE12 has haid. You can go further by getting into conversations but, it sounds like the 'hellos' are a perfect challenge for you right now in your life. Please, KEEP DOING THEM. What you want is to get more and more comfortable in your body each time you do it. Feeling light, playful, looking people in the eye, happy, calm. Please, keep doing the 'hellos', I know it's hard man but you're fucking awesome just for trying. I also encourage you to watch the channel posted above, The Fearless Man, it's great.
  2. I see what you mean. Ideally, you'll come to a point where you're out, maybe doing some shopping and you see a cute girl and it's like something is pulling you towards her, and when you realize it you're already talking to her. That's acting on your instincts. You go and don't even hesitate, you don't prepare shit in your mind before, you just show up because look: there's a hot woman and I want her. Then words just come out of your mouth. That's it. But hey, some days you will feel this way, some days you won't. Sometimes you have to push yourself, sometimes it's easy. That's the whole journey, enjoy it bro. Realize the abundance in which you bask when there's no boundaries between a stranger and you. It's a blessing you have.
  3. I was a clerk at a coffee shop and this guy came in to buy a bottle of water with a 20 dollar bill. I took the bill, and was looking in the register to give him his change. Then he said he had some extra coins so that it was easier for me to give him the change. He gave me the coins and I don't remember how but, as he was talking he took the 20 dollar bill back (or I gave it back to him), and I didn't realize it, it was very quick. In the end he walked away with the bottle of water, the 20 dollar bill and like 18 dollars extra. During the interaction I suspected he was tricking me but I was too much of a nice guy and didn't want to cause any problems with the customers. Lesson learned: Stand up to people no matter what the social situation is.
  4. This is really sad. But you know... part of me doesn't buy it. He died on May 3rd and they didn't say anything until now. And the same day, just when OP decides to announce his death on the forum, his sister logs in on his account to find out what he was up to, weeks later? Idk, everything's weird.
  5. Bro, too much theory. This is what you need to know about attraction for now: You are a man, she is a woman. BOOM! there's attraction. You are already designed to attract each other. The best way to learn and improve is by talking to girls. Learn from every approach you do and move on. BUT REALLY GO OUT AND DO IT. Otherwise you won't learn, I'm serious.
  6. @longusername12345 You can but just don't make a big deal out of it.
  7. @longusername12345 Next time you see her, I think it's better you pretend that never happened and slowly gain her trust again. Kind of off topic but... Hey @Leo Gura whatever happened with the Q&A special video for the 1 million subs?
  8. Hey, @soos_mite_ah I'm glad you're trying to open your mind to understand pick up, that speaks volumes of you as a person and I will gladly and humbly tell you my pov around the topic. Pick up depends a lot on the guy who is doing it. The way I see the big picture of pick up is a just a man becoming aware of his terrible mindsets and neurotic behaviors around women and then letting those go overtime. A man is designed to attract a woman, so why can't he just do it naturally? Because he carries low self-esteem, judgments, resentment, limiting beliefs and has behaviors that repels women (like being too much of a nice guy). Pick up done well slowly strips the guy of many of these and at the end of the journey what is left is just his sacred, unconditional love and desire for the femenine, his ability to own his masculinity and naturally attract women as a byproduct of that. That's how I've viewed my journey in pick-up. Me learning to love women, to love talking to them, to love flirting with them, to love listening to them, to love making love to them. Which I was unable to do because of all the neurosis. (I still have a ton to learn). And so, for this to happen it is necessary to go out and talk to a lot of girls, fail miserably and then cry out of feelings of unworthiness, push boundaries and be seen as a threat to girls, it is all part of the learning experience.
  9. @How to be wise Hey man, where have your learned those stories and shitty assumptions you're now giving as advice? If it's from personal experience, I'm telling you, you ain't got enough of it.
  10. @How to be wise I see what you're saying. I think seduction is so nuanced we can't say for sure that one method works better than the other one. Both can perfectly work in my opinion. I personally prefer to let her feel my intent by either telling her directly or just through eye contact. However I disagree with you on the supermarket not being a good place to approach. If you're good at sensing the girl's mood, and have some social awareness you can approach anywhere and create a beautiful connection. BTW @Striving for more, props to you for having the balls to do this, don't be afraid of rejection, that's what builds the man in you, keep it up.
  11. Not good advice at all. Any place IS a great place, we are social animals, you just have to acknowledge the weirdness of it. "Hey I know this is random but you're cute as hell... my name is James". "Hey I see you're busy but I have to say hello cause' you're so pretty".
  12. Why would you feel bad after pleasing yourself? I tried that nofap nonsense and gave it up, I now masturbate and watch porn regularly and don't feel bad about it, no changes of mood, motivation or anything like that, I just release that desire and move on with my day. Nofap dogma made me believe masturbating was something bad therefore I always felt like shit afterwards. Find what suits you. That's just my experience and my opinion.
  13. Start coaching in person regardless, it's very easy for people to procrastinate using fitness apps. You can be a real-life training motivator that they can relate to. You'll come up with the idea eventually. I would say, start coaching and see what happens. Maybe you find that you don't really like it and now you know you should look for something different. Or you find that people love you and want you to coach them despite the cheaper apps and programs available in the marketplace.
  14. Practice. You can only learn so much about sex through theory, at the end of the day though, you have to practice a lot, that means having lots of sex. Do the theory thing, that's great. But practice is king.
  15. Nice thread Michael Some of the things I want to focus on next year are: Finish the LP Course and start working towards it. Go on at least 2 meditation retreats. Start making money to save up and move out in the future. Keep mastering daygame and seduction. Start once and for all my Salsa Dancing Academy.