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  1. That's awesome! Wish you the best as well. Hope it turns out in something that's gonna grow you both as people
  2. What were the vibes in your interaction with her? Was it flirty? logical? fun/banter? friendly? To be honest I think there's only so much you can do over text, the real impact happens in person, if you made a good impression on her then you just continue the vibe you were having with her in person over text. But anyways I think this channel has really useful videos on texting: I think this guy has really good videos on texting, check these out and maybe watch some more from his channel. Since you're a spiritual guy, just get a sense of the feeling behind his texts. Just keeping it light, flirty, funny, and using texting just to set up a meeting in real life, because that should be your intention right?
  3. @Oso NOOOOO You're falling for a scam brother, I can guarantee you that you're not talking to the real girl, it's some dude who gets paid to chat with you. Even if she starts telling you that she's interested in you don't fall for it they just want your money. Unsubscribe immediately, I know it hurts but you won't find a girlfriend on Onlyfans. And I know this because I worked precisely doing that, managing their accounts and chatting with their subs as if I was the model, I can assure you none of these chicks are doing their own DM's, it's a big scam.
  4. Honestly the whole concept of game is useless. You're a man and you're designed to attract women. Period. What else do you need???? What happens is we have trauma, stored emotions and beliefs around women, that get in the way of this natural attraction happening. Purify these and all that's left is you authentically being a man that EFFORTLESSLY attracts women, no fucking game theory, no lines, no nothing
  5. @Soul Flight Thanks for your response, I'm a newbie in this world so I definitely learned some lessons on my first time
  6. I didn't think putting them into a tea would have a better effect, I just went ahead and ate them. I'll try that next time, thanks for the responses guys
  7. They were dried Teonanacatl Mushrooms, this is all I know
  8. @Thought Art These were Mexican. @Soul Flight Not at all, I had never used any drugs before today and I'm not on meds. In fact I have very low tolerance to alcohol for example, I drink a beer and already feel half drunk. I don't know if that's relevant but that's why I'm surprised mushrooms didn't do much for me. Also, I paid 20 euros for this dosage, is this okay or was I overcharged? I'm honestly feeling ripped off and salty about the whole experience.
  9. The lady I bought them from said they were very high quality but I guess she wound't say the opposite right?... I'll maybe buy from a different source next week and try again
  10. So I took mushrooms for the first time today about 6 hours ago. I was having high expectations and wanted to use this trip to think about my life purpose and my emotions around girls. I took 1.25 gr on an empty stomach, sat in my bed for an hour, nothing really happened so I took like 0.60gr more which was everything I had available. After an hour or so I began feeling super relaxed, very aware of my body, my mood improved and I was laughing and enjoying this feeling. It felt good. Didn't feel introspective that much or had any cool visuals or anything like this and if I'm honest I wasn't particularly surprised by the relaxation and mood improvement because I've had this before during meditation retreats or even just meditating at home so I'm a bit disappointed. I guess I just have high tolerance and should take more next time but wanted to ask if anybody had this experience of taking almost 2 grams and feeling mainly relaxation and nice vibes?
  11. I feel you brother, we've all been there. I have to be honest, you might not get this girl because you already put her on a pedestal, but who knows. What I think is lacking in your interactions is polarity, she has to feel your masculine energy, the one that lies in your pelvis, balls, cock. When you talk to her, do you get turned on for her? If so, she's gonna feel it and respond to it, maybe positively or negatively. Tell me what you're feeling/thinking while you talk to her, that's important. Because what you're feeling/thinking comes across in your sub-communication and girls only respond to that, not so much to the words you're saying.
  12. As they should, did you pull to your place at least? You gotta take your chances bro
  13. @Yimpa Lol, why do you think so?
  14. Sounds like approaching a woman is too much tension for you. So I'd say start warming up by waving to strangers and saying hi as you walk down the street. Maybe even only do that for a day, week or month. But the key is that you relax more and more as you do it. Very importantly my man. Open your heart to the stranger you're saying hi to, let them in for a bit, appreciate something about them, see how beautiful they are. This is how you connect with people.