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  1. @Adodd beautiful trip report man. Thank you for sharing! My next Aya ritual is scheduled for the 19th - will probably try it this way. Regarding mushrooms, do you always lemon tek? How do you prepare it? I always did them raw and am rather curious about the difference after reading your report.
  2. This is definitely one of the hardest challenges of my life. I have no problems relating to people on a basic level, but I could use some help on learning how to have some shallow fun. I live in a country where 90%+ of the people are SD stages blue and orange or conformists and experts with a few achievers manipulating the rest, if we look at it through the 9 stages of ego development from Susanne Cook-Greuter's research (Brazil). For years I've struggled trying to raise awareness around me and being miserable not seeing much results until I started self-actualization work and it quickly dawned on me that I was creating my own misery by expecting what is around me to be any different. 99,9% of people care only about survival and there's no one that can change that, but themselves. (what baffles me is that I've created this experience myself ) I've reached peace with this aspect of this life. Now I seem to be struggling with accepting non-doing, since I don't really have a motivation to "do" anything in this life other than exploring the existential aspects of it through meditation, contemplation and psychedelics. I do get a tremendous amount of joy whenever someone approaches me truly open for deep conversations, healing and transcendence, but I don't see myself using social media (instagram/youtube) to reach a broader audience, for instance. I love reading and studying, but my motivation even for this seems to be waning. More and more I feel like becoming a "nobody" who just sits by himself living a simple life, exercising, eating clean and helping whoever comes seeking for true help (not shallow material issues). But a part of me (ego) still judges. I nag myself saying I should be doing more to help mankind. But what, since I don't really want to do nothing and everything that I tried to do for the external world just showed me that I needed to look inside? I deeply care about politics, helping people, the environment etc, but can't seem to find a passion that I could materially dedicate myself to make a difference on those things.
  3. @Razard86 pure gold - had a similar insight during a mushroom trip. thanks for sharing!
  4. @Federico del pueblo loved reading through that site. Thanks mate!
  5. I have made a comprehensive playlist for Ayahuasca/Mushroom ceremonies here in Brazil to be used whenever no live music is possible. Enjoy (; https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3VcQFPKjsynfrsujazFhGR?si=b04f31e98efb45db
  6. @bmcnicho Nice! I know what you mean when you say "pure quality" - that's exactly what has made me curious about mixing it with Aya. How will it behave? How far can I go if I just surrender myself in this intense manner? I'll experiment the combo with a low dose and see what happens @Benton you're right and I thank you for your advice. will test the waters at a lower dose and report back the results!
  7. @Benton The full blown ayahuasca brew. Talked about it with my shaman and he was completely ok with it
  8. @halfknots thanks for your answer. I'll probably do that since this idea is strong within me and hasn't subsided in the last few days.
  9. @GreenWoods I humbly offer you my gratitude for all your work and sharing it with us. May you keep evolving, become the teacher you've always dreamed of and help humanity the best you can!
  10. @bambi Personally I would wait, yes. Mushrooms are ancients and they are here to help and teach, but they also take no shit and thus should be respected otherwise there will be a lot of purging. Living in debauchery and hedonism is basically the opposite of what it expects of us in order to help us heal and guide us towards whatever we need to overcome in order to love ourselves more and lead a better life. But again, those are my 2 cents about it. In the end, its always up to you - follow your intuition!
  11. @bambi thats what I do. Fasting really helps. I also found that it helps to purify yourself before the trip for a week or so - abstaining from eating any kind of meat (if you're not vegetarian already), drinking alcohol and industrialized food. I have also experienced deeper trips and connections with myself by abstaining from physical orgasms for a while before the trip. Having a strong meditation practice also helps. Enjoy! (:
  12. @aurum thanks. I really don't know - the idea just popped up in my head and no bad intuitive feelings followed.
  13. I've been doing mushrooms since 2019 practically on a monthly basis. Been up to 7g in a single session with no problems at all so far. A couple months ago I've started participating in indigenous Ayahuasca cerimonies here in Brazil and it has been pretty intense but also amazing for deeply healing myself and understanding/exploring reality. Now I have this idea of mixing them both, thinking about 5g mushrooms + 80ml aya. Has anyone here done this before? If so, how was your experience?
  14. I've always wondered about that myself. Why go to such lengths to create a dream in which 99,9% of people are not interested in truth, and thus, live in unsustainable, unloving ways such as in this earth? Great topic btw