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  1. Its probably impossible to immitate the behavoir, voice, attitide and way of talking of someone called "Bad Guy" when not being one, even when knowing what exactly attracts women to these men. Being real, relaxed, fearless, natural, confident, dominant, possessive, a leader, spontanous if its needed, prepared for unexpected situations, ready to fight back, and more. Working out and learning(studying,meditating,self-developement) gives confidence by mental and physical superiority
  2. I am curious about the experience someone has on MeO For example when you take a high dose/very high dose of MeO, how exactly is the transition from normal to psychodelic state of consciousness? Does it kicks in immediatelly or does the state noticeable build up? What do you see/feel then when it hits? What are typical visuals: everything black/white, nothingness, fractals? And how would you describe the experienced infinity: is it a feeling, a realisation, or impossible to describe?
  3. You are made of dream-"material" Everything is dream-"material" There is nothing else but dream-"material" God is the dream dreaming itself Dreaming is not just an activity: dream is being and the only "thing" that is God, Consciousness, Being, Dream, Imagination are all synonyms Saying "God is dreaming" is the same as saying "being is" or "God is itself"
  4. So how you define Love? Is it an experience/feeling, a state, self-desire of its own nature, self-"acceptance", ...
  5. Why saying "God is Love" when God is also duality and hate If you define love as the desire to be one, then hate is the desire to be seperated, which is what God does by creating others. Wouldnt it be as correct as saying "God is Hate"
  6. When I am sleeping and dreaming, do I have an ego? (I cant recall birth and name there)
  7. No they can be awake Or maybe even Awake But they are not AWAKE™
  8. I cant think of an example where understanding does not require whats is called memory or thinking process For example if a person smiles, you understand that he is happy(in most cases). why? because of memory Making Interconnection that mousemovement relates to cursormovement: Is this the understanding you talking about? You seem talking about an other sort of understanding, otherwise I would understand what you mean and be AWAKE™
  9. How is it like to be omniscient? Can you change physical laws or read minds? You know EVERYTHING? Why dont you do a better example then, an amechanical one But understanding (to get through a forum) requires memory which you say is imaginary Someone who cant read and never seen a computer before has to try first to get experience through that he gets memory and combined with logic knows its behaviour: how to move the cursor with the mouse, what will happen when a certain button is pressed, what certain letters mean, etc If you know that mousemovement relates to cursormovement, is this interconnection the understanding you mean?
  10. to comprehend a doorknob as a doorknob you first need to recognize it as such (with all its use, function, purpose, relationship, past) which is a story/believe (that it is a doorknob and has a use, function, purpose), an imagination
  11. that i know that red is red, is this comprehension? cause otherwise i wouldnt understand red as red or blue as blue comprehension=consciousness=imagination ?
  12. what is comprehension? its also imaginary? is imagination consciousness, so that they can be used interchangeably?
  13. This is not how I meant I meant it like this: Absolute Consciousness is like the entirety of the Water of an Ocean and my consciousness is like its hurricane. The hurricane can grow, but for that it has to takes its water from the ocean. It can be seen as seperated from the rest of the ocean (because of different shape for example), but both are made of the same water and are connected. The hurricane is just a fraction of the entire Water My 0.01% consciousness is like the hurricanes water and the 99.99% consciousness behind the scenes is like the larger part of the oceans water. When I become more conscious my consciousness includes/accesses more and more of the whole Absolute Consciousness. The same with the hurricane: when it expands it includes more and more of the larger part of the Oceans water Is this analogy now right or still wrong? Or in the light bulb analogy, there is the bulb and the light. What does the bulb and what does the light stand for?
  14. Then this 0.01% consciousness is a fraction of 100% Absolut Consciousness. Means they must be "connected" and also "seperated" like a room in a house, with different experiences and independently conscious of itself. So the 99.99% is conscious of itself and the imagining process, and my 0.01% consciousness is not conscious of all that. My direct experience is just the fraction of Absolute Experience. Its nonduality and duality at once: the illusion of seperation is so strong that it becomes reality Is this explanation right?
  15. My biggest Problems with Solipsism and Absolute Consciousness are: How can my consciousness be absolute when its not on a constant level How can my consciousness be absolute and I omniscient when I dont know how and why I am imagining, I am not conscious about it I dont know about me willingly imagining How can I be omnipotent and have a free will to imagine whatever I want at any moment when physical laws strictly determine My direct experience make it seem to be impossible that I am the entire Godhead who is omniscient and omnipotent, and that my direct experience is absolute There must be something "behind the scenes" like the Computers CPU which creates a Videogame. But I feel like a character in this Videogame who wonders what everything is and where it comes from without any control. An omniscient being would simultanously know how it creates experience and experiences, where I only experience. Only experience is nothing compared to an omniscient being. An omniscient being would also be conscious about the illusion, self-deception and forgetting Supposing I become Awake and conscious about how I am imagining everything, why wasnt I conscious about the imagining process before Awakening if I am already omniscient right now? Conclusion: My consciousness is an Aspect of God but not The God. But change my mind, I am openminded