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  1. I wonder what happens when 5-MeO-DMT + Ketamine
  2. @bebotalk poor analysis disprove: Tate is the epitome of toxic maculinity, and is more successful than you ('in all realms of human endeavour' (except spirituality))
  3. @Sugarcoat What do you mean with sense of self feeling of your body? feeling of 'I am here and not there'?
  4. Philosophical answer: Assuming Solipsism is true: God doesnt "know" how or why he is creating, it comes automatically as inherent property Its more like a "human" nightdream where a dream is not willingly created, it just happens The creation is passive, every moment changes into an other moment in the most matching way The changes happen according to rules (laws, logic), a dream with laws and logic is consistent and orderly The story of this dream is persistent through changes/time, so living a life as a human is possible A dream without rules would just be a incoherent mess without a convincing story And the most beautiful story is a life as a human who lives exactly the life he lives There are at least 3 dreams God is dreaming within this human story: wake state, nightdreams, psychodelic state
  5. Andrew Tate is the richest man on the planet He probably will become the first billionaire in history
  6. I always see people saying, that on MeO they experience God/Infinity But does it also happen, that someone who takes MeO has a different experience and does not experience God? How likely is that?
  7. You go for the kiss when the woman says: "Grab my Neck and kiss me!"
  8. Wanting to know What is true, I spend some time with studying religions, also Islam Came to the conclusion that it is a lie
  9. Islam doesnt make sense It makes people scared and act of fear instead of pure logic - brainwashing. Thats why: No believer would pray if they wouldnt believe in hell and if it wasnt religios duty. They pray to get their own benefit, they fear hell and want paradise. It is hard to be logic when there is fear, desired promises and selfishness Consider, that it is possible to imagine that only believers go to hell Also, its possible to imagine a smarter god than allah, and less poetic and sadistic A god who doesnt want to be worshipped and served so badly You can imagine infinite gods, infinite hells and paradises Islam is not the light it claims to be, It is darkness in fact
  10. You Are Attracted To Me