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  1. A person is an illusion, just an idea in the mind. The idea is seen as a container of past events, names, relations, memories etc. In short every experience that comes via this mind-body is tagged as "I", "me", "mine" etc. And this whole house of cards becomes a person. Obviously, it keeps updating moment by moment, its a flow, not a thing. If you see it as it is, its just a body-mind going through various experiences. Its not "someone" that's going through them. Its an universal event, not individual. Now is there a core that remains changeless? Given that there is no person, this question should not arise. But some contents of the "I" container may change so slowly that they appear permanent. But the real nature of all things is impermanence. So everything changes. The only things that does not change is the witness of the change, which is - consciousness.
  2. Good post and I agree with @WelcometoReality My direct experience is that - thoughts, memories, imaginations, emotions are already there, just like colors, sounds and shapes are already there, we as consciousness, merely experience those. We do not "cause" thoughts to appear, they appear, we see them. So not much difference between physical and non-physical contents of consciousness. So why do these contents get divided into two kinds - physical and mental (non-physical)? The obvious answer is - physical contents are mediated via senses, non-physical ones are directly perceived. Our minds organizes physical stuff more carefully, i.e. in space and time, and externalizes them. Why? Because survival of the organism depends on that. The non-physical is not organized much, it is perceived just like an invisible bubble and is non-local, has no shape/color or any sensual qualities. So which is more near to us? And which is more real? Well, depending on your personal tastes, you can call both unreal (illusory) or equally real (they are just experiences, style of appearance/presentation does not really matter). Anyhow, the important thing is, and as you said, one should not identify with thoughts or mental processes (like emotions), or with body (which is a physical object/process). The real you is always the observer, witness, the consciousness... Its the *most* real "thing" there is.
  3. Not exactly a spiritual joke, but made me laugh
  4. There are no two. Inquiry into Raw Experience - Rupert Spira and Rick Archer
  5. You caught him red handed there.
  6. Universal Mind is defined as a collection of all structures of all kinds. There is Change and Change gives birth to all kinds of processes. The structures are formed by self-organizing processes that happen in Presence on the canvas of consciousness, and they are metaphysical in nature, which means they are pure information, patterns of nothingness. Our physical universe, bodies and human minds are tiny parts of the Universal Mind. Universal Mind is near infinite, contains all worlds and universes and is all knowing and omnipotent. We are that universal Mind in fact, we have assumed this limited form and gotten identified with it. All you need to do is realize who you are, and you can enjoy this vast scenery of infinite creation. How? What? Why? All such questions are answered in detail here: http://pureexperiences.blogspot.com/2017/04/mind-map.html
  7. You are making good progress. It all depends on your concept and understanding of the word "awakening", so let us know. Note that everyone defines it differently, but one thing is sure - everyone is already there where they need to be, they only need to shed some ignorance. In other words, everyone is already awakened, they just need to realize what they are. Experiences come and go, but realization stays.
  8. Its normal, don't worry Ego hits back, it wants to survive and purification produces all kinds of bodily movements and sensations and behaviours and even pains. Just remember that all experiences come and go. Nothing lasts. Just be very-very aware, intensely aware of what is happening, and it will lose its grip on you. Try to know more on why this happens, if you are curious, instead of turning it into a problem that must be solved. If you give it serious importance, Ego wins. It is not necessary to drag yourself forcefully on the meditation cushion everyday. If it happens, it happens, else its of no use. Whenever you find yourself free from distractions, sit silently. That's all you need to do.
  9. Its not an assumption, its an experience. If by the word "you" you mean consciousness or the experiencer, then it is always the background on which all change happens. Let us assume that the experiencer changes, then you can question - who or what is experiencing that change? And in response you will see that the change becomes an experience, and the experiencer again stands back as a background. So everything that changes or flows becomes an experience and the "thing" that experiences those changes becomes the experiencer. This division is created by the mind out of oneness. This is the first division it creates. As soon as you include this dividing act into the experience, you will see that there is no experiencer, there is just experiencing - a dynamic oneness.
  10. Not sure about enlightenment, but the thought "I am now enlightened" is surely a trick of mind.