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  1. That seems to be the case. And its easy to observe. All you need to do is ask some questions. Have you ever experienced anything besides "experiencing"? In other words, have you seen anything other than "consciousness witnessing things here and now"? You will see that its not possible, because if the answer is yes, then who or what was witnessing that thing, if not you as consciousness? Now, have you witnessed anything independent of consciousness? Again the answer you get is no. The experience and experiencer arise together. In other words, they are one and the same, it is not possible to have one without the other. The division into two is mind's doing. In the light of the above, nothing ever happens or is contained outside the consciousness. Even the thought "I" occurs inside it. The bottom line is - all we know is our own consciousness.
  2. @The IdiotArab Thank you. I hope its useful. @LRyan Yes, I understand it in same way. Except that the "false self" (aka Ego or identity) is itself an illusion. All divisions and illusions are creation of mind. Minds enables a separate individuated experience of human life for the consciousness. However, the price consciousness pays for it is ignorance and suffering. In the last part, he goes on saying that all our minds are also one.... parts of a bigger mind. I call it universal mind. UM is creating everything, as a virtual reality, a dream. In fact I have a feeling that the boundaries between our individual minds are very-very thin, and are also virtual.
  3. @NutellaTC I wouldn't worry too much. In fact I'd feel happy. But I know it scares the hell, only the one to whom it happens knows. So, do some damage control or take preventive measures to make it a bit more comfortable. Become "ordinary" again, do not overdo meditation or any breathing or energy practice. Engage in sports, work, anything that keeps your mind distracted. Eat well (if the body allows, experiment what it allows). Sleep more, because you offer no resistance in sleep, and the waking time is less painful. In short, google other's experiences and find out how they dealt with this situation. You will be surprised how common it is. Slowly shift into a lifestyle that supports it. Surrender. That's all you can do. All the best !
  4. @Mohammad You are thinking in a right direction (in my opinion). A common argument that an idealist would put is - "if a component in a radio is broken, the radio malfunctions, but the news reader in the radio station remains unaffected." So that's the famous radio analogy. I consider brain not as receiver but as an interface. So (according to me, and you don't need to believe me), the brain is not a physical structure, senses are extension of brain (CNS) and are also not physical. Moreover, our bodies and world is also not physical. Obviously, mind is not physical too. Everything is modulations/structures in consciousness. You can think of everything as made of a "metaphysical substance", for convenience. Next, whatever is relayed to mind (perceived) via sense structures gets tagged as "physical", whatever is relayed directly, is "non-physical". So structures like objects, bodies, rocks and planets are seen as physical while thoughts, emotions, memories etc. are seen as non-physical. The division is made in the mind, because of different modes of perceptions. And that elegantly explains how non-physical things like thoughts and intentions act on a body. And how the body in turn can act on matter or matter can register itself on mind via senses. Its not magic anymore ! They are all same - so its a straightforward chain of events. So brains acts like an interface for non-physical<->physical. But all it does is reformatting of modulations in metaphysical substance and integrates the sense perceptions into an overall single mental experience. So in essence, it all happens in consciousness.
  5. In my opinion, the most important quality would be Scientific method. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_method Its a continuous process of self refinement. It never stops. Scientists are humans and become dogmatic and fixated on beliefs often. But the new paradigms come up again and again and throw away the stale junk. In short - it feeds on itself, it grows and refines very-very fast. This did not happen in old civilizations. They fell into static wells of beliefs that lasted for thousands of years. But the new science has grown out of old. Its a process of humans falling many times and then again getting up and jumping a bit higher than before. That depends on what people believe constitutes "everything". Isn't it? For most that word means anything that our senses can sense. Bodies, objects, space, light, skies, phenomena of all sorts. People have an extroverted mind, and that mind tells them its all out there, and what they perceive is everything there is. Science investigates exactly that - phenomena. And hence, IMO, people assume that it explains everything. Technology adds to this beliefs. "It works so its the whole truth".
  6. @MochaSlap Its a mess Different teachers and traditions use different words to describe their version of stuff. Its a matter of terminology. The question is - will you blindly believe me if I tell you what they mean and how they relate to each other? The whole point is to know it yourself, and then adopt best words to convey what you know.
  7. Will vs determinism, this debate is age old. As you must be knowing, whenever there is a debate which never settles, it is an indication of partial knowledge, a complete picture is missing. So people go on debating without any conclusion. Ego (part of our mind) is a collection of automatic processes. However, Ego doesn't like itself to be called an automaton. People identify with Ego (99.99% of them) and hence feel offended. Its a prestige issue . Then, on the other hand, declaring that there is no will is going to cause havoc in society. We won't be able to punish criminals for example. No one will be responsible for anything. Even totally materialistic people don't want that. So, what is the bigger picture? You can arrive at a reasonably bigger picture by asking these questions: 1- What exactly is will? Is it just randomness? Is it a magical thing? Is it a made up concept that originates from observing others doing "willful" acts? 2- What is an automatic action? Why are there any actions at all? What happens when we assume all actions and events as automatic? Is it as good as assuming all actions and events as willful? 3- Why do we feel it is necessary to classify actions and events into two classes - willed and automatic? What if we don't classify them in that way? What happens?
  8. You nailed it perfectly there. Great thinking ! Science limits itself by ignoring the vastness of consciousness and focusing on just one of its expressions - structures shared among a specific group of minds. Shared structures = physical universe and specific group of minds = humans. Ironically, this focusing is what makes science super efficient, and only within a few hundred years it has done wonders. The fallacy of many of us humans is that its awesome success makes them believe that science explains everything there is to explain. In its glare, they don't see that science gives us very useful partial truths only. Once you we those pieces, we need to see the bigger picture and use those pieces to complete it. So it gives us rules, and we assume everything must follow those rules.
  9. @Bodhi123 Yes, flip is only a start, it happens quickly and then the real work starts, which is to implement the new into life. I'm also in that process.
  10. When you start progressing on the path of knowledge, you will notice a strange pattern - your old beliefs will be most of the time an exact opposite of new knowledge. This is quite amusing and enlightening. Everything you "knew" gets reversed gradually. I call this - the flip ! As you progress, your views go on flipping and soon the entire picture changes, the foreground becomes the background, and the background jumps forward. This is the figure-ground reversal that you will notice. We will take up some examples to demonstrate this. What's the point? Well, besides fun, it can be a good indicator of your progress. More things you flipped, more you have progressed. What's your score? Belief: There are many things, and I am one of them, separate and independent of things. Fact: There is oneness. There is no separation at all. Its an illusion created by the mind. B: Matter is most real, next is mind, and consciousness is well... some nebulous thing that cannot be seen or proven. F: Consciousness is most real, next is mind, and matter is flimsy illusion, its also mind. B: Matter is particles, arranged in an empty thing called space, and it changes with a thing called time. F: There are no particles. Space and time are illusions created in mind to make sense of sensory data. A kind of "data visualization". B: Reality is purely material. And there are things like energy, forces and fields. F: Reality is just information. There are only relations. B: Brain generates mental stuff and also consciousness. F: Brain is a structure in mind, perceived via senses. Consciousness is the ground of everything including world, body, brain and mind. B: All there is, is this physical universe, which can see experienced via senses and instruments. F: Physical universe, this one, is a tiny part of universal Mind. Areas of universal Mind can be accessed directly. B: Consciousness "resides" in a body. F: Body is an object, a content in consciousness. B: Mind is located in brain, and consciousness too. F: Brain is located in mind, which assigns it a location in space. Mind is non-local. Consciousness is not local, not non-local and is just a witness of all local and non-local phenomena. B: Books, mass media and people are reliable sources for all knowledge. I trust it when majority of them agree on something. F: My own experience is my surest source of knowledge. I believe no one blindly. I do take pointers from wise and try to experience what they teach. B: I'm ignorant, don't know anything. I must get more and more knowledge. F: I'm omniscient, I already know everything that can be known. Knowledge is covered up by layers upon layers of ignorance. B: I'm not free. I need to get liberated asap. F: I'm already free. All I need to do is get rid of that belief. B: I was born, and I will surely die. F: I am eternal, timeless and changeless. B: Others are independent entities, they have their own consciousness separate from my own. F: Consciousness (Self) is only one. Others are just structures in consciousness, same as I'm. We are all one at the deepest level, separations are illusory. B: My path is a series of gains. I get more and more as I progress. F: My path is a subtractive process. I lose more and more. B: I'm not happy. Suffering comes naturally. I need to do efforts to keep myself happy. F: Happiness is my real nature. Suffering comes out of ignorance, and it takes effort to hold on to the burden of ignorance. B: Happiness comes from external stuff like food, mates, shiny stones/metals, money, power and social status. F: Happiness comes from within. When above needs are no more present. Only minimum is needed to support a healthy body and an healthy Ego. B: I need more and more relations and friends. Need and dependency on each other is love, we need support and approval of others. F: I need exactly 0 people. Freedom from dependency and letting go is love. Love is about giving, not taking. We need to support, not ask for support. We don't need anyone's approval, I am me and you are you. B: Everything is a mess. Nothing is as it should be. F: Everything is perfect ! B: I need to run around like crazy until all my desires are fulfilled. F: I need to do bare minimum to survive and have a cozy life. Desires are unlimited, its madness to try to fulfill all of them. B: I must do what others tell me to do. Politicians and leaders dictate what's right and wrong. F: I can use my brain ! I know what's right and wrong. B: The whole point of life is - to hoard as much money as I can, to get a partner, reproduce, go on vacations, consume as much as I can, get shiny stuff, show them how great I am, save for old age and die in a hospital screaming and kicking. F: The point of life is to live. Walk on the path of my own heart. That's all. I'm sure there are more flips. A seeker is a person who knows this art of intentionally flipping things around. Here is a longer list of Flips !
  11. @The Universe It is not possible to experience two-ness. Or multiplicity. And it is very easy to see that.
  12. I've started a group in Second Life VR World. Please join and lets meet in this beautiful VR world. Pure Experiences Group A meeting place for second life resident seekers. Description: Pure Experiences is a group for people who like to learn and share their knowledge about deepest truths. Everyone is most welcome. Those who are seekers on a path of knowledge would benefit most by joining this group. We will hold meetings as often as we can and discuss the most important questions. Things that matter most. It will be a Q&A, no lectures, no text readings and no meditations, just direct transmission of knowledge. Can be one to one. Text and Voice.
  13. I agree, there are as many meanings of the word "enlightenment" as there are teachers and traditions. However, my personal quest shows me that every great master finally says that it is something really simple and underwhelming. Its so simple that people generally do not appreciate it. That's just Ego longing for fancy experiences, it has formed fantastic notions about what it is. It is just knowing and being the consciousness (Self). Its simpler than breathing Here is a video from another teacher I like. It just popped up in my stream. You can find more teachings on what that word means, especially Rupert Spira explains it nicely.