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  1. The monkey/the metaphysical (object of experience) co-arise 🐵💭
  2. What does the mind want? Maybe the apparent existence of objects being distinct/separate from the apparent existence of/as a subject. Wants to believe in a world made of matter that stands independent from itself.
  3. Indeed Wouldn’t be very fun now would it😋 Much more enjoyable to be both mortal & immortal at the same time😉
  4. The separate lil me only wants to escape its apparent beginning/end cycle when that lil me is identified with that cycle itself. Become familiar with this cycle now, as this cycle arises and subsides NOW as YOU.🤙
  5. What knows that knowledge does or does not exist and that understanding is or is not an illusion?
  6. Beginningless & endless...it’s all YOU😋
  7. @TheAvatarState she’s so captivating😎
  8. No. You have the same access as others. Some are just preoccupied with the lady in the red dress😉(subject/object activity). Sometimes our mental habits cause us to look in certain directions and not others. Or cause to look in a direction period, in this case.