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  1. To live a life without a self imposed image, which implies that i don’t project the past(self) onto others/environment. To Live without conflict/fear/divison & continue in the art of learning(learning without accumulation) or non-evaluation. To share with anyone interested. Other than that be excellent to one another & continue living a quiet & simple life.
  2. Fosho. And it's a most excellent ’no-thing’ to find that the answer (yes-no) itself gives continuity to this movement. Tricky self heh🤐
  3. Haha Demonization is implicit as ego. To demonize is subtle acceptance of egocentric activity by condemnation. This may seem silly/confusing, but it simply points to the fact that ego and it’s compulsion to accept or condemn is one unit of movement of identification/attachment/resistance to what-is.. Ego is demonization.
  4. Maybe dude. Perhaps the next best move is to question if moving at all has any relevance😎
  5. Who says you should let go of it? You’re all good man. It’s all you🤙
  6. Not for us to say. Just sharing about identification
  7. Identification is dualistic. Psychological sense of "becoming or feeling oneself one with another" "act or process of determining the identity of something" "object or documentation which marks identity"
  8. Identification is to thingify.
  9. Fear of the void is desire(resistance to death). Fear IS desire. This happens as well. This is memory(desire-fear) wanting more. It will thingify no-thing-ness. Experience implies division. The void is not actually divided at all. The veiling of divison, stands upon THE GROUNDLESS GROUND itself.
  10. When mind ends it’s continuity of seeking, chasing(desire), is mind different from void?
  11. What is hope anyway?
  12. For me, when I saw the falsity of hope, I was actually able to inquire into what breeds this wishful striving for security, which manifests as this phenomenon that we term as hope. I noticed that until there was freedom unburdened by hope/desire/resistance to what-is, I wasn’t actually able to step out of the field of what should be, and stay with the fact of what was actually the case. Then I could freely, and without distortion/illusion, explore into the phenomenon of fear/anger/anxiety/depression-thought in general. Freedom to explore the above without the illusion of psychological becoming as falsity, set the foundation to learn about myself in daily life(relationship-subject/object manifestations) and with other personas. When this foundation was laid(self-knowledge), then there was a freedom without the authority of the past (experience/experiences and accumulated bais/prejudices-self centered motivation/effort). The beginning of this self-knowledge Was the beginning of what allows for meditation, which is an unpremeditated art. Because to meditate demands no effort/volition. Self-knowledge to the level of holistic insight, is the ending of effort. Then there is meditation. As far as theory, that qualifies as what should be. Unless its a pointing-mirroring that of the apparent subject/object divison(experience or what-is) ofcourse. That is useful. To point at & explore duality.
  13. When all hope is lost...you are free to observe what-is. It’s quite beautiful.
  14. @Nahm we haven’t changed much over the last 2-300 hundred thousand plus years heh.