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  1. Off to get my daily near death experience out of the way? ?
  2. @zeroISinfinity THE FACE, the glue that connects all faces❤️
  3. Indeed I KNOW only MYSELF as MYSELF
  4. The dream is free to come and go as it pleases?☺️
  5. Not knowing and knowing share the same imaginary bed?
  6. Yes! Out of the choiceless ONE rises the chooser and that which it chooses(MYSELF)...nice?❤️
  7. Openness knows no difference yet contains all differences ?
  8. @zeroISinfinity pointless point in which all dimensions are welcomed to come and go as they please?
  9. Of course!...that’s the point indeed. The will to bestow or unconditioned action..a wave doesn’t discriminate against itself? Just as MYSELF❤️
  11. What’s up dude? can you say that again? I’m not quite receiving the underlying message.
  12. In reference to conditioned action. Or dualistic action?
  13. Yes!! Thanks ? definitely...BBQ ? Nice chatting with you?
  14. I like that one...can I borrow it? ?
  15. @zeroISinfinity this is validated through direct KNOWING. ONE can not argue with oneself?? Wait!! yes I can?