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  1. Hes not talking about that G . He talking about being slave to reaction. Not seeing the magic trick as it really is. And then reacting to the trick as if it was real.
  2. Yep. i see what you mean man
  3. Few months ago I was caught in habit. When I saw that pleasure was the me looking for safety in thought and saw the whole pattern of this identification, that was it. All my habits or patterns ended that second. Had a weed addiction after using my whole life. That ended that second. Been clean for 2 months now along with all other habits. I just went into the how pleasure works.
  4. Guys aren’t as picky as you think. If they are picky they usually insecure which is lame right? Waste of time to mess with those dudes.
  5. That’s a creepy graveyard dude
  6. I feel like fear would always be there so so would depression. WhT do you think?
  7. @Faceless It’s crazy how often this is happens through the day man. When I first starting seeing this it was seriously like every minute. Constant reactions or fear.
  8. So much hostility. Chill brah. Everything is going to be ok. I love you @now is forever
  9. So crazy how subtle the self is. no way as way. 🤙🤙 DOPE DUDE!!
  10. Yep. Understanding the pattern of self is awesome. I watched Rupert like a year ago but didn’t follow through. I have watched a lot of teachers. But just recently understood this pattern of the chooser. Had to understand subtle fear first thought.🤙
  11. Self wants to choose between meditation and not doing meditation. When “I” choose one or the other I strengthen the loop