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  1. I have a friend who is interested in 5meo. Anyone have any good references on this that I could pass over to him?
  2. @zeroISinfinity 💙😎
  3. Anyone here know of dan Henry ad agency course? Local business advertising...
  4. I’ve been considering getting involved with that as well. Although I am quite unskilled at just about everything. I too would like to be able to maintain some kind of monthly income doing this. It is indeed quite confusing though.
  5. 😊 I’m Batman!!
  6. Yes..perhaps if they believe it.
  7. Jesus, dudes..why so serious🤡
  8. The need to be safe seems rather convenient though, no?
  9. All things are imaginary. And thinking is always in association to objects/things. Even the thought that I am a thought in your head is imaginary. Thoughts don’t appear in a head.
  10. Even if we were face to face in person you still are not experiencing me. In order for you to experience me you would have to leave YOURSELF in order to find me. Is there anything outside of YOURSELF(consciousnesses)? In your experience now?
  11. I’m imagining the totality of my experience right now. Me as a body sitting ‘in’ a room, thinking/typing words to respond to your question. This whole experience is completely imaginative. Direct experience says nothing of the kind. Direct experience says a body, the room, thinking/typing, and responding to you are all appearing in and is a modulation of ME(or god as Leo says). As in I am not in a body which is inside a room. I am not thinking/typing to you. All of that is taking place in as is made of dimensionless knowing(MYSELF).
  12. Nice. Beautiful illusions can be quite helpful and fun 😊
  13. If one sees that illusions arise alongside appearances/differences in YOU it may help.
  14. I just watched the vid. What parts were confusing to you?