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  1. @Chumbimba maybe get a nice photo of you with a profesional or someone you know that can make nice pictures, could help ... anyways you can always use it for work or etc, a simple clean one with good lighting that shows your kind side, @Roy give you really good advice, I agree on many points, also picture with a dog or cat can works especially if you like animals, one time I match 2 guys just because they had a cat on their pictures, but ok maybe thats just me who loves cats, and if you think you are bad with women train that read some literature written by women, be on her shoes to understand them just for a bit, get in touch with your emotions, have female friends, even if is also family members, make questions to them, and over all be patient, loving and embody a healthy masculine, so you can be a good, and women can feels supported and save with you, search for a friendship, be a smooth operator and then let them come, but put action when is need it.
  2. @Dutch guy speachless ... i really love the end of the video how she describes it.
  3. @Bazooka Jesus yes he is mind-blowing I haven't saw his works in real live am planing to go see it in Berlin, when this corona mess is over, where did you saw it?
  4. @Anderz that looks really fun
  5. am doing the 30 day challenge she amazing maybe many already know her ...
  6. silkscreen monoprint " studies of softness"
  7. @Dutch guy so you had them with mushrooms and sex?
  8. @Dutch guy how? can you send me some information about it
  9. @Preety_India I really like how you write thank you too @VerballyHazardous at least your lonely ass has emotions hahaha
  10. Hey @Viking Well I would advice go to the source, so go women to ask this, if you have a sister a female friend etc, you are lucky am here ... don't worry we are really cool and yes we have emotions and are also rational like everybody ... i would say don't be a dick, be respectful an active listener, if you find it hard to deal with other peoples emotions, maybe try to date more mature women that are dealing with other things and are more independent and communicate, if you don't understand something just ask, I will admit sometimes girls are not so clear with their wants and needs, but you can help them up by mentioning that and asking for a straight answer, so you can have a flow in the conversation, also find things that you can share in common don't talk to her about things she wont be interested, so find those things that will make the time better for bought. if she is felling emotional or stress sometimes a hug and listening is enough you don't even have to do anything just be patient and if is too much propose to talk when she is more calm and give her the space to reflect. Everyone is different and will react in different ways, just be kind know your limits and boundaries know hers and make it a nice experience for bought try stuff take it as a journey and if it dose'nt work you still try and got to know yourself in the process. and be honest with yourself if what you what is a relationship and know a person or just what to have sex bought are fine but have different approaches and also how you will agree certain stuff. I believe we attract what we mirror or what we need to observe something in ourselves so maybe get more in touch with your own emotions that could also help, good luck and hopefully this helps.
  11. @Preety_India thank you for sharing I loved the way you described it,I could tell, that guy turns you on, I also like the song. Is true that women are more selective on who they get turn on and is more easy for them to explore their sexuality when they are and feel in a safe environment. I know some sexual workers do that do work also because they like it, which in a way is positive and less violent since on their condition where able to make that decision, unlike other and take power on that, and yes ofc the porn industry is mainly male dominated and has absolutely nothing for women to watch, there are some cool sex positive porns made by women that are respectful, giving care to their actors and in general been more healthy, and giving us as women an option to watch. I wonder if is also a problem of demand, I personally find it hard to find someone in real life that I could really like, I get more horny about the fantasies I make in my head then in reality, which makes me feel a bit superficial ... but well the more i grow up i find other things more important then others. am starting to think if is positive to be less horny then you can focus on other things hahah, I guess the bigger problem for me was to put men and women and compare them, we experience our sexuality so different, we don't get turn on by watching a dick, we get turn on by i don't know buying cucumbers on the supermarket hahah I think my intention is that women can allow themselves to be sexual in a more positive way and that it is their decision to explore it, I personally find it hard to identify me with my biology not because am against it but because i don't like to be define by it. I have a lot of trans women friends and sometimes I feel gender and biology is really an illusion and plays no role when it comes to the inner self.
  12. @Preety_India I wonder how you experience your horniness as a fem if i may ask, you can write me a private message of course, i also would like to know how others experienced
  13. Instead of making an argument of girls are less horny then man bla bla bias dual should be asking how to make a girl horny or how their horniness works ? thats more interesting, what's the point on a competition, is ridiculous creating this weird negative place. My thoughts are men horniness can be more basic and obvious and girls horniness can be more subtle and erotic so is different and to compare it, if is more or less is nonsense does amount define quality ... nop How can we all understand each other better with out any constrictions and weight up on our bodies and sexual desires? maybe we could find out a middle grown, where we find each other and enjoy our sexuality in a healthier and communicate way. to a create a space where there's no impose things, that make it harder to have a conversation, but be more open to other each other perspectives and not be dogmatic or restricted by it. I can share my thought and maybe give you an insight...and I know many people here are fans of leo I admire him and respect what he does, but I wont always agree, I like to separe the art from the artist sometimes I feel is healthier. am happy to see that there are men that are willing to understand a female perspective and make good use out of that
  14. @Dutch guy yes i know this exists and I am in the search of a group where i will be safe to experience it that was a lovely message by the way