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  1. @puporing Do you have any suggestions to transcend Yellow?
  2. I want to understand what exactly is holding me back from Turquoise. I think my values mostly align with Yellow, I do not seem to posses the love of others and community that this stage embodies so well. In my personal study of the spiral dynamics model, I believe being immersed in a community of this vMeme would evolve my psyche, but we’re can you find these people? Also, have you ever met a Turquoise human being? Are you at Turquoise yourself?
  3. @Leo Gura I have experience with them but they can be a hassle to acquire. Have you found nootropics helpful for creativity? Marijuana will be legal in MD on July 1st, has that helped you in any way?
  4. I find binaural beats and brainstorming help, but I desperately need better ideas. How can I access the creativity of God to become a better entrepreneur?
  6. I wanted to learn how to reprogram my mind. Why would I buy some alien-love-consciousness course if I can't even get being human halfway decent? What about my survival, Leo? I am sad.
  7. @Leo Gura Do you think the oligarchs around him still support this war with all the sanctions?
  8. @Alex_R China just watched Russia get raped by sanctions and modern military aid, Taiwan is off the table for good.
  9. @Dryas Fuck Off! I'm not that cringe. Did you have a better idea?
  10. @Knowledge Hoarder This is about the long game. Putin won't live forever.
  11. The rising tension between NATO and Russia will end civilization if strategic decisions aren't made. I understand the animosity toward Russia after this unprovoked attack on the sovereignty of the people of Ukraine, but we can't let our emotions dictate our geo-politics, we NEED to eliminate all possibility for a third world war. I propose the west do everything in its power to holistically weave Russia into the rest of Europe, this includes NATO membership, EU membership, open trade, supply-chain linkage, foreign investment and venture capital, open borders, and generally anything that will meteorically stimulate the Russian economy. The key here is to make Russia so rich, and so politically and financially interdependent on its neighbors, that the idea of Russia invading its neighbors becomes as absurd as France invading Germany. With a standard of living as high as western Europe, Russia could liberalize and the collective spiral dynamic stage of its people and leaders will begin to lean more toward stage-orange and later even Green. This could also lead to effects such as denuclearization, less corruption, pro-democracy populism, better education, less nationalism, less ethnocentrism, less debt, and over all, less reasons to behave like a nineteenth century empire! This will probably take decades of diplomacy, but what are the alternatives? War with Russia?