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  1. Seems like you just need to put yourself out there and practice, you said you are feminine and this is awesome, the most attracting men for me are the ones who have their feminine side embodied, to increase your masculine side try to do things that require strength like working out, running or just doing something with your on hands like wood work etc, also being in the sun, the masculine energy is all about action and making things happen, connecting with your body will be a good way to tap into this energy.
  2. @herghly well, I don’t but I felt something when I listened to his voice while he was channeling, I just bough his first book, I’ll come back to give my opinion on it. Here is the Podcast, let me know what you think
  3. @Serotoninluv yes! I will write one for sure 💛🙏 @Ry4n we always think we can’t, but the days I decided to give up, the next meditation was always super deep and powerful, that means the closer you are from truth the more your ego will cry and want to give up, it’s gonna be hard but it’s not impossible, just take one day at a time, or even better, a seating at a time, the strong determination sitting is only in the last days so your mind will be calmer by then, it’s very rewarding, so life changing, you are gonna be fine! So happy for you and excited for us 💛🙏 The no ego trips are the best trips, you will realize that once you start packing your stuff, only comfy clothes not caring much about how you will appear, not bringing your “persona” with you, it’s a trip within ourselves, priceless and so valuable, good luck! 😀
  4. @Serotoninluv @David Hammond I think one compliments the other, they are both tools, meditation is not easy, psychedelics are not easy, the worst thing would be doing nothing at all. I’ve had so much purging done through psychedelics, meditation has helped me a lot, they both together are miraculous but without psychedelic I think I wouldn’t be here today and would still live 4 more years as a victim. I was sexually abused and got a huge tattoo on the side of my body 6 months after, I didn’t know the tattoo was related to the abuse, until I took 3 tabs of LSD and cried for 3 hours nonstop in front of the mirror just shocked with the realization I tattooed my body just to make it my own again and the tattoo was like a label “belong to Laísa”, and I guess I would have this realization after some years, but that LSD trip was not just a realization, it was a whole process of purging, understanding, compassion with myself and with the person who abused me, it was not easy, it was not beautiful but man it was worth it. We are living in the best times, so many tools available, we are lucky 🍀 Thank you very much for your opinion 💛
  5. @Nahm authenticity Nahm. I’ve decided I’ll keep going with my microdose process, it’s been helping me tremendously, I’m sure there it won’t be different, it’s subtle but ive been having so much benefits. My first Vipassana was so life changing I imagine what microdose can do, super excited! Thank you very much for those of you who gave me your POV, really appreciate it 💛
  6. I also would like to know what peoplethink about Paul Selig, two of my close friends recommend me his books and I listened to a Podcast with him and was having full body goosebumps all the time, haven't found any posts about it here.
  7. I actually would like to think that it's relaxing, it helps slow down (which is amazing cause I have anxiety and ADHD), but I need to be very honest with myself, I think weed just got me numb but after it wore off my reality was back there, and I would rather work with my reality sober, it's harder but it is what it is, like Leo always says, do what is emotionally harder. Yes, I understand it's good for creation, I'm also an artist and love to draw while on weed, but that's just a hobby it doesn't pay my bills, if you are a musician or work as an artist it might work for you.
  8. Oh that's so nice hearing everyone's opinion, thank you very much! I really didn't think about the collective consciousness, I will take into consideration, maybe I will do one day and see how it goes. @outlandish I'm doing around 10 or 15ug, it's very subtle cause I have a high tolerance, I actually don't feel anything at all, just more awareness and happiness overall
  9. The fact you are having to ask this here already answers your question. I love weed and I can only talk about my experience tho, so far CBD has helped me tremendously with pain, and smoking twice per month is good for insights, weed IMO is an amplifier, if you are feeling good you will feel awesome and if you are having a bad day you start questioning yourself if you could be using your time better, like you just asked, it also makes you kind of numb if you use it in a regular basis. I also have another theory that weeds shuts down my logical mind and I get very primitive when high, only want food, sex and sleep. It can be good to connect with people but overall for PD work is not really a good tool, microdosing and nootropics would be much better. Like any other tool it's how you use it that matters. Short answer, weed (thc itself) does not have healing properties it can be relaxing and everything but its not good for you body, cbd yes, but most of weed sold nowadays has almost none cbd in it. This is a good book if you are really interested.
  10. @Charlotte I feel like it helps but doesn't solve the problem, I'm still eating sugar but am not binge eating anymore, feels like sweets are sweeter than before after I started taking, I've been taking for a month now and my sugar intake decreased substantially, my main problem is when I'm pmsing, the wave of emotions and the sensitivity of the period makes me eat more, but it may help other people.
  11. I'm doing my second vipassana next week and would like to know if you guys have tried microdosing or any other substances (even nootropics) while doing the retreat, I already know they don't recommend use of anything (so I'm not looking for judgement) my first one I followed all their rules but I was thinking here if I could benefit more if I microdosed, since I'm already in the process of microdosing right now Appreciate all the comments
  12. @andyjohnsonman you can cut the tab but its not gonna be precise, the best way is to dilute one tab in distilled water or alcohol, this website is the best one, they teach you step by step.
  14. @pluto quit all of them, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, but sugar is just soooooo hard. I was looking for something to help, a supplement, I've found chromium but not sure if it's doing anything. I know it sounds silly, it's just a choice and that I need to be conscious but man it's an addiction just like heroine, I really really want to overcome that. It's also socially acceptable, which makes it even harder. How did you do it?