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  1. @Davino Thank you Davino!
  2. @OBEler thank you! Really appreciate the advice!
  3. @OBEler thank you, yes I've seen leos video on plugging. I'll try the snorting the first time then I'll try the plugging for round 2. When you say 10mg is a lower dose what would be considered a normal dose to plug but not a heroic dose? Thank you
  4. @OBEler Can you go into the experience with an intention for specific work you'd like to do or is it better to just be open to the experience and any healing or learning the substance has in mind? thank you
  5. @OBEler Thank you for your reply. Yes, I plan to try and snort it straight from the 10 mg spoon. never done 5 meo malt or any other psyquedelic beofre so very exited to try it out when the time comes :))
  6. just saw the following video where the dude says he takes the 5meo malt orally: can 5 meo malt hcl be taken orally? how is this done?
  7. @Leo Gura Thank you!
  8. @Leo Gura Holy S*"t lookong foward to the new vid!
  9. @Davino Thank you for your insight. Would you roll a small piece of paper to snort a line?
  10. Two of my favourite song lines/Mantras: I believe in angels, something good in everything I see - ABBA Till I collapse - Eminem
  11. How do you snort Malt? Is 5mg a good snorting dose for someone whose never taken Psychedelics before?
  12. It's out of your control. Just remeber that. Accept and continue working on yourself your life purpose etc. I know it can be scary and confusing but ao are many other things in life, but we keep going reaching and grasping in the dark so as to say :))