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  1. @LastThursday top advice here mate 👌 I would also like to add that one must always know the day's weather conditions and plan accordingly this is VERY IMPORTANT.
  2. @Sabth go for it! 👍
  3. Go for a hike but if you're a newbie start small. Don't go balls to the wall on something difficult alone. You should be fine it's not even close to being considered a dangerous activity comparing to other stuff that is out there. I always carry basic following stuff: 1. Water 1.5 - 3l (I live in Spain which is hitting 40+ degrees in summer every day.) 2. Rain jacket (if you live in a cold enviroment bring extra socks, pants and sweater as well) 3. Fully charged mobile phone (emergencies duh, if you are going to be doing a longer full day 8+ hour hike make sure you also bring a power bank) Been hiking/walking alone 15-30km daily for the past 7 years and I'm absolutely fine. In 7 years I had one scare where a storm came upon me but I survived jjj.
  4. Isn't he like the new spiritual guy on Youtube? Saw some on his videos with thousands of views on random spiritual topics.
  5. @The0Self thanks, for now I'm brushing without any toothpaste to get into the habit for at least 2-3 months.
  6. Thank you all for your replies. I have bought a toothbrush and I'm brushing for about minute after every meal. With time I shall increase this. 🙏
  7. I pray for you. I wish you all the best. 🙏
  8. People have been claiming and searching for immortality since the dawn of time. Only time shall tell. Focus better on yourself. What can you do to improve your health with the best science and knowledge we have right now to live a long and healthy life. Forget about 10-20 years from now. What can you be doing right now is a much more interesting question in my opinion.
  9. Brother you are so deep in victim mentality and the problem is you are totally blind to it. Brother stop giving reasons why you can't. I CAN CHANGE. I WILL CHANGE. REPEATE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. I AM NOT A VICTIM. I AM NOT LIFE'S BITCH. Start really, really small because if not you'll probably overwhelm yourself, but do something to change. Getting yourself out of the deep hole will take many years probably. THERE ARE NO EASY FIXES AND MAGIC PILLS IN LIFE SO ACCEPT THIS. You want to change, I can feel your soul wants it so bad, but you are so stuck in your own mind. Can't you see it? It's ok if you can't. Just try. I BELIEVE IN YOU BROTHER. NOW YOU ONLY HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. 🙏
  10. Study people, cultures, history, filosophy, finance, psychology etc. Study deeply anything and everything you've never looked at before. Watch documentaries, listen to audibooks, podcasts. Dedicate every free moment to the pursuit of knowledge. Also do emotionally hard shit. Face fears you have again and again until you master that field. All this takes years and years of dedication. Don't feel discouraged. Engage with the process fully.
  11. I'm sorry about the shit cards you've been dealt in life. But deep inside you know that however bad your situation may be only you can change your attitude towards it. If you change your attitude you see your situation in a different light and take action. Some things you will be able to fix, others maybe not. Be realistic. But your particular journey starts with this simple acknowledgement: yes I've been dealt shit in this life but NOW IT IS UP TO ME AND NO-ONE ELSE to do something about it. Deep inside you know that only you can fix whatever needs fixing. No one else can take this journey for you. They may be able to assist you but nothing else.
  12. When I'm at a low point which is very often I think the following thought: Soon I'll be dead. And this paradoxically cheers me up. I realize how short our time here is. I realize that time is an illusion and that truly I'll be dead soon. 30, 40 years will pass really fast (time doesn't exist). And when I think that soon I'll be dead I become present. I stop thinking about all my BS...I become hyper present in the here and now. I see the colors of autumn like I did when when I was a child. I feel the love for the world and it's beauty. I see how it is not worth it to spend my life chasing fake illusions. I realize I must bring as much love as I can into the lives of others. I must help heal this world. Nothing else is worth it. Practically for the average joe this means that you do what you well can (volunteer on the weekends, send money to charity, quit your job in oil and get a job planting trees). You give back for all you have taken. You give more love back to this world. Simple exercise: Remind yourself that soon in the present moment you shall die. Time does not exist. You don't have 20,30 or 50 years left. You only have right now. Go for a walk and look at the people, the nature. Realize this is all there is. And maybe even if just for a moment your sadness shall lift. Peace and love to y'all.
  13. Many people here have suggested kombucha and I also suggest it. It is extremely healthy drink that actually promotes and improves your health. Only downside is that it's expensive AF if you don't make it yourself.
  14. I'm so resistant to it that I've played with the idea in my head of in the case of ever having bad teeth of going into debt to pay for the 15000€ for the "all on 6" procedure to remove all my teeth and have professional implants just to never really have to bother about brushing again. It's funny because many other areas of my life I have mastery: diet, excercise, finances but not this simple thing.
  15. Thank you for the suggestion, yes I just have to do it. It feels overwhelming because I've been so resistant to it for so many years. But it must be done. I'm afraid of the consequences of not brushing my teeth even if they are fine for now.