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  1. Its a sign of feeling anxious. You sigh when you forget to breathe in situations you are not comfortable with.
  2. @StarStruck my bad, I didn't catch the 'antithesis part. I skipped through the video & the majority of it is him bragging & feeding his ego. I don't think I can listen to someone who speaks from this perspective & take them seriously. I'm sure that he passes on some wisdom here & there but I see no reason to filter that when there are other, better sources.
  3. The guy is laying down in a kingly bed & starts the video by bragging about schools, grades & trophies. That's not spirituality.
  4. Topic Introduction Horoscope, conditions of birth that determine someone's characteristics based on a date & ancient star constellations that are no longer present in the sky. My Experience At first, my mind was closed to the idea of this being accurate at all, simply because it defies all logic. But, then, like a leaf in the wind, life lead me to undoubtable proof & information of its accuracy. I did & do not like it at all, for I do not like that which I do not understand. It made me question reality as a whole. 'Proof' of Accuracy My mother who studied the horoscope for years 'foretold' a lot of things about my life. She also 'foretold' that her sister's son, my 'first cousin' would have connections with gangs & some other details. Among a few other 'prophecies', so, I was shocked at the truth of it & I wanted to lookup more information, & so I did, from different online sources & some acquaintances. Now, with the knowledge I have & all the factors I considered I cannot be convinced that it is false. _________________________________________________________________________ I still don't understand it, I just know its accurate. I feel like I should feel creeped out about it, but I don't, I just feel annoyed. Is there no solid ground? Don't answer that. What are your thoughts on this subject? Please read this before replying.