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  1. I'd recommend doing lots and lots of strong determination sitting meditation. At least 20 hours/month before the trip. It will help be internally grounded. Especially during strong determination, when shit hits the fan and you want to look away from the un-comfortableness, you're just aware and still. Taking this into your trip will help tons, paradoxically, in letting go.
  2. Go to a place far from the city light pollution and stare at the milky way. If it's okay to do so try smoking some weed, or even better take a stronger psychedelic, only if you're safe of course.
  3. Check out Leo’s latest video post on his blog page.
  4. :') amazing There was this overweight old dog that could barely walk. He walked right by my feet as I was walking down the street. I chuckled at him for how funny he looked wobbling around just to walk a short distance. As I turned my head and walked away he immediately barked and I had this intuition that he said in an old grandpa like voice “oh yeah jackass keep laughing.” Haha I laughed some more. It was too perfect.
  5. @realname Done it twice now. Not nice at all for the first 20 seconds, its actually scarier than anything you can possibly ever imagine but thats where all your studying, meditating, self inquiry, and some good ol’ faith comes in to trust that process. Then after that once completely surrendered it’s pure...(insert word here)
  6. When you realize that the shaman holding you, is literally you holding yourself. Ultimate mindfuck. That quiet brief period when you get back up and everyone around you is watching you...but in reality everyone is watching no one, but God just 'seeing'.
  7. @Leo Gura Wow that's being really optimistic. @UDT I've talked with my mother on my experimentations with psilocybin and she said she may be interested. I've talked to her about the many studies being done that treats depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. It will drastically shift her entire life with just a little glimpse of Being, something she forgot decades ago. I'm currently in the same boat as you are.
  8. This was from 6 years ago. I think best footage by far of orbs/ships.
  9. @Capethaz lol c’mon now that’s a bit rude. Be mindful of limited beliefs. @eputkonen I like your style. You’ve a got a bit of Paul Hedderman in your teaching.
  10. "The brain is inside the Universe observing the Universe, but then the Universe is also inside the brain." I feel dizzy, I'ma puke. So what I'm seeing right now in front of me is Infinity. My eyes are the hole in a klein bottle or the tube in the center of a torus field. A bridge between both sides of the infinite.
  11. A full breakthrough dose of 5MeO sure does feel like a strange loop. Flipping inside and out, and outside and in for eternity. Anyone else feel that?
  12. First, stop feeding yourself with things that aren't making you naturally happy; social obligations, unhealthy diet, victim wormhole thinking, etc. I think you may be looking for peace of mind and not so much happiness. - It doesn't hurt to start cleaning out your body. Fat Green Smoothies every morning! Even better, drink it after a light jog around the neighborhood plus with a cold shower to really get it going ! - Find yourself a sense of purpose or meaning in this world that caters you. - Try strong determination sitting; 30 min with absolutely no moving! - Doing less throughout your day. Keeping it to around 5 main tasks throughout your day like cooking, work, reading, journaling, exercising. - Talking to like minded people in your city. Yoga (find the new age ones) , psychedelic meetups, - Psychedelics, or if thats too hard to find try a bit of marijuana once in awhile; a pretty decent kickstarter in expressing yourself through dance, writing, drawing, whateva! * When the world feels like it's going to collapse just sit there on your couch and do Nothing but be aware of the recycling mind pattern. Trust me, it will eventually die down even if it takes 20min-1hr. <- This is where meditation can come in handy! Best of luck.
  13. Something about psychedelic trance is that it can easily take me to that place. That place of nonknowing and mystical nature of reality. It can sometimes help with radical open-mindedness when times in need.
  14. @AleksM Are you back to hanging out with the same group of friends prior to enlightenment? On this path, I feel bad for hopping around from a group of friends to the next. I think this is just a part of life. Just my topic of interests can be too radical and threatening sometimes.