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  1. This is it coyote
  2. @Prabhaker Were you a Rashneeshee back in the days? Part of the Oregon thing too back then? To Sheela: "She did not prove to be a woman. She proved to be a perfect bitch." - Osho Getting more and more interesting.
  3. @Prabhaker Great, thanks! This is my first time hearing about this with Osho. I never knew he had such large number of followers. The documentary is getting more and more interesting. "I tell you the county (Wasco) is so fucking bigoted, it deserves to be taken over." - Sheela
  4. I'm on the 3rd episode. It all went to shit went Sheela decides to arm themselves with guns. Fighting evil against evil! It would've been perfect if these guys were shot to another planet so they can do their thing. Got to say she's inspirational!
  5. "Drop your attachment to waking up cause it's feeding everything else. How it is, is how it is. Something is unraveling itself for you, just watch it unraveling itself instead of "I'm making this happen." It's like hold on, less intensity. Just soften the whole things so that something can relax. In the relaxing what I'm tricking you to do is surrendering to the flow that is unraveling you anyway. I'm actually talking about surrendering to it and having control over it. The pull to wake up, you can't stop it anyway. You're not going to be able to stop this, you've gone too far. It's got it's own momentum. So then in the kicking back and in the removing the plug of desire or the pressure to wake up, let's see what balances out. Some kind of middle road will come in." ~ Jac
  6. "The I actually doesn't exist only in the moments it appears to exist, the moment that a thought is believed to be true. It's not that the I exists and it attaches to thoughts. It's like the I only exists when a thought is to be believed, it's part of the program. So the space between thoughts, there is no I. But we imagine an I continuing and then the I grabs thoughts. There is a space between thoughts, but it's not noticed. It takes an I to notice." ~ Jac
  7. Happi Pi Day and RIP
  8. "Awakening is a shift in perspective. Simply put, it’s the full seeing that what you are was never caught up in story in the first place. When the personal "I" is active it is imagined that there will be phenomenal freedom for the "I," as if the "I" will enjoy being out of its own story. But when the story falls there is a seeing that the "I" was never more than story." ~Jac O'Keeffe
  9. "Believing happens and it has to imagine itself -- in the movie; believing that anything is better than silence invariably will lead into suffering; silence is not boring; "silence is boring" can only be said in the movie." - Jac
  10. @Elephant hahaha practical? Uh uh it helped me see where I wanted to go in terms of quieting of the mind. Its similar to lsd but without the edginess lsd can give for some ppl. Smoother ride. No practicallity but wanting to know whats really true.
  11. @Ether After a powerful dose of 5meo you can see that reality is just pure emptiness and has no solid substance to it at all. Its seen through. It’s there but it has no value, only to the mind body organism gives it value by providing concepts. The concept making mechanism has to stop to see this.
  12. You gotta give a round of applause to Maya. You got to out smart her yourself in order to see it for yourself. You are inside Maya and she ain’t gonna let you see outside of her that easily. Ego transcendence for oneself is the only way to see that Maya was never real.
  13. Mescaline is my favorite psychedelic. Incredibly gently and smooth and clear headed. I’ve heard they sell san pedro at local cactus shops, walmart, amazon, lowe’s. Carlos Casteneda (Journey to Ixtlan) talks alot of the use of mescaline under his shaman Don Juan in the search for Mr. Mescalito, a short green figure he had encountered while under peyote. Interesting and funny story. I’ve tried it in a shamanic setting where we sing to the fire and look for the blue deer. I didn’t see much but its defintely in a different context than your stay at home trip setting.
  14. "Panpsychism is still dualistic. Everything in the physical world has a mental aspect. But is there any "thing" there? The Universe is a dynamic, structured field of Being observing itself, and in observing itself creating a representation of itself as a material world."