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  1. @Snick https://www.audible.com/pd/Science-Technology/Perfect-Brilliant-Stillness-Audiobook/B018SORM28 This guy right here. A great listen.
  2. Luiz is known to channel famous deceased painters.
  3. @sweater https://www.amazon.com/80-10-Diet/dp/1893831248 Check this book out. You can totally do 15 bananas a day but you would have to keep your fat intake low. Either go high carb low fat or high fat low carb.
  4. @nexusoflife Felt like a spanking good self reflection into my inner childlike soul. All my petty super subtle tensions towards situations or this or that person have been evaporated and I felt bare naked and exposed to my most vulnerable state. Somehow got ahold of this video and from there it all started to come down. I had no choice but to forgive everyone and lastly myself. It was quite shocking too see all my suppressed emotions I bypassed come up to the surface. In my experience edibles are just as great if not more cause the experience is longer to contemplate or surrender deeper into it.
  5. @nexusoflife Haha perfect. I just had a nice strong toke last night by myself(haven't in months) and I cried for an hour straight on my bed. A sloppy mess but wow did it clear a lot of shit.
  6. @Azrael Do you still get lost in monkey mind? Ruminating over the past? Do you rest in Being for the majority of your day?
  7. Psychedelics can help if you're stuck. Simply, go do some mushrooms. Or check out a 10 day vipassana retreat. Maybe you're too busy going back and forth from doing one thing to the next. What you need is a good chunk of time dedicated to spiritual work, hence psychedelics or a retreat.
  8. Well yeah, smoking that toad venom is your very demise. I would be afraid too. ...learn to die before you die.
  9. @Dodo I thought the same until I actually experienced it. Thinking and conceptualizing that the world is perfect as it is and also that there is no me are UNIVERSES apart from actually experiencing it. It will shit your pants and rip the jaws out of your mouth by it's very true nature. Everyone should try it at least once it their lives, or not, it's still God...but you see only those that have experienced it can really know that. @Seed There's a reason why it's the most powerful psychedelic on the planet because of it's nondual nature. No other molecule can do that. That means there is no self and other, which means death of "I". You have to be willing to die right then and there. If she had done more research before taking it she might've been better off.
  10. Try making tea with the mushrooms with a lemon tek for a stronger come up and effect. 1) Grind up mushrooms 2) Squeeze lemon juice into grinded mushrooms and let sit for 20mins. "The theory being that the lemon juice dephosphorylates the 4-PO-DMT (psilocybin) into 4-HO-DMT (psilocin). So ideally you want to lower the PH. But I think any citric acid solution should make some kind of difference" 3) Pour in boiling water that has been cooling for 5 min into cup of grinded mushrooms and let that sit for another 20min. Strain and drink or drink straight. Hope this helps.
  11. Did 12mg in an oil pipe a few hours ago. This will be my 2nd time, the first being with Octavio Rettig which was a way too high of a dose to even remember, but this was just right. Impossible to put into words but all I can suggest is to constantly surrender every millisecond because it can be very awkward for the sense of self as it gets swallowed from every possible angle until there is nothing left there to cling on and identify with. Martin Ball is totally on point with the symmetrical movements. I felt like a ballerina ninja moving so effortlessly, convulsively, and symmetrically. Contracting and crying intensely and expanding with immediate intense joy as this happened multiple times back to back to back. Tried to release as much shit out. I looked at my friend (only us 2) and I literally saw it. It was obvious in plain sight that there was only one person there and only seemingly split into 2. I thought then and there that he knew all along and I felt innocently ashamed for all my pride and self centeredness prior. It's quite crazy that from an enlightened point of view everyone you look at it also enlightened, and it's impossible to believe them if they say they are not, and from this I realized that it ALL starts with me. How I think the world IS is just a reflection of my awareness. Realized at that peak moment that I only exist in my own head. Things just happen and I automatically put a label on it by taking the default position that I'm the doer. It's quite an awkward feeling when you're going back and forth from the total realization of no-doer to the doer. After 30 mins of cool down and returning I again hit the brown liquid residue in the pipe (still alot of clear smoke) as I was totally excited to return and beauty behold it was just as intense if not more! I figured that after all the emotional crying and surrendering from the first hit, the second hit was more open and clear to do some more exploring which seemed a complete, crystal clear, perfection of reality that was everything. Saw a thick fly buzzing around the room and it was obvious in the clear sight that it was also God saying hi to God. Mind chattering. It was an entire different session itself. Recommend going for seconds or even thirds from the single dose (although it may already be too dark/burnt). This is the most beautiful/terrifying experience an individual can experience in this Universe and it's all up to them. It is not to be taken lightly and messed around with. I could see how it could really fuck you up if you are not ready for it and resist; I cringe just thinking about the terror. Tip before having a session: Make amends and treat others as yourself because you will be punished by realizing that they are literally you.
  12. Which method is the best way to smoke 5meo (freebase)? Volcano? The thing with this is that it will fill up the bag with mostly air for the first few seconds. Oil pipes? Might waste and burn the substance.
  13. @alyra Check out the film Ghost In The Shell. I haven't watched but I believe it's about machines who believe they have an identity and free will.