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  1. Nice! Been there twice and i think that's it for me.
  2. The first one is usually where a lot of the surface level, gross, thick garbage comes out, but the second retreat is where things start to really hit the pedal to the metal.
  3. @Parki Not sure of measurement but 3 scoops of powder in the mouth. Did it with the Bwiti from Gabon. Its no where near the initiation dose (something like 20 scoops). Trip was gnarly and pretty terrifying. 12 hour rollercoaster. It was only good for me 😌 never forget.
  4. Yeah, if done under someone who knows what they're doing. It's quite difficult to walk 5 feet without feeling like you're going to fall.
  5. @archi I've tried this once and it was the gnarliest psychedelic experience I've had to date. Prepare for the possibility of an 8 hour long 5-MeO-DMT experience.
  6. @Carlos Cardenas Smoking Santa Maria is so profound now that I just can't seem to abuse it like I used to back in the days. It's very powerful and transformative stuff if not abused. I feel it works on the lower chakras very distinctively; food, sex, relationships, etc.
  7. After a full nondual breakthrough of 5-MeO-DMT all other substances will make way to nondual experiences. Like a secret door has been forever opened.
  8. Just had some bufo last night and we all passed a joint around afterwards. It was the gnarliest Santa Maria experience I've ever had. Very intimate with reality and those around you.
  9. @Girzo What do you vaporize with? GVG?
  10. @peanutspathtotruth I'm looking into getting the GVG too. Did you order the concentrate pads with it as well?
  11. @CreamCat He mentions it's his most authentic voice or energetic expression. Kinda like a sex demigod lol. He's got some other stories in his other videos where upon his awakening phase he would move (like in the video above/ fractal yoga) sometimes randomly in public. Also, he wondered how he would fake or mask his "Martin" voice when he is teaching his college students. @Artaemis Yes it's legit!
  12. I met him in person twice now. Seems like a normal dude...haha not! He's probably done over a couple thousand 5meo sessions too. For 6 years he did it something like 3 times a week. Currently reading his Entheogenic Evolution, all about his guides/methods from what he learned within those 6 years. Be entertained if you haven't watched this. In 25min he shows his "true" self.