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  1. @Leo Gura Leo, would you be open now to receiving a shaktipat from someone? Maybe Ramaji? Or are you still sticking with psychedelics, self inquiry?
  2. It's just cleansing, don't think too much of it. Let it flow out without getting in the way, and in a few months next thing you know you'll look like you're having an exorcism. Haha kidding, or not. Have fun!
  3. @AlwaysBeNice I just did some marijuana last night 'ceremonially' not just recreationally or getting by, it was beautifully intense. Setting an intend to look inside is totally different than watching tv shows or going on a hike. I'd say it was almost as intense as an ayahuasca ceremony..
  4. @WaveInTheOcean C'mon now, you know thats a whole episode of its own. 😏
  5. @Leo Gura Leo, do you still plan on doing some more 5meo in the future after such powerful trips in Hawaii? How about other psychedelics such as shrooms, al-lad, or lsd?
  6. @cirkussmile All the cool kids. And the guy who supposedly was the first one to smoke bufo, Albert Most. @11:30 There will also be sessions taking place near the temple Teotihuacan. See you there! 😆😉
  7. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/entheogenic/episodes/2018-04-09T11_17_10-07_00 New interview with Martin Ball and James Oroc on Oroc’s new book The New Psychedelic Revolution
  8. http://www.exploring-psychedelics.org/_2018.html Interesting topics on psychedelics especially 5meo. Anyone near Oregon might want to check this out
  9. @Malelekakis That’s if you assume you’re alive and living in the first place. If you’re into Truth, God/Self Realization, etc. than the you that you assume yourself to be has to drop. There is “something” more alive prior to this dream of a person.
  10. You can never feel the rain as long as you have a name for it - Michael Markham