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  1. Happy cake day you bastard! ... love and miss you <33
  2. I've sat with him in person when I used to live in Sedona. His satsangs were pretty straight to the point and while he just stares at you, loved it.
  3. Go sign up for a vipassana retreat where you'll be in a container with no access to junk food while doing consciousness work.
  4. Try sitting cross legged, sitting comfortably on a cushion, spine erect, and placing rolled up fleece blankets under your knees. Sit as if you're really interested. As if someone is talking about your favorite subject.
  5. @Sahil Pandit Interesting!
  6. I think it's highly possible with 5meo plus hardcore sds meditation, yoga, semen retention.
  7. Iboga my friend... IBOGA. 🙌
  8. @SaltyMeatballs I've been reading around it sounds best in a dark tight seal glass container, and stored in the freezer. @Leo Gura Could you chime in on this?
  9. Can Toad Venom Unlock The Mystery Of Neurogenesis? New Insights on 5-MeO-DMT https://psychedelictimes.com/articles/can-toad-venom-unlock-the-mystery-of-neurogenesis-new-insights-on-5-meo-dmt/?fbclid=IwAR0czA88zo4U2GlNz80q8oPu9IqUVkPKJJ-ypNOJlwCQjHo3DvTuTHE2QVo
  10. Wonder if the ones making the substance in labs have any idea of the recent demands of 5MeO. Bless them, for they have no idea... or they may do.
  11. After a full nondual blown out with 5meo and then going for aya is pretty gnarly. Pretty much any psychedelic, after 5meo, will thoroughly result in nonduality, and with Aya, lasting longer and deeper than let's say mushrooms, it'll take you under deep! Interestingly, no visuals or shapes with my previous aya experiences, just pure white light and collapsing of all duality just like with the 5meo...
  12. You two look so happy together.. Congratulations! May I adopt one of your babies?