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  1. Very relatable I enjoyed the read. I'm going to my 6th sit in a few weeks. It's different every time, yet it's the same same.
  2. Great communicator indeed! Easy, simple, and not much fluff. Straight to it. weēeEeeEeeEeee!
  3. I think only the mental suffering of "oh shit I'm on fire and therefore it would hurt", as soon as this thought is believed there is suffering. A break through feels like exploding into a zillion pieces though. For me the common denominator between all trips is Infinity, it's like the background and foreground the most obvious thing in a trip. But with Infinity there are attributes, extensions, and side mental existential insights that may also come along for the ride in which they set apart from each trip, therefore different every time. ??
  4. @Leo Gura If God is Infinite, then wouldn't the mindfucks be Infinite in nature?
  5. @Leo Gura Leo, so have you smoked freebase yet?
  6. @Natasha Her buddha at the gas pump talk just came about, I enjoyed it. I enjoy the style in which she "understands".
  7. Yes it is lol Hard striving is necessary in the beginning though. The attempt After everything collapses, when it all just naturally falls away, you just are. ...
  8. Absolutely, my first time it was. Had no concept/belief/faith of nonduality, God, at the time as I considered myself an atheist. It completely ripped me into infinite pieces, scattered in infinite direction and distance. What had just been witnessed is the most terrifying thing any living thing could have experienced. Proceeded to do ayahuasca the next day, and imagine that^ but for 8 hours long.. Traumatic, yes. Will do again? Yes
  9. I've sat with him in person when I used to live in Sedona. His satsangs were pretty straight to the point and while he just stares at you, loved it.
  10. Go sign up for a vipassana retreat where you'll be in a container with no access to junk food while doing consciousness work.
  11. Try sitting cross legged, sitting comfortably on a cushion, spine erect, and placing rolled up fleece blankets under your knees. Sit as if you're really interested. As if someone is talking about your favorite subject.