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  1. I hope this realization brings Leo one step closer to the intimacy needed to heal the deep roots of distress he has experienced <3 Total forgiveness
  2. Yeah universal back button is another irritation for me with apple. Android I can navigate back with the same muscle memory - Apple I have to search for back buttons located who-knows-where in apps
  3. Should also mention Apple seems to have less issues with apps as devs don't have 10 different versions of Android to write an app for
  4. For me its having file explorer. My brain literally implodes from Apples filesystem I shouldn't be so resistant. I use Apple (work) + Android (personal). I don't use anything else apple - but I can appreciate the integrated and seamless ecosystem
  5. I feel like apple trains you to be tech illiterate - this is my biggest gripe. I'd rather have the power to break it myself, learn the system > fix it. I strongly dislike being beholden to anything. I can acknowledge that most people just want their tech to work. I feel the drawback to this causes technology illiteracy - so when it does malfunction you're fucked. Having said all of this I'm naturally a systems thinker so troubleshooting comes naturally to me. Android for me thanks!
  6. I totally get it because I fall for the same tricks within my own mind. I wish I had some better advice for you! Action is the only thing that pulls me out of anxious thought loops Best wishes <3
  7. You are thinking too much about this. Thinking about this isn't going to solve the problem, and no advice will either. Just get out into the game of life and GO GO GO!
  8. Forgive me if posted before. Feel free to move if it doesn't fit this subforum. Not a huge fan of Tom Bilyeu, however, I'll listen if the discussion is good. Great long form discussion regarding phthalates in our environment & the poisoning of environmental systems. In particular : How chemicals are effecting us hormonally How phthalates effect the development of males in particular & effects on gonads Just how pervasive the uptake is of these chemicals. They are designed to be absorbed From plant & animal farming > humans. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are nearly unavoidable The under masculinization of males is an actual problem impacting lifespan Basically we are FUCKED. So sad to realise these concerns, as health issues make spiritual development that much harder. Given this is the focus of the forum...
  9. Portal, only the portal weapon opens into the depths of consciousness. Then you will see all the structures & religions of society are forms of control fed to us by The Others. The truth from the cradle of civilisation! Leo doesn't have infinite resources. As great as this may be, his path is directed elsewhere 🧘
  10. Fuck this is actually disgusting ngl Never touched Skyward Sword. Don't need to bleed from my eyes
  11. Personally I adore the Zelda games. They can be an acquired taste - I'm fully aware how potent nostalgia is for me with regard to this game series. Graphics wise I don't think they even attempt realism, however it is a stylized aesthetic complimentary to the type of gameplay Nintendo produced. I think without playing the games through it may be difficult to appreciate how the 2 elements fuse to create a great experience. Purely my opinion. I do think the Zelda games pioneered some modern elements of gaming - Z Targeting being a prime example. Great way to transition to 3D games. It can be hard to appreciate the historical significance of a simple mechanic like this without the perspective of one who experienced the before/after. I should be hard at work building hospitals ... But I've gone total neckbeard mode & binging Tears of the Kingdom >.< NO REGRETS (coming from an Ex WoW addict) >.> <.<
  12. You can add me to the list - but I just lurk mostly If I can add something to a discussion that hasn't been already said - I do. I will only comment if I can add positively and meet the person where they are at. Meeting others where they are at seems to be the biggest issue around here. Esp. one that Leo wrestles with daily Do you think it says something about the forum that there aren't many females? I've been told I can be prickly so I guess I value the candid nature of this place
  13. Emerald really hit the nail on the head with this one. Looking at the internal friction you have expressed: I would add that you are comparing yourself to others and looking/seeking for what you perceive as lacking. Looking for errors & correcting them is par the course for the human brain. We learn by failing most effectively. It follows that its quite natural to default to comparisons & this feeling of internal conflict. The opposite to this would be gratitude, and altering ones perception to appreciating the qualities and things you do have. This acts in opposition to focusing on what you do not have. Do you think you would experience this friction to the same level as you currently do, if social media did not act as a conduit for comparison? This is undoubtably contributing to the sting of 'The Grass is Always Greener'. There will always be someone who has more. I hope this helps
  14. Imagine if we had no measure of time and no one had a fixed number as an age. Where are your metrics now? How would you judge then? Many women appear younger than they are. You would be none the wiser and happy in your mate choice. All your focus is on pleasure. You are confusing pleasure with happiness. Perfectly fine to have preferences, but you need to realise your preferences & priorities shift as you, yourself, age.
  15. Abandon all your theory and just speak to women. Yes women are different to men IN GENERAL. Just chat to them like you would anyone else. Not necessary to think so much about this you need a nail gun to the forehead.