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  1. @llumi Heres the number: +91 135 2433837 and mail: yogastudycentre(at)yahoo.in You can also see him: @Salvijus Doin it right now ;-) Very good decicion so far. Learning from books is not as powerful as I thought. real teachers with a lot of background knowledge will bring you on aother level quick.
  2. What would you do if you were free from financial struggle and just had one more year to live? Here is an app by Om Swami that could help you getting a direction: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rt.pinprickeffect.meditation&hl=de
  3. @ajasatya Living in India is cheap, yes. Doing Yoga and the teacher trainings are quite expensive because most of them are adepted to western people. If you search a bit you will find Yogis that will give you lessons on donation. Look for Rudra Dev in Rishikesh.
  4. @llumi I'm starting my YTT 200 hour in Rishikesh in early December. I'm gonna stay in India till May 2019 and I'm trying to find some more ashrams/teachers that gonna help me on my way. I hope to find a good Kriya Yoga teacher aswell because I'm not sure with some asanas/mudras etc. The Osho center in Pune und Sadhgurus foundation are also on the "bucket list" ;-). If you need help with a Yoga school in Rishikesh just write me a PM
  5. @Anirban657 Wow these are the informations I hope to see.
  6. I will go to India in 10 days and stay there for half a year. My first visit will be Rishikesh to do a yoga teacher training for one month. The programm contains alot of cleansing and emotional healing stuff. Other possible destinations will be Osho center in Pune (check the work-as-meditation programm) and Isha foundation.
  7. Doing this type of kundalini yoga in the morning And kriya in the evening. Sometimes a bit of hatha to stay healthy and flexible
  8. Turquoise humor?
  9. I was born in Würzburg :-). But now living in Magdeburg.
  10. @Girzo I came back from a vipassana course 2 weeks ago and just knew that I will be doing kriya yoga from now on. Vipassana is a mighty technique but you have to invest a lot of time and the benefits compared to kriya are rather small. I asked a practitioner who came to the course for the last 10 years at least twice a year and I asked him if somebody got enlightened here and he just laughed my question away and said “this takes lifetimes“. @DEV I also had a small ego backlash. Mainly craving unhealthy sugary food and porn. The benefits are that I see my emotions way more objectively (detached) since then. Nonetheless I would recommend it to everyone who wants to know him or herself better and who wants to improve their personality.
  11. I just quitted my 9-5 job today. It was a quite relaxed job in the social sector in Germany but it was often boring office stuff and highly bureaucratic - I didn't see my future there. Also like @Shiva I didn't enjoy the lifestyle being secure and predictable. The new plan is going to India in December and do a Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Of course it is a high risk move but it gets me excited all the way :-). So you get my view on massive changes ;-). Do it as long as you are young because often older people regret it when they had the chance to get out of theit comfort zone life. Now is the time to to change something - not later.
  12. Why do you need a right to live? You just live! You have no more rights than anybody or anything else to live and vice versa.
  13. @Leo Gura A video on Ego Backlashes (recognize them as such) and how to deal with them would be interesting.
  14. Mark Hyman says sth. different than Dr. Greger how says sth. different than Max Lugavere who says sth. different than Dr. Morse. Here we are again. Everybody has to see for him/herself what works and what works not. But it's beneficial to compare the information nonetheless.
  15. @Sockrattes I recently read an article about a guy who shared his insights after 4300 hours of meditation and one paragraph stuck with me: "The only thing we can control is our attention We can’t control the external circumstances of the world. We can’t control our bodies. We can’t control our thoughts. We can’t control our emotions. Everything that happens to us, and that we do, is the result of our unconscious mind reacting, and to circumstances arising in order to invoke reactions from our unconscious mind. The only thing we have control over is where we place our attention. This is because the only thing that really exists is our attention, and it’s what we are. By directing our attention to the core of our delusion, we can use it to untie the knots of delusion which bind us, and free ourselves from this self-imposed prison of suffering." https://medium.com/gethealthy/what-4-300-hours-of-meditation-has-taught-me-51ad3440149e