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  1. @Leo Gura We love shortcuts. The question is - is this a sustainable way to become your highest self?
  2. Eat fresh regional and seasonal food. Best Nootropic
  3. The Bhagavat Gita interpretation by Yogananda - God talks with Arjuna.
  4. Two good books about living in the Himalayas and meditating in caves are by Swami Rama - Living with the himalayan masters and Om swami - A truth to be told. It's funny that you think about how to go to the toilet when you think about such a drastical lifestyle 😁
  5. @Mu_ What is Meditation for you? Are preliminary practices like Yoga or Pranayama useful to get into Meditation more easy? What advices would you give a beginner starting with meditation?
  6. @Rilles This is why I won't try modafinil. Risk is too high
  7. @Salvijus Yes authentic is the right word. He lived in caves and had several gurus that teached him the vedic yoga life. If you want to know more about the origin of his teaching check out the book: Swami Rama - living with the himalayan masters. I also realized that my body was not at all ready to practice Kriya yoga on my own. My spine is quite deformed and it has to be fixed first.
  8. @Salvijus Yeah I did the 200 hour ytt last month. In conclusion it was a good experience because I learned alot about asanas, yoga philosophy, alignement and so on. But it was also very commercialised and the teachers were rather young and inexperienced. Also the whole group dynamic and instagram culture by the other students was rather annoying for me because I'm searching for true spirituallity. Now I'm blessed to have found a real original teacher - a true yogi who was able to tranform me within 3 weeks of practice. Never in my life I made such a drastic change for the better in all aspects of life- physically, mentally and spiritually. And I will go on with the training for 2 more months. So if anyone is interested to check him out just write me. He has no advertisement. He can also prepare you for a Kriya Sadhana.
  9. Feels bad. I had that reaction too with antibiotics. It's no joke: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevens–Johnson_syndrome
  10. What do you mean with "help me with spirituality"? If you want to learn about yoga and meditation go to Rishikesh. Be aware - today there are thousands of yoga schools and so called ashrams that just want your money. It's hard to find the perls. If you are serious about connecting with your higher Self send me a PM. I found a true himalayan yog teacher who was a disciple of Swami Rama and he will transform your whole life - a no bullshit guru.
  11. What pluto is saying
  12. @llumi Heres the number: +91 135 2433837 and mail: yogastudycentre(at)yahoo.in You can also see him: @Salvijus Doin it right now ;-) Very good decicion so far. Learning from books is not as powerful as I thought. real teachers with a lot of background knowledge will bring you on aother level quick.
  13. What would you do if you were free from financial struggle and just had one more year to live? Here is an app by Om Swami that could help you getting a direction: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rt.pinprickeffect.meditation&hl=de
  14. @ajasatya Living in India is cheap, yes. Doing Yoga and the teacher trainings are quite expensive because most of them are adepted to western people. If you search a bit you will find Yogis that will give you lessons on donation. Look for Rudra Dev in Rishikesh.