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  1. hh
  2. Who cares dumb or not people gonna buy that. Humans are her product.
  3. What if we don't have that much time? Kennedy tried something similar with Executive Order 11110 but that did not end up well.
  4. Et tu, Brute? Then fall Caesar!
  5. Right Turkey wants it already. I mean centralbank or goverment. (These terms are interchangeable.) Trick is you have to touch.
  6. If evolution is intelligent same thing applies for spiral dynamics as well. Who knows maybe it will get outdated like an app? So we might need to restate what we wrote here. I think we take things for granted. These colors are subject to change.
  7. What if her soul claimed by Corona gods and now she's having tea party with kings and queens? Am I so bad with episteme? also there was a time when Aztec's practiced human sacrifice. I bet intelligent ones got their heart torn off. Well here we are.
  8. Hmm... maybe sometimes you need to be evil?
  9. They were scientific back then. We are scientific too but in a different way. Also it's not easy to move pigs around That's a red flag for a tribe. Plus prophet is not in pig business.
  10. He knew he gonna die.
  11. This quote is from wikipedia: '' In July 2020, China's foreign exchange reserves totaled US$3.15 trillion, which is the highest foreign exchange reserves of any other nation. '' What's up with all the paper money? They want nothing but their own precious currency. They want the purchasing power. That is my definition of globalization. Power to control. It's not like world becoming one big village.
  12. Funny, China loves globalization but not so much for kids.
  13. Let me imagine, very rich people have no prison system at all and it works for them. At least it works for one very little socioeconomic group. That's something huh.
  14. I actually take my two days to read his manifesto. His critique about technology and future of society is spot on. But he is very naive on nature. Nature doesn't give a fuck about us or dinosaurs or microbes or what we done to her. I hope he is still learning. and our solution is prison or death penalty. Ted is not the first or last. Teds are everywhere.
  15. Yeah, maybe it is not good for my growth. I won't deny it. My point is we have things to learn from virus. It is true episteme.