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  1. Actually you don't need to engineer viruses. Just tell them you engineered one or two.... People gonna belive anyways. Nazis weren't doing anything bad afterall... They were just following the narrative. So, to me it looks like new jews going to be so called ''anti-tech'' pests.
  2. Ethics conceptualize what is right or wrong. I don't thing any written or unwritten law is going to help any society at all. . Ethics are for cavemen so they can call it day.
  3. I would say agriculture. 2023 news gonna be filled with ''food supply crisis''. Video starts at 07:00 if you want to skip spiritual stuff.
  4. Recently we had an interesting court case in Turkey(at least for me). There is a woman who wants to divorce, she claims that her husband is cheated on her. She goes on and records her husbands phone calls and gives this data as evidence to the court. Court states these datas are obtained aganist his will therefore turns down the evidence.
  5. No, because I don't think this is about euthanasia. To put it short I don't want canadian truck drivers to be "mercy killed".
  6. as 2023 in any country ''your own people'' concept doesn't exist anymore. He may end up like Gaddafi. It's not like he is paranoid, this is real and legimate risk. It's not like he is at the stake, there are collective things going on, he might want to trust his people, but in reality he can't because stakes are too high.
  7. Of course, he does porn itself.
  8. Here is my unpopular opinion: Apple first creates the human and after that they create the product, because their priority is not the phone but the humans buying the phone. So I would say they are not in the tech bussniess and their product is irrelevant to me. Is it worth ? I don't know. I prefer cheap Huawei's because I need to have one. Nowdays I am planning to make a transition to blackberry.
  9. I don't know anything about nonduality. I just tried to project a trajectory. You welcome I guess.
  10. Real world is digital world, digital world is real world. Soon there will be no discrimination between digital and real. So dont make fat people insecure lol... Look at how they shape reality: This one is coming from Oxford dictionary You cannot use ‘the nature’ in this meaning: We stopped to admire the nature. Here is the correct way: It is often better to use another appropriate word, for example the countryside, the scenery or wildlife: We stopped to admire the scenery. ''Nature [uncountable] all the plants, animals, and things that exist in the universe that are not made by people'' So if you create something it doesn't belong to nature... Not only that.. This one is also coming from oxford reference;jsessionid=D02A4AC1C4053D1FEC326BDF6B21CAFB nature the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations; the physical force regarded as causing and regulating these phenomena, especially as personified as ... ...
  11. Depends on danger and context. In case of war things can be different.
  12. Viruses are imagination. They don't even recognizee your being. Microbiome is just exchanging information, that's it and we say this one is attacking or that one is defending. It's just your imagination getting abused. You are abondoning the knowledge of your body for the sake of rationalism or certain narrative and you do it because you don't have required techicality. You depend on them and they know it.
  13. I don't agree with that. Yeah govt can seize our possesions but there are things that we own as collectively. For example the languages are still ours. It will do but this will also make a counter action because of our common possesions. That's just my two cents.
  14. So we are posting cartoons. Great ! I wouldn't say boys are brainwashed. It's just girls know how to pull strings. Look at how Smurfette smurfing the smurfs.