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  1. I guess whole war is one big friendly fire.
  2. If you are a good gardener, you would warn others about pharmaceutical complex, so you won't have artificial problems which people profit from, but things like that can't happen in democracy.
  3. What we call life is our perspective of it, thankfully he is alive and can make distinction between what is a human being and what is not. If you plant humans in machines (assuming this is the ultimate goal of transhumanist elite and scientists, because this is how you maximize the power, they would want humans to be like rooted plants in the garden, so then you can dismiss all other concepts like money, politics, theology, health etc. AI will not kill all people but they wont be alive either. There has to be an individual to point that '' I '' question in order to determine perspective of things perhaps AI will ultimately destroy all perspectives in the name of one truth, and it can do it so easily because this is how we determine things we always look for technical data. The ones owns the data will own the rest and set their script. Humans gradually will become hackable animals so there won't be any point of human being or any other being. If you read this far thank you and I hope I didn't cause any confusion...
  4. Fight for what? Past gens were brainwashed.
  5. He is not an extreme charlatan, he is professional.In the crowds eyes he is the true America and so his voters. Trump is so popular because whole middle class is disappeared. Nobody gives a fuck about a presidents name unless your possessions are on the table. I think common sense is that he is a balancing factor.
  6. You don't own Ixxx, it owns you.
  7. Don't you think we need these little unharmful scams to balance our daily actions, for our daily life a regulated psyche might be better than unregulated one.
  8. Philip K. Dick dropped out. Good luck with science it's just an another word we use for prophecy. I don't understand why people call it fiction tho...(I guess they really need to preserve the science) Imagine a book where science fictions become the reality... So scary..
  9. Okay. Military–industrial complex will only defend it's own iterest. Sure, but U.S. didn't ask Germany whether they want to work with Russians or not, somehow nord stream blew up and that was it. This is understandable.
  10. I don't get it, What happened to good old democracy? where is the left spirit where is the liberty... This is straight tyranny.
  11. Finete can be the finite. How is this posible at all?