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  1. Good luck with that approach...
  2. Simple: people who have a history of mental illness should not take psychedelics...
  3. Very good question. My two cents: - Be in a good emotional state in your life - Have a good support network - Find ways to release tension in your body (through yoga, massage etc) - Fulfill medium-level needs on the Maslow hierarchy - Psychotherapy - Use psychedelics responsibly (not recommended for everyone) - Don’t get neurotic on having “profound” insights. The more you seek them, the harder it is to have them.
  4. 1g should be good enough for your firsr trip. You should do it when you are in a good emotional states, otherwise it can be a pretty bad trip. If you decide to use it with a friend, you both should remain silent during the trip. And if you have a history of psychosis, psychedelics are not recommended. good luck!
  5. I don't think this will relationship will work. It's very emotionally laborious to deal with someone who is neurotic.
  6. Nice@ryuzaki
  7. No. That's not going to help.
  8. Right lol It’s ok to take a break. It’s actually quite beneficial in my opinion. One thing you could do is attend a Vipassana retreat.
  9. Seek a psychologist and possibly a psychiatrist!
  10. Therapy and/or psychedelics (not recommended for everyone). Or simply google your question
  11. oooh lol