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  1. VID-20170820-WA0051.mp4VID-20170820-WA0051.mp4
  2. I feel very balanced. I have seen the importance of breathing correctly. I want to keep this journal for as long as I can (btw - don't leave us, @JKG). I wanna read it years from now. And, let's face it, I often lose my personal things, so I will keep it public so that I have it recorded. Only thing is, not sharing TOO much. But, really, I doubt I will ever meet someone here in real life. And, even if I do, I don't care. - Keep flowing - Participate, be engaged - When in doubt, breathe deeply. \<o>/
  3. I have taken ayahuasca many times, but today I did something different: I went to the ceremony with my mom. It was a huge comfort zone challenge. And let me tell you: it was HARD. A lot of old conditioning popped up while we were under the effects, and I simply let it be. I didn’t fight the thoughts. I just kept moving my body and not care so much about thoughts. I feel a HUGE shift coming. I was talking to her, and I felt LOVE for her in a way that I haven't felt since I was a kid. !!! INSIGHTS !!! PARTICIPATE IN EVERY WAY YOU CAN I have always loved to just watch things, but it became clear the importance of PARTICIPATING in shit, even if I suck-ass. I felt like how the world needs me in a way. My inner light. SHARING I have had some AMAZING enlightenment experiences; however, it really doesn’t do it much if it is something that won’t affect my life. So, I am proactively sharing my ideas with other people. “Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Dalai Lama WORK There is so much pleasure in working when you feel physically healthy. Most people do not have this joy. They simply do things because they have to. No…. NO NEED TO FORCE Do whatever feels authentically good in your body. SET EXTREMELY LOW EXPECTATIONS I don’t ask for anything during the trip. I just let it be. And you know what? Sometimes it is boring. Life is boring sometimes. But if you’re able to stay with that boredom, you’ll be rewarded afterwards. (Delayed gratification). You will feel so amazing that you don't even need anything else NEGATIVE VISUALIZATION Sometimes I get afraid of visualizing negative things due to a fear that it will materialize. Actually, visualizing that, for example, people will hate your work helps you build mental strength. HALF-ASSING My favorite actualized video is the one about laziness. Dude, if you just start half-assing stuff, you will build momentum. KEEP THE RHYTHM It is much more important to keep the rhythm than it is to get all the right notes. It is ok to miss a note, but you got to keep the rhythm. It is as simples as that. Keep the flow… Well, this is it. I got a lot of practical insights, which I love it. I don’t even care about enlightenment. During the trip, I was like, “Dude, it’s just this. Why do I need more than what I have in the present moment?” ORIGINALITY Are you being original? Chances are, you’re on auto-pilot. Slowly changing your behaviors help you regain your individuality -- the thing that makes you unique. By embodying your own persona, you will have tons of creativity. You will no longer care about what others are doing; you are focused on yourself. GIVING COMMANDS TO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND Are you setting intentions? I have been doing an awesome affirmation that talks about the divine order. I repeat it everyday, and the results have been quite impressive. I have been taking LOADS of action, yes, but those affirmations help me start off “positive” actions in small doses. This way, I build momentum. JUST SHOW UP This is all to the shy people out there: just by you showing up, it is good enough. Sure, you can step out of your comfort zone in SMALL doses, but remember: just drag your ass to the social situation you are avoiding. And congratulate yourself simply because you went. You could have had shitty results, but YOU WENT. FIX YOUR BREATH, FIX YOUR LIFE I don’t know about you, but I used feel very very bad. And what I have noticed is that a lot of bullshit is dissolving under my eyes just by the fact that I am breathing properly. I have the luck of having a friend who has been to many Osho retreats. This way, I learn a lot of techniques from my friend. It is really important to have someone to assist you because you can easily screw up yoga, pranayamas (breathing exercises). ANNOYANCES CAN TRIGGER HIGHER-CONSCIOUSNESS As I am writing this, my sister and her bf are watching GOT. I have become more resistant to external sounds. A lot of people say, “Oh, I can’t meditate because I got a pain” or maybe “My neighbor is super noisy. I can’t concentrate.” Or… “I hate this person’s behavior. It is affecting my energy.’ All of the above are complete bullshit. It is easier to focus and stay alert when you are going through distress. So, use any “toxicity” around you or within you as a catalyst for being mindful. Do not run away from what you deem as “low consciousness behaviors/people”. All of these can be used as a contrast, a counter-example. I find it easier to be present when there is discomfort. There is probably more to talk about, but I think it is enough. But, if I could boil down everything is this: fix your breath. Educate yourself to expand your breath. ...Breath
  4. Thank you for sharing. I like the way he really opens up his chest. Very inspirational! 🌅
  5. Aloha! \o/ I never write here first in the day. Right now, it is 7 AM, and I am about to get ready for my day. In one of my ayahuasca trips, I realized how I am throwing my life away. Well, in a way, 99% of us are. On the other hand, I also recognize how much I have improved over the last months. I feel a genuine growth, which will accompany me to the rest of my life. Things that I have seen cannot be unseen. I simply saw the deepest truth of reality, and that gave me a big existential relief. Another thing I have been working on is correct breathing. Bringing the navel into the spine whenever I exhale. It is fucking difficult to remember all the time to do that, but it fucking works. I have been cleaning all my system with breathing techniques. Breathing is really an art. Sometimes all you gotta do is relax your belly, and everything will fall into place. Finally, I have been practicing Vipassana. It is amazing! I have finally remembered how I should truly meditate. It is just like yoga. If you are sleepy, that means you should force yourself a little bit more. It is supposed to be uncomfortable. It is the same process as waking up. Aside from Vipassana, I have been practicing some Osho breathing techniques. They are amazing at healing yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally -- BEFORE meditation. This way, you can cut through a lot of emotional bullshit before you meditate. Otherwise, most of your meditation will be shit. Right now, I am about to take a cold shower; meditate; then go to Yoga. Wish you all success and, most importantly, true happiness. May you feel good in your body, because you can’t imagine how good it can get. As long as you commit to cleaning yourself up. Aloha! \o/
  6. it's cute to see you worrying hehe =P what i constantly find that helps me is to have extremely low expectations on every social interaction. (hint: there is a reverse effect). it was harder to find friends in college than in high school. i was less fake in college haha. so i didn't really care about fake friendships. i did have 2 or 3 good friends -- whom i barely talk with now. I see myself in you A LOT. I am neurotic and rigid. It really is ok if you don't have time for "meditation, lp, etc etc etc". Pay attention to animals. They are abiding in heaven, and they are just themselves. Can you allow yourself to be unproductive? Because, really, you won't change that much... Talking can sometimes seem hard, but just by you being there, it is enough. Even if you don't say a word, but if you're able to stay there... you are already helping the other end -- as you have done with me many times Well, dear sister, remember how cool you are. You meditate, dude. Very few people on Earth do that. Even fewer people do it on personal will. <=> Wake Up to your Beauty <=>
  7. The key thing here is to reconnect to your emotions. You might have experienced traumatic experiences in your childhood, which caused you to block your feelings. It was so painful that you could not bear anymore... Have you tried psychedelics? They are great at making you tap into your authentic emotions once again. Breathing exercises can also help. Deep healing work needed! you can do it
  8. Go the other way around. Consciously go after situations in which you WILL get disapproval, and BE WITH THE NEGATIVE EMOTION. Be with the discomfort of people calling you an asshole, imature son-of-a-bitch, twat etc. Have you tried the exercise Leo gives at the end of the episode you mentioned? These are called comfort zone challenges. Trust me, it is painful to do them, but they work. I can't see how a 10-day solo retreat would help you with that. Set an intention of being more authentic, of developing your voice. Some examples of practices: - Express your emotions more fully with your face. If you like something, smile. If you don't, frown. - When someone irritates you, breathe deeply. - Contradict people more often. - Be more negative (A lot of us, people pleasers, have a "gotta be positive" mentality that is ULTRA fake. If you don't like something, tell that you don't like. Every time you lie, another layer is put upon your essence). People pleasing is a complete lie. Watch this: If you want to see more examples of comfort zone challenges, check this channel out: I have learned that regarding shyness, fear of rejection etc. is to face it head-on. Otherwise, you will get very weak results.
  9. SET LOW EXPECTATIONS Set low expectations set low expectations
  10. wait, what? are you really attributing your state of mind to a video? this is called victimhood.
  11. Remember: you are just a character here.
  12. For people pleaser Be a bad boy or girl. Be aware of your self-critiscism and ignore it. Try taking things lightly. Exposing is the key for the healing. do it imperfectly, on purpose Develop 100% positive regards to yourself Set the intention of having shitty conversations (to balance your perfectionism out)
  13. Thoughts is what can set us free.
  14. @momo the rule of thumb is: if you are taking things too seriously, lighten things up. >> it is supposed to be fun 8)
  15. hello! i feel very balanced and strong. i endured a huge ego backlash, and, now, I feel way stronger and protected. belly breathing = the ultimate solution for generating MORE energy, vitality watch your ego getting bored of self-development. went to the evangelical church today. it was very nice. i had some interactions with people my age or less. haha. it felt funny to talk to teenagers. i could SEE all my old patterns kicking in, but I stayed mindful during the whole thing, and then.... BAM! All the resistance dropped. Then, I felt comfortable speaking. thank you! keep trying. :))