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  1. First of all, emotional vulnerability a practice. But you shouldn't practice with anybody. This is called oversharing. You need to find someone who has earned your trust and who you feel you can step out of your comfort zone. Second, do it in homeopathic doses. A common trap is to overdo vulnerability. You gotta take baby steps. As the guy said above, it won't happen overnight. Third, psychedelics can help you reconnect to your feelings. Just make sure you're doing them responsibly. Do you want a book recommendation for this topic?
  2. That's a good insight. I don't know why you had to write the title in CAPS though lol Anyway, this reminded me of the flow model: I hope you can fix your self-esteem issues and do the things you're good at
  3. I don't know if you can find it where you live, but Ayahuasca. When I went to my second ceremony, I felt reconnected to my inner child and I cried for 4 straight hours. I hadn't cried in years! It felt like such a big relief. It was as if it was raining for the first time in years. Like, "OMG! How did I live without this??" I don't take Ayahuasca anymore. But it made me get in touch with my feelings. I don't cry as much as I would like to, but there are times that I do cry. And it feels like a gift when it happens. 🌧
  4. It seems you’re dissociating from reality. If this persists, you might need to take medication.
  5. Or, he’s just freaking out...
  6. Sounds like a maniac episode...
  7. Lol
  8. Would you consider that a positive experience? Sounds pretty dangerous imo...
  9. If you hit me with a baseball bat, it will hurt me. If you hit a coffee table, it will not hurt me.
  10. I've had that. I used to be pretty hardcore, like I would allow mosquitoes to bite me, meditate in very cold temperatures, and that sort of thing. In all cases, I would eventually get desensitized and would get used to the discomfort. Looking in retrospect, all that "endurance of pain" was useless and unhealthy. I was just feeding my spiritual ego, like "Look at all the things I can do! I just meditated in excruciating pain for 2 and a half hours without moving. I'm getting so advanced!" Nothing could be further from the truth...
  11. I've been where you are. I used to do many hours per day of Do Nothing. But in reality, all I did was daydreaming. And I assure you: half-assing meditation will do nothing for you. It might even worsen your situation (emotions, neurosis, problems etc.) The goal is to observe the natural activity of the mind, which is very different from getting lost in it. Otherwise, you're feeding the whole thing. I only had moments of, "OH! This is what meditation is all about" when I began taking Tai Chi classes. Using my body helps a lot to stay grounded. Sitting meditation doesn't really work for me.