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  1. @Joseph Maynor I talked to Martin Ball about my high tolerance with psychedelics and he recommended me Salvia Divinorum, he said it will break me up, I’ve only worked with lsd mushrooms and 5meo, how much should I do initially?
  2. If you could recommend me one author I have your book list Joe dispenza focus on reprogramming the subconscious mind, I know he is a business guy but at least he has meditations, workshops and this stuff available, which makes it easier to apply in my daily life and to be consistent
  3. I’m reading becoming supernatural and breaking the habit of being yourself, also doing his meditations, morning and night, seems to be very brainwashing haha I’ve never heard about him before but decided to chose one self help book (or writer) and go all the way in.. would like to know opinions about him and his books! PS: I actually got the book recommendation from here if I’m not wrong.
  4. Worth watching 👌👌👌
  5. @Deep @starsofclay @Quanty That was really helful, thank you!!
  6. I know meditation is the best way but I would like to know another practices that help with opening the heart chakra, Im a right brain but sometimes I get caught in the crazy spiral of my mind, and when Im in my heart I feel much better, patient with life, crying for all little things and grateful. When I'm in my mind, things are PRETTY different.. That's my theory about how I've been functioning, I can be wrong so Im also open to ideas and opinions Thank you and have a great Fridaaaay
  7. In the end of his life yes, I also read in a book that he used to be upside down until loses consciousness to have his “visions” and although he said “I don’t do drugs I’m drugs” I’m not sure he explored psychedelics a lot and I don’t think it was the main source of his inspiration, but it could be, who knows? Maybe I just like the romantic part of it all and he was indeed a passionate person. “Dali would sit in a chair holding the spoon above the plate and doze off. As he fell asleep, the spoon would drop onto the plate, making a noise that woke him in time to jot down the surreal images he saw in his dreams. Other times, Dali would stand on his head until he almost passed out, allowing him to become semi-lucid.” That’s from the internet
  8. @okulele Salvador Dali used to say his inspiration was from sexual energy and his wife. My inspiration for my art I can say the same, from sexual energy mostly, what Napoleon Hill says makes total sense to me, if learned how to transmute this energy it can be used for art, for motivation etc That’s one of his quotes “It may be controversial contention, but sexual energy is the creative energy of virtually all geniuses. There never has been and never will be a great leader, builder, or artist lacking in this driving force of sex. Destroy the sex glands; whether in a human being or a beast, and you have removed a major source of action.” Our bodies are here basically for reproduction, life force/ sexual energy is what keep us moving, and if used well can help us a lot Such an interesting subject
  9. Some quotes from The book of not knowing
  10. @Tony Tellez I realized those days I was kind of depressed and was coincidently listening to sad songs, not sad but “ugly” lyrics, so I shifted to some uplifting music, “happy” lyrics, it made all the difference. I also have a question for you guys: people do affirmations to change their subconscious mind or mantras etc, if we keep singing/ listening sad songs or with bad stuff, how this mantra (aka Music) is gonna impact ourselves? Our minds etc.. I like Linkin Park too, but I’ve decided to listen to Pink Floyd now 😂 Tool and Anathema are good ones too IMO
  11. That’s awesome, Bay Area and LA I’m in and probably will bring two friends who also watch you! Omg I’m gonna meet Leoooo 😱