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  1. @brovakhiin Using Martin Ball words "he said it's bs when people say they had deeper experiences just because it was pure venom" he said actually the synthetic might be better cause its purer
  2. @Isaac Ben I had the same experience, I can take 6 tabs of LSD and still have my reality intact, of course I feel it but it's not like people describe it, but my last mushroom trip 4g was epic too, so I learned that I can learn much more with mushrooms, 5meo I tried twice, first 15mg and second 27mg snorting, I didnt breakthrough, are you snorting or smoking it?
  3. @Barna@JustinS @Gabriel Antonio @Dizzy halp guys
  4. So, I've been having this "sensation" or "feeling" of highness, it's like Im lighter, higher, calmer, I dont know how to explain but its really strong when I feel it, for the past 18 months, sometimes it happens several times in the day and sometimes none. This week I went to a psychic and he told me I have mediumship, that this sensation I feel its like a battery being charged within me, and that I can use it in my life or to help others, my aunt back in Brazil is a shaman and she also has mediumship, she used to received messages from the dead, In brazil we have something called Spiritism, it's like a religion and below is the definition. In What Is Spiritism?, Kardec calls spiritism a science dedicated to the relationship between incorporeal beings (spirits) and human beings. Thus, some spiritists see themselves as not adhering to a religion, but to a philosophical doctrine with a scientific fulcrum and moral grounds. Also the definition of Mediumship Mediumship is the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to purportedly mediate communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. There are different types of mediumship, including spirit channeling and ouija. He said when I feel the sensation is when the spirit guides are around me, and I've noticed that whenever someone around me is overloaded with emotions, is going through something really difficult I feel high, for example two days ago at work, I started feeling high, and it was really strong, I was just paying attention, 10 seconds after I realized my coworker who seats by my side was on a call receiving the message that her uncle just had died. I currently work as an architect, I like to draw and be creative so since child my family (that was mostly thinking about money) put in my mind that I would be a good architect, but it happens that architecture doesnt feed my soul, I'm really interested about the human mind and spirituality in general, and in the last two years had studieda lot about it. I asked the psychic about my career and his answer was: "Why do you ask me something you already know?" and I started crying for no reason, so my guess would be that in the future I will be working with this mediumship, and I'm here to ask for help to which path to follow, my options this moment are Spiritism or Wicca, my aunt and sister are Spiritists, but what I dont like about it is that they follow the work of Alan Kardec, which is based in the story of Christ, I try to avoid religions to keep my mind open, I prefer to think about the universe in other way than through the history of Christ, Wicca for me sounds more plausible because I feel like they go straight to the point, when they talk about the universe being a web where we are all connected, when talking about how the 5 elements water fire earth air spirit, It's much easier for me to understand. Also I dont know if this interest for Wicca could be something that my ego has been wanting, like wow look I'm a witch, I know sounds funny but I'm considering all the possibilities here.. I am open to hear what you guys think. Thank you, thank you, thank you
  5. @SelfHelpGuy I think the idea behind an open relationship is give the other person unconditional love, that's where you know if you really love her/him, cause if someone else makes her/him happy, in your case, another guys, who are you to tell her that that happiness is not allowed? Also to get rid of the attachment thing, an open relationship is based on love, while most of the "closed" relationships is based on fear, fear of losing, so yes an open relationship is a good exercise for the ego, for practicing dettachment, also I've realized in the relationship I self fed myself, I needed to give myself love (what makes total sense) I was not depending on someone to give it to me, and this made me grow a lot! ike Elisabeth said I think its a pretty new relationship, and I agree on the sexual partner thing, Im the woman and my partner seems to be less interested in the sex part, more interested in the connection with others etc, while me I think I'm interested in both, I've been in an open relationship for a while, the last 5 months we tried to close the relationship and we ended up breaking up, very interesting how this thing work, after you experience it, its hard to go back to the old mind of closed relationships, I thought the most challenge part would be thinking about him fucking others but deep inside my biggest fear is that he connects with someone else in a soul level, or he finds a girl that makes him laugh etc.. very silly. I actually commented on the post to listen to what you guys have to say about open relationships, how the experience had helped you guys in your journey? What are the pros and cons? Or just your opinion in general about the subject @Elisabeth @Paulus Amadeus Thanks!!
  6. @Joseph Maynor I talked to Martin Ball about my high tolerance with psychedelics and he recommended me Salvia Divinorum, he said it will break me up, I’ve only worked with lsd mushrooms and 5meo, how much should I do initially?
  7. If you could recommend me one author I have your book list Joe dispenza focus on reprogramming the subconscious mind, I know he is a business guy but at least he has meditations, workshops and this stuff available, which makes it easier to apply in my daily life and to be consistent
  8. I’m reading becoming supernatural and breaking the habit of being yourself, also doing his meditations, morning and night, seems to be very brainwashing haha I’ve never heard about him before but decided to chose one self help book (or writer) and go all the way in.. would like to know opinions about him and his books! PS: I actually got the book recommendation from here if I’m not wrong.
  9. Worth watching 👌👌👌
  10. @Deep @starsofclay @Quanty That was really helful, thank you!!
  11. I know meditation is the best way but I would like to know another practices that help with opening the heart chakra, Im a right brain but sometimes I get caught in the crazy spiral of my mind, and when Im in my heart I feel much better, patient with life, crying for all little things and grateful. When I'm in my mind, things are PRETTY different.. That's my theory about how I've been functioning, I can be wrong so Im also open to ideas and opinions Thank you and have a great Fridaaaay
  12. In the end of his life yes, I also read in a book that he used to be upside down until loses consciousness to have his “visions” and although he said “I don’t do drugs I’m drugs” I’m not sure he explored psychedelics a lot and I don’t think it was the main source of his inspiration, but it could be, who knows? Maybe I just like the romantic part of it all and he was indeed a passionate person. “Dali would sit in a chair holding the spoon above the plate and doze off. As he fell asleep, the spoon would drop onto the plate, making a noise that woke him in time to jot down the surreal images he saw in his dreams. Other times, Dali would stand on his head until he almost passed out, allowing him to become semi-lucid.” That’s from the internet