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  1. GOD bless you all!! That's me dressed as a nun processing the traumas of my religious upbringing. This picture was taken during a wedding at Burning Man and I was high on hash and some other stuff lol
  2. @Vladimir That is so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I can't wait for the YouTube channel. Please let me know and I will subscribe to it. I have a Youtube channel as well, but I'm far from being enlightened, I feel like I learn as I go and I share my experiences with people, it's so beautiful to see how much they resonate. My last video I did after a mushroom trip and the theme of my trip (and the video as well) was the fact that we have a tendency to hide our emotions and our internal process, just to look better to other people, but this ends up creating a disconnection because if we hide everyone thinks it's only happening to them. I basically cried for 3 hours just looking at all the unconscious stuff that I have been repressing throughout life. It was not all bad, I was able to see the perfection of darkness, of the process of destruction and creation. My channel is like a diary for me and it's been a really fun journey. Wishing you all the best dear! Much much love
  3. @Breakingthewall Awww so glad you liked it! I haven't tried it again after those times. It was very profound.
  4. @aurum Oh good to know! I will look into it, Im still learning how to navigate Wordpress. Thank you!!!
  5. @amanen Yes I know Erowid butI want to create a platform, the people who follow my content do not speak English. Thank you!
  6. Not sure if this is in the right thread. I have a channel and an IG page where I talk about psychedelics (in Portuguese) and many people are asking for a platform where they can share/read psychedelic trip reports. I'm in the process of creating my website through Wordpress and would like to know if any of you know of any websites or how I should go about that? Is there a plugin that I can include on wordpress? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  7. @Vladimir Thank you! That is so funny you recommended me this book, I started listening to it and that same week I was listening to a podcast about the feminine and the speaker recommended Magdalene Mysteries: The Left-Hand Path of the Feminine Christ which is written by the same authors, I am sure is not a coincidence. Loving the book, thank you! I have another question, how would you say the polarity of masculine and feminine played out in your awakening? Im very much in my feminine and for me is easier to love (heart) which is the feminine than to understand (mind) the masculine. I struggle to be more in my masculine, and currently my work as an architect requires a lot of mind, and I believe not only my work but society in general praises the masculine traits. I'm working on a transition in my career towards the path of love. It would be inspiring to know how those played out in your life. I watch a lot of Matt Kahn and assume he reached enlightenment through the level of the heart while I feel like Leo is more in the level of the mind (even tho he does speak about love in some of his videos), also Peter Ralston speaks from the level of the mind. Does one need to focus on one or heart and mind should be balanced for a proper awakening?
  8. @Vladimir awwww those answers brought me a lot of joy, love is pouring out of you. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Much gratitude 🙏 If I may ask, what is the one book you would recommend from those good book you’ve read?
  9. Appreciate all the answers! I’m gonna cut mine but only use the greenest part which is where the alcaloide is. Then I will dehydrate and make a powder. I’ve had too much throwing up from ayahuasca already. Don’t really wanna go through that 🙏
  10. Can we please talk about the fact leo had a cat all those years and we didn’t even know?! Lol Smokey was silent all those long hours of nonstop videos We are shocked because we’ve been creating an image of him and he is deconstructing it by posting personal stuff. He is a human being like us the question is not why we posts weird stuff, it’s why do we post all the same? I feel like leo is a little like Osho in the sense of the radical mind, I like that he is changing, means that he is expressing that god authentic energy while we are here mimicking him, as long as it fits the normal agenda, as soon as he posts a pic with a gun we are like waaait lol
  11. I have a San Pedro cactus and would like to know if any of you have the knowledge to prep it. I've looked into preparing the brew but it seems to be very tricky, so I'm looking for a dehydration method. Open to any advice on how to best use it. I've had it for years and it's growing so much that I need to cut it. Thank you!
  12. Ayahuasca, look into the work of ayahuasca in the DNA. The vine of mariri tangles like two snakes which coincidently is also the shape of our DNA. The book The Cosmic Serpent and the Origins of Knowledge talks about that. I will post some pictures here later.