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  1. @Yog those were good!! 😂😂😂
  2. Reminded me of Leo in one of his retreats talking about the moth
  3. Love it! Thank you 🙏
  4. Loved the thread @Meta-Man I feel like women are much more connected with their heart and with this comes more empathy, connection, compassion and LOVE. We are here on earth as separate beings basically learning how to “relate” with each other through relationships. A more feminine mind doesn’t have the ambition to prove things and are much more comfortable with BEING instead of doing, while the masculine mind is more focused in getting shit done, action, show results, etc. I believe men tend to seek enlightenment through the mind, Leo keeps saying if a spiritual teacher does not mention love in his teachings he is not awake, that being said I think it’s much easier for a woman to just be in their heart and be awakened (without the necessity of going out in the world and show how awakened she is) than for a man to get out of his mind and tap into the heart power. It’s important to note I’m talking about the feminine and masculine not specifically about man and woman. We are in a predominantly masculine era now and look at the world.. how much we lack in love, compassion, empathy, connection. Way to go for women to claim their space after much repression, yet it doesn’t mean they are not out there doing the work, which, as we know, is mostly internal and personal.
  5. @Leo Gura I have not being able to update any pictures here or in other posts because it say it’s above the size allowed, and a member here is sending me private messages saying she/ he can’t see my posts because I’ve been copying the url only, please advise. I’ve never had this problem before