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  1. A list of +300 documentaries of a wide range of topics
    A list of +300 documentaries of a wide range of topics
    I think this was shared somewhere in the forum way before, but I thought it would be fitting to repost it here, enjoy.

  2. room tips
    Does negative energy get trapped in a room?
    @Elysian Sounds like Moldavite The energy i get from crystals is very ancient and pure and makes me feel like home. When higher conscious people come into my home especially my room they instantly notice the difference in vibrational frequency. They never wanna leave. I also work with Orgone/Orgonite technology, Tesla Purple Plates, Neutralizers, Color/Light tech and Coils and a few other inventions and ideas.
    If i didn't have these geometric grids, crystals, frequency shields, neutralizers, grounding mats and other things that mimic nature and keep my whole place grounded and shielded from harmful and unnatural frequencies that most people aren't even aware or sensitive enough of, i can become chaotic and unstable because my energy is extremely high which is both a blessing and a curse especially if i do not spend enough time in nature or slack off with meditation and spiritual work.
    Ultimately, what this does is creates a harmonic resonance field that mimics that of nature untouched by the hand of man where i live so i feel more home, grounded and aware. If i didn't i would need to go live in a mountain hut and be a hermit, not even joking. It gets super intense.
    Advanced Ancient Civilizations knew and used most of this stuff. People are only becoming aware the last few decades and remembering again. Its great though, It's been a long time since we thrived as a collective.
    Another thing is our homes, workspace's and buildings should be circular/Dome-like. This also creates a more harmonic vibratory field within the living space and also better for planetary energy. They are also much stronger and protective to natural disasters. Think of a egg when you try break it at a certain angle, it becomes extremely challenging.
    Hope this helps