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  1. The heart of Tantra by Diana Richardson
  2. Whenever I sleep fast with a man I end up losing interest after sex, and I feel bad because they are interested and become excited and I feel like I’m hurting them. I know usually men feel like that but as a woman I’m not sure why, I think maybe because we didn’t build a deeper connection?!
  3. @Gesundheit no I’m not rational at all, I’m pretty emotional actually. I think the problem really is my relationship with my dad, I need to heal myself of unworthiness to be able to connect with the right person. But thank you for your comment, I appreciate it @Applegarden thank you for that! Love Sadguru, Im actually reading his book Inner Engineering, really amazing 🙏
  4. It doesn’t feel like they are trying to pull you back into your old beliefs, they actually ARE pulling you back, to accept the new you and connect with you deeply they would also have to change themselves, which usually they are not ready, so accept them as they are or cut them off, you don’t need to stop talking to them but limit your interactions, I stopped talking to my whole family, it hurts but I know that it’s for my wellbeing and theirs. I’m not willing to pretend I’m the same as 10 years ago, and they can’t accept who I am now, so I couldn’t find any other way, I talk to them every couple weeks, which is way healthier. Do you live with them? The ideal would be having your own independence, sometimes when ugly situations happen it just means we need to change, the more you stay in places that are not meant to be, the more the universe will shake you just so you can move. Foe you and your family to live in harmony it would require lots of effort and change, you can do it all by yourself by being loving and compassionate with them, but if your energy is not strong enough they will pull you into theirs, and they don’t do it because they are evil, it’s just unconscious playing itself out, they’ve been like that for years, it’s very difficult for their egos to be put aside and welcome change, so my advice is: move out and be in your own energy. good luck 🙏
  5. Loved this documentary! Suspended my social medial accounts right after I finished it. It's so crazy how unaware we are of the manipulations. "There are only two industries that call their customers 'users': Illegal drugs and software" Edward Tufte
  6. @Globalcollective Yes, I do therapy and was celibate last year, but things seem to be the same still. I have my spiritual practices too but maybe I should work on my impulses. I'm really attracted to men that are not interested in me. While the ones that are nice I don't care about. It's more of an attraction thing than anything else. @Etherial Cat Exactly! Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it! I've been talking about this in my therapy but it seems like it's going to take a long time to heal, do you have any recommendation of how I should handle this? I'm in my third relationship that I've had this happening, the first was 4 years, second was 2 years and the most recent three months, as I do the inner work and respect and love myself more I become more aware of the loop I'm in, but it's just difficult because there is a strong pull towards the men that are not interested in me, which are coincidentally the ones that are good in bed. The 4 year relationship was very abusive physically and mentally, the other two were just mentally but I can see the pattern repeating itself like you said, would psychedelics help me? I'm doing therapy already, I do meditation everyday, read books, but it seems like it's a difficult cycle to break, my mom still nowadays is trapped in toxic relationship and I watched my dad abusing her my whole childhood. It's exhausting to participate in that for so many years, and whenever I have a little bit of awareness and become conscious of the vicious cycle I feel pretty bad about myself. @Gesundheit I'm pretty feminine most of the time, but I'm very independent and strong and can be masculine as well, I feel attracted to strong and masculine guys, I don't think I have any crazy fetishes, I'm wild in bed but mostly submissive if I'm with someone who knows what he is doing. This is something I noticed too, I prefer dominant men, when he is more feminine I feel like I need to be in charge and am not bale to be in my feminine, while with masculine guys I feel safer and can be more vulnerable. It could be something from my Brazilian culture too.
  7. @Globalcollective yes, that was me. Thank you for the response on the other thread, I appreciate it. he wasn’t needy after sex, just kind. I think it’s my trauma from having an absent dad, I tend to fall in love with men that are not really present, when they are nice and want to be with me, I lose interest.
  8. @Leo Gura haha you are so mean! I’ve explored psychedelics a lot (thanks to you) and can say ayahuasca is very special and unlike any other substance (yes including 5meo) I joined a Brazilian church called UDV where they do sessions twice per month, they make the brew in the Amazon and in Hawaii, they also have a license to function in US so the set and setting are flawless and I don’t always throw up, it’s mostly when the ego gets in the way, if you surrender you will experience bliss and unconditional love, it’s also VERY healing on the level of the body, I feel like the other psychedelics are very powerful on the mind, but on the body level there is nothing like ayahuasca. I’m not trying to convince you or anything but I’ve explore psychedelics for 4 years and found what I was looking for in ayahuasca, I still do others but every ayahuasca session I have that feeling of “home”ness that no other psychedelic gives me and I feel like heals my body a lot. Yet I should not put ayahuasca on a pedestal, I have not been able to breakthrough with 5meo so still exploring.
  9. @datamonster hahaha I know cause I always tries to ask but apparently he loves to help you guys, while we stay in limbo cause there is no pick up for women and we need to learn everything by ourselves. @JosephKnecht Not to brag but I’m very attractive Brazilian woman 😂 my problem is not in getting men’s attention, I play well but after 2 or 3 months I start opening up and losing them, am I supposed to play forever?! Haha
  10. @Leo Gura Leo I think you hate women. You barely answer my questions but when men ask something you create them a bible. Could you create the same list for women, please? the more I higher my value the pickier I get, which means that it will be even harder to find the right men
  11. @Keyhole yes that’s what I’m thinking about doing at this point, I just don’t feel the physical attraction with beta men, but maybe it’s something I need to let go off?
  12. @Leo Gura I’m currently dating an fbi investigator and the game is very strong, I’ve been attracting really interesting powerful men but I feel like as a woman I shouldn’t have to be putting much effort into the game, but im also aware that if I don’t play I don’t get anything. are you planning on releasing a video about conscious dating at some point?
  13. @Leo Gura and be playing with Fire forever? My last bfs were huge players, I became one too because of that, I don’t think it’s sustainable in the long run. Maybe I’m better off by myself
  14. @Akemrelax gentleman but not in the bedroom 😊
  15. @Leo Gura so should I lower my standards? do conscious players exist?
  16. @Nahm Thank you for this Nahm 💛 @Preety_India love how you were able to show the women’s side too. 🙏
  17. @Keyhole yes because beta men are not good in bed, Leo please halp haha @Leo Gura it’s difficult when the nice guys are super sweet but do I want to fuck a nice guy? No I don’t want to fuck a nice guy 😂 If the guy is not a player he won’t be experienced and won’t be good in bed, what do you recommend us to do?
  18. @louhad we totally need that, otherwise Leo it’s gonna be part of all the other gurus that repress or simply don’t talk about sex/ relationships. I think it’s an extremely important topic, without sex we wouldn’t be here talking right now.. 😌
  19. @Leo Gura only a player recognizes other players, I have the same question: does the player ever settles down? if I’m also playing we don’t get anywhere, should women not play?! You should help women too Leo with your relationship advices, you teach a lot to men here but not much to us 😌 the charming guys tend to be more confident, we love confidence haha it’s a trap, do we look for the quiet, non experienced one? To teach? 😬
  20. @AcaciaConfusa my diet is way cleaner on the days I microdose, I feel like eating “alive” things like fruits, salads etc, one of the many good benefits for people who suffer from cravings
  21. I do microdosing with LSD every three days, the results are amazing, I love it! The doctor prescribed me SSRI and I decided to do microdosing instead. I just cut the tab in many little pieces, you don’t need to be afraid because microdosing is not supposed to make you high at all, you just have an uplifted mood, things are more beautiful, it increases your awareness etc here is a good website that teaches you how to do it. good luck
  22. Yes, make her insecure so you can get what you want, great advice Leo. Bratty little sister? Very mature.. impressive
  23. @Preety_India love that! I appreciate when the man takes his position as a gentleman, so I can be free to be in my feminine, planning and thinking is the mans job, our part is being and feeling. Needless to say my treatment when the guy is a gentleman is way different, yes good sex but also the surrender that as women we can only experience when we have enough space to actually “be a woman” yes I can split the bill, but after dinner there is no striptease dance or amazing sex, I was so exhausted counting all the coins that I was better off sleeping 😌 reminds me of this poem from Anais Nin: I do not want to be the leader. I refuse to be the leader. I want to live darkly and richly in my femaleness. I want a man lying over me, always over me. His will, his pleasure, his desire, his life, his work, his sexuality the touchstone, the command, my pivot. I don’t mind working, holding my ground intellectually, artistically; but as a woman, oh, God, as a woman I want to be dominated. I don’t mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding.