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  1. @Matt23 wow, the retreat sounds fascinating, love Peter Ralston, The Book of Not Knowing became my bible
  2. I've been listening to this Podcast and in this last one they mention spiral dynamics and how psychedelics are influencing the business world, their website is also very interesting, with guides about all psychedelic drugs and how to microdose. The 1st Wave was indigenous use of psychedelics for thousands of years. The 2nd Wave was the use of psychedelics during the counter-culture of the 60s and 70s. The 3rd Wave is upon us now. Brought about by recent developments in cannabis legalization and psychedelic research – and it will change the way mainstream culture perceives psychedelic use. To find out more about The Third Wave, read our manifesto. It details everything you need to know about responsible psychedelic use in the 21st century.
  3. I can totally relate to all you said, someone here recommended the book Period Repair Manual, and it's amazing, so many facts about women's health are left aside and the doctors just recommend us birth control pills, that instead of going to the root of the problems just puts it in standby mode and we are dependent on those drugs our whole life, I like that the author is a naturopath and has been working with women for over 20 years, she really puts together everything we need to know about our period and ovulation, many natural tools that can help us and also a lot of content to understand the role of hormones in our body. I think when we are pmsing we are more connected with the feminine energy, the darkness and it's a time to go inwards and be with ourselves but nowadays with all the hustling it's very unrealistic plus at least for me those feelings are running the show for two weeks every month and I'm not being able to handle it. Hope the books brings you some clarity
  4. Are you a certified Life Coach? Cause life coaching is totally different than therapy, coaching is about helping someone achieve their dreams, someone who already has their life together, is taking someone from a normal to a higher stage, while therapy is taking someone dysfunctional to a normal stage, coaching is not about solving deep issues like depression and anxiety, you would have to recommend her to a therapist. Also coaching is all about empowering the client with questions, never giving them advice, when you tell someone what to do you are taking the power away from them, and you don't want to make someone feel powerless, the answers are all within them, only they know what's best for them, you may think you know but the truth is you don't. It's important to be empathetic in a coaching session and it's totally fine if the client cries but it's very important that you maintain your composure, otherwise it will be two people crying and no one will be able to see the big picture, think rationally and take actions, so holding yourself up and maintaining peace and calmness, opening that space so the client can feel whatever they need to feel is very important, silence would be highly recommended in those moments, unless you are asking questions, validating the clients feelings, is better to just be silent. Psychotherapy is based on this, you see specially Freud, Lacan and Reich lineages they barely talk, it's all about poking the wounds and opening up the space to go through those traumas and feelings, because people are afraid of letting the emotions come out, and once the wounds are open they are able to go through that using different techniques, a Coach is not prepared for this kind of situation.
  5. Like @TheAvatarState said they can unlock schizophrenia only if you have a predisposition for it, they don't "cause" it or increase the risk of mental illness, the thing with psychedelics is that the more grounded you are the easier it's to use them, so the more work you do on yourself, meditation, contemplation etc the safer you are gonna feel to explore your mind, cause they really shake the foundations of our ordinary reality. Not sure if you watched Bird box but in the movie there is a woman and she is blindfolded, she needs to go somewhere and have no idea what's in front of her, in order to don't get lost she holds a piece of cord (that is attached to the boat) so she can go and come back to the same place she was, she uses the cord as a safety tool and it's just like that with psychedelics, if you don't know you true self, the foundation of who you truly are, there is nothing to come back to once you get lost in psychosis, mushrooms for example are really good at it, the more trapped you are in your ego, false self and false beliefs the easier it's to have a bad trip and get lost. I would start slowly, and keep in mind that schizophrenia is not considered a mental illness for many people, I have a cousin with schizophrenia and I try to see them as people who are more connected to truth, and like many say enlightenment is really insanity.
  6. @Aaron p Nice! I've had amazing experiences with ketamine too, careful not to get trapped in a K hole, since is a dissociative drug
  7. @JD8 Ayahuasca in my blood by Peter Gorman DNA and the origins of knowledge by Jeremy Narby DMT spirit molecule by Rick Strassman
  8. @Serotoninluv wow fascinating to read this, interesting how the words "I" and "you" are not present like in mostly egoic discussions, a very yellow approach
  9. @Arthur loved what you said! Leo is at a point of his life where he is focusing most of his time on enlightenment work, while most of us (including me of course) are still working on the basic needs, we are going up Abraham Maslow pyramid, we are far from being able to dedicate our time to deep stuff like “what is god”, it’s basically the orange green transition, we can’t be too woo woo about the world and go explore our minds if we don’t have a strong foundation, financial stability for example which is orange, and emotional stability like getting rid of old beliefs or traumas which a therapist, psychedelics or books would do the work, in practice is challenging because all the content is very interesting, spirituality, nonduality, psychedelics etc, but we can’t thrive unless we have embodied blue and orange stages, I think this is the biggest trap I fell into since I started watching Leo two years ago, I can’t say it was a mistake because everything is perfect the way it’s but I sometimes compare myself a lot with ppl here because of the amount of work they are putting into spirituality, maybe I shouldn’t generalize because that’s where I find myself now, like 55% orange and 25% green and 15% yellow and a little turquoise somewhere (of course my ego wants to think it’s mostly green and yellow but I need to be honest with myself) The forum is amazing, there are many people who have embodied orange and even green, many yellow thinkers some even turquoise, and it’s great to have those big fishes around so we can get inspired, grow and have a broader perspective of where to go in our lives, Leo’s content is like every other tool and the key is knowing how to use.
  10. @nistake this is amazing! Thanks
  11. @Rilles no way! Haha Thanks, will listen to it now for you!
  12. Also like Oliver Hüntemann
  13. @egoless @kieranperezsuch a great post! I saw Recondite in SF once and fell in love with techno music 💛 A friend said he lives in the woods, I know he was raised in a rural area and used to create music at home
  14. Im really into astrology and am curious about your signs I’m a Pisces the last sign, dreamer with the head in the clouds..
  15. @clouffy The body keeps the score, psychedelics, shadow work, meditation, I did a vipassana too would you mind telling me a bit about you? So I can understand it better
  16. @Gabriel Antonio hahaha good one!
  17. @clouffy The spiritual explanation is that your mind is getting in the way, so ground yourself, don't put too much energy into plans and books and diets, the thought process is what's pining you down, instead of feeling guilt and being harsh with yourself just let it be, try to go deeper within and understand why you are overeating, be the observer and watch the monkey mind how it's overthinking all this situation and the more you think the worse you feel. Try having compassion with yourself, self love is key, your mind wants to come up with plans and all the possibilities but the more you feed it the more you go down the spiral of negative thinking I've had eating disorders in the past, and after a lot of binge eating and digging into my emotions I found out I was doing that because I was sexually abused in the past and that made me stop loving my body, there was a body/mind disconnection which caused the self destructive behavior, that's why I tell you, you won't solve this through the mind, sounds cliche but look into your heart. The ego is a bitch but it's also a wild child so be kind.
  18. This book might be good for you the first chapters are free on Amazon, check it out
  19. @Leo Gura beautifully said
  20. @Mart yes, I was taking alpha brain and it messed up my sleep, I was having very vivid dreams and was waking up super tired, one night I woke up sweating like I had fever at night, since is a stack I’m not sure which product was causing the problem. After that I started taking Quali mind and seems to work fine, although I stopped taking cause I would have to take 6 pills everyday and I hate swallowing pills, but took for two weeks and slept normally
  21. When buying modafinil online if you live in US make sure to buy below 40 pills, I bought a big package and received a “love letter” from US customs and border protection. Bought two more packages with just a few pills and they arrived in a week without any problems Armo gave me headache too, modafinil seems to be fine tho @Butters