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  1. I had a similar experience in a Greek island called Methana. We visited a volcano there and the whole atmosphere was something else. I couldn't put into words but yeah, I could also 'hear' the silence there and everything was vibrant and still at the same time. I could've meditated for days there.
  2. In my opinion that's only a phase. A really important one, but a phase nonetheless. Eventually it'll go full circle and you'll do the same things (pretty much). What really changes are your motivation and your attachment to the outcome.
  3. I read the book Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott. I mean, reading it and doing the actual work afterwards. It's easy to read and practical book on shadow work. Don't be fooled by the new age-y wording, it's a really powerful method for uncovering shadow material in your psyche. At least it worked for me really well.
  4. @Spiritual Warrior Right on. However, one needs to get to the point where survival and materialistic pursuits are not satisfying anymore.
  5. That's all well and good until you come down to the relative domain and deal with one in actuality. This
  6. I mean that's quite logical if you think about it. The majority of people nowadays are completely wrapped up in survival (in every sense), so why should they contemplate the very thing they're avoiding at all costs?
  7. Well, that's true on one hand, but on the other hand, these distractions that you mentioned are pretty easy to ignore. Things like entertainment, junk food, social media, etc. I mean, no one's forcing you to use these platforms to distract yourself. Are they enticing you to distract yourself? Sure. That's why you need some mindfulness and self-discipline skills. If you need a place to sit silently, make dedicated blocks of time in your apartment (like a meditation habit), or go to your local library, hell, even sit on a bench in a park.
  8. The problem with this question is that you think God is something separate from you. I don't mean this as a cop out, but you've been having a conversation with God all your life. When you're thinking, talking to others/yourself, and basically every single communication in your life is a conversation with God.
  9. How are you with self-love? Can you accept yourself? Can you be satisfied alone or do you have a needy vibe? How authentic are you? How honest are you with yourself and others? What do you hope to gain by having a girlfriend?
  10. I vaguely remember that you had issues with balding. Don't worry about it, you're rocking the bald head + goatee combo! Also props to the qigong stuff.
  11. Quit drinking cold turkey a few years ago, never regretted it for a second. Though I must add that I didn't have a problem with it per se. I just realized one day that drinking made me sleepy and dull. Let alone the hangovers. So I asked myself: why do I even drink? Anyway, I believe that it may not that easy for you, however there's no easy solution, I think. Either you make a firm decision that you stop drinking/taking drugs and stick to it, or you'll probably keep drinking. Sit down, contemplate your lifestyle, your decisions, maybe write about it.
  12. Just found this today. I think it pretty much sums it up:
  13. Get out of bed (5 am) Drink some water Light exercise routine (~10 minutes) Coffee Meditation/visualization (~20 minutes) Shave and cold shower