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  1. Yup, I love coffee. I don't really get any positive boost from it anymore and no jittery, anxiety and stuff like that either. I just drink it mostly because of the taste and the ritual. What I mean by ritual is that I've got a manual coffee grinder and a moka pot. It's always fun to brew fresh coffee.
  2. Good stuff man! This may sound new age-y , but letting go and following your own intuition go a long way.
  3. Hmm, if we could start a cult named like that, I'd be totally down Also kidding
  4. This great story is for anybody who don't realize that they're God. Source:
  5. @InterruptReQuest This is called the upper limiting problem. If you want to read a book that is dedicated to this issue, check this out:
  6. Thanks for sharing. I started reading this book yesterday, it's pretty good so far.
  7. I'm sure it must have been frightening, but relax, it's all good. Lay off the psyhedelics for a while and do some sober purifying work. Meditation, yoga, journaling, emotion work, etc.
  8. Take into account that you don't know Leo at all. He may be completely different when it comes to his private life.
  9. @KGrimes Yeah, it tends to be intensive. I just feel into it as much as possible and after a while it subsides on its own.
  10. @levani Different sorts of traumas may surface, heavy egoic reactions, long term ego backlash, dark night of the soul. Just to name a few. Anyway, if you have some sort of established spiritual practise and pace yourself, you're gonna be just fine. Don't worry about "dying" and stuff like that.