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  1. Yeah, this is good stuff. I use it everyday for sleeping and sometimes when I exercise.
  2. Yup. This very topic you created is made by using this infinite intelligence.
  3. What'd the bully say to the solipsist? Stop hitting yourself. Anyway, solipsism is no joke. I had a trip a while ago where I woke myself up and I pretty much realized that I invented this dream and 'other' people (my family, friends, coworkers, spiritual teachers, every single person on Earth) are figments of my imagination. If I recall correctly, this trip was a ~year ago. Still integrating it and if I'm completely honest, it's also haunting. So yeah, be careful what you wish for.
  4. Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott my favorite book on shadow work. Short, practical and incredibly powerful. It helped me a ton. One side note though, don't get discouraged by the weird woo-woo language of the book. The method(s) described in it is very effective.
  5. Now we're cooking.
  6. The survival instinct of the materialist paradigm would kick in and the scientific collective ego would find some kind of "explanation" for it through excessive mental gymnastics.
  7. Thanks for sharing, this is super interesting.
  8. Well, if you think about meditation in a simplistic manner (e.g. blankly staring a wall for months and years), then yes, it can seem as a waste of time. However, meditation is not about brute-forcing the mind into silence. Personally, when I think about meditation, I see it as a complex spiritual practise which is good for developing the following qualities: - Mindfulness - Concentration - Body awareness - Relationship with aversion (discomfort, pain, etc) - Relationship with thoughts and emotions - Experiencing altered states of consciousness - Being in the present moment and appreciate it as it is There's one caveat though. You need to be serious about it. If you meditate once in a while for like 5-10 minutes and then skip days, well, then it's not really effective. If you take it seriously and practise daily, it can transform your life in a radical way. This is where I disagree with Leo. Yes, you can get massive gains in a retreat setting, but a serious daily practise in your home can also be benficial tremendously. With that said, meditation is not the be-all and end-all and it is certainly not for everybody. For some people yoga, exercise, being in nature, etc is much more effective.
  9. The solipsism one. It can be pretty devastating.
  10. Now that's a mature video. I imagine it must have been pretty gut-wrenching to come up with your weaknesses and shadow stuff, let alone talking about them publicly. However, I truly think that now you're ready to take to the next level and come up with even more valuable insights. Hats off to you!
  11. @Dodo Can you verify these things in your direct experience?
  12. Not trying to be arrogant, but I think only those people argue about solipsism who haven't experienced it directly.