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  1. I've experienced something like this twice. A bit hard to explain but it was pretty much what you described. I was meditating (focusing on the breath) and it was a regular session, nothing fancy. Then boom, out of the blue I felt a warm, fuzzy "feeling" arose from my belly area and it sort of filled my whole body. My heartbeat and breathing sped up a little and it felt like I was floating. It lasted a few minutes (I think) and it was pretty much like a low-key orgasm.
  2. Some high quality sitcoms: - The Office (I only saw the US version but I'm pretty sure that the UK one is great as well) - Hello Ladies (I really-really like the humour in this one. It's pretty much like The Office but it also has some offensive/sexist jokes) - Arrested Development (Not my cup of tea but it has some great scenes) - Parks and Recreation - Brooklyn 99, Modern Family (these are also good but these tend to be a bit silly and not in a good way)
  3. Been doing Kriya for like ~5-6 months and If I'm being honest, I haven't experienced anything out of ordinary yet. I read so much awesome things about it here (e.g. bliss states for after like 2 weeks) so I naively execpted that something similar would happen to me as well. Don't get me wrong, I didn't get into yoga just for that reason. Also, I'm well aware that people who practise Kriya should not compare their progres but sometimes it's hard to resist the temptation. So, word of advice: Start practising it, give it 100% but don't expect anything. Results will come. (That's what I remind me of when I start to get frustrated with my practise)
  4. @AudibleLocket Well, emotional issues like lack of confidence/self-esteem usually have root causes. It's different for everybody but one thing's for sure: they're buried deep in the subconscious mind thus you're not aware of them. So, the task is to find them, be aware of them and only after that you can start some sort of healing process. Mind you. emotional issues can bubble up randomly during regular meditation but that's not my experience. The techniques I listed are great for that. Leo has released an excellent video recently called 'The Power Of Asking Questions'. Check it out if you haven't already.
  5. I think you're mixing up different stages of personal development. If you lack confidence and/or self-esteem, you should work on those by journaling, shamanic breathing technique, shadow work, contemplating. I don't think meditation alone is enough although it can be great additional technique of course. The no-self concept is only relevant if you've taken care of your emotional issues, you don't lack self-esteem/confidence and you've got an overall healthy ego. Then, you're ready to trascend it by doing enlightenment work. Consider it as a next step after building a healthy ego.
  6. @abrakamowse My pleasure Wow, this is a powerful one!
  7. I'm in exactly the same situation. I really like working with 3D models so I decided I wanted to learn it. For the time being I use Blender. It's completely free, easy to learn and once you learn the basics, you can adapt to any industry standard software (Maya, 3DS Max, etc). Here's a great video. This guy uses Blender and has several awesome tutorials but the principals can be applied to any hobby.
  8. Perfection His facial experssion makes it even better.
  9. What I find astonishing is that you're on this forum, you're into spirituality/self-development, you know how mindfulness works and yet you manage to defend every false belief about yourself as if they are set in stone. Don't get me wrong, it's not a personal attack, it's just an observation of mine. You seem to be an intelligent guy with perfectly normal looks and I really don't see why you couldn't get any girl (aside from the random excuses and false beliefs). Actually, I'm in the same boat as you (kinda) and yesterday I randomly asked a girl out after my yoga class. The thing is, I don't really have any experience with girls, so basically this is gonna be my first date ever. I didn't really know anything about the girl yet so it took some courage and I managed to let go the typical internal voices ("it's not worth it, she must have a boyfriend, you're better off without her", etc). I'm not saying that now I'm an expert in this subject, but if I could do it, you can do it. And trust me, I've had and my fair share of low self-esteem, non-existent self-confidence and the usual anxious thoughts. Still have 'em, but that's why I got into self-development and spirituality.
  10. Mind blowing video.
  11. I've been practising Kriya for a few months now and I experience the same.