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  1. Holy shit, I straight-up laughed for like a minute
  2. Great posts guys, it looks like I've got a few more things to work on (which I sort of knew already) besides storytelling itself. Thanks for the recommendation, I think I'm gonna buy this one!
  3. I feel like the ability of proper storytelling is such a huge (yet somehow underrated) asset in the social game. I've got friends and colleagues who are great at it, and I've always sort of admired these people. Usually, everyone listens to them and everybody enjoys their stories even if that particular story is not that intriguing or funny. Not to mention, it's also really useful when it comes to attracting to girls. I tried to learn it at some point but gave up rather quickly. I don't really have social anxiety or anything like that, but I've been always the shy and quiet one in the group. Sometimes when I've got a great story, I tell them and I watch their reactions. Usually, no one really laughs and they change the topic almost instantly. On the other hand if one of my friends, who are great at storytelling, tells an ordinary story with a witty punchline, everybody pays attention and laughs and even asks questions afterward. I figured it was time for me to improve my storytelling skills, but I don't really know how. Do you guys have any experiences, pratical guides, tips, videos, books on this subject?
  4. I don't think you should lie. You don't even need to go into specifics when you're talking about spirituality. At least, that's what I do. When my family and friends ask about it, I usually just say that I meditate on a daily basis and I do yoga. In most cases, that's enough for them. If somebody asks for specifics, I gladly go into details, of course.
  5. Either you don't talk about it or they'll think you're deluded. You can't force this topic on them, because if you do, it'll trigger their egos even more. Unfortunately, that's the case.
  6. I also need to work on my self-esteem and I'm reading this book right now and I'm at the exercises chapter. Excited!
  7. Try cold shower first thing in the morning. It's gonna suck, but after you're done, you'll feel a lot more energized. I do Kriya in the morning and I couldn't do it (properly) without the cold shower first.
  8. Maybe you could do some preparatory excercises beforehand. For example, Kriya is excellent for calming your mind so that you can focus on the actual proper inquiry and you don't chase random thoughts and sensations.
  9. I too worked at home a few years ago. It was great in the beginning but after a while it got pretty bad due to isolation. I spent most of my time at home (even after work) and when I needed to go somewhere, I felt weird and anxious. The only solution for me was changing job even if it meant less salary. At the moment I work in an office and my office mates are at the same age (sort of) and we got along nicely so it's pretty cool. Maybe you could try to find a class that you enjoy and you get to meet new people (hatha yoga, dance, etc). I did that too and sometimes I met some people that I could hang out with after class for a beer.
  10. Good stuff! I really need to remind myself to have some fun during the self-actualization path. Sometimes I'm way too serious about the practises I do.
  11. I've been doing cold showers for a few months now. I'm glad I switched. It gives me a nice energy boost in the mornings, my beard is much softer and manageable and it's nice to face your fear and move out your comfort zone every single time you take a shower. And as for the topic, unfortunately you have to bite the bullet because the cold water sucks every single time but after you're done, you can feel the benefits immediately.