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  1. Do you guys know any book that is about authenticity? I mean, authentic behaviour in your everyday life, authenticity with your partner, authentic humour, etc? I know that Leo has a video about this subject but I'd still like to read a proper book about it. I've checked the book list but I didn't find anything that is specified in authenticity.
  2. Psst, hey kid, Wanna buy some enlightenment?
  3. Y'all take this forum way too seriously.
  4. Good to hear man! I also started contemplating (with a journal) a few days ago. I really need to make it a habit!
  5. You're gonna like Leo's booklist. Although it's not free, it's worth it. It's really a great list filled with awesome books.
  6. 1. Started meditating 2. Committed to self-improvement 3. Started reading everyday 4. Improved my habits and implemented new ones (exercise, sleep, etc) 5. Started practising making emotionally difficult decisions
  7. I was in the same shoes a while ago. I thought my friends hindered my 'spiritual progress' and I believed they only cared about silly material things. After some time, I realized that friendships were really important, especially when you're still young and sort of carefree. So, I learned to accept them as they are (not in a degrading sense) and I try to appriciate their perspectives on certain things. Moreover, spiritual progress and having fun with friends once in a while are not mutually exclusive (of course I'm not talking about hardcore enlightenment pursuing). Keep your good habits, meditate everyday and have fun with your friends, don't neglect them.
  8. @Leo Gura Well yeah, that's the plan in the future, but right now I'm working on some basic self-development stuff. I don't want to get ahead of myself Anyway, thanks for the answers!
  9. @Leo Gura Is there any way to find out what personality trait comes from primordial personality and from ego?
  10. Do you guys think that certain human characteristics and qualities are wired intro the brain from the moment of birth? For example, my cousin has a son and he's like 3-4 years old and already really talkitive and likes to be the center of the attention. My cousin isn't like that and her husband is quite introverted. So it got me thinking. Where did that little boy get this kind of behaviour? When I was a child, I remember that I wasn't like that at all. I've been always a quiet kid. I'm not saying this is a problem, I'm just wondering where I got that quiet/shy behaviour from? (Of course, I'm not ruling out the possibility of parenting, influences of other kids, etc). Another example is Leo. He said in one of his videos that he was an introvert by nature. What's your opinion?
  11. If I recall correctly, there was a topic in the dating section a few months ago where you tried you convince everybody that you're not worthy for any woman, you're ugly and basically you're going to die alone. Now you say you've become enlightened. Seems a little bit off to me but well, if this is legit, then 'enjoy' it. Just make sure you're not deceiving yourself.
  12. Yup. They don't fuck around. Females straight up bite off the male's head in the beginning of the act.