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  1. @rnd So you're equating Wikipedia to Putins control of Russia? If youre claiming that what I posted is not true or that its framed in the best possible light because its on Wikipedia, then I would ask what media source would you say reports the facts independently in your opinion? The story I linked was what happened as reported everywhere apart from in Russia most likely. Next there are numerous articles on Wikipedia that do show the west in a negative light, how do you explain those? Here are some examples -
  2. Not sure I'd peg him at a 7 but of course it's subjective, his height probably helps as well. But I agree his charisma and intelligence in his situation, is the main factor, if he didn't have that and was just homeless he would not get any girls. Unfortunate he had his addiction problems, there are obviously some deeper issues at play.
  3. So what's your definition, you did t answer? This is the definition of definition btw - a statement of the exact meaning of a word, especially in a dictionary.
  4. Oh you're talking about spiral eyes. But really it's just presence, it does definitely work
  5. I dont know man, genetics obviously play their part but I think most guys are not maximising their potential, by definition most guys looks are average but also most guys dont actively put in work in terms of fitness, social and internal so logically you would be ahead of most guys if you put in some work. Even just being good looking, chances are girls are not gonna approach you so you still need to do work and you definitely need work to sustain a relationship. To be the best you need genetics + hard work, but you can still do really well with average genetics + hard work, most likely youll do better than genetics - hard work. Personal anecdote, for research purposes I got rated by a well known black pill youtuber, he put me at a 4, which although was a slight hit to my ego, doesnt really match with my reality and the girls that I attract both irl and on dating apps. Not saying its a non-stop line of women but its certainly better than they would lead a 'below average' man to believe he could attract.
  6. The fuck are you talking about? All of that is completely out of your control and furthermore do you not think the world was much harder for previous generations? Im not saying we dont have our issues but if you look at the average persons resources today they could rival a kings from a few hundred years ago. Also you most likely wont have to go to war and die so thats a big plus. Point being there are always going to be external hardships, no world youre born into is going to be perfect for you and you shouldnt even want that as it wouldnt give you opportunity to grow. Trust me, just from your negative attitude, if you didnt have that i guarantee you more women will find you attractive. Im not saying fake being positive, im saying sort out your internal issues and feel like you actually have real value to give to the world and people around you.
  7. We could go back forever on definitions but dictionary definition is 'ability to comprehend something'. So for example if we ask 'what is a dog?' you know that a dog is a mammal and have a general understanding of what that is, so if i say dog we can communicate as you understand what im referring to. With ideas its slightly different because theres not a physical representation of what i mean and it relies on your understanding of the idea to have a conversation around that idea. So for example, if i understand the idea of hypocrisy to mean behaviour that contradicts what one believes or feels (dictionary definition) and you believe it to mean 'behaviour that contradicts what one believes or feels UNLESS I feel its justified', then its basically impossible to have a conversation around it as we are talking about two different things.
  8. I agree with this a lot and I love David Tians work on this. A lot of people are fucked up, usually by parents, society etc they dont feel they are enough and so are trying their best to fulfil their idea of success. So, having a partner or being attractive seems, logically like something that would make you feel better about yourself and will solve all your problems. But the the reality is if you have these issues, you just take them into a relationship or pass them down to your kids or whatever, they dont go anywhere. I was definitely better looking when i was younger, I got a lot of interest from women, but I had no sense of self, I was anxious, i didnt feel good or secure within myself. Now i actually feel like im more attractive, maybe not looks wise but just overall. Before I had potential but now its the real deal.
  9. It isnt easy to poison people, there have been attempted poisonings 'allegedly' by Putin in the UK of Russian double agents - poisoning of Sergei and,England on 4 March 2018. These caused massive international incidents, even though they didnt die and Putin denied them. These are just regular agents as well, presumably with no security, so imagine trying to get to a head of state, how hard it would be in the first instance and then the global fallout especially if unsuccessful. It wouldnt even be worth it
  10. Definitions dont work like that, like a definition isnt an opinion, your understanding of it might be different but i guess thats what the conversation is for we're trying to come to an understanding. What would you say your definition of hypocritical behaviour is?
  11. I think it always happens through history where people's views are constantly being challenged within their lifetime. Previous to this white people would've seen black people as less than (some still do) and would have their views tested when black people started gaining more rights. It's all the growing pains of the ever integrating oneness
  12. @k-ahmadzadeh This is where black pill or believing looks are everything messes you up. Judging by your profile picture, if that is you, you are decent looking, you're by no means ugly, like I would never look at you and think 'wow what an ugly looking dude'. I think when you base everything on looks it gives an excuse not to work on other stuff that will actually get you results. A big one that people don't mention is sorting yourself out mentally, going to therapy etc. As well as the physical, getting into shape. By believing the looks thing it confines you to this doomed mindset where you can't get out, but it's nonsense. Now I'm not saying looks aren't a factor but the people that complain about it are over emphasising it and when you look into it, they are doing nothing to be more attractive. Heres an analogy, there are football (soccer) players who are very talented naturally, from when they were 6 years old they everyone believed they would make it, then there are players who weren't as talented but worked ridiculously hard to make it. If the talented players don't work hard a lot of the times they get no where. Because everything is handed to them they don't develop the habits of a hard worker and its very common for the hard worker to do better than the talented player. Of course you need a little bit of talent (looks) to work with but in many fields, success comes down to how much you work at it.
  13. Online dating is obviously going to be looks based, but I think sometimes people just write it off as I'm not that good looking so it won't work for me. A lot of guys profiles are terrible, pictures make them look worse than they are and are mot exciting, no personality in the profile. Obviously this will be a big factor, if you are a 5 and your profile is a 10/10 you most likely could outperform a 7 with a shitty profile.
  14. Looks are important but for a man there's plenty you can do to enhance that, wardrobe, grooming, gym etc. What I would say is the number 1 factor is true confidence, meaning you know you're cool, you fully believe that anyone would enjoy being around you and that any girl could be attracted to you. There are many factors but I think if you had confidence at a 10 it would be more impactful than any other factor. This guys homeless but super confident, can't tell if he's good looking or not though