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  1. Direct experience is always best. But I'll take I guess at what you'll get, I think there will be various suggestions for how to make money, all will be online, he won't go super in depth about each but will give you the basic framework for it. Interspersed will be motivational stuff about how to get out the matrix and how other traditional ways of making only are dumb. Might be a forum or some way to connect with other users. Of course the big one is his affiliate strategy where you promote him, set up YouTube channels etc and get a cut from the link. I will say he's very smart in how he's set it up. I always think though that there's such a wealth of information out there for free if you can drill down on something and take action, I'm just not sure how effective this is, but I'm open to be proven wrong.
  2. This is actually gold, unless these a sorted out i feel like youre going to run into problems if you try and skip them
  3. I get you but if you read those 2 books thy will probably change your outlook on personal finance completely and probably change your life.
  4. BTW if anyone was curious about Hustlers University heres his first lesson leaked on youtube-
  5. I think Hasan is a terrible representative for the left/woke left, he comes across as very entitled, this even extends to his arguments where he just believes he has the correct position and thats pretty much his argument. He became extremely successful promoting woke ideals but im not even sure he really believes them, I think hes just found his niche where he can make a lot of money. To be fair this is the case with a lot of streamers and youtubers but i think because of the content he puts out it comes across as even more self righteous. I also think there will be a lot of stuff that will come out about him contradicting his own principals. That being said i dont hate him or anything like that I just dont really take him seriously. Tate at the very least is a lot more entertaining, but aside from that a lot of his advice can actually help young men go through an achiever stage which is definitely a step up from apathy. Dont get me wrong there are a lot of issues with his message but essentially its just that hes very extreme with it but at least he has some kind of solution, its debatable to how effective that is but its something. This is a bit of a hit piece on Hasan but still -
  6. @Carl-Richard I agree with you in terms of them coming from different angles, stats dont always give solid truth theres a lot of misinterpretation, using correlation to suggest causality etc an yes it goes crazy in the twitch debate realm to the point where you couldnt have a conversation. My main point with Tate here is that hes very much of the facts dont care about your feelings perspective and has used that in debates, which is fine but when confronted with something you feel and facts that you dispute you should at least be able to question your assumptions. So its more the picking and choosing, tbh I actually like Tate a lot more than Hassan but I just think he exposed something here.
  7. Its not really about saying wrong things, its more about having the self awareness to know when youre wrong, without this there would be the potential to lead people down the wrong path. If the data can be easily proven wrong thats for Tate to do that which he didnt do that, but the problem is you would be going against all the insurance companies that have set their prices specifically because their numbers show that women are safer, which i dont think they would do if it wasnt true. Tate couldve made the argument that safer doesnt mean better, men could be better drivers and therefore take more risks resulting in more accidents, but he wasnt making that argument he was just saying men are safer.
  8. @zurew answered this pretty well so ill just add a little to it. Everything can only be known through direct experience of course, but then its not possible for us to make a sweeping comment like 'men are safer drivers than women' because we havent seen every man and woman drive and compared them. You could say 'from what I've seen men appear to be safer drivers', but this would leave you open to the possibility that you could be wrong if there is evidence to the contrary because your sample size is very small and its going through the filters of your own bias'. As @zurew said it works better with spirituality because im literally the only person that can experience my mind and emotions and anything else internally so in that case it wouldnt make sense giving my authority away because how would they know my internal self better than me? But in cases like the Tate argument we can logically look at it and say yes it makes more sense that women are safer drivers because insurance companies are unlikely to make a loss just because of their bias against women, more likely they would just look at cold hard numbers and work it out from that.
  9. Nah Tate doesnt make sense here, hes using the personal anecdotes to get to truth and saying this is the conclusion hes come to, which is fair if thats how you get to truth (although its provably not the best way). But in other debates Tate uses statistics and studies to disprove others, if he was consistent he has to either concede that the people he tries to prove wrong with stats are right in their own way and maybe shouldnt be challenged or he has to rethink his position in the Hassan debate and say 'OK i didnt know these stats so I need to rethink my position'. Hes no different than anyone that takes a solid stance on these kind of issues, theyre not really looking for truth theyre trying to promote their own 'truth'. On a wider view I think if you negate the need for masculinity and push healthy masculinity to the side whilst giving terrible representations of it in media, you are going to get people like Tate filling that gap that many young men are looking for. I dont even dislike him but people are overly attracted to his content just because masculinity, patriarchy etc has been demonised and its almost an over correction but comes accross as refreshing to have a masculine man just saying whatever the fuck he wants, even if theres a lot of nonsense that goes along with it.
  10. Really don't like Hasan but he completely destroys Tate here. Tate is putting feelings over facts something he would be all over someone else for
  11. I wanted to throw this video in, i watched it probably about a month ago but basically this youtuber who appears to be quite leftist and not a fan of Tate delved into his book and poetry and analysed it and i think the results were very interesting -
  12. Looking at @Knowledge Hoarder pov, i get his point in that a lot of people can use spirituality as a kind of crutch and not take any action in their life to sort out basic survival problems, whilst believing that if they can just get enlightened everything will work out. This is actually a bigger problem than most will want to admit and can build a spiritual ego in the person without them having any actual life skills. On the other hand if you havent dug under your own surface and looked at your issues etc striving for material success can just be a distraction from the pain under the surface and this distraction can hide many problems potentially for your whole life. In reality both are needed and just because youre working on one doesnt mean that you have to exclude the other, its very easy to meditate and work on a business for example, these are 2 important things in different ways. Osho even talked about rich people being able to be enlightened easier as they dont have to worry about survival needs, there is truth to this, if you cant pay your electric bill its hard for your mind to be free. Also I would say surviving and then hopefully thriving buy building a business or going into a career you like is a great journey and life experience in of itself, i think sometimes people can be quick to bypass this, theres nothing wrong with experiencing different facets of life fully. From what I see a lot of people who havent got there survival needs are trying to jump all the way to self-actualisation, this rarely works. Regarding Tate, yes like most youtubers hes found something that works and built a persona to profit from viewers, the fact is probably 99% of people that watch self-help on youtube dont ever act on it, for the most part hes an entertainer. Hes seen the power of having people hate him and love him and hes become extremely polarising on purpose which is a great move for him. If you find yourself loving or hating him youve fallen into his trap and that was his intention. I would say he does provide some value in terms of having a successful mindset however the character hes portraying is overly materialistic and he will lead a lot of people into that trap. Theres also the problem with people just idolising people they see on social media, this happens with your favourite gurus as well, for your development you always have to listen to the words but do not make the teacher sacred.
  13. Read millionaire next door and millionaire fast lane
  14. When the bots come out to defend it, you know things are bad
  15. To me it does sound like this is coming from a place fear, could be fear of failure or fear of not being happy but its definitely something. The thing with the system is you do have freedom to go and live outside of it, you can go buy a plot of land and live in the middle of nowhere. If you wanted to do that sincerely you would've just done it instead of posting stuff like this. Nothing is free and it never has been, people for 1000s of years have spent time gathering or hunting food, there has never in the history of man been any system that just does nothing. In fact we are probably as close to that as has ever been, with welfare and potentially ubi coming in and the only reason that's even remotely possible is because the system has been able to provide that. Of course not saying its perfect, many drawbacks including damaging the environment, but it still can be improved. Point is you just have a fear of entering the game and before you've even entered to know what it's like, you've demonised it. It's the equivalent of seeing a girl you like and not approaching and then rationalising by saying 'why do we even have to approach, women should just come up to me'. Just do something man.