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  1. It could be ocd, where you worry about being gay mainly because you're not. It also goes for gay people who worry they're straight. You'd need to read up on it to see if it fits you. Do you actually enjoy the feeling of being attracted to men or does it cause anxiety?
  2. A question just to throw in, what decision have you made that has not been preceded in some way by something out of your control? The fact that your birth was out of your control is a bit of an easy one, you could say any decision after your birth came about because of your birth which was nothing to do with you. But delving deeper, your upbringing was not your choice but we know that has a major impact, your culture and yes your brain, at what point is it free will? What even has free will, your idea of who you are?
  3. Well the question would be what are you 100% sure you know and why are you 100% sure about that? If any doubt exists then you can not claim to know anything
  4. Yeah I agree, these responses are pretty much useless and just serve to elevate the poster to some sort of enlightened guru status and if you don't get it you're just not there yet poor soul. They have no real value for the poster. Even if the zen quipper is enlightened he's not speaking to people on their level which makes it pointless
  5. I haven't got any children and am on the fence about whether I will or not. But I think if anyone has children it has to be a completely altruistic endeavour, I know it rarely is but you have to just not expect anything back at all, there's no guarantee they will look after you, there's no guarantee they will give you the love that you seek. If you haven't got this mindset I think you'll run into problems. Why I might consider having children is that I would want to teach them all I know and make them understand life in a completely different way. When you learn anything useful it should always be in your mind to pass it down and yes you can pass it down to anyone but I think there is something about the bond you have with someone that close to you. Also consider conscious people need to have kids as well otherwise kids will be brought up unconsciously ad infinitum. Those are really the only reasons for me, but obviously reasons against us that if you're not self actualized, at least to a decent degree you can pass down a lot of disfunctions to your child. On top of that a child could hold up your growth as you are putting a lot of energy in to them. So I don't know man lol
  6. The thing with content like this is that it depends on the receivers current level of consciousness. For example a knife is a great tool for cooking etc but in the wrong hands its a weapon used to inflict pain, its not the knifes fault either way. That being said Leo isn't an inanimate object so there is some responsibility on him to be aware of these situations happening which I believe he is and he does do disclaimers, but regardless some people with fall through cracks or be influenced negatively by his content. For me the net return makes it worth it in that he helps a lot more people than get hurt and ultimately that's what it comes down to, that's why we still have knives and they're not banned. I do agree with criticisms from others in that Leo speaks as if speaking from absolute truth, other gurus are trying to gently nudge you in the direction and if you can't understand it you're just not ready, whereas with Leo there's a sense that you're wrong and you need to take in what he's saying. I don't think this is the best way to go about and can lead to people blindly following an ideology. This is similar to people like Jordan Peterson and Ben shapiro who speaks in such a definite way that you either are against them or a die hard devotee. Obviously he's not as bad as that esp not content wise but it's just a manner of the way this content is spoken that can create this strong opinion. So just something to be aware of.
  7. Just some thoughts on this - recently I've been really trying to accept all my thoughts and everything about me fully. I have quite an anxious mind so not always easy, but I have 2 paths one is continually trying to improve myself in the hope that 'i' no longer feel anxious or the second is that I just accept that the anxiety is there and realise that I am whole with or without it. If you think of someone you love, do you live them less because let's say they are anxious sometimes or do you accept and give them love regardless, maybe even more love if they need it? So just because the thoughts occur in my head and there's some sort of ownership of them why should there be no love, acceptance or understanding given to oneself? Truth is you are complete and whole what stops you from seeing this is unrealistic expectations of what that means, unrealistic meaning that you need to be something other than you currently are. The journey to becoming whole is a realisation and acceptance, so anything you do physically or whatever to achieve wholeness would mean you don't realise you're whole and you don't accept yourself as is, this is what leads to a feeling of not being whole. It's a complete mental maze that you need to opt out of
  8. @LfcCharlie4 thanks man, really appreciate the advice, I'll have a look into it
  9. 1 on 1s sound interesting, how did you get in contact with yours and are there any you could recommend around London or southern England?
  10. Thank you 🙏 it's interesting how pick up can be a route to self actualization
  11. I'm aware of him and have watched a few of his videos in the past esp when I was looking for a way to make money online. I don't mind him but he doesn't really resonate with me personally but I think some of his content can be useful. But here's the thing with all these YouTube teachers, everyone of them will have their own issues, their own negatives and even ulterior motives but the trick you and all of us have to learn is he to get the good useful content and leave the rest. Some teachers you can recognise they're just concerned about making money but some of their techniques can be useful, take what is and put it into something that you're trying to do. The problem is we take teachers wholesale and if they say something we dont like we throw everything out. Forget the teacher just worry about the content and that goes for everyone from Leo to Dan Lok to Eckart Tolle
  12. Ultimately its all a roll of a dice, theres people that could do psychedelics all their life and not be fully realised. Awakening is a realisation that 'you' are not in control and ceding control to the bigger you, i actually got a first real insight by watching a psychology doc on the brain and it stated something like the conscious you just thinks its the star of the movie but its not at all and that really made me think. But i definitely take your earlier point, i think a lot of pain and despair can be chipped away but looking through the perspective psychedelics give you, i would advise anyone to do it myself at least once. But i dont think its a sure route to enlightenment i just think its a good tool that can help you along your way
  13. It's true in a lot of cases with the popular masters but when you look at someone like Paul Hedderman he was not spiritually gifted, he did every drug under the sun and came to a realisation during the depths of despair. Similar with Eckart he was just about to commit suicide from depression and came to a realisation, so in these instances extreme mental anguish made them see clearly but previously no spiritual gifts necessarily. So I don't think it's a fact that seem people just get it from birth and everyone else has to crawl with meditation or take psychedelics, I think if you can really see the futility of your efforts to become enlightened and essentially realise what you are you will get there, it's just maybe pain needs to be the fuel to get you there.
  14. I agree with you in that the psychedelic can crack the current perspective, I know this from personal experience trying mushrooms for the first time when I wasn't really into spiritual topics, once I had that experience there was no going back and I learnt a lot after the fact. But it's not necessarily going to stabilise you into that so it's not a direct route which I guess you did agree with. My point was though, that I've never really heard of someone getting enlightened even mentioning psychedelics as a big factor in it, in fact ive heard a lot of people not even that into spirituality or non dual topics that take psychedelics regularly but are not concerned with enlightenment. So I'm just questioning whether apart from maybe initial insight into something else are psychedelics really fast forwarding people to enlightenment? I'm more than willing to be proven wrong on this I just haven't seen it personally. Potentially the fact that people are chasing enlightenment through anything, in this case psychedelics, could actually slow down your enlightenment until you get past that crutch.
  15. Not saying psychedelics are not useful, I've tried them myself and they definitely cracked my perspective of reality BUT, just an observation as far as I know there are no enlightened masters or gurus, at least that I've heard about ever get an awakening through psychedelics in fact they don't condemn but they don't really advise to do it when asked. I'm talking about people I regularly listen to, mooji, sadhguru, Paul Hedderman, adyshanti etc. So I'm just wondering why are psychedelics talked about on here like they will definitely get you enlightened very quickly when there isn't much evidence for it and most enlightened beings advise against it? It's like a 100m sprint champion saying you need hard work, nutrition and a good coach to be a champion and another guy saying you need that but steroids as well except (in the example) no champion has won taking steroids. Again not attacking psychedelics, theyre very useful but I don't think they're the be all and end all or you even need them to be enlightened