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  1. Just listened to all of the 7 hours and it was a really great conversation. I found Curt very interesting as he is very open minded but you get the sense he is very scientifically based and always has been and hasnt had that peak over the fence, so hes very willing but its hard to describe to someone what a thing tastes like if theyve never tasted it themselves. The bit where you both get emotional is amazing as well, all round very happy this conversation is out there and i hope he continues with his work as he is doing good work
  2. Financial independence i believe is when you no longer trade your time for money and of course are still able to support yourself. You no longer work for people but with people in partnership. The points that you mentioned could be facets of this but theyre not necessarily limited to it, for example having debt is pretty normal for financially independent people its just how theyre leveraging that debt and using it to make money.
  3. Ideally working shouldnt be about solely making money, its really the value that you provide. Most humans ultimately want to provide value and be useful to others. That being said if you are happy just doing your passions whether it provides value or not then yeah go for that, regardless of UBI you just need to work out the minimal amount of money you need to survive and maybe do some kind of job or get that money somehow and then the rest of the time just focus on your passions. You most likely wont need much to do this. Can i ask what your passions are?
  4. Realistically I would be very skeptical of spending 8k on something like this, mainly because there are so many free or low cost resources that you can exhaust, to get to a level whereby you at the very least know whether spending this amount of money is worth it. But either way it's your journey and one of 2 thi gs will be true, either you'll spend the 8k and learn so much and escape wage slavery, or you'll realise it was a mistake and could've been better spent elsewhere. Either way, as long as you keep going you'll learn a lot, good luck
  5. He has always talked about Tolle and seems to have some really good understanding of the importance of being present. Recently i think hes gone into a bit of a toxic green rabbit hole with his talks about government control and what not, which isnt very nuanced. His business partner Nick/Papa, according to all accounts is very toxic orange, I havent got first hand experience of it, but if you watch his videos he definitely has a strange vibe. I dont think this necessarily means that Owen is less developed because he works with him, but i think it does show overall how a successful business can sometimes hinder you, especially one that puts you in the public eye. But generally Owen is on his own journey like the rest of us and i think he has some great insights that can really help people, i would put him at green/yellow with a decent amount of orange, but like with any teacher just take what is useful and dont idolise.
  6. The only way it could work is if you took a loan with a really low interest rate, say under 2% and with a term of 10 years or more and you just put the money in and leave it but pay back the monthly payments with your own money. I did actually get a business loan during the pandemic backed by the goverment at 2% interest, all the terms are very favourable like payment holidays or extending the term to lessen the payment etc. But it just made more sense to invest in my business, although I am putting some of the profits into the stock market. With this kind of loan it would make some sense over a minimum 10 year period. With normal loans though and especially the kind of 20% loans you're talking about, I can't see how that would work. If you're doing it passively in etfs and indexes you'll make max 15%. If you're trading in crypto or day trading you're basically loaning money to gamble which is as risky as it gets. If I were you I'd keep putting in your own money monthly, if you do this for 10 years you'll be setting on a nice amoumt.
  7. Its interesting and ive been thinking about this recently but i wonder how much money and success come into any self-help or advice or even politics. As in is it possible to get advice separated from the fact that the person giving you advice is essentially trying to get paid from it either now or later? RSD Tyler in my opinion is a great speaker, obviously very captivating but he also makes a hell of a lot of money and hes very aware of what makes money and the tactics he needs to employ. This doesnt mean that hes completely driven by it but it is surely a massive factor, hes also probably aware of the psychology of people and knows that if he comes across to money-orientated he would lose his audience, so its a very deep psychological game, part of it genuinely could be a desire to help others. So i wonder if to really give honest, genuine advice you need to be at a level where you almost dont need the money, it becomes so secondary that youre not even actively thinking of ways to monetise your knowledge, you just want to serve. You potentially see this in sages and some gurus, but a lot of that knowledge might not be relevant to people who are just trying to find their financial footing or attract a mate. In these spaces it feels difficult to find the genuine article. Anyway recently i came across this guy that ill link below, he has a net worth of over $100m and does youtube really just to pass info on. I find his videos very interesting as he just gives the reality of his experiences and it seems that he's not trying to sell you anything, even if he was it would be a drop in the bucket for what his business makes. But i feel when you compare his vids to someone like Tyler theres just a certain calmness and matter of factness to them which i really appreciate. TD;LR Can you remain authentic as a coach, youtuber or whatever if your lifestyle depends on it?
  8. Fair comment, of course its not for everyone, i did mention you should learn new skills, this doesnt have to be just financially based you could learn new skills that help people. Im also not saying you have to be crazy frugal, im just saying put something aside every month, this doesnt even need to be your focus its just something going on in the background. As you progress and earn more you can start eating better, even if you only invest in yourself this will still be the case, your investment in yourself can also take a long time to pay off, think of this more as an insurance policy that can also let you invest more in yourself in the long run. Over 20 years a million might be peanuts as you say but keep in mind only between 3.5% and 6.5% of the current US population are in fact millionaires currently. It also becomes even more difficult when you adjust for education and race for example the average person with a high school diploma only has around a 5% chance of achieving this, if youre black its only 1% and it only goes up to 6% if you have a masters which is crazy low compared to white people with a masters which is 38%. Also keep in mind this is just in the US which has one of the highest average salaries in the world, good luck if youre born in South America, Africa or Asia. So im not saying you cant hack the system and invest in yourself and then create massive value to the world while making money, that can even be your plan A but this is a very stable plan b that if works will leave you completely free for a large chunk of your life, if youre able to live off the interest. Then you can invest more than you ever could in yourself.
  9. Hey guys, I wanted to drop this post as i see a lot of people asking about this topic and rightly so as its so foundational for life, whether you want to free up time to work on spirituality or just be able to live life and have different experiences without constantly worrying about survival. A disclaimer of course is that it wont solve all of your problems but it will at least handle one side. This is advice i wish i had known when i was young, if i had followed it id probably be retired or very much nearly on my way to being at my age which is 36. Having said that i have learnt so much first hand and you know it is what it is. So first of all we have to look at a realistic time scale, assuming you're young lets say 21 this gives you some time to save and invest. To do this of course you need some income, so the first step is and im sorry, be a wage slave lol. This will be a temporary measure but essentially you need enough to cover bills and put money aside, obviously the more sacrifices you make at this point the less time you will have to be a wage slave, so this means staying at your parents house or very cheap accommodation. Getting out of a 'consumer mindset', dont just consume and spend all your money keeping up with trends and the latest stuff, do you need the iphone 12 do you need that surface pro computer when you dont even need it to draw, learn how to cook or eat your mums delicious (maybe) home cooking. While doing your wage slave shit, look for side hustles, this can be stuff like selling on Amazon, freelancing on Fiverr, learning new skills that are in demand like coding for Alexa. Read books on finance and business that interest you, subscribe to youtube channels that give out this advice. You should eventually stumble upon something that will boost your income and allow you to put aside more and potentially work less. Now the fun part! Im going to lay out some scenarios based on how much you can save per month and what that will equal over a period of time. Im going to use an example of investing in ETFS and Equity funds on a monthly, dollar cost averaging basis, which means that you put money in every month regardless of whether it goes up or down, this lowers the risk. Also these funds are highly diversified which again lowers risk. You can of course invest in more riskier options but i want to lay out a way that anyone can achieve this if they take the right steps. So im using numbers from Vanguard UK as this is what i use so i have access to the performance over the last however many years. Vanguard is good though as fees are pretty low and its very simple to get started, its also tax free as you can get an ISA or Roth IRA or whatever there is in your country. OK so the numbers are based on an average of 13.5% over the last 9 years for an actual fund, in reality it could be more than this, it also of course could be less but generally youd get an average of around 10%. If you start with 500 (can be £ or $ you can change to your countrys currency) and invest 500 every month for 10 years at an average rate of 13.5% you would have contributed 60k and will gain interest of 61,355 giving you a total of 121,355. If you extend this to 20 years you would have contributed 120k and will have a total of 552.4k, as in over half a million. If you chose to just live off the interest you could make 14k a year after 10 years keeping the principal, probably not enough but not terrible. After 20 years though we'd be talking 65k per year in interest, the average salary in the USA is around 70k, so essentially this is the point where youd escape wage slavery. Want to get there faster? Lets say youre able to put in 1k every month in 10 years 243k and 20 years would equal 1.1 million, crazy numbers right?? The interest youd get per year after 20 years would be 130k nearly double the average wage, youd hit the average wage at around the 16th year. Remember this could just be the average of what you could put every month, so you could start off with 100 and then 5 years later you can do 500 etc. So dont worry too much if you can only do 100 or less to start. But even if you just do 100 a month youd still get 24k over 10 years and 110k over 20 years. Maybe not enough to retire but enough to invest in other ideas or whatever you want to do. So theres 2 options really either wait 20 years and then live off the interest if you can put enough away or take the lump sum at the end and invest in different things that may give a better return, property, a business, whatever works for you, if you can get a better return than the 13.5%, in theory it makes sense. The thing about this method is that you can waste whatever time trying to get out yourself, 10 or 20 years may seem like a long time but it does go quite quick and whatever you do in that time its not a given that you will escape wage slavery, most dont. If youre young the key thing is that you have time on your side and whether youre able to put in a little or a lot it can help you significantly in the future, at least a lot more than not doing it. Not only that its not really going to stop you from doing what you want, it just puts a cap on how long youve got to grind it out for. If you are 20 years old now and you can escape by the time youre 40 you will be in a position that very, very few will ever be in. Anyway the disclaimer is that this isnt financial advice and youre money can go up as well as down, do your own research and verify what im saying, wish you all the best in life.
  10. I had this thought as well. Anarchy must come from a complete distrust of the government, which in some cases is valid, probably even in most cases. But if we look at this situation, its not a distrust in this government per se its more a distrust of any organising body and an idealised vision of 'freedom'. What they dont seem to realise is that without any organising body the most powerful will rise up and organise it themselves, most likely a red leader (look at what happened in Afgahnistan). So i think this misunderstanding of what liberation is would be the cause of some sort of anarchy which no one will end up being happy with. There needs to be an understanding that freedom has to be built on some kind of organisation. I think higher levels of the spiral will understand this and within that you get real freedom. Lower levels or those that misunderstand this will perpetually live in fear and seek liberation, most likely setting humans back even further. This isnt to say that the government currently is amazing but we can safely say its better than the tyrants and kings of previous. If there has been improvement then there is still work to do of course but it is getting better.
  11. @7thLetter Some really interesting points there and its true why cant someone be anti-vaxx and just not post their views everywhere? Youre not being forced, you dont have to take it, you may have restrictions but that would still be the case whether you made noise about it or not, so that is the choice. So it does seem from day one, that its been about 'liberating the sheep' and 'telling your truth'. Whats strange is that, yes you can have your point of view but youd be lying, or at the very least exaggerating to say you know 100% your view is correct (even scientists wouldnt say that), when i ask people 'what would your way out of the pandemic be?', the only response i get is 'work on your immune system, some people will die but people die anyway'. Essentially theyre saying do nothing, which even if they are right somehow, they dont know that for sure and the risk of them being wrong could literally be catastrophic for the world. But either way i dont get this thing of making noise about it and convincing others and shaming the 'sheep' if its just about a personal decision, there is something more to it.
  12. Here's the thing, we need to be able to seperate the speaker from the ideas. Douglas Murray is a great speaker and sounds very intellectual and charming but what are the ideas and the intention behind what he's saying? It should be normal to like a person but not subscribe wholesale to their ideas. If Murrays ideas were presented to you just as a bullet point list more than likely you'd dismiss them so really it's the 'packaging' that draws you in. I started reading his book a while ago and is was very clear he had a strong bias, he's essentially making the argument that sexism and racism dont exist, which is basically gaslighting. But even so its not like some of his points arent correct but it's the same as any ideological person, they leave out the bigger picture, which is a nuanced take on racism for example that people still feel the affects of it. Its very possible for what he's saying to be true and also crt to be true, it's our job to create a wider world view ourselves and not get drawn into cult of personalities. I dont know of he's a grifter or truly believes in what he says, but one thing is that for right wing speakers there is a lot more money to be made if you can communicate these ideas to a large audience.
  13. Love chess too, add me on - 'consept44' im around 1300 as well
  14. @Preety_India Maybe but the news coverage for the gangs is about 10x more than convicted white British child abusers. Also abuse is abuse, if you care about it then ignoring 90% of it because you only care about the abusers who are the ethnicity you dont like is not only racism but also sweeping most abuse under the rug and using it to justify your racism.
  15. @Preety_India I'm in the UK so I'm telling you the impact he's had. You should also check out his criminal record which includes assault, fraud and identity fraud. It's also telling he himself is a resident in Spain and I'm telling you now he doesn't speak Spanish and brings the English culture to Spain. The points that he has are really to stoke up hatred of Muslims, that is the goal. Its not that some of his points are wrong necessarily it's just that they solely focus on Islam. For example there was and is an issue with gangs that rape women and groom them to be prostitutes which of course is terrible. I do believe that there is a mindset that western women don't have morals which leads to this, which I think does need to be addressed. However, when you consider that 90% of convicted child abusers are white men then you have to question that if you really cared about child abuse why not also mention that. If the same approach was taken it would seem a bit weird, blamimg white British culture for the reason there is so much child abuse. When people cherry pick in such a way it should be a red flag.