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  1. Yeah its interesting, just to add to it, youre right we have evolved these skills and abilities as humans as a matter of survival and reproduction. If you think about it we're significantly weaker than a lot of animals so our intelligence is our power compared to a lions physicality for example. But we've got to the stage where survival and reproduction are a very high probability to the point where we dont even need to worry about them anymore but we still have these mechanisms in our make up that tell us we need to be worrying about stuff. Whether theres something else in built in us that makes us look for a higher meaning, i dont know, but there does seem to be something in us that wants to connect with each other, and youll notice as you become more aware of your 'self' you also become more empathetic with others, which could mean that youre learning that youre one with everything. But even on the level of me writing this and you reading it and replying means that we all want to connect on this forum even though theres no real incentive for us to do so, maybe theres a slight ego drive but even then when ego comes in it weakens the connection. So i dunno it seems most things you do in life are to get a connection but the question is, is that because of survival and primal drives or is it something more?
  2. Just posted a podcast on soundcloud to do with fear and how it stops you doing what you want, the podcast series is more business orientated and goes through how to sell on Amazon which i do, but just wanted to give some value so let me know your thoughts on it - Podcast episode 8
  3. Humans have two main drives which is survival and reproduction (sex), so survival is basically we want to be safe which is why fear is so strong, but because of survival that drives us to make money and because we want to reproduce that drives us to want to have sex. The thing about both of these is that if you dont get either you will think that your life is all about 'trying' to get them. If you like at the maslow hierarchy of needs both these things are rock bottom of basic needs, which is to say that once you have enough of both or once you transcend and give up your need for them then you can begin the path to self-actualisation until then you will always have that feeling of needing them. Its funny because if you have sex everyday or have enough money to buy whatever you will eventually get bored and realise that it isnt the be all and end all and then you will be forced to self actualise or just distract yourself. So its part of the journey but its definitely not the whole journey and you can test that yourself
  4. @sgn my bad, last try i think its sorted now lol
  5. @sgn Should be fixed now, have a listen you may not even need that much capital
  6. Ive been selling on Amazon fba for coming up to 2 years and managed to turnover 6 figures in last 12 months. So ive started a podcast on soundcloud giving advice to anyone whos looking to start up their own side hustle or even full time business. Not that im an expert by any means but just sharing my experiences and lessons ive learnt. Its free and im not selling anything although if anyone really wants it i maybe able to do private coaching. Feel free follow on sc and insta. But anyway check it out if its something youve been thinking about, if you have any questions that arent touched upon in the podcasts let me know and ill answer them fully in a future one. Ive dropped it netflix style so theres 7 episodes up already, this episode 5 but obvs go into the profile to get more - Episode 6
  7. I wasnt really explaining it i was just replying to @Deep
  8. You could say theres a need as we could look at the shadow side of our collective consciousness and work at how to improve ourselves and the reasons why we bring such pain upon ourselves, in an effort to improve ourselves and not make the same mistakes and fall into the same traps we have done for many years. Racism is one way we separate ourselves and a real understanding of this can help us to truly become one through understanding. What youre saying is fine but doesnt really add to the question
  9. We had a lengthy discussion about that here -
  10. But in the video he does say the flow state is the optimum way for us to experience reality. So if you want to call it enlightenment or flow state or whatever the words arent really important its more the perspective youre seeing the world from. Whatever you experience your brain and body are the conduits for that so you will be able to trace activity through that. So to me it would seem that to have our highest chance of perceiving reality we should be in our optimum state and whilst in that optimum state people do say they feel that oneness, so it doesnt make it ultimately true but its the best perspective we can achieve.
  11. Lol Was gonna bring up the 'black people are proud based on rap music'. That statement tells me everything, heres the thing go out and actually talk to some black people, instead basing your opinions on media cartoon representations. Thats like me saying all white people listen to country music and are hilbillies. And you said that while backtracking on what you said previously lol. I always wonder with people of similar feelings, can you really see things from a different perspective or will you always have these ingrained beliefs?
  12. Completely agree with you, i work at a youth charity as a sessional worker, working with kids from 12 right up to early 20s and the number one factor i see for kids with behavioral issues is home life. Im pretty sure theres a direct correlation between how disruptive a young person is and how bad their home life is. If the kid has a fairly good home life you dont tend to see them having any behavioral issues. To say its solely based on race and genetics is to me incredible. But the thing is @MasterNigel isnt the only person that thinks this way. Like i said hopefully you take some of this on board and question your beliefs esp when confronted with so much evidence
  13. Just so you know, Hitler also believed in genetics in the way you describe, ie different races having generalised superior and inferior attributes, which of course led to the holocaust. If you look at murder rates across the world Central and South American countries are usually the highest, as well as African countries. What you'll also notice is Russia a predominately white country has a higher murder rate than Nigeria, Mali and a number of African countries. Also the USA has a higher murder rate than Rwanda, Niger, Liberia and several other African countries. This isnt the total number of murders (of which USA is 8th with just under 16,000) this is number of murders per 100,000. Actually if you took away 50% of all murders in the USA, which you say are committed by blacks, the USA would only drop down to 13th in total murders in the world. So to jump to such a conclusion about black people being genetically pre disposed to commit murder i think just doesnt add up. Also whats notable about the list is that the higher murder rates belong to poorer countries. Also to @SFRL's point, yes you can make the argument that white people have been brutal in the last few hundred years or so, slavery, holocaust, colonisation, etc etc and thats not even getting into systemic racism, KKK, Black wall street the list goes on. Point is that to generalise people especially through genetics just doesnt work, in fact Hitlers theories have been debunked by modern science. But basically my standpoint is that poverty creates crime and murder amongst other factors, rather than as you say just genetics, if it was just genetics African countries would have the highest murder rates, also its very simplistic to even say its just one factor, especially such a loose debunked factor as youve mentioned. But anyway im not trying to prove im right i just want to encourage you to have a truly open mind about a topic such as this and not just jump to assumptions. Check out the doc anyway
  14. Well the question would then be why are they more likely to commit murders? One argument could be that people in poverty whatever the race are more likely to commit crime and murder, so then it comes down to why are a lot of black people in poverty? Thats a complex issue which ive touched on as well in previous post. Main point is everything imo is causal so there are reasons why things happen this isnt to excuse anything or look at who the victims are, but to get a genuine understanding of why certain people are in certain situations. Its very easy to say (not neccersarily saying this is your point) black are just like this and white people are just like this. But to actually look unbiasedly at why these things are happening is very important to changing the tide. As @SFRL suggested you should watch 13th on netflix and while watching also watch how your mind reacts to it, do you question everything, do you accept it, do you dismiss it, watch what you do.
  15. Lol yeah ok then, so you believe black people are inherently 'bad' and are just more likely to commit murder. Anyway, i honestly hope youve gained sonething from this exchange