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  1. Its a tough one because on the one hand you want Leo and those like him to get into debates and argue points but on the other hand its essentially pointless arguing with those that have already made theyre minds up or are talking from a completely different paradigm. Consider all the so called enlightened masters, Mooji, Adyshanti etc none of them appear on mainstream outlets and if they do they have to severely water themselves down. The only one you might get is Sadhguru but mainly in India and mainly because Hinduism is the mainstream religion and it fits with his message. So the reason i believe is that to experience this knowledge you have to sincerely seek and not go into it just strengthen whatever pre conceived notions you have. What that can lead to is what we're seeing with the Mooji thread on this forum. So a materialist v non duality debate is as pointless as a materialist v creationist debate in both cases everyone has made theyre mind up, its just that the non dual perspective is a dropping of all paradigms
  2. Yeah but you are the ego trying to manipulate yourself, who is the you that wants enlightenment?
  3. It would be great if saying a couple sentences over and over would eventually make you make you enlightened, but what you need to question is who is the one that wants to make these statements to get enlightened? Is it the deeper you ie consciousness or is it the ego you? If its the deeper you it wouldnt need to ask anything, it could just be as it is. If its the ego you then it cant be enlightened it can only give up and let the deeper you do its thing. So you see theres no way to 'become' enlightened, you can only give up and get out of the way
  4. You've become disillusioned with finding your life purpose, which is great because it is one less illusion in the way
  5. Pedophile ocd is really messed up because bottom line they're not pedophiles it's just they're so scared of the idea that they could be it makes them ruminate about it and seem like it's a massive problem. I've heard of a teacher losing his job because he admitted he had this ocd which is obviously not right but I do understand why the school would do that, it's just a messed up situation. The conversation about actual pedophiles is an interesting one as well, obviously goes without saying its wrong to groom and abuse children. But if someone never acts on those impulses are they wrong for being attracted to kids if it is a genetic thing or even if they were abused and then became like that? Tricky subject not one for the mainstream
  6. Well scientists say that theres a part of your brain which gives a fear response, i think its the amegdyla, so people with an 'ocd brain' have an overactive amegdyla, which means their brain can get caught in a loop where they try and sort out a perceived 'problem' but really there is no solution except for to accept the uncertainty, so the more they try and work it out the worse the problem seems. But i also think its like most habits, so say for example i said dont look at your phone for 24 hours that would not be easy and in fact youd probably think about it, so ocd is similar to an addiction or a bad habit in that it really feels like you have to do the certain action. It is horrible and causes a lot of distress to people
  7. Nah im heterosexual so its not necessarily issues with my sexuality in that im actually gay and hate myself, its more that i have intrusive thoughts about it very similar to what @Recursoinominado mentioned. Essentially its a form of OCD that takes the theme of worrying about sexual orientation but it could just as easily be worrying youre a pedophile or youre a muderer or could be anything really. Your brain is looking for certainty and just constantly questioning everything, like 'oh that time you thought that guy was handsome' etc. Obviously i have nothing against gay people but its just not who i am which leads to the frustration of why are these intrusive thoughts there. I think it has something to do with how everyone around me when i was young hated gay people so to me it was the worst thing possible, so any thought i resisted when in reality i could have just let the thoughts flow through. I also believe if you have ocd, youre born with an ocd brain which is something you have to come to understand. Whether sexual orientation is learnt or genetic i would say its the same thing as the nature/nuture debate you have an innate leaning, but things can happen in your life where you may change or feel free to experiment. I think its a lot to do with the society you grew up in. For example in the days of the greek spartans it was normal for the soldiers to have sex with the young recruits, no one questioned this. Whereas when and where i was growing up you would have been seen as weird or ostracised, or religious communities that literally try and change your sexuality. So definitely culture and nuture have a part to play, but we all have a gender that we can see ourselves being with sexually. For me although my mind is in the habit of worrying about it, realistically i couldnt see myself being comfortable or enjoying a relationship with the same sex
  8. Yeah i still have that theme of ocd but i understand it 100x better than before, obviously before i didnt even know what it was, so that led to all the habits and reassurance which im still dealing with today. It can also play out in perfectionism, as in i should have the 'perfect' thoughts, but again with understanding it takes a lot of the sting out but its still very frustrating. I think it plays into worrying about what people think as i used to have social anxiety but thats gone for the most part. Yeah i love atching body language and stuff, always very interesting, its like a whole conversation going on as well as the verbal, its easy to fake verbals but not body language.
  9. It's interesting what we deem as 'secret worthy', as in where does the shame around that come from? My kind of secrets are, I have had hocd, where you worry about your sexual orientation for no good reason, for many years, that and other themes of ocd. I always wonder if people like me or not. Probably other things but it would be around how I feel day to day, I think everyone has to put on this mask of everything's great so there's always the secret of how so eone really feels
  10. That doesn't prove much, my mum grew up in Nigeria but lived in London from 18 to 30 something and can put on the most proper English accent you've ever heard, but her normal speaking voice around friends and family is the most Nigerian accent you've ever heard. If she was on TV she'd definitely talk like mooji in the above video. Most people who have experiences growing up in different places can at least put on the accents when needed
  11. Question is do you enjoy it? It's easy of falling into the trap of everything you do in the present is for some mythical future where you're completely self developed. Just do things you enjoy in the present and can get you into a flow state. If you don't enjoy wrestling don't do it
  12. The sentiments cool and I get what your saying, but it's like saying a 15 year old is better than a 3 year old. Yes you could make that argument that a 3 year old is completely dependent on their parents whereas a 15 year old can contribute with house work, can get a job is more emotionally stable than a 3 year old. But that doesn't mean that you can push a 3 year old to mature and become 'better'. All you can do is provide an environment for the 3 year old to mature healthily and hope that they do, but you can't force them to fix all their issues that will be done in their own time. What I would suggest to you is before you start worrying about upgrading masses of people, focus on the 5 closest people to you and get them to move up and better their circumstances and mindsets. Once you do that scale it up. My hypothesis is that maybe one or them will really listen to you maybe not even one, the rest will either not take it in or reject it
  13. A lot of celebrities most likely wanted to become celebrities because they felt lower, a lot of them are very insecure and hold on to that fame tightly. But they can hide it and appear alpha, so as far as their fans know they are. Ones that truly are alpha or a better way to say it, one's that are truly comfortable within themselves, most likely became famous because they were just good at their art and the fame was a by product of that. Those that just wanted to be famous are most likely uncomfortable with themselves or beta if you like
  14. As far as I can see you're either an incel or very sympathetic to their ideologies to the point where you believe what they're saying to be truth. The thing with statistics is that you can justify whatever perspective you have with them. The problem is that if youre research is not experiential then the stats can trap you. Think about it like this, you've read online something somebody has written in a forum or on reddit where they've quoted some study about how it's hard for most men to attract women, (you probably haven't read the full study yourself). This person that has written it has most likely not spent time trying to become better at meeting and communicating with the opposite sex, so they have no direct experience of what they're talking about. Getting rejected once or twice doesn't count, that's like me picking up a guitar twice, not being able to play santanas chords in 'maria' and then claiming that black men can't play the guitar because stats. So you've now read this online you yourself most likely have little experience in this field, but because it justifies how you feel you take it as truth. The only way you can know something is first hand, so go out there try and meet women, you may fail, look at why you failed, look at what people who are successful in this field are doing, improve, start seeing some success etc. The fact is whatever field you want to talk about most people don't succeed not because of stats but because they're not willing to go through the necessary process to succeed, it's never easy. What is easy is protecting your ego by citing some reason outside of yourself for not doing what you want.