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  1. OK so heres one way of looking at it (dont worry about all the questions lol), I had or still kind of have OCD as in im a recovering thought addict if you like. Mine is pure O so essentially i would have a thought that is not true and literally not be able to stop thinking about this thought, lets say the thought is im a women in a mans body (some people have this), all day ill try and get this thought out of my head, ill try and work it out, ill try everything and it will drive me crazy trying to get this thought out of my head, to me at that moment its real even though logically i know its not. So what can 'i' do? If i try anything from the perspective of this self that believes this illusion it simply wont work as it will just create more thought activity and go round in circles, so its really 2 things which is one i have to really see that this thought is not true, its an illusion and yes also desensitise myself to it so this could be facing the fear, but the two go hand in hand. If you see its an illusion the fear disappears or rather is fully accepted, as the fear is also an illusion. So in your example of someone whos shy, he couldnt just approach women and then automatically it will be gone he would have to see that there is nothing there stopping and that the fear is created, once this is seen he would be able to approach them with the fear which will then lessen everytime he approaches, there will be a natural reaction of fear at first as the body is sensitised to this situation. It is possible that by approaching many women he will see that its not fearful and maybe you could see the illusion through that but thats not always the case, i think its good to be aware of both.
  2. This is really the paradox of this spiritual thing, you understand it logically and because you understand you naturally want to change your mind to that way of thinking. But the difficulty comes in who wants to change it? If youre still identified with your mind as in you believe you are your thoughts or you believe that you are a separate self, then the change you want is to improve what youre attached to and what youre attached to is not real. So you are not accepting whatever you are, youre mind has constructed a fantasy of what you could be if only you could not care what people think, so this type of thinking gets you stuck because you could always find some concept that sounds good to the mind and could seemingly 'improve' 'you'. The truth of this is the realisation that you cant 'get' anywhere and that you are already there, essentially you need to give up and see that all of these thoughts, sensations whoever you think you are, is not you. This cant be done overnight, in fact it cant really be done, but once you see what youre not youll be able to see the truth.
  3. Just curious but how would you meet a girlfriend? Asking as it can be difficult without socialising too much
  4. I thought Her was really good and it deals directly with consciousness and enlightenment, it also got me into Alan Watts
  5. Lol i get you, i normally dont pay attention to those comments either but it was just within the context of the discussion.
  6. I was specifically talking about this comment by @Lento - I also said that Leo says to discover for yourself and in general im talking about the atmosphere on the forum, ive seen many times someone ask an honest question just to be told 'you dont exist' or something like that. Although that maybe a true statement it doesnt necessarily help and honestly if i was younger and didnt really listen to other teachers id find that very confusing.
  7. I agree with you in terms of your take on skepticism, I was more using Christianity as an example. You're right in that an enlightened being wouldn't be skeptical as in a fearful questioning, but the point is that most are not enlightened on this forum, most are seeking and to teach that they should unquestioningly accept the teachings of someone who it's debatable whether they're enlightened themselves is potentially not the best path to go down. Even Leo says discover for yourself.
  8. If you don't have skepticism then what's the difference believing whatever you believe and say Christianity? (I've heard similar arguments from Christians)
  9. I pretty much agree with all your points in your last post, i think its just a tough situation to put yourself in, if youre not fully awakened and to some extent still 'chasing' its very difficult to teach others because simply put youre not always talking from that deeper place. The pressure of consistently making videos on any subject let alone this must be immense (even putting out a couple vids myself i can see this) and ive always been really impressed with the amount of high quality content Leo puts out, i mean he could be one of the most prolific on youtube period. But in terms of the nondual there is such a palpable difference between him and other teachers and you can see that they are fully there. Thats ok though and im sure Leo is aware of this as he does mention warnings, the problem really comes when people put him in this Guru status and get dogmatic about everything he says, as soon as he puts up a video i see posts saying 'im worried now that i have to be awakened before i do abc'. He would have to be honest with himself and look into whether hes encouraging this or enjoying that people follow him a little too much, not saying this is the case thats for him to decide. But young people are extremely impressionable esp those with mental health issues, those not happy etc so we have to be clear what are the benefits of Leos teaching and what are the limitations. Realistically if he wasnt so influential and so good at what he does we wouldnt even be having this discussion so full respect to him anyway
  10. It sounds like your self esteem could improve and you should work on that But.... Yes neediness is very off putting and if its too much at the start if you actually get involved it will be 10x worse. Just because someone wants to sleep with you doesn't mean you should just do it, worry about what you actually want, are you attracted to her, do you know what you're looking for? You will have to be honest with yourself and work out if she's insecure or your self esteem is low
  11. I would say the criticisms from @electroBeamare fair but also at the sane time not necessarily Leo's fault. I've always thought the idea of enlightenment as presented on the forum is potentially unhealthy and almost anti-enlightnement, as it sets it up as a goal and is taken very seriously, this leads to comments like 'I'm going to get enlightened and then work on a career', as if it's the same as getting a college degree. It's only here where I've heard it discussed in such terms, most good nondual teachers have a fun, I can't believe people take this serious outlook, which is very counter to Leo's. Personally I believe Leo is just not awakened at least not to their extent, I think he's had profound experiences but to me he doesn't embody it in the same way, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, he's still on his journey. If you want nondual teachings there's a ton of teachers who completely embody it, one of my favourites is Paul Hedderman, who often says the subject of non duality doesn't interest him at all, which might sound ridiculous to us but if you were really awakened why would it interest you? I Having said that I think the value of is that it breaks down complex and not really talked about topics in a relatively easy way to understand and I can't express how valuable that is, things like the SD series were honestly amazing. The problem is when people take Leo as a guru and not a Gura lol. In that they hang on every word and start making life decisions based on what he says. To be fair he has always said do your own research and have your own sources. The teachings here (and anywhere) are tools and that's it, use them but don't add dogma or any kind of sacredness to them, don't assume Leo is right and work from there, do your own thing.
  12. I actually did this the other day, but you could use a Socratic questioning to delve into your thoughts and see what is actually holding them up and why you believe them. They actually use these in CBT which is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and designed to do what you want which is change core beliefs or irrational thoughts in the therapeutic setting. I would google for more info but this is an outline of the method Clarifying concepts. ... Probing assumptions. ... Probing rationale, reasons and evidence. ... Questioning viewpoints and perspectives. ... Probing implications and consequences. ... Questioning the question.
  13. This youtube clip with Dawkins debating Satish Kumar (non-dual) sums up the limitations of Dawkins. What i find especially interesting is the youtube comments, normally underneath Dawkins videos you get a lot of bashing of the, usually religious, other side of the debate but in this most commenters suggest Satish won this which is very very unusual. But yeah intellectual Orange, youd say Sam Harris is similar but with a non-dual realisation. Also the title of this series was 'Enemies of Reason' which again sums up everything as well as showing a bit of arrogance -
  14. What is your mental state when a) youre playing really well and b)when youre not playing well?
  15. Whats more important to you?