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  1. Excellent stuff bro. I think your advice can apply to people of all ages as well, Ive noticed a lot of people have a core belief that certain things are just not possible, i really believe if this can be challenged by the person and they just start something they will learn and progress so much. Me personally i do like business but would like to incorporate more things that im passionate about like psychology, coaching, sports and discover new things as well, the journey never ends.
  2. lol to be honest i didnt even know those pods existed for students, but yeah theres always someone taking advantage and putting their profit before the people but I dont think you or we have to do that. For example if these type of things are happening, there maybe avenues to supply something somewhat ethical. But yeah i was more talking about dorm rooms on campuses, here in the UK i think you can buy them and rent them to students although i need to look into that.
  3. I see what youre saying, this is the case for cities definitely and has been a real problem, which in some cases has brought a lot of regulation from the local councils. What im talking about specifically is very touristic areas where a big chunk of the economy is based on tourism. For example my parents run a holiday rental company in a small beach town called mojacar in spain, the population is only 5000 and most people who live there are involved in the tourism industry or supplying some sort of service for locals. If you bought there youre not really taking away someone elses place or jacking up prices as there are other options to live in other towns close by. Another idea that ive come across is buying a hotel room or a student accommodation, these things are helpful to the everyday person without taking advantage or at least you dont have to take advantage. But i agree in general that there should be more schemes to own at least one house but like @datamonster said there does have to be a balance, the argument now is that its probably to weighted toward the investor rather than the person so that needs to be addressed definitely.
  4. If you worried about ethics, which i feel similarly, there are options to do real estate in such a way. You could do holiday rentals, so buy a place that is in a popular tourist area (when things get back to "normal") and rent that out per week or even per day on airbnb or a local property management company. This way its not so much a necessity for the people renting and you can make good income because weekly or monthly rentals are higher. Theres also rental of retail & commercial space, office space etc etc. You could also buy, renovate and then sell on, in this the money is made on the renovation, so you buy a place thats seen better days, fix it up and flip for a profit. This helps buy putting more eligible properties on the market, you could even sell at a reasonable price to first time buyers if you want to go the whole ethical way. The option on stocks, which ive done myself, is to invest in etfs like renewable energy. Quite a few of these around and they usually hold stake in all the major players around, this is slightly more of a gamble as who knows what will happen, but i think renewable energy will be the main source of energy in the relatively near future.
  5. Im new to stock trading but in my opinion i think its best not to get sucked in by the pundits and predictions, i think its best to just put your money in stocks that you believe in, keep them diversified and then just leave it, maybe check in once a month or so (this is hard to do but worth being aware of). If you look at charts, prices will always go up and down, but more than likely even out over the years and give a fair return, at least one thats much better than holding cash, if your emotions are tied to it youre gonna put yourself on an unneeded roller coaster ride. Just my initial opinion on trading
  6. Thanks for sharing, have been caught in these downward spirals recently, constantly looking for solutions so this is a great reminder
  7. Thats excellent to hear bro, that feeling when you cant sleep because youve broken some personal barrier is an amazing feeling and in my opinion confirms youre in the right path. A lot of the time the journey is worth it alone but when the times right something will come along that just makes complete sense. Keep pushing and enjoy it bro. I agree it could contribute to making the world a better place but the current adoption shows the orange level we're at, at the moment, it is a game changer in terms of the technology and ideal behind it, but its too early for us currently. To be fair i guess its worth a gamble if youre not using a good chunk of your capital, definitely would be at 6k or lower. You not tempted to sell now though? that would be nice profit
  8. Im not an expert but I agree in that i think eventually some kind of crypto currency could be the main or at least a widely used currency but i think we're some ways off that. I think the value is really pumped up just really based in either emotions or whales that are aware of the emotions. But thats not to say you cant be smart and make money in the market, you definitely can, i would just be wary of looking at it as a mid to long term investment, which is really what im on the look out for. Theres a couple red flags for me, one is that 1000 people own 40% of bitcoin, meaning if a couple cash out it could really tank the stock. Also its not based on any asset or anything really, at least if a companys stock goes down it can usually recover as theres an actual company behind it, whereas if bitcoin completely crashes it will just evaporate in to thin air. I dont really get how it can be used for payments now as the price fluctuates so much, imagine you sell a car for £20k in bitcoin today and tomorrow that £20k is worth £4k. It is true cash is also based on faith as well but really cash isnt regarded as an asset its just a means to buy assets, whereas people are treating bitcoin as an asset in of itself. I dont know man it jut feels a bit like the dotcom bubble and the subprime crash, like everyones getting rich but at some point the bubble will burst. I am probably a bit biased against it as i just cant see myself putting money into it beyond a speculative %. But how do you make money from it personally just out of interest, and what kind of returns have you seen?
  9. Excellent, thats very helpful, thanks! Are you happy with the returns youre getting on your portfolio? At the moment it seems like its impossible to open up a trading account with anyone because of all the robin hood stuff, but as soon as all that calms down im gonna work out some kind of strategy to put some funds in.
  10. Thanks for tips man. Yeah i was looking into these ETFS, I do like the clean energy one just because i really believe the world is going in that direction. The UK has set quite high carbon targets for 2030, i also see electric cars becoming much more prominent in the next few years as also here in the UK theyve said theyll be a ban on the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars and thats from a conservative, center right government. Also more young people are gonna be green as you see from voting trends from young people voting in a huge majority for Sanders and Corbyn. Having said that im obviously not going to put all into these funds but ill put a decent amount. Im thinking also tech and then a bit in gold and sliver just to back it up. What do you think in general about ETFs? I want a few investments where i can put the money in and just let them do their thing, as i understand it the best way to to do this is putting it into an index or on ETF. Also do you evaluate an ETF differently to a stock, i was looking at P/E ratios but i dont know if it works the same with etfs. Getting a little technical but you are the data monster
  11. @Average Investor Thanks for you reply man true, to be honest im still learning about the fees and what not but looking into it you are right the fees are a bit too high and theres not really a need for it to be like that as i could just invest in the same etfs on a different platform for a fraction of the cost. I think the thinking behind the fees and the company itself is its more for people who are first time investors and maybe want most of the work done for them, but want to invest in things that are good for the earth. Green level people basically, i think it is a good idea from that perspective, but for those that know a bit about investing they probably wouldnt bother with it. After a little digging i found out what funds they were investing in, so i may just put a little into them aside from the app. I get you, it is hard to invest in the stock market and be completely ethical or even think about being ethical, its not something i wouldve thought about before, also there pros and cons of every business. But i would like to have some kind of intention to invest in businesses that at least dont cause crazy damage to the earth or exploit workers or whatever, its not gonna be easy and i mean i sell on amazon where i know there are people getting exploited so its not always easy to avoid. Yeah im currently reading it, you advised me on it before so appreciate the recommendation and im learning a lot so far. I also take your point on the distraction, I always try and be conscious of slipping down that rabbit hole of finance and making money, at least mentally anyway. It can be very difficult as its almost like a great puzzle for the mind, theres so much to learn and work out, but ultimately it could just bring money which obviously is necessary but not everything. I havent fully defined my LP yet but I wouldnt mind if it was based around helping others to financial freedom and out of wage slavery so this learning process could help with that anyway. Out of interest, whats your LP? no worries if you dont want to share it
  12. So just came across this app called my tickr, basically it's an investment app that only invests into ethical businesses for you. So you put however much you want, you can also set it to pay in monthly, they put your money into a fund that invests into businesses like clean energy or sustainable farming or whatever. Recently I've been getting my head into learning about stocks and longer term investments, my only issue with normal investing was potentially to reap a good return you might have to invest in businesses that are essentially contributing to damaging the planet or have terrible working conditions. So I wouldve looked specifically for more ethical businesses anyway. So question is, can you actually make a decent return on this and has anyone tried it? I'm very tempted to just lump a load of cash in but if its not actually gonna grow I'd rather just give some to charity and invest in other things @Average Investor I'm looking at you
  13. Listening to this now and it touches on a lot of what has been said on the forum and also in my head. What do you guys think of the new age spiritual movement and what do you think has happened to them during this pandemic?
  14. Fair play, this is what growths about. Now that youre on the other side of the fence, I just wonder what approach do you think worked best to open you up in the debates you had with people, was it a tough love approach or a more compassionate, accepting kind of approach?
  15. I get similar strands of thoughts, so it's normal at least for me. What I've been aware of is the more I just watch without getting caught up and getting attached to these type of thoughts, the less I get of them, it's like your brain recognises whats important by your reaction to whatever thought. The reason why it might be important to you can be delved into with therapy and really exploring why these thoughts have become habitual. Most likely it will be something from when you were a kid. There's not really a way to change this like that, it takes more and more awareness and detachment from these thoughts, so that they are just seen as important anymore