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  1. Hi everyone, I have unhealthy relationship with money and whenever I spend money, even on smaller things, I have some kind of anxiety and big pressure in my chest. The funniest thing is that I am in very good financial situation and I should be one of the last persons having that feeling. When I think about it I can recognize that fear is coming because I grown up in poor family but I am not able to overcome it at all.
  2. @Average Investor thank for sharing that post. It doesn't need to be just stocks investing. I have surplus of money in my bank account and would like to put into something for passive income. It can be real estate, stocks,crypto or whatever.. And I would probably like to invest in different things to diversify my portfolio. I am noob about this kind of things and would just like to learn what are best options out there and what % of money to invest in one and what in other things..
  3. Can you share some good resources like books, youtube channels ,etc about investing...
  4. 1. How much of your knowledge is from personal experience/contemplation and how much did you learn from other people(books/videos,...). 2. Do you ever do something although you are bored with it? For example pushing yourself to finish video or reading boring book to aquire knowledge? 3. How do you deal with family members that are trying to hold you down at lower stage? 4. How much are you in present moment during the day, especially when you do errands? 5. Do you go to sleep and wake up at the same time or is it more random?
  5. Have someone I can grow with together in every aspect
  6. We both have same view about kids. Maybe yes maybe no and if yes we are perfectly fine to adopt it if it's to late for biological. So that is not an issue at all. She just values family a lot and her dream was always to build it, especially now when her parents are getting older (they are in the 80s) and will not be around for a long time. And yeah, she is resolute in saying that she is not ready to waste time in a relationship that doesn't lead to a marriage. I am just honest as much as possible,atleast I think I am, and I tell her that I really don't know what will be my opinion about marriage in a year or two
  7. So my girlfriend is mentioning this often. She said that our relationship MUST lead to marriage in 2-3 years max and anything less is dealbreaker. We have been together for 5 months and started to live together 10 days ago. I just answer her the most honest as I can and that's that I don't want to get marriage in a year or two and that I really don't know what I will want after that. She is not some stage blue fundamentalist that wants marriage for religion reasons but she really values family and deep commitment a lot and she is in a stage green. I see that my answer of "not knowing" is bodering her a lot and I feel under the pressure every time she starts to talk about it. Is there anything that I can tell her that will help both of us?
  8. It's not that I am paying her rent and her bills but I am paying every activities that we do together. I realize subconciously it's my resentment to my dad who is very cheap and I am scared to be labeled like that so I often go at other side of spectrum without even realizing it. Back in the days I was borrowing my money to people to which I shouldn't at all. Often when I see my mistake it's too late. Anyway,I will have conversation with her and see how things will go.
  9. What do you think should a guy pay for everything in the relationship or not? In my relationship with my gf I am paying everything, no matter is that dinner, hotel room or something else and that started to bother me. Her top love language (talking about book 5 love languages) is gifts. I don't think she is using me or something like that because she is really loving and caring and she is stage green but she once said that she thinks that guy should be provider and she never offers to pay anything.
  10. How much time per week do you spend with your partner and what do you consider too much/little. Did you had problems in relationship with someone due to different POV on this topic? I know this is so relative and everyone should spend as much time as they consider is the best for them but I'm just eager too see others people POV.
  11. Tnx for advices! I think I will stay in poker for year or two and slowly reduce time in it and I should figure out something by then. I am eager to improve my mental game side. I mean, I'm not tilt maniac or something like that,not even close. My mental game is lets say average compared to other regs. It used to be much worse back in the days but I worked a lot on it to come at this point I am in now. Still I think i have a lot of room to improve, especially regard to my mood irl, that it's not affected by run at the table. It would be nice that I become mental game best before I finish my career. Of all skills from poker that would be the most useful one that I can use in post-poker career.
  12. Hey buddy,professional poker player here too. I want to get out of the poker from same reasons as yours + mental game was never my strong side and I'm tired that my mood depends on how I run at the poker table. I don't have a clue what to do with life if I let poker,currently going through Leo's lp course but I am still far away from figuring out anything. I'm settle financially for good period of time but still scared that if I let poker I will never be able to earn anything close to money I'm earning in poker and I don't want to just like that let go of something I worked for years to aquire skills. Whats your opinion about that? Btw,in last few posts I see you are back in poker,is that temporarily or?
  13. What is your opinion on reading physical copy of book vs kindle? I'm seriously thinking to move from physical copy to kindle due to easier note taking in my onenote and easier translation of words(not native english speaker reading in english). One problem is I have sometimes trouble falling asleep and I read usually before going to bed. Kinda worried that watching at screen before sleeping could incease my insomnia problems. Kindle readers,do you have problem with falling asleep if you are reading before going to bed?