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  1. The infinity you believe in that assumes ever deeper awakenings is a concept, not actual infinity.
  2. What is suffering, other than a thought?
  3. Have you considered maybe YOU are the one who's "not awake enough", since you think: Or will your spiritual ego not let you see through "your" "suffering" ? But suffering isn't?
  4. Realize first that the one who wants to tell others they are imaginary is also imaginary. Otherwise it is just yet another identity identifying, this time spiritual, so it must be better/higher/deeper, right?
  5. There is pain .. probably. But the cat won't start creating stories like "why did it have to be me, these shitty things always happen to me, I bet it's from that one time when I was 1 week old and mummy cat went to get some food and I thought she abandoned me 😭... I better start doing some shadow work... Oh wait, I'm dieing"... and SCENE πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
  6. This is live now, anyone interested in Bitcoin trading please learn something
  7. Is this how all markets work all the time, pure luck? Is Warren Buffett just lucky to have made a series of investments that brought him billions? Was there a 50/50 chance for the Nasdaq to go down as well as up last year?
  8. Trading opportunities are from multiple times a day to once a year, your choice. Why do you insist on chasing the absolute bottom? Again, even if you bought at 49k, all you have to do is wait 1 year at the most. Did you invest all your money at this top?? Normally if you don't care about timing the market, there are various strategies to get in, DCA - dollar cost averaging, where you invest a predefined sum every day/week/month, you'll probably be in profit quite soon and it removes all emotions from the equation.
  9. Well ok, as long as you can see the future, you'll be alright I bet you predicted Covid before it happened and the 50% drop from the lows in March 2020 ? And hope the exchange your buying doesn't go down? What's wrong with spot, and move it out of the exchange to a cold wallet?
  10. I know you're emotional right now, but this is exactly the mindset that got you in trouble in the first place, trading with your emotions. Nobody knows if this is the final drop, or we go lower to less than 32k. Predicting the future price is folly, and can be called "catching a falling knife". You can get lucky and buy the exact bottom, but chances are you won't. Even if you do, your trading psychology will get you rekt, even if you get lucky once or twice. What we do instead is follow market structure, support/resistance levels and lots of other things, basically technical analysis, and only enter trades *non emotionally attached* when we have confluences between levels, indicators etc. If you risk 1% of your account per trade, it helps a lot with the non emotional part. If you get emotional, it means you're risking too much. In the beginning and while learning you can open very small positions, $1-$10 so you're 'involved' but don't care.
  11. If you use proper risk management ( first lesson in any good trading course), when you lose a trade, you risk max 1% of your account. When you win, you win between 1% and ... 30%+ of your account. With proper TA, my current trade win rate is 80% plus. Leverage? Lesson 2 in any good trading course is that leverage doesn't matter, it's position size that matters. In fact, on all exchanges I'm trading on, you can change leverage AFTER you open the position, and nothing changes, except liquidation price. Ideally you have a stop loss before liquidation is reached. Leverage can be used for gambling, sure, by newbies, not proper traders, same as a knife can be used for cooking food or killing someone. So please stop painting everybody that trades and/or invests in crypto with the same ignorant brush. OP is hopefully learning from his mistakes, and it seems he got a cheap lesson, didn't lose all his money like it's very easy to do, and starts learning proper trading, with risk management, non emotional trading, and TA.
  12. Do you think Leo is an expert in all fields? His investing advice, going by what he wrote here and in other threads, is buy indices and hold for a long time. Picking individual stocks is gambling, buying crypto is gambling, trading is gambling... Maybe find someone that can show real results outperforming the market.
  13. Solipsism be damned, there's loads of mental wankers circle jerking each otherπŸ™‚ Don't take is personally β™₯️
  14. Agreed. Mental masturbation on the other hand... 🀌