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  1. So you feel special to have stumbled across these 'teachings', that's cool... now, what's next? Have you had a taste of the opposite of a "person", however "sophisticated" that person may be?
  2. I wouldn't care to guess who the "certain others" are... but why do you think Martin has an inflated sense of ego? If anything, to me he has a no bullshit approach, cutting through most spiritually-sounding explanations for reality. I also have bilateral movements when vaping 5 Meo (not when snorted) , not to the extent he has them, but wouldn't classify this as ego... of course there's no 'shoulds', but there's no point planning your entire 5 Meo course of action before taking it at least once. Take it once, see how you get on... if you're lucky, there won't be a "you" to plan all this anymore...
  3. These ideas do not pass even on this forum, how do you think they're going to be treated outside of this bubble?
  4. Careful you're not falling in the trap of not accepting valid science, along with "well if science cannot explain consciousness, then any other results are incorrect". If you haven't measured what you're eating, "easily double" is easily misreported. For how long did you eat "double"? 1 meal, 1 day, 1 week? And after, did you eat "easily half"? but you didn't care so eating less didn't register in your non-scientific experiment. I actually measured what I was eating for months. Was on holidays with some friends, where a guy maintained that he can eat "whatever he wants" and not gain weight. I mean sure, if whatever he wanted was at maintenance calories, that is true. However, when he tried to eat whatever I was eating, he was full by the second pancake... But sure, calories are nonsense
  5. ...seeing that death is not a problem that needs a solution
  6. All this triggering and expressions of judgement are coming from... the ego. What does 5 Meo inhibit? The ego. Good opportunity to examine the triggering process in more detail, maybe you can see through the illusion.
  7. 10+ years ago when I was into researching nutrition and exercise, I maintained my body weight for the given activity level I had by eating 2800 Calories every day. For weeks and months on end. When I was eating less than that (averaged over a week), I would lose weight. When eating more, I would gain weight. Magic!
  8. I'd hope most of us here are past "The Secret" spirituality. You are in to much pain to admit and face the truth. You do not understand this because you are in denial.