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  1. The world continues as usual, same usual shit, you know. And I'm here, slowly dying from this perfection.
  2. So be it.
  3. This image is very old and hard to tell, but I think that it has heavily strengthen from the world war II with nazi scientists like Dr. Mengle who made unethical and questionable experiments on humans.
  4. Yes he looks like a normal husband/father. Normal person. It's even scarier to think about that someone who looks harmless can be a psychopath. With people who do look crazy at least you know what to expect. They loved and trusted their dad until their last moments. So pure, innocent and vulnarble, unaware that they were at the mercy of a psychopath. He betrayed his girls in the most horrible way imaginable.
  5. @Something Funny IKR? And he did that in order to start a new life with a new woman. He could have ask to get divorced or something. Yes, divorce is hard but it's much better than killing your familiy, the mother of your children, your children (!!) And in such a way!! It was so bold of him to assume that he just will randomly start a new life with a new woman and no one will suspect or wonder about his wife and children. He thought that he can deceive everyone.
  6. No, I don't think that in an ideal world nobody should be allowed to have pets at all. I think that pets, especially dogs and cats will be with us forever and that's fine, there is no problem with that. The problem with the purebred cats and dogs industry is that this industry is a business and it doesn't care much about ethics. It cares about money. Purebred dogs and cats are raised in poor conditions, usually the females are over-breeded in order to make more money which cause them enormous suffering, or the pet breeders breed mother with her son or two siblings which leads to offspring who born to be sick and disabled throughout their lives or even to experience an early and unexpected death (and the people who buy them many times unaware to that). Usually purebred pets tend to be much more sick than mixed breed pets because lack of variety in their genes. Still, people buy them in very high prices because they purebred. Many people think that purebred pets are better and superior to the mixed breed. But the mixed breed are much more healthier, stronger and more physically resilient than purebred pets. The streets, and animals shelters are full with mixed breed pets. For a person who wants to make a conscious and humane choice, better to adopt a cat or a dog from the animal shelter, for free or for a low price than to buy a purebred dog or a cat and support this cruel industry. Maybe there are some ethical pet breeders, still, why not, instead of buying a dog/cat and support this industry that makes money from reproducing poor animals, adopting a cat or a dog from the animal shelter and save their life from loneliness and potential death?
  7. Yes this is why it's importent to always track pet's health and modify the diet according to it. It also depends on the genetics of the pet and common health problems that might occur in the breed. That's another con to purebred pets (apart from that buying dogs/cats is unethical) because they tend to be less healthier than mixed breed pets, and suffer from more health problems. Intresting. I'll make more research about it. The problem is that many low quality food companies write on their alluring packges 'premium' and sell it at high prices, and people buy it because they think it's good. But what really matters is the ingredients list. Many countries including US have no regulations and basically every manufacturer can claim that their food is premium without legal consequences.
  8. I'm glad that you have found out the truth on time. I agree with you and I think that the main reason that more consious people might fall to people's manipulations and any sort of traps is because they naturally tend to assume that other people are as the same as they are, and because they value honesty and integrity, they assume that it probobly applies to everyone else. But it's not the case and there are a lot of people who don't care about it. I'm always suprised to find out how manipulative people can be.
  9. It's 999 if you rotate the screen. It's all a matter of perspective 😉
  10. Totally In life in general. And for me as a child there were no difference between boys in anime and boys irl, they were the same for me lol
  11. What about a premium quality pet food? There is a difference between low quality pet food and high quality pet food. Low quality pet food usually contains corn and flour in the first ingredients, less meat and some artificial colors and flavor additives. And more high quality pet food contains meat in the first ingredients while the rest ingredients are high quality ingrediands like eggs, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, blueberries, etc. without artificial color and flavor additives. Of course in both cases we talk about leftovers from the meat industry, parts that humans don't eat or aren't good enough to put on sell (but good enough for pets to eat). From vegan pov, from a wider perspective, it doesn't make sense to kill on purpose many animals only to support one pet, especially if the pet can live and thrive without much meat or any. Like dogs. And apperantly cats either. But it requires some understanding of food in order to give the right diet. Same like with humans. I say what it's like from a vegan pov, and even for vegan pet owners there is no one right answer. It's not always something that people plan. You can be in a situation (happened to almost everyone at least once in their life, I bet) when you find a sick poor or dying stray cat or dog and no one wants it, and maybe you know that you can give it, not necessary a luxurious, but a better life than the animal rescue shelter who even might kill the animal if they won't find them home soon (most of them). There are bunch of homeless cats and dogs and too little people to adopt them. The most humane thing to do is not to buy any pet but to rescue them and give them home and a safe place to live. Cats and dogs are domesticated animals who can't survive in wild alone. Unlike other animals like parrots and rats. It's cute won't deny.
  12. 😂😂 @thinkingmonkey3 It very depends on your environment. There are bunch of women who care about spirituality. In fact, women are naturally more prone to such things than men. As a spiritual woman myself, many times I felt that men didn't understand or even didn't accept this side in me. Or seen this as unimportant, irrational or even ridiculous part in me. I've dated someone and I remember that I talked about yoga and meditation and he was really annoyed, I felt like he wanted me to delete this part in myself so I'll fit the box in his head of what a woman should be like. Meaningless to say that I left because it made me feel annoyed that he didn't care about yoga and meditation. Only about his job and his new car that he always talked about. Later I studied the spiral dynamics model and got some aha moment when I realized that he was at stage orange and I'm at green.