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  1. This song, named "Nothing will hurt me" was written by a military soldier who died at age 21 and left behind a diary and notebook full of songs. This song was the last song in his notebook, where he drew a gravestone with his name on it, as if he predicted his death. 10 years after his death, a rock band named כנסיית השכל Knesiyat Hasekhel (The Church of Mind) has composed this song. The frontman of the band said: "I chose a song that most clearly represents the tragedy, a song of concern that characterizes Israeliness, parents who constantly worry about their children. Beyond that, the very fact that the song is a fulfilled prophecy makes it more difficult. I have never sung such a direct text in my life. Unbelievable that a man could write such words. Soldiers experience difficult things around them, and this leads to a kind of cynicism regarding what they go through, and you can see it in the song."
  2. I understand that your intention wasn't to stop her from commenting solely based on her gender. I didn't look exactly at what was happening between you, so my post is not directed towards you specifically. I saw her post and could relate to the feelings she expressed because I feel the same. Many men here might not be very conscious of their gender bias when they interact with women here, but we as women are very conscious of it, and it's painful. We are not many women here, and it's nice to see another woman expressing a feeling that I share.
  3. This is very new to me, I've never heard that. I usually hear that we consciously choose to enter to a physical body to learn lessons and grow. Never heard that some spiritual guides kinda manipulate us with love to do that. Now I am super curious.
  4. Unfortunately men here feel too humbled in our presence and more so, when we speak our truth, so they have the need to humble us back by limiting our freedom of speech. The world will be a beautiful place when men cease to feel so insecure and humbled near us. No spiritual pretty words or God awakenings can hide this pity and embarrassing behavior towards women.
  5. I think that suffering can vary, and there are different types of suffering. Some suffering is crucial for spiritual development and the development of one's character. In this category, I will put: - Some degree of unavoidable human suffering in life, which includes breakups, death, illness, unexpected changes, loneliness, and common negative human emotions, the suffering of loving others and sacrifice for them, the suffering of compromising in human relationships for the greater good of everyone. - The suffering of growing spiritually and developing ourselves, doing shadow work, the suffering of working for our goals (discipline, commitment, persistence), the suffering of healing emotional trauma. While there is suffering that is not only avoidable but also unnecessary, it doesn't help us to grow spiritually. - Being attached to some ideal and unrealistic version of yourself and others, perfectionism. This not only causes a lot of psychological distress, but it's also not necessary for a good life. In fact, it kills creativity and authenticity and disconnects us from ourselves. The good news is that this can be avoided by accepting imperfection. - Being attached to external outcomes like money, status, fame, approval, and affection from others. This attachment is not only nerve wracking and decreases life's quality, but it's also unnecessary for true growth. - Unhealed trauma and psychological issues. People suffer from untreated mental health problems, which worsen over time if not treated. They not only suffer greatly, but this suffering doesn't necessarily help them to develop, instead, it holds them back. Especially if they romanticize it or highly identify with it. Therefore, we need to choose our battles wisely, accept the inevitable suffering, and realize what types of suffering prompt our growth while eliminating the suffering that is within our control to eliminate and is unproductive and harmful to our growth.
  6. The Arab nations are disappointed by Iran's poor attack of Israel. They have been expecting something bigger, something more violent, something that would actually kill us lol. Blood thirsty cabbages. Now, after Iran's poor attack, will Israel attack Iran back? - If Iran is seriously dangerous and Israel attacks, it might trigger a bigger war, something more serious which might cost many lives. - If Israel does not attack, Israel might be seen as weak and cowardly. - It might be that Israel attacks and we will actually find that Iran can't handle this war and gives up on it, and all their threats are nothing. At the end of the day, I don't want any more wars, I only want the hostages to finally come back to their families and loved ones, and stop being raped and sexually abused by Palestinian terrorists. (There was a very nice offer, offered by Israel, Egypt and Qatar, so I've heard, to Hamas in exchange for the hostages, and they rejected it 🤦🏼‍♀️) There are a few internal conflicts here that need to be resolved first, including the release of our hostages, before we escalate this war further. War makes us more retarded as society.
  7. Sun Apr 14 9:04 By 3 AM, more than 200 threats from Iran, Iraq, Lebanese (Hizballa terrorists), and Yemen were launched toward Israel. Most of them were successfully intercepted by the IDF, with the help of the US, UK, and Jordan. Alarms sounded throughout the country. A 10-year-old boy from the Bedouin community was severely injured by one of the missiles. The US, UK, the UN, France, and Germany have condemned the attack.
  8. 23:23 "The IDF spokesman informed that Iran recently launched dozens of anti-tank missiles towards the State of Israel. We note that it takes a few hours for the drones to reach the country from Iran. The IDF spokesman said that the State of Israel has an excellent air defense system. Now the defense circles operate in several layers, in cooperation with the United States Army."
  9. Sat Apr 13 Today, the body of a 14-year-old boy from the West Bank was found. The last time he was seen was yesterday when he grazed sheep. He disappeared, and everyone was searching for him. And today, his body was found. He was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. They attempt to kill innocent civilians every day. Usually, people get injured and traumatized, but sometimes people get killed too. This is so normal, and it can happen anywhere in the country and at any time. So I need to be extra careful and extremely aware of my surroundings. Because they don't give a damn, for them, kill as much as possible, and Allah will bless you. I'm more afraid for my family than myself. To be really honest. Now (22:54), I'm hearing lots of fighter jets above me, and they are flying very intensely. I hear them every day since Oct 7, but tonight it's really intense. Iran is planning to attack us within 24 hours, it might even be tonight. They say something big is going to happen, a new war with Iran? The Western countries gave an official message to their citizens to not fly to Israel, the West Bank, Iran, or Lebanon. So, it must be serious. I don't know what is next. I don't know how our tomorrow will look like, and how things will look in a week or in a month.
  10. My impressions, thoughts and feelings about the war as an Israeli citizen.
  11. There is something deeper that causes your obsessive-compulsive hatred of beautiful women. It seems like your obsessive hatred is consuming a lot of energy from you. You think that by hating beautiful women with passion, you hurt them in some way. No, you don't, but you do hurt yourself. Your anger and negative emotions are eating you alive, you punish yourself at the end of the day.
  12. The way you are talking about women gatekeep sex, gives me the impression that you resent women for this reason. As I understand it, you portray the idea that women gatekeep sex as a bad thing and being pretty on top of that adds to their darkness. In conclusion, you want women to sleep around and be ugly. But then, you would complain that women are sleeping around and ugly. Wouldn't you?
  13. Lol what an incels propaganda "women are gatekeeping sex" to justify your hatred Of course they are, do you what women to sleep with every man on the street? When they do sleep with every man on the street you'll say "women are sluts, lack of self respect and dignity" No, there is no way for us women to rationally tackle this incels mindset, you will win with your irrational hatred and dumb arguments