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  1. Do you dispute that the west had never taken seriously any approximation trials from China and Russia? Which American president made efforts to escalate this almost 80-year-long conflict?
  2. The point of the post was about public support, not the support of the government.
  3. They were on whatsapp, man. You write dissertations with your romantic partners?
  4. "On February 6, 2022, the defendant visited her in London, on which occasion they went on a date at a restaurant chosen by the defendant. On the occasion of this meeting, the defendant TA told her that he was looking for a serious woman, like her, to marry, and if the injured person was serious with him, he would marry her. That evening they had sex, and the next day the defendant told her he could no longer stay in London, but two days later they met again and went to another hotel together. The injured person also showed that they continued to meet in February 2022, and on February 14, 2022, the injured person went to the Republic of Moldova. Considering this, the defendant TA told the injured person to come and visit him in Romania, and she agreed. The injured person stated that she had started to trust the defendant, and he told her to move to Romania. In this sense, he put the injured person in contact with the defendant NGM, whom he told him was his assistant, and she bought the injured person the plane ticket to Bucharest." I told you she was British hahahahaha
  5. Just to raise awareness. What color is your Bugatti?
  6. Here's the document.
  7. Does Andrew Tate speak Romanian? From what I gathered he was talking to a British girl.
  8. I don't care about his opinion. I just looked at the messages and made my own judgement about it.
  9. Besides, if McDonald's starts paying higher wages, Wendy's, Burger King, and Subway will keep slaving away their employees and get 0.3% higher margins than McDonald's. This will eventually cut more and more capital flow from McDonald's to its competitors and eventually, they would fail. It's a multipolar trap or a race to the bottom. This is the basics of game theory. You cannot be huge and fair. You can be medium and fair, but these huge corporations are completely dependant on governments and exploitation to keep turning their gigantic gears. That's the essence of capitalism.
  10. Yes. But the alternative is homelessness or prison. That's what Marx called the reserve army of labor. If you complain about the turd you're given to eat by your employer, someone starving will take your place and eat it for you.