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  1. "No boundary love" with people? It fails
  2. Bookish words
  3. This is the point, grudge is over in a few minutes and people take advantage of it, you are used and manipulated again and again cz you have the habbit of forgiveness and letting things go easily, some grudges needs to be permanent or long lasting cz they give you power to stick to your decision of not going in the same loop again. Yet you can do it in a healthy way too , not keeping the grudge and taking the right action.
  4. Ascend where? In clouds ? I'm good here until I'm alive
  5. Disarm myself and die.
  6. You need two years when you have a brother like mine,... equivalent to shit sitting in the toilet,, what you want to do with it? Flesh it out right? cz it's of no use.
  7. I'll tell you a story of me and my brother, when I was 15 he was 13 we had a severe physical fight and we stopped talking to each other for next two years living in the same house and finally after a lot of struggle when we started talking, we never talked with even a single word of disrespect for years, let alone fighting , it was like total change of personality, why cz we got time to self reflect so doesn't matter how sever or negative initial emotions are when you turn your back, eventually its good for self reflection specially if you already have the right understanding.
  8. For you what does it mean "turn your back on others" ? Not talking to someone, or leaving a place or a community is turning your back? Its not, it's all how you "think" of others.
  9. Turning inwards isn't runny away.
  10. Forgiveness is needed when we think others are wrong, when we think others are right we have to take the responsibility and that's even harder.
  11. I agree with you
  12. One can do that for months and sometimes for years , than one need some time to get charged.
  13. Humans have limits, accepting these limits is also love
  14. "Turning our back on others in an attempt to safe/change/grow ourselves"