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  1. Isn't this what most people in America are having to deal with? Luckily, I then discovered in 2015. Why can't this stuff just be taught all over America even in our public schools? instead of worshipping mainstream Churches or Capitalism?
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH good one I agree, Actually I was just throwing an idea out there as a Christian that grew up in the Baptist community..In a way I'm trying to make sense of reality from a Baptist Christian viewpoint that I experienced in the 21st century, yet also make sense of working in corporate America at the same time.
  3. Actually I agree with you. I was just throwing an idea out there as a Christian that grew up in the Baptist community. If only mainstream churches taught this!
  4. That's something I would also think. Because of the leadership aspect, and how we must have faith in or "obey our leaders" and trust in our leaders. And hope they can see our hard work, and also our pain. Even the physical currency money in America says "In god we trust"
  5. To me, banks are like God, or they're like our parents when we were little. if you are responsible and behave yourself, then you will be rewarded. If you misbehave and don't act responsibly, then you will face consequences and penalties, or don't won't get to go play nor have fun. If you don't pay up, they can take your property and go after you, ruin you and seize your possessions like God! Banks are like God, because they see everything, and are powerful! You know how they say "be mindful of your thoughts and actions for God is watching you." In a way banks are like that because they can employ you and hold you accountable too. And then Christianity teaches that the man is the temple of God and must give his life for his wife. A man must be like God to his wife. CEOs, powerful people are like God. They can control people's lives, and they're the source we must go back to if we need a promotion or something done for us as they have the most say in what can be done or not. They can see our hardships and pain, and if we make a mistake we must go to them for forgiveness or protection or face our punishments. Isn't that like God in a way? Anyone else agree or have thought something similar?
  6. I'm very surprised you'd use the word "normal" or "weird." Because isn't being normal or weird subjective? And if not then how would you define normal? How would you define weird?
  7. I'm glad I discovered the BP, it does provide a lot of useful pragmatic information. But I still believe the BP is just a cope for many men that can't find success. There are many types of people out there, and some women are attracted to short and stalky, or some only like Chinese quirky men, some only like white men, some all colours some want similar age, some can date much older even without caring too much about money etc The BP is still too general. Each individual has his or her different preferences. This doesn't mean some men aren't genetically gifted or more desirable. But no matter how ugly or short or broke or old you are there is some guy out there uglier than you, shorter than you, poorer than you, fatter than you pulling more women than you. There is just so much we don't know.
  8. Of course I am aware that we can tell all the ricxhest people to give up their power and this will end. But the problem is the ones in power will generally try to create rules that will give them even more power. That's how they even got such power to begin with.
  9. What can stop bottomless capitalism in countries like Canada and USA? Capitalism puts people in no win situations. You work hard, you will eventually burn out. You don't work hard enough you risk losing out to your competition. There was a study to show that a country is the happiest when there are the most middle class people. So when and what can end all this thinning of the middle class? And turn it into more sustainable life for everyone as a whole? Of course I am aware that we can tell all the ricxhest people to give up their power and this will end. But the problem is the ones in power will generally try to create rules that will give them even more power.
  10. Because that's what's true. And if there is not WW3, then that's what's true. There are no should's. What is, is what should be, and what should be, is what is. Love the things that are naturally hard to love. It's easy to love Leo because he's giving you good advice. But practice seeing the beauty in things very few people can see. Don't take me literally of course, but doing what I said has it's advantages.
  11. Thank you. I've been told these things many times. But it doesn't change the situation that I am in. I am appreciative of what I have. That's not the point. There are certain milestones that I am trying to achieve and late stage capitalism has made it impossible
  12. How can bottomless capitalism be fixed? The problem is the ones in power don't want to give up their power, and will always create the rules to give themselves even more power.
  13. Just for the record, I own property In Toronto. And I'm still considered a working poor. So I am speaking on behalf of even less fortunate, Most of my peers well over 30 now are still living with their parents, or stuck renting for life. Even high level software programmers. Not just average people can afford to live here, even exceptional talent struggle. This is not good, it will drive talent away.
  14. I just read some of this page. This precisely proves my point even more. "Income inequality is worse in the young." It's the same like USA. It's stage orange. Most major cities have become eroded and undesirable, rude, and loaded with immigrants taking over all the minimum wage jobs, homeless, income extremes, like California, New York. I agree the most expensive cities in the US are even more unaffordable for the average earner. Things are pretty bad in North America now. I can't speak for Europe. But it seems like no matter where someone wants to move, the country will always sell it as if it's better than it actually is.
  15. Most of the influence in Canada is from the toxic US, affects Canada greatly because Canada relies a lot on the US.