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  1. A belated Happy birthday Leo!
  2. 1. Leo once gave a list of things that will not help find truth. He mentioned realism as one of them. How come realism is not Truth? Or how come realism won't find absolute Truth? Isn't Truth grounded on what's real or being realistic? 2. Dr, Orion Taraban. What stage in spiral dynamics would he be?
  3. "Knowledge is Power" is an often overused cliché. Though the quote does enable one to seek "knowledge" (and with it, all the paths and choices that seeking "knowledge" may lead you to), "knowledge" often times, also leads to the creation of ego, confrontation, isolation, and ostracism. This is because "knowledge" can leave you powerless, hopeless, voiceless, and frozen -depending on the social atmosphere and social environment you find yourself in. Unless you have the social influence, social climate, social skills, and finances to your advantage -seeing everything happening around you and understanding it in depth, without being able to do anything about it, can leave you feeling empty, bitter, angry, resentful, and cold. Furthermore, the definition of "knowledge" and what "knowledge" truly is, is different for individuals. What you think of and value as "knowledge" can be different from that of another individual's definition of "knowledge". What you think of as "knowledge" can be different from the area that you reside and therefore, the mainstream cultural definition of "knowledge" is different than your own definition of it. What you think of as "knowledge" can be different from the era and social climate you find yourself in. This definition of "knowledge" could cause conflict within yourself, with your family and friends, and with the culture you find yourself in. "Knowledge is power" only when you understand when, how, why, and where you can use your "knowledge". It has also been quoted, "Be the change in the world that you want to see". That is often easier said than done. In truth, time waits for no one, and though you have changed mentally or emotionally (or both), it doesn't mean that people around you and the social climate around you has changed. What has changed is your perception of the many things you will encounter day-to-day in your living, physical reality. However, people are very resilient and adaptive and often, they can adapt themselves to your "change". Often times, their attitudes and behaviours towards you change positively, sometimes negatively, other times it becomes a mix of both. Some people may not be able to deal with the "changes" you have went through and start to distance themselves from you. Others, will edge closer towards you and want to incorporate some of your "changes" into their life thus changing themselves (however long or short that change may last for either of you). Others may use you as the "go-to-person" on certain topics and subjects, but simultaneously keep others topics and subjects away from you because they believe it's safer not to talk to you about it. What you do, can lead to a chain reaction. However, it doesn't mean it's the chain reaction you wanted. It's not easy being the "change in the world" for often times, many of those that do become the "change in the world", also tend to become over-bearing, preachy, and egotistical. Though they might do it out of love, "change" cannot be forced on anyone else. Though the "change" you went through might be useful for you and your social environment/social situation, it might not be useful for others in their lives and it might have a detrimental effect on them and possibly your relationship with them.
  4. Just wondering people's opinions on here. Will money eventually be gone? and how many years from now?
  5. I played chess growing up, and I was like to my dad "Dad! At the higher levels there's a lot of competitive assholes :(" and my dad went "Even at low levels there's a lot of non competitive assholes. Yup, there's assholes at every level." Then I got his point
  6. I appreciate that an individual must work hard and be creative and bring lots of value to society. But I see more and more homeless people in Canada and USA. Nobody is caring for them, nobody keeps track of them to take their meds, so sometimes they don't and they just roam the streets causing trouble. What can be done to fix this extreme inequality in finances? And in even dating? Top few percent of men get to pick the majority of women. While majority of women aren't high quality enough to ever lock down those men no matter how hard they try. And many men struggle to even gain confidence to talk to us. I get it, someone must "work hard." But this appears to have come to a point of more than hard work. Working hard, even working smart has its limits. If someone is already working as hard as they can, doing quality work, even takes chances, and even succeeds in taking chances, and still comes up short... that's just disheartening. Leo once said that the only way to get past capitalism in a society, is through and to let it run it's course. So that people eventually realize that making tons and tons of achievements and money won't bring happiness. But we are in a system where the rich and powerful aren't obligated to help anyone. And that even rewards more corruption. It encourages hook up and men and women to sleep around with no love. Causing more hurt and more extremes. There is nothing causing the powerful to let go of their power. I have a friend in stage orange, and I told her, "stage green is the next stage up. It allows you to be more loving and more compassionate." And she went "that's when you give up on all your dreams HAHA." But what she doesn't even realize is that it allows her do even more conscious business. How can we convince the powerful to share their wealth more? How can this be fixed? I still feel any society that doesn't cooperate and that's so individualistic/apathetic/lonely is bound to fall apart.
  7. It will, and I'd say in the near future (5-10 years? Just my guess). But try not to think of it so much as taking your job in an absolute sense as more like, AI will push people out of jobs, making them all have to compete for less. So less jobs will be available and more fierce competition for those same jobs. Of course, if a company can automatically eliminate you with AI for cheap enough pricing... that's even better, and they will gladly do it. But for now it is still a little too expensive to make that kind of investment for most companies where they can completely just eliminate all data analysts. So more like AI will just do a lot of the data analyst jobs, and then the people that are in the field where a company cannot replace AI with yet will just force everyone to compete for less job openings. Many tech jobs and basic level programmers, coders... etc are in danger of losing their jobs in the next decade or so. The future is honestly scary.
  8. Thank you for doing this Princess Arabia.
  9. No. definitely not in North America nor South America nor Africa nor the Middle East nor Australia nor most of Asia. Maybe India? It's very spiritually developed. There's also a lot of corruption, traditions and disagreements there; and the average mentality there is still in stage blue. But there will be some people in stage turquoise (and by default also have some people in stage purple there too) simply because it's so diverse. Communities? Even if there are communities, they will be very rare. And since their ego is generally lower then you'd be less likely to also hear of them. I personally have never seen a stage turquoise community. If you are going to find it, it will be in India. Not to romanticize India, but If you don't find it there, I don't think you are going to find it anywhere else.
  10. Good answer. But what if a cat's consciouness increases 1000 times. Will it then have that ability to a very large degree?
  11. Thanks. But will they be able to see the beauty everything like Leo can?
  12. Say psychedelics for mammals? What happens if pigs or cows or giraffes, lions... etc take psychedelics like 5 MEO DMT? What happens to these mammals if their consciousness increased like 1000 times? What would they see, feel, understand or think? Is this possible?
  13. "Another counterintuitive move is to seriously contemplate what your values are." Ooo. Yes thank you. That's why I'm a seeker of truth Also I hope I'm able to help this guy who posted how important looks are.
  14. Looks are very important, even more so in men than in women. At least I can speak for North American women since i lived most of my life here (trust me we talk ), I don't know about the rest of the world. Success with women is not so much about what you do, but who you are. It's human nature. When a woman sees a man she likes, she will break rules for him. But then she would be more likely to mean to a short ugly fat balding man that is working a low level job that has nothing to offer her. She may even use him for friendship and dump him without caring. Just as when a man finds a beautiful feminine submissive woman, he is much more likely to do her favors than if he saw an ugly masculine woman. It goes both ways. When we see value in someone, we tend to treat them nicer and you'd be surprised at how much we let them get away with. I had to train my mind like crazy to do the counter intuitive thing, and practice being mindful about this for years! As Leo once taught (and so does Christianity), love the things that are difficult to love. It's so easy to love things that benefit you because they're serving your interests.