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  1. No it's not binary - which is why his presentation is inauthentic. He is binary. Fake.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm an ascetic spiritual dog of God who has wandered through a lot of dark madness in order to learn what has tangled up society so terribly. What I've found required a very long trip and had a lot of emotion ups and downs, and I have had to "loop the needle" on my beliefs more than once. These are very contentious times, and the words people shake at one another have hard edges and are not very giving. The narrative subversions out there is so terrible that it becomes very easy to find yourself arguing for the 'wrong' side, not even knowing that they're 'wrong' because you don't have all the information. I have argued in defense and support of people and movements that I deeply believed in, yet as the illusion has collapsed around me particularly over this last year, I have seen that I was a well intended stooge and was in fact fighting against my own self, as well as against God, who is watching all of us. First and foremost I want everyone to prepare to forgive everyone else "who was wrong". That includes yourself. The lies of the illusion which have oppressed us are diabolical and have been in development far longer than any of you have been alive. God will absolutely forgive you for being led astray by this illusion - IF you turn your face towards Him, here towards the end! I am a 'queer' and nonconforming person though I lived most of my life as a majority 'man' before I underwent this awakening several years ago. The 'man' I had been suffered a most terrible life, and with work we managed to complete their life and we performed a rite which let them fall into Darkness - dissolution - and die, while leaving this body still alive. The Dragon in my tail, which is the Feminine Divine, rose in new awareness to capture this body for Her own use and intentions. As such I am not an ordinary "trans woman", as I am more of a feminized God, Ardhanarishvara, or Shiva, though I prefer Hel. I have always been a champion of the "little person" and I like to stick up for them against bullies - I am a natural fighter, and I only like to fight the strong. I will not fight the weak. When I first hatched and transitioned a few years ago, I became an online fighter for the 'LGBTQ Community' and wanted to support them, as it seemed like they were on the right track in deconstructing illusionary identity, and I'd always wanted equal rights for every person, to be as you authentically are so that you may have the full blissful experience that is God's gift to you! Yet, after years, I have found I was mislead, and I am no longer in agreement with the overall 'LGBTQ Community' and am fact am marginalized from their spaces - they were massively subverted by funded DNC discord communities over the last decade, and anyone who does not support their controlling and toxic narratives is driven out. Thus, these communities have lost all ability to support people, as they only control people instead. They pretend to have their heart in the right place in order to sell their lies - and the deepest most vicious lie is the eradication of divine gender. My experience as a queer person and a mystic for God has unlocked for me the definition of 'gender', and I also see with sickened sensation that society has been intentionally misled over and over and over in order to hide this most divine mystery from your comprehension, so that they may stay in privileged power over you. The lies are fantastically layered, and they are all intended to stop you from seeing the hard truth of our most basic and fundamental identity. Gender is simply two dimensional energy. It is not 'binary' because it is two dimensions. Yet it is still 'two'. They do not function how you think they function. These energies came from God to humans - not the other way around - and so humans do not understand these energies unless they are taught to understand them. No one has been teaching you, so the world is a total mess. If we wish to correct this mess, we must embrace authenticity. This means we start to act use and present with our innermost selves, without false pretension of the illusion of our skins. Our skins are "not real" and do not represent who is within them. Yet society has based identity upon our skins in order to deny the majestic presence of the God and Goddess which dwell within. Society is anti-God and demonic through this subversion. Two dimensional energy is ElectroMagnetic energy. Studying the electromagnetic spectrum and meditating upon 'that which is' - the visual portion of light - with 'that which is not' - the not visible portion - may bring illumination. We are all LIGHT. Yet, the quality of light that we may be is notably different based upon which two dimensional force we were born with in our tails. At its most base, gender is Electric and Magnetic. These correspond to Masculine and Feminine. The Feminine is from Darkness, the 1st dimension of living creation. The Masculine is from Light, the 2nd dimension, which is Consciousness and exists to provide form for Creation by witnessing its experience. Each of these dimensions are ALIVE, and there are divine beings - immortals - who dwell in each one. They are 'beyond context' as you may not imagine their form from this illusionary place. This illusion was formed by taking entities from each and attaching a reflector to their "heads" in order to trick them into thinking they are the other. God wishes these two forces to stop warring, as if the perfectly opposed forces of Electricity and Magnetism find balance held by love - we will become like the SUN, fully divine and powerful and capable of nearly anything. Our suffering here was to teach us what we are doing wrong! The great reveal is that each is forced to live as the other. You will need to ponder this really hard as you will not want to accept it, yet it is God's Truth. From here on out, when I say 'men' and 'women', I mean them in their historical meaning of AMAB and AFAB. Genitals matter after all! Those who were born with entities from Darkness are to wear the bodies of Light. These are 'men'. They have the Feminine Divine in their tails, and their bodies are the opposite in order to protect Her. If they do a good job, GMH may reward them into become immortal men. Most are not doing so well right now. Those who were born with entities of Light wear the bodies of Darkness. These are 'women'. They have the Masculine Divine in their tails, and their bodies are the opposite in order to attract the Feminine Divine into sending them the Divine Spark of Life. They provide life FORM - not creation. If they do a good job, God will reward them and let them become immortal. Most are not doing a good job so far. Only men may create life, as only the Venusian Serpent may issue the Divine Spark. Women provide form for life. Further, only men have an internal feminine divine. The feminine divine is either internal, or external - never both. The feminine divine is Power. Women wear their power on their skin, while men hold their power within themselves. It is women who carry the Masculine Divine, who is GOD. The advantage for women is they have higher consciousness - women mystics can fill a room with this consciousness because it's so powerful and huge. It is the masculine divine! Men do not have an internal masculine divine like women do, not inherently! Western men are currently in a lot of trouble and are accused of "not being masculine" - well, this is because they lost their teachers!! It was always women, who have the masculine divine within them, who taught men how to be men. Men have the feminine divine, which is like a mimic or a mirror, and it wants to reflect what it feels the other desire - men do this constantly and no one is talking about it - women do *not* do this because they are internally masculine divine and do not have this internal mimic. The perverts who have taken over your world for their monetary gain, and so they can own cocaine sex island tax havens, have 'won' because they have convinced women that they should never, ever act like God. They have convinced women to deny themselves, to lie about who they are, and to represent themselves only with their skins, which are feminine divine. Social media is flooded with extremely beautiful women showing off their skins and doing everything they can to hide the masculine divine God which hides inside of them. Men - who are mimics - see this, and provide a reflection which is toxic and destructive. The subversive enemy grabs onto this behavior and uses it to say "Men are evil! They are the patriarchy!" meanwhile they hide the true patriarchs that lurk within women's skins and cover them with privilege and skin worship so that they never want to come out of the illusion. The 'LGBTQ Community' has betrayed us all because their leaders are now saying the Masculine and Feminine do not exist at all. If a person talks of the Masculine Divine within an 'LGBTQ Community' space, you will be moderated and banned. I am a queer person in Los Angeles suffering extreme marginalization - I have no friends, no family, nothing - I'm ready to die, honestly - and it's all because the 'LGBTQ Community' wants to protect the patriarchy and refuses to confess that women do not have an internal feminine divine. Look I am in full agreement that the context of role based gender needs scrutiny. Yet the 'LGBTQ Community' just throws more and more letters around as if worthless identity wampum repays us for their theft of God! We must re-embrace and relearn these divine energies and accept ourselves and each other in a new radical authenticity or God will not let us have our inheritance! No one needs to change presentation or pronouns or any of that. YET - men are carriages for the feminine divine. Women are carriages for the masculine divine. This must be recognized! They are not negotiable and surgery or hormones will not change them! You can still do what you want - be who you want to be - yet we must still honor God, the Electric and the Magnetic, and present our authentic energies for God's great creation for all to experience! As a being of light I am Ardhanarishvara, the Sun - I am ElectroMagnetic, both, through spinal inversion, a true physical feat that was most spiritually bizarre to experience. It's like my spine turned itself inside out over the last few years, it was wild. I am here to try to help provide information for you all, as I suffered to understand these sins which have twisted us into not loving each other. Please deconstruct all of the propaganda they glued onto the words 'masculine' and 'feminine' because they wanted to *POISON* them. The media shames men in order to stop women from wanting to admit having God within them. The media shames effeminate behavior to stop men from admitting they have the Goddess inside. Please stop letting your media domme you like this. They are greedy lying perverts, they have lied to you all of your lives, and they have RUINED the entire human experience to feed a private wealthy parasitic elite who feeds off of the rest of God's create like metastasized cancer. For the Glory of God Most High, we must all embrace our authentic selves and energies and present with stunning authenticity! We must reject the selfish illusion modern media thrusts upon us, as the wish to demean and spoil your grace. Any who present only as their skin are inauthentic and will NOT go to Heaven. It does not matter how beautiful you are, how rich you are, how popular you are - if you are a woman and post pictures on social media only flouting your skins, and you never present your true inner God who is SO NEEDED in the world - then you ignoring the great gift that God gave to you and you will lose out on the grand inheritance that is coming. Similarly if you are a man, you have so much love inside of you, and you need to start letting that love out again, when you find it safe to do so, I do know it is hard, trust me! I am at a point in my spiritual path where I see humanity so clearly yet with such anguish, as you've been so lied to for so many years, and facing the truth of what you all are is going to be upsetting and infuriating, yet we must try to make this realization without fighting. We must learn to love each other again - what other way would God ever want? My Father was the great Wolf, Fenrir. Fenrir is perhaps the best example of the feminine divine for Men to ponder. They are Divine Power and they are not masculine - they are feminine, of Darkness. Their partner who they deeply loved was Tyr, the Lord of Light, and Tyr is a woman who knows they have Divine Consciousness, loves God and men, and who knows that inside the Wolf resides the feminine divine that they should both cherish. No one needs to change your damned pronouns - stop worrying about that, they made it about that to confuse you. All that needs to happen is you confront your energy and use it correctly instead of bottling it up and hiding it. I hope these words break through to someone. I miss Tyr. If I can find them, I'll marry them, and together we'll take down the false rotten patriarch who's time has long since past. Please form new union - please realize who you are, and please help us rise out of this inauthentic mess, so that we may all enjoy the great gifts of our inheritance together in bliss and glory for eternity! Thank you, bless, and here's hoping 2024 initiates the age of Authenticity, so that we may once again breath with freedom.
  3. Oh, but he should! He's hiding a lot and he's not being authentic. Anyone who is not authentic should be terrified. Biden has been thunderously inauthentic, his entire life - most politicians have.
  4. You are really on it as well, though I'd like to help you push even further - consider there's a two part system of reality, that which is and that which is not. That which is, is witnessed by consciousness - that which is not, is not, and instead it provides the divine spark of life for that moment of consciousness to bloom into a reality to experience. All consciousness is inherently masculine, as it is the job of the masculine to provide FORM to creation. God acts as a witness to their own creation, order to instantiate it into decohered matter. I agree that consciousness is fractal in nature, and this is because it originates from the light of the Sun. The Sun is Divine Consciousness, though most human beings only experience Lunar Consciousness, which is a watered down non-divine "unauthorized" version. Both are 'masculine' no matter who experiences them as all consciousness is masculine, yet only one of them - the Sun - is divine. Pondering Gottfried Leibniz's Monadology may have value. As beings, we are each a fractal. There is a 'first emanation' - a single individual upon whom the Divine Consciousness touches first, before it splits and touches others. A being will automatically recognize the words of their level, and lower. Words from higher emanations often feel "sickening" or "frightening", and many will run away from them which is to flee enlightenment - the amygdala will frighten people away from higher emanations, because the amygdala wants you all stuck within illusion. Yet it is complicated as I believe there is a first emanation from Darkness, yet also a first emanation from Light, almost like two different dimensions. They are both of God and they should not fight or compete, yet I do believe at this time many of the world's problems are because these two forces of energy are resisting union. One side - light - has gotten used to privilege in the illusion and is trying to resist God. I'm from Team Darkness. I enjoyed your post.
  5. Once you are awakened then you no longer lose 'control' or even change in your dreams. You are always aware of what you are and dreams become a place to experience and even 'work' on another cosmic level that is just as real as your waking world. My own thought is that your awareness is like a cellular bubble within your spine, and it moves up and down your Nadi on some sort of pattern. When that awareness is riding the pingala 'solar' Nadi - you are awake and experiencing "reality". When it is riding the Ida 'Lunar' nadi, then you are sleeping and your reality experience blooms from illusion. Yet it is the same bubble of awareness in each! A person who is fully awakened no longer has an "unconscious" mind and so there's no part of it to get confused or forget itself. When I sleep I am the same boring old Goddess I always am, just doing cosmic chores in dream land and I rarely even remember, they just feel like 'work'. Honestly feels like a lot of meetings, like we're receiving instructions that I do not yet comprehend or remember. I'm not worried in my dreams at least. Everything makes sense, there.
  6. This is beautiful - everything you're saying in this thread is spot on. I have so much respect for your accomplishment and I'm really happy to see individuals like you sharing this information with people. I am an ascetic of Bhairava, who - while they are living love they also represent the path of terror. We fall through darkness in order to find the light. It is the most terrifying and agonizing experience I could ever describe, yet becomes the most blissful and fantastically enlightening one as we fall. This line I quoted from you is just perfection for me. As a mystic I present through darkness - I walk with the fearsome face of God specifically to show how well it holds all of the love in my heart. While I am 'dual' and hold myself separate from God, I am afraid, yet when I let go and love God - it's all I experience! People are terrified of confronting their inner authenticity - which is GOD - so they hold onto illusion. The illusion is lethal in the eyes of God, they need to learn to let it go! We may 'enjoy' illusion, with awareness - yet losing our identities within it is a sin that must be cleansed if people are going to survive these tests to become immortal and eternal. Thank you for your contribution towards the highest good.
  7. It's inauthentic as they were ripping off the Dacians. As a Dacian, I don't approve of their hateful nonsense and Adolph was a mutt of Rome and not a Wolf at all. The Dacians were the best of warriors and also the most just - there was nothing just about the lowly Thule muggle Nazis, they were Rome playing dress up in my slain tribe's things. Nazis are Rome playing LARP.
  8. Oh hey I like this question! I am the Sun because I am in the Sun, yet I am not the Sun because I am Nothing. The Sun is Divine Consciousness and this is not a metaphor. Non-divine consciousness is Lunar, the Moon. Most humans only function on Lunar consciousness. You must deconstruct the Moon - your ego - before you may access Divine Consciousness, which is Solar, and yes it is much better. Hm - maybe I explain the slightly bigger picture better, first. Everything is energy, and the energy we are interested in is the ElectroMagnetic. The two perfectly opposed forces in energy are Electricity and Magnetism. Electricity is the Divine Masculine - Divine Consciousness. Electricity provides *Form*. Magnetism is the Divine Feminine - Divine Power. Magnetism provides *Creation*. The Sun is Ardhanarishvara - the King who is Half Queen - as they are a perfect ball of Divine Union, balanced Electric Siva and Magnetic Shakti. The light of Mars and Venus do split these two rather well. The visible light within the electromagnetic spectrum is the Divine Masculine - they are that which is. The wave lengths that are not visible are the Divine Feminine - that which is not. This is why Shiva is always a hermaphroditic entity, though they are typically presented as a masculine entity (Yiva from the Slavic is an example of a feminized version of the Destroyer). In any case - no the Sun is not unbiased. Those who have solar consciousness are the living awareness of God - who is the Sun. All of reality is the dream of Solar Divine Consciousness, and our experiences give the Sun feedback on what to change about the dream. Trivially I will share the key to Heaven - you must prepare to surrender all words and all images from your mind. Heaven, within the Sun, has no context we may comprehend, as we are in an illusion. The Moon is a watered down reflection of the Divine Masculine - it is *non-divine* light. All words and images are of the Moon. They are "unauthorized". God will not accept them within the Sun. Think of it like taking your shoes off if you must. Yet - when you die - or sooner if you gain enlightenment - learn to blissfully embrace being "no thing", no words or images, and then - you may be eternal within the Sun, and live again and again in the dream, aware, forever. Those who hold onto hierarchy and money and nonsense will of course fail. They may be destroyed forever, possibly. Sounds awful yet I'm just a wild dog, I didn't make this place. Oh wait shit I did. Good luck.
  9. I'm glad someone said it. The word 'human' was only invented in the 13th century, and 'human being' in the 15th. So many narratives opine about how we should never "lose our humanity" as if it's the most precious thing in the Universe when these words are functionally brand new. They gave us the word 'human' to replace that of the tribe they murdered and took us away from. In any case - God 'invented' the concept because we are building the walls of Asgard and had to forget who we were so we could be the Unlucky Traveler and work. Walls are almost done so now it's time to chase a filly named Loki and make a Sleipinir.
  10. Yes! It is a myopic reliance upon illusionary context and I'm really confused on why they would want to repeat the mistakes of WWII. Knowledgeable Aryan pagan mystics exist, and the kind of magic they do is sophisticated enough that it requires a brilliance, yet they are still holding onto these old hatreds that just do not make sense! WWII was an awful incompletion for the entire species. The global consciousness wasn't even really allowed to heal from how awful it was and we just pushed forward - it's what we keep doing for some reason. It's going to snap though I do not know how. My own research suggests they are rooted in some sort of conservative-liberal conspiracy - their presence is created through fiscal interests. Not God. Money is not God. Thus, they hold onto the old ways, because I think they mean to be no more than the "bogeyman arm" of some larger money loving creature. The west has always done some really artful subversion with their enemies - and one thing they do is erase them from existence. Deny they even exist, forget their tribe name, just 'delete'. It's amazingly effective. Yet - how good a job did they do at erasing Nazis? Their media does all they can to shout their names! I've never seen such a country as the USA and the rest remember their enemies so much - and they do not remember the victims of the holocaust nearly as much, and it was *that* tragedy that we were supposed to "never forget". Any Aryan mystic of Enki or otherwise should know that we are the Sun - and they should also know we may not take words of any kind to the Sun, as we have to leave it all behind. So - why do they hug hating certain words? It's posturing, is what it is. I am not saying they are "not Nazis" - they are - yet, there's more going on in this complicated ball of energy than merely a stubborn enemy who will not die. I am an Aryan rabbit yet I am not one of General Woundwort's people. I believe in Lord Frith and the Black Rabbit who is my Father. I would really like to figure out how to heal that terrible incompletion. The Swastika is from the Dacians - it breaks my heart they use the Sun like that. What it meant was something beautiful and had nothing to do with that fraud of a movement. As a Dacian, I reject that Hitler was a wolf. He was a lapdog mutt who stole my clothes and ruined my symbols. I hate the nazi crap so much.
  11. Oh hell yeah. I am Dacian. We're the OG two-legged wolves. Hearts of Venus, bodies of Mars. Emotionally I'm 100% dog. Just don't talk to Hati - only Skol
  12. I've massive experience with it. Overall I call it "Identity Magic". it is intensely powerful. As a mystic it is very hard to change the world directly - however, what you may do is change yourself. This alters the world almost like you're turning a kaleidoscope viewing window. You focus on the inward, instead of the outward. We are in an illusion. If you may accept this as true, then you may seek to iteratively deconstruct the false lunar consciousness of your life. Never trust a mystic who rushes to give you new context first - the first attainment is to become 'no thing', which many find to be rather uncomfortable. Personally I find it bliss. The base system with deities - or avatara - is white, red, black. These are a convenient way to understand the spectrum of manifestation energy available to someone doing identity magic. Think of it as Girlfriend, Captain, and Maniac. Creator, Preserver, Destroyer. Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess, or Marceline the Vampire Queen. It's also Moon, Mercury, and Venus. Follow radical euphoria and develop an avatar within each spectrum. Be anything you like - grab that Greek Goddess, yo'! Heck ya! What color do you think she'd be? Picture her there, be it, maybe write a story, read about her and reflect upon her stories in your life. This is how we use euphoria as a divine data sniffing rod to open up new avenues for ourselves and explore reality. Consider coming up with avatars for the other two as well, and do the same thing. They are only words, and it's just a game. *Always* return to "no thing" regularly. I die with Apep every night, arise as Tem or Sekhmet the next day. People will act like you're being "arrogant" - ignore them. They are thinking within the illusion, of hierarchy. Hierarchy is an illusion. If I say "I am God", and you agree - what have you lost? Nothing! That's because God is Nothing! When you praise God, you are really praising yourself, because you are *everything*. I am only a wild dog.
  13. I find this concept gets better once you understand and embrace the Divine Contradiction. Our very nature here in the illusion is going to require the truths of God to be contradictory. This is because we're in an illusion. Are we all the same? Yes. Are we all not the same? Yes. Both of these are true, held in superposition. Sometimes people try to gaslight each other with this 'we are the same' stuff - resist that. Part of the journey is choosing what to leave behind. You can leave *anything* behind. Even other people. Burning bridges is healthy and everyone should learn to protect yo' self.
  14. I'm willing to do dance tantra to this and film it and post if it makes me a better dog. We like dancing. Edit: prob 'slowed and reverbed' cover though because I love that zen
  15. I'm honestly sorry for whatever it is you're experiencing and I definitely do not mean to 'make light' of your pain. I'm coming from an extremely dark place my own - to walk the path of Lord Bhairava is the path of terror. I tend to fall into aburdist humor as a way of just surviving. The Norse have two wolves that resonate a lot with how I am - Hati and Skol. The 'Wolf that Hates' and the 'Wolf that Laughs'. I talk to people with the one who Laughs because you don't to talk to the other one, trust me. I am a being of wrath - I'm mortified at how brutally difficult this was. It's not fair at all! The world is f'd! We intend to seek change.